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Horus Heresy 30K news for modelers, gamers and geeks. Warhammer 40,000, Forgeworld, Games Workshop

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    The Death Guard Grave Wardens are here!
    Forge World has released these new models and they are typically awesome.  It is amazing not only how fast Forge World puts out new models for the Horus Heresy, but how cool every new issue looks.  These models sport Catphracti armor, but of course, customized to the Death Guard.  VERY cool.

    From Forge World:

    Alone among the Legiones Astartes, the Death Guard make free and frequent use of alchemical weapons. These are deployed by specialised units outfitted in modified Cataphractii Terminator Armour; the Grave Wardens being the most renowned and feared of these harbingers of death.

    Designed by Keith Robertson, the Grave Wardens are a five man multi-part kit fitted out in modified Cataphractii pattern Terminator armour that features alchemical weapon canisters and projectors. In addition, they are equipped with assault grenade launchers and power fists, as well as an optional heavy flamer and combi-weapon. These models are available to preorder now and will be despatched from the 3rd January.

    You can buy the Grave Wardens here.


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  • 12/22/13--08:31: Macragge's Honor Released

  • The Black Library has released a deluxe graphic novel that is amazing.

    Written by Dan Abnett and illustrated by Neil Roberts, this $ 125 volume is quite amazing.

    From The Black Library:

    The Story

    In the aftermath of the Word Bearers’ attack on Calth, the wounded Kor Phaeron flees aboard his battle-barge Infidus Imperator, intent on returning to the war that now rages across the entire galaxy. But the Ultramarines First Chapter Master Marius Gage – under orders from Roboute Guilliman himself – has taken the mighty flagship Macragge’s Honour in pursuit, and the battle to come will surely be remembered for all eternity. Cut off from their Legions and with no hope of reinforcement, the crews of the two vessels stalk one another to the very edge of reality... and beyond.

    About this book

    This collector’s edition graphic novel is bound in black leather, matching the lavish design of Visions of Heresy and the gaming books produced by Forge World, complete with marker ribbon. Featuring full colour illustrations by series artist Neil Roberts, every silver-edged page sees Dan Abnett’s epic tale brought vividly to life. This edition also features special additional content – a glimpse behind the scenes of the book’s creation and extracts from the original script.


    Macragge's Honour is available to order for nineteen days only from the 20/12/2013 to the 8/1/2014. All orders within this period will guarantee you a copy. As we're printing and binding Macragge's Honour to order you won't receive your graphic novel until approximately ten weeks after the order date. By placing your order, you hereby consent to us delivering in this time. Rest assured, we'll keep you informed of your book's journey through the process via regular emails, and we'll even send you an extra surprise or two to keep you entertained while you wait. Please ensure that you add to your email contact list to make sure that you receive these.         

    The requisite video:                            

    You can buy it on The Black Library web site.

    I already ordered mine.


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  • 12/23/13--08:00: 2014 Codex Releases

  • 2014 means a least 5 new codexes.  Here is what is coming.

    We all know Tyranids are next.  But what about the rest of 2014?  Here is the latest from the available sources:


    Imperial Guard


    Space Wolves

    Dark Eldar

    Over on BoLS, Lary has stated that GW is saying these three codexes will be released if they can be fit in:

    Blood Angels
    Grey Knights

    Not sure how GW fits them in!  While the velocity of releases is impressive, GW still has to produce models for each release.  But there seems to be a rush to get all codexes in the new format.  And releasing new stuff is how GW is making money.


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    The Kharybdis has landed!
    The hit of this year's Horus Heresy Weekender, the Kharybdis Assault Claw is finally out from Forge World.

    From Forge World:

    Employed by many Legions as their primary ship-to-ship assault craft, the Kharybdis is a monstrous drop pod, rivaling the Legion Storm Eagle in size and capable of carrying large assault forces through the void and mounting significant firepower for blasting a path through defending small craft.

    As a fully operational drop ship, Kharybdis assault claws also serve as assault transports, a role that allows them to use the firepower of their storm launchers and melta cutters to scour clean their chosen landing zone before disembarking their deadly cargo.

    Once its passengers has disembarked the Kharybdis becomes a deadly attack craft. Using its powerful thrusters, assault claws and melta cutters to ram enemy armour in daring low-altitude attack runs and envelop enemy infantry formations in flame.

    Complete multi-part resin kit designed by Will Hayes. This model is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from the 3rd of January.

     The Kharybdis costs £145 or $237.  So you won't be fielding a lot of these!

    Legion Basilisk

    Also out is the Space Marine Legion Basilisk.  

    Now why did the Space Marines ever give these up to the Imperial Guard?  I have a bunch in my IG army, so I will need some for my Raven Guard!

    From Forge World:

    As cohesive fighting forces able to operate in and dominate any theatre of war, the Space Marine Legions maintain their own mobile heavy artillery units. The earthshaker cannon armed Basilisk is one of the most common artillery units used by the Legiones Astartes and has proved its effectiveness both for protracted bombardments and as a defensive weapon against enemy armour.

    This complete multi-part resin and plastic kit designed by Blake Spence includes two Space Marine crew members. This model is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from the 3rd of January.

    The Legion Basilisk costs £59 or $96. 

    Go forth and destroy!

    And Merry Christmas!


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  • 12/25/13--18:25: Merry Christmas!

  • Merry Christmas all!
    We wish you all a very happy holidays.  May this coming year be full of happiness and Warhammer!

    The Apocalypse 40K Team.

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  • 12/26/13--16:48: Cypher is here!

  • After being missing from a few editions, Cypher is back!

    And he is getting a full on dataslate that clocks in at a whopping $ 16.99. 

    From The Black Library:

    Cypher - Lord of the Fallen$16.99

    The individual known as Cypher is one of the greatest mysteries in the war-torn future. His motives and methods are inscrutable. The few who even know of his existence are unsure if he Mankind’s bitterest enemy, or a lost pilgrim seeking atonement. Cypher is a being wrapped in shadow, an entity whose every move is cloaked in mystery. The Dark Angels have sought out Cypher since the fall of Caliban – their old homeworld. Over those many millennia, they have caught up with their quarry many times, but each time Cypher has inexplicably eluded them.

    Rumours and legends about Cypher follow wherever he appears – and that can be anywhere across the galaxy. He has been sighted in each of the Imperium’s five segmentum, materialising as if from nowhere. Wherever he surfaces, he brings with him death and destruction, although whether he is the culprit or merely a herald of woe is often unclear. And wherever Cypher turns up, more of the mysterious Fallen Dark Angels are sure to follow.

    Dataslate: Cypher – Lord of the Fallen delves more deeply into the background of the strange enigma of Cypher. It also contains complete rules to add Cypher to your Warhammer 40,000 battles, either alone, or alongside a force of Fallen Angels.

    Also included are three new Altar of War Missions to try out, and three new Echoes of War missions that let you re-enact pivotal events and battles from Warhammer 40,000 history.
    Cypher: Itunes

    From GW Digital Editions Facebook:

    Hey Everyone, and Merry Christmas to you all,

    The 25th and final title in the 2013 Digital Advent Calendar is now available to download.

    Cypher: Lord of The Fallen sees the return of one of Warhammer 40,000's most mysterious characters.

    He is a hero to some, villain to others, and the nemesis of the Dark Angels Chapter.

    This dataslate is our biggest yet.

    It contains an extensive history and background section that gives new insights into the Dark Angels Chapter, the origins of the Fallen Angels, and of course, Cypher himself.

    There are new rules to use this warrior alongside a huge number of Warhammer 40,000 armies, including Chaos and Imperial forces, either alone, or at the head of a force of other Fallen Angels.

    The Dataslate also includes six new missions: three new Altar of War scenarios for any army to use, and three themed Echoes of War missions, to reenact pivotal events from Warhammer 40,000 history.

    Cypher: Lord of the Fallen is a must read for fans of the Dark Angels, but equally great for anyone interested in the wider mysteries of the 41st millennium, or just anyone who wants to add this shadowy twin-pistol-totting gunslinger into their army.

    You can download the eBook here:

    Or download the interactive edition from the Apple iBookstore:

    So break out Cypher and let's see what he's got!


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  • 12/27/13--05:06: 7th Edition 40K in 2014?

  • Is Seventh Edition coming out in 2014?  Rumors say so!

    From The 40K Radio Facebook page:

    The big 40k rumor is: This summer GW will release 7th edition 40k and 9th edition Fantasy has been shelved, for now.

    And then they added:

    All right before all of you blow us up step back and take a deep breath. This is from the source that have us pictures of the Space Marines and the Codex a month early. Also gave us pics of the Dark Elves which we described accurately a month early. Also gave us the info on the Sentinels of Terra. He also let us know that Nids were in January NOT December like so many other rumors sites predicted. So yeah he has been very accurate with the info he has given us. They way it was explained to us is that 7th Edition will be made to include the new Escalation and Stronghold rules. I would also not be surprised to see the Dataslates added to the main rule book.
    Yes this is a rumor at this stage so take it with a grain of salt. But then again everything out source has said has come true. Only time will tell. Have a Merry Christmas with your families and don't let this put a knot in your undies.

    Now, what is interesting is what Larry over at BoLS noted:

    Some noted that several weeks back 40K Radio announced that they had received a C&D from Games Workshop Legal regarding the release of all those Space Marine rumors and that this may in fact be a GW orchestrated "Canary Trap" to ferret out the leak.

    Now add to this from an anonymous source on Faeit 212:

    The next edition of 40k will be called 7th, not 6.5 when it drops, but as far as rules go it will be less of a jump than 5th to 6th. 

    The key areas being updated:
    Interceptor, sky fire, fortifications, lords of war, allies and data slates. 

    As for its release it'll probably be September not "the summer."

    It's not finished yet, still being tested so anything can happen. 

    The thought behind this edition is to make the game less alpha strike explosive and more "competitive" at all points values (even when including Lords of War), but D weapons outside of apocalypse may see alternate rules. 

    Pistols in close combat in 7th

    The game is afoot!



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    The Sons of Horus have a new novel in 2014

    It won't be here till September 2nd, 2014, but it looks like another winner from Graham McNeil. 

    From The Black Library:

    On the planet of Molech, the Titan Legions go to war against the armies of Horus.

    Once the favoured son of the Emperor of Mankind, the name of Horus has become a curse to the loyal defenders of the Imperium, and a rallying call to the traitor forces tearing across the galaxy. While their allies wage war on a thousand different fronts, the XVIth Legion descend upon the Knight World of Molech – home to House Devine and their feudal levies, and a principal seat of Imperial military power. Just what could have drawn Horus to attack such a strongly defended planet, and what might he be willing to sacrifice to fulfill his own dark destiny?

    You can download the Wallpaper here:

    Personally, I want more Raven Guard!


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  • 12/29/13--08:37: Lord Inquisitor Update!

  • The Lord Inquisitor is marching along!
    Erasmus Brosdau, the genius behind The Lord Inquisitor, has released an eleven and a half minute video update on what's happening!

    Check it out here:

    Check out the Lord Inquisitor website here.


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    Fantasy Flight has posted new updates on its Beta for the Dark Heresy Second Edition.

    From Fantasy Flight:

    Hello Dark Heresy Second Edition Beta Testers!

    Every week, we will post a weekly update to keep you informed about the progress of the beta. This post will include any big news involving the beta, guidance on where we would like you to focus your attention in the coming week, and a PDF update to the beta document to keep you informed of the most recent tweaks and changes to the Dark Heresy Second Edition core rules.

    This week’s update (pdf, 4.8 MB) can be found on the beta support page and includes new items (in red). Additionally, there is a dedicated thread in the Game Mechanics forum in which you can discuss any feedback directly related to this week’s update. As always, you can email us directly at to best ensure we see your feedback too. As a reminder, when you submit your feedback via e-mail, it is most helpful to us if you consolidate multiple questions and comments into a single message, rather than sending a separate e-mail for each question or comment.

    Testing the Beta

    As mentioned above, each week we will concentrate on a certain aspect of the Dark Heresy Second Edition rules that we would like you to focus on testing in that week. This will allow us to take a deeper look at individual features, and help facilitate more in-depth discussions. Keep in mind, however, that these topics are just the focus for the week, and you are welcome to continue testing whatever aspect of the rules you wish at your own pace. Any and all feedback is welcome at any time.

    For next week, we'd like everyone to concentrate on Chapters VIII, IX, and XII, covering Narrative Tools, the GM, and NPCs and Adversaries. Regarding Reinforcement Characters, does the system for calling in heroic individuals to aid the warband work well? Are the sample characters useful and balanced? If possible, try them out in your games and let us know if they are fun additions for your warband's adventures. We’re also planning on creating a GM Sheet, analogous to the Player Sheet, for the GM to use to record and reference important information. Any ideas or suggestions for this sheet would be welcome as well as suggestions for the new GM Screen. Finally, are there any problems using the NPCs or Adversaries in Chapter XII or in the Seeds of Heresy adventure? Do any of them need adjustment, different weapons, or new skills/talents? We plan on fine tuning them once the rest of the rules are settled, but any feedback now would be great.
    We look forward to your thoughts and opinions as the beta progresses. Thank you all for your invaluable feedback and insight during this process! We appreciate your help in making Dark Heresy Second Edition the best game possible!

    I know a lot of 40K players love Dark Heresy.  So check out the Fantasy Flight Website.


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    A leaked Steel Legion image look to be fake.

    Over on 4Chan, Steel Legion 0212 posted a pic of what appears to be new Steel Legion plastics.

    And had this to say:

    Sorry, but it was very dark in the Warehouse. And my phone is not that great for pictures anyways.

    I saw several of these Steel Legion kits. A few big ones too, 2x Tanks and a Flyer, I think they are new.. Not a big IG fan so no idea if new or repack. There was also a bigger Sentinel. (super big size box) I guess that’s a new unit. 

    But is this real or fake?  Here is why I think this is bullshit.

    1)     So this guy is walking around the GW warehouse at night?  Really? 

    2)     These supposedly injection molded plastic models are exactly what they were in metal but  REVERSED.  So we are to assume that GW merely took metal models and created injection molds in plastic that are EXACTLY the same but reversed?  Not likely.

    3)     A box of 5 Imperial Guard?  Who is going to build a guard army that needs 60-80 models minimum, 5 Guardsman at a time?   GW seems intent on pricing their models out of reach of most people, but even this would be ridiculous.


    So my take is this is a fake leak.  


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    New Basilsk and Flyer coming for the Imperial Guard!

    Larry over at BoLS has posted this:

    New plastic tank based heavily on the Heresy-era Malcador. Large kit outsizes the Land Raider (way smaller than a Baneblade) Multiple variants in the kit.
    Updated Basilisk returns. Gun assembly is more rearward with armored skirts replacing the delicate railing. An overall more up-armored appearance.
    A NEW dogfighter flyer arrives, that is NOT an existing known model.
    New Plastic Stormtrooper/Veteran kit will build a minimum sized unit. Kit includes a TON of optional bits to individualize your squad as well as bits to dress up existing Cadian ranges.

    Very excited about this.  Damn you GW!


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    Typhon is finally here!
    Forge World just keeps releasing amazing models.  Even a non-Chaos like me has to be in awe of the models that are coming out.

    From Forge World:

    The First Captain of the Death Guard Legion once pursued the role of Epistolary in the Legion's Librarius, but with the Primarch Mortarion harbouring a deep-rooted distrust of those who wield the powers of the psyker, Typhon suppressed his gift and strove instead to serve as a war leader. His strength skill and demeanour led him to high rank indeed, culminating in his command of the potent and unique war ship Terminus Est and the deadly alchemical payload held within its arsenal.

    In the aftermath of the Legion's treachery, Typhon is revealed as the master of chemical death and the reaper of men, cutting down his foes with his deadly power scythe and with blasphemous chem munitions.

    A complete multi-part resin kit, designed by Edgar Skomorowski, Calas Typhon is depicted in modified Cataphractii pattern Terminator armour and armed with a master crafted Deathshroud power-scythe. The kit includes both a bare and helmeted head and also a large display base including a removable decorative 40mm base, set on a standard 60mm base. This model is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from January 10th.

    You can find more photos and buy Typhon on the Forge World website.


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    The Black Library is re-releasing Brotherhood of the Storm.

    The Horus Heresy novella was released as a limited edition two years ago, and like other limited editions, it is now coming out as an open edition.  And thankfully, as an eBook as well.

    From The Black Library

    As word of Horus’s treachery spreads to fully half of the Legiones Astartes, Terra looks to the remaining loyalist Space Marines to defend the Imperium. One group, however, remains curiously silent in spite of apparent efforts from both sides to contact them – the noble Vth Legion, Jaghatai Khan’s fearsome White Scars. In the ork-held territory of Chondax, a bitter war has been raging since the Triumph at Ullanor, and only now do the sons of Chogoris return their gaze to the heavens...

     Available for the first time since its Limited Edition release, Chris Wraight's Horus Heresy novella is presented in a stunning hardback format.

    Orders for this book will commence shipping from Monday 6th January.

    You can find it on The Black Library website.


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  • 01/03/14--21:45: Tyranids on Pre-Order!

  • The Tyranids are here!
    Preorders are up.  New beasties await!

    Haruspex / Exocrine

    Harpy / Hive Crone

    Psychic Powers

    You can find all the new releases on the Games Workshop website.


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    GW put out their Tyranid video, show 360 views of some of the new models.

    Plus some rules have been leaked from those who have seen the codex.


    Via DaBoarder on BoLS
    Force org slots based on kits

    Carnifex (OOE)
    Hive/tyrant guard (Tyrant gaurd)
    Warriors (Prime)

    Haruspex/exocrine (BOTH!!!)
    Hive/tyrantguard (Hive guard)

    Fast attack
    Harpy/Hive crone

    New Biomorphs

    Designer Notes: Tyranids only gain an additional attack when wielding two "pairs" of weapons, IE: two pairs of scything talons.

    S:user, Ap3, To wound rolls of 6 cause ID.

    Shockcannon or Impaler cannon

    Tyrant guard:
    Crushing claws, Scything talons, Bonesword+Lashwhip (No mention of rending claws, maybe default weapon)

    Tyranid Warriors:
    lash whips, spinefists, devourers, rending claws, scything talons, deathspitters, pairs of boneswords, a venom cannon, a barbed strangler, pairs of flesh hooks.
    Adrenal glands, Toxin sacs

    Haruspex, Exocrine:
    Thresher scythe tail biomorph

    Tresher scythe Or bone mace biomorphs

    Heavy Venom cannon

    Codex Preview:

    Confirmation of 5 pt hormagaunts, 2 point adrenal glands and 3 point toxin sacs.

    Red terror is included in the codex itself (images at least)!




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  • 01/08/14--21:28: Tyranid Rules Out!

  • The Tyranid info is flowing like bug juice! 

    Thanks to DaBoarder and BoLS for these!

    Psychic Powers:

    Dominion, primaris: blessing, targets psyker, +6" synapse, ML1

    Catalyst: Blessing, FNP on caster and unit within 12" ML1

    The Horror: Malediction, -2Ld Pinning test on unit within 24" ML1

    Onslaught: Blessing, target may run and shoot, 24" ML1

    Paroxysm: Maledition, -D3 WS, BS, 24" ML1

    Psychic Scream: Nova 6" 2d6+2-Ld wounds, ignore armour, cover ML1

    Warp Blast: witchfire
    24" S5 Ap3 Blast
    18" S10 Ap2 Lance

    Claws: S user, AP5 rending, if bearer kills model in CC gains Preferred enemy (that codex) for the rest of the game

    Crown: +6 Synapse range

    Two Profiles
    36" S1 Ap4 Assault 1, Blast, Poison 2+
    Template S1 Ap4 Assault 1 Poison 2+

    Mechanic same as last codex with
    +1S or +1A or +1Sv

    S +1 Ap3 Shred, 6's to wound cause ID, +3 initiative

    Acid Blood, Enemy unit takes I test for each wound caused by it in CC, if failed take a S(3?) Ap2 hit, ignores cover

    Acid Maw: Replace all attacks for single attack with
    S5 Ap2 Melee

    Blinding venom: Replace all attacks for single attack with
    S3 Ap- Poison 6+, Blind

    Regeneration: Roll a dice at end of turn if one or more wounds missing, 4+ regain a single wound.

    Toxic Miasma: During assault phase, once a game at I1, Enemy units in assault with the tyranid takes a S3 Ap- Poison, ignore cover hit, the number of hits is equal to the number of enemy models in B2B

    Flesh Hooks: Assault grenades:
    6" S user Ap- assault 2

    Spine banks:Assault grenades
    8" S3 ap- assault1 blast

    Toxin sacs: Poison

    Wings: Turns MC's into FMC

    Tails: single bonus attack, does not benefit from special rules, biomorphs or any other gear
    Bone: S8 Ap- Unwieldly
    Pincer: S6 Ap5
    Tresher: S4 Ap4
    Toxin: S1 Ap6 Poison 2+

    Shadow and synapse are two separate rules

    Sky-slashers: IN
    Ymgarls: OUT

    Fleshhooks on warriors and shrikes

    Scytals: NO ADDITIONAL BONUS, S user Ap6 is all she wrote folks.

    Haruspex: Regular MC pace

    Trygon tunnel: No way to dedicate units to the tunnel

    Toxin Sacs :10 pts

    Ad glands: 15 pts

    Regeneration: 30 pts

    Acid Blood: 10 pts (haruspex may not take this)

    Parasite is GONE

    Deathleaper is in, and enemies always snapfire against him!

    Lictors now fight as a unit

    Haruspex: ELITE

    Exocrine: HEAVY SUPPORT

    Pyrovores: Explode if killed via instant death ~Now that's funny!

    WS:9 BS:4 S:6 T:6 W:5 I:6 A:4 Ld:10 Sv:3+
    Mastery Level 3, Synapse, Shadow in the Warp, Synaptic Lynchpin, Monstrous Creature, Alien Cunning, Swarmleader

    Zoanthropes have Brotherhood of Psykers, Come with Warp Blast, are Mastery Level2, shoot Warp Blast a number of times equal to the number of Zoanthropes in the brood.
    Warlord Traits:

    1 - Nature's Bane - At the beginning of each movement phase, select one jungle within 12' of the warlord. It becomes carnivorous for the game.
    2 - Heightened Senses - Warlord and Nids within 12' have Night Vision.

    3- Synaptic Linchpin - Warlord has 18' synapse

    4 - Mind Eater - 2 VP for independents slain by warlord in a challenge.

    5 - Digestive Denial - After deployment, pick one piece of terrain on opponent's side that was NOT paid for. Cover save worsens by one. (4+ becomes 5+, etc.)

    6 - Adaptive Biology - Warlord gains FNP (5+) on next movement phase after it suffers a wound. (For rest of game)

    Lots of "background text boxes" across the codex describe Forgeworld bug models not in the codex.

    I hope all you bug players have been saving your pennies!


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    World Eaters are here in the form of Red Butchers.
    The Legion-specific terminators have been the hallmark of the Horus Heresy line from Forge World, and now the World Eaters get their due.

    From Forge World:

    On the killing ground of Isstvan III, there were World Eaters on either side of the conflict who succumbed utterly, devolving into mindless frenzied savages that could not be controlled. Rather than ‘putting down’ such individuals as had happened in the past, the Apothecaries had the mad subdued and chained for a far darker fate.

    The Techmarines made customised Terminator suits from recovered wargear for them, fashioning them as both armour and as confinement; mechanised prison cells that could be immobilised with a remote signal. Hung in chains in the holds of the World Eaters warships, foaming and screaming in impotent rage, the Red Butchers were born.

    The Red Butchers are a five man multi-part resin kit equipped with Cataphractii pattern Terminator armour and twin power axes. The squad leader, known as The Devoured, also comes with optional chainfists. These models, designed by Alfonso Giraldes are available to pre-order now and will be despatched from January 31st

    These are pretty brutal looking.  The scream Khorne!

    They are available here. They cost £45 or $ 74.


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    The Tyrannic War Veterans are back!

    Games Workshop has released a dataslate with rules for these guys.

    You can find it on the Black Library website. 

    The Tyrannic War Veterans are a legendary Space Marines formation. They are a specialist strike force led by Chaplain Ortan Cassius, the Ultramarines’ Master of Sanctity. The Tyrannic War Veterans were forged out of an infamous event in the Ultramarines’ history known as the First Tyrannic War. Comprised of hardened veterans, each of whom is highly skilled in warfare against Tyranids, their powerful, disciplined strikes against numerous hive fleets have saved many worlds from destruction, often in the face of impossible odds.
    About the Book:
    This Dataslate contains the origins and development of the Tyrannic War Veterans, and explores some of their more recent missions. It also contains the full rules for fielding the Tyrannic War Veterans formation in your games of Warhammer 40,000.
    About this Edition:
    This interactive edition features quick-links to special rules for ease of reference during your games. 

    You can find the details to buy on iTunes.


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  • 01/12/14--07:51: White Dwarf Major Changes!

  • So White Dwarf is history!  What does that mean?

    This has hit the net the last few days and now we have confirmation from GW sources that White Dwarf as we know it is gone and in its place will be two new magazines.  Here is what we know:

    White Dwarf as we know it today is no more.
    The January 2014  issue with Tyranids on the cover was the last White Dwarf.  (Tyranids) was the last edition. It will be replaced with 2 New publications

    White Dwarf Weekly:
    Priced at $ 4, this weekly publication will be 32 pages and contain information on new releases, battle reports and gaming articles. The intended audience is gamers.

    Warhammer: Visions
    This whopping volume will be 252 pages (about 100 pages more than the current White Dwarf).  The price is going up to £7.50 or  roughly $ 12.50.    Information on how this affects current White Dwarf subscribers will be released. (I know I have a subscription to White Dwarf, using the "coupons", so am curious what this means).  

    Warhamer: Visions is focused on the 'hobby' crowd, with articles on collecting, painting and conversions, and will include Blanchitsu, Armies on Parade, Golden Daemon (Parade Ground) & Design Studio updates.

    I have to say, while I am excited about Warhammer: Visions, I doubt I will ever buy an issue of White Dwarf Weekly.  First, I am not a hard core gamer.  I love the hobby, I love my armies and building new ones and playing big games and Horus Heresy.  So unless it is a weekly from Forge World, I probably won't care.

    Now the monthly Warhammer: Visions is very interesting.  I liked the way White Dwarf changed and it has been top notch the last year or so since the change.  100 pages more?  Works for me!

    So we will all have to see what changes we like and what we don't.  

    What is your take?


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