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Horus Heresy 30K news for modelers, gamers and geeks. Warhammer 40,000, Forgeworld, Games Workshop

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    What the Hell?

    While every major corporation in the world has come to realize that social media is critical to their success, Games Workshop has decided it doesn't need it, closing their Facebook pages.  All these are gone:
    The incredible ignorance of GW corporate continues.  That they think this is a positive move is beyond me.  What, do they not want to pay someone to handle this?  Do they think this has no effect on their business?  Do they live in a third world country with no Internet and simply don't realize that social media has changed the world?

    They decide they need to hire someone to go around the world and tell them what they need to change, but then they do this.  

    I am totally frustrated with these guys.


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  • 03/27/14--09:15: Taurox Rules Out!

  • Rules are out for the new Taurox Imperial Guard vehicle.
    I can't say I like it, but at least there is a new vehicle.  I can't see giving up a Chimera for this.

    AV: 11/10/10
    BS:3 HP:3
    Fire ports:2 per side, Access points: side, rear
    Reroll Difficult Terrain tests
    Transport Capacity: 10
    Linked Autocannon
    May be used by any IG squad who can access a Chimera

    Taurox Prime
    AV: 11/10/10
    BS:4 HP:3  Fast
    Fire ports:2 per side, Access points: side, rear
    Reroll Difficult Terrain tests
    Transport Capacity: 10
    Taurox Battle Cannon (S7 AP4, Blast), Linked Hot-shot Volley gun
    Upgrade  Taurox Battle Cannon to:
    Taurox Gatling Cannon (S4 AP-- Heavy10) +10pts
    Taurox Missile Launcher (Cyclone clone) +20pts
    May be used by any Scions or Scions Command Squad



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  • 03/27/14--13:35: The Cutest 40K Picture Ever?

  • Your call.
    Some parent needs an award.


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    There are new Forge World items coming and they are cool.

    I have always wondered why Games Workshop doesnt have cool stuff to buy.  I mean T-shirts?  You can't come up with cool T-shirts?  Well, finally, we get some.  And of course it comes from the best division of Games Workshop, namely Forge World

    These will all go on sale first at Forge World Open Day.


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    Salamander Pyroclasts are here!

    Forge World keeps coming out with great stuff!  When will it stop?  Hopefully no time soon!

    From Forge World:

    The dreaded Pyroclasts are the burning fury of the Salamanders Legion given form. They were created by Vulkan, Primarch of the Salamanders, to fulfil the role of bringers of destruction, equipping them with advanced and extremely powerful thermal/incendiary weapons of his own devising known as flame projectors. To the Salamanders fire is more than merely a weapon; it has an almost mythical function and embodies both purifying destruction and the potential for rebirth and redemption.

    In battle they are relentless and remorseless, and where they are unleashed there can be no possibility of mercy or reprieve from the fire.

    The Salamanders Legion Pyroclasts set, designed by Keith Robertson, is a complete multi-part resin kit comprising five models armed with Pyroclast flame projectors, one of which is also armed with a power fist. This set is available to order now.

    "Without wisdom, skill cannot be focussed, Without skill, strength cannot be brought to bear. Without strength, wisdom may not be applied."

    The Teachings of the Promethian Cult

    You can find them all on the Forge World website here.


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  • 03/29/14--14:27: Forge World Legion Falchion

  • The next Space Marine Legion Super-heavy is here!

    And it looks nasty!  I want one! 

    From Forge World: 

    The Falchion uses a potent weapon which combines technologies fielded in the Fellblade and the Shadowsword super-heavy tank. The Falchion’s twin-mounted Volcano cannon is one of the most powerful vehicle-mounted, anti-tank weapons in the Imperium’s arsenal and it requires such an investment in resources to construct just a single example that its use is limited to the Legiones Astartes. Even then, the Falchion is so rare that most Legions maintain but a handful, reserved for use against the largest of enemy war machines.

    The Falchion was developed long before the outbreak of the Horus Heresy and as such its prey was not the enemy Titans it would later see such extensive combat against. As the Great Crusade expanded ever outward, the Expeditionary fleets encountered a staggering array of foes, some of whom were of a truly gargantuan scale, but all were set to ravening flame by the touch of the Falchion’s Volcano cannon.

    The rules for the Falchion, as well as many other exciting new models, can be found in the forthcoming book The Horus Heresy Book Three: Extermination.

    A limited quantity of this multi-part resin kit, designed by Phil Stutcinskas, will be available to purchase at the Forge World Open Day. The Legion Falchion Super-heavy Tank Destroyer will go on general release in the next few weeks.

    You can buy it on the Forge World website here


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    The Horus Heresy Book III is coming!

    From Forge World:

    The third and final part of the Isstvan trilogy. This book details the aftermath of the Isstvan V Dropsite Massacre, and two other major battles fought between the Loyalist and Traitor Legions as the Horus Heresy swept out from the Isstvan system and into the wider Imperium of Mankind: the Battle of Phall and the Battle of Paramar. Also featured are the background and game rules for the four Legions covered in this book: the Alpha Legion, Imperial Fists, Raven Guard and Iron Warriors, and a Mechanicum army list, plus new campaigns and vehicles.

    This lavishly illustrated, full colour, 285 page hardcover book is leather bound with metal corner clasps stamped with the Imperial Aquila, and features a red ribbon bookmark and foil-edged pages as well as an embossed cover and spine.

    This book will be available to purchase at the Forge World Open Day. The Horus Heresy Book Three – Extermination will go on general release in the next few weeks.

    And as always, it looks amazing.  Here is the video.

    These books are simply amazing and prove what the best of Games Workshop is Forge World.


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  • 03/30/14--08:57: Forge World Open Day Photos

  • Let slip the Photos of War!

    Knight Lancer

    New Tyranid Fast Attack by Ranaldloec on Warseer

    Love it all as always!


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  • 04/01/14--07:41: New IG Tank Coming!

  • FINALLY!  The Hydra combo kit is coming.
    The cover of the new White Dwarf shows the Wyvern version, which is like a mortar.  And the Hydra version:

    And the IG Codex cover:


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  • 04/02/14--06:31: Militarum Tempestus Released

  • The new Imperial Guard are here.

    OK, whatever you call them.  I guess Militarum Tempestus.   Taurox, Scions and Codex are all here.

    First up, the codex...

    Codex Militarum Tempestus $49.50

    The Ordo Tempestus commands the finest human soldiers in the galaxy. It’s disciplined ranks boast not only the elite Scions of the Militarum Tempestus but also brutal Commissars.
    Within the 72 pages of this hardback, full-colour book you will find:

    - A definitive guide to the Militarum Tempestus, including the structures of the Officio Prefectus and a record of many of the legendary deeds enacted by this brotherhood of warriors.
    - The story of how Scions and Commissars are trained by the Schola Progenium to best the best human warriors.
    - A stunning showcase of the Ordo Tempestus Citadel miniatures, presenting the uniforms, regimental names and insignias of the Imperium’s elite.
    - A full description of each unit, the rules for its use, and an army list that enables you to organise and collect an army worthy of the most discerning Lord Commissar.

    Taurox / Prime$48.00

    The Taurox Prime is a robust infantry assault vehicle. It is heavily armoured with thick plates and is equipped with an array of heavy weapons to support the Scions on the battlefield.
    This kit can be built as either a Taurox Prime for the Militarum Tempestus or a Taurox for the Astra Militarum.

    You can choose to build the Taurox Prime gun turret with battle cannon or a twin-linked Taurox gatling cannon. Alternatively you can replace the entire turret with a Taurox missile launcher. The Taurox Prime has two additional fire points. On each side of the hull you have the option to equip twin-linked hot-shot volley guns or twin-linked autocannons.

    The Taurox can be built with twin-linked autocannons mounted on the sides of the hull or upon the turret. Both the Taurox and the Taurox Prime can be equipped with a pintle mounted Storm Bolter, bull bars and a gunner who can be positioned at 3 different heights.

    Tempestus Scions / Command Squad $35.00

    The Tempestus Scions are amongst the finest human warriors in the galaxy. They are fanatically dedicated to the act of following their orders - even if it may result in their own deaths - and often complete missions so dangerous that they would be deemed suicidal for a regular guardsman.
    This box contains everything you need to make a 5 man Militarum Tempestus Scions squad armed with hot-shot lasguns or a 5 man Militarum Tempestus Command squad. You have the option to use a combination of 10 heads (5 with respirators and 5 with berets) and ammo pouches, knives, grenades and canteens to fully customise your miniatures.

    If you choose to build a squad of Tempestus Scions you have the option to upgrade 1 model to be a Tempestor. The Tempestor has a fantastic array of weapons options. The right hand can be equipped with a powerfist, chainsword or power sword, and you can choose to upgrade the left handed laspistol to a bolt pistol or a plasma pistol.

    You have the option to replace the hot-shot lasguns with a choice of five additional special weapons: a plasma gun, meltagun, grenade launcher, flamer or hot-shot volley gun. This kit also includes a vox-caster backpack which allows one of your Tempestus Scions to fulfil the role of Vox-cast operator.

    By building the Militarum Tempestus Command Squad you can create a host of miniatures that represent the very best Scions in the regiment.

    You have the option to build a Tempestor Prime who has a great coat with a servo skull on the shoulder and a knife clutched in his right hand. You can then choose to equip a command staff or a bolt pistol in his left hand.

    In addition to the Tempestor Prime, the command squad includes: a Medic with an apothecary tool in his right hand and a first aid kit in left, a Standard Bearer with embossed standard (which is the same motif found on the front of the Taurox Prime) and a Vox-caster.

    Some new toys to play with. I am still unimpressed by the Taurox.

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    Mantic Games has released Battlezones, a new modular terrain.
    Made originally for their Deadzone Kickstarter, the new terrain has finally hit the general public and looks fantastic. And it costs about half of what a similar Games Workshop item will cost you.  Basiclaly, reasonably priced as opposed to the over-priced GW versions.

    Battlezones can be bought on the Mantic website.

    I am in for some!


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    A new Forge World Collectors Edition is out!
    And it is quite beautiful.

    From Forge World:

    This Limited Edition Collection contains The Horus Heresy Book Three – Extermination, the Special Edition Legiones Astartes Crusade Army List (with exclusive cover), the Special Edition Legiones Astartes Isstvan Campaign Legions (with exclusive cover) and the exclusive The Horus Heresy Illuminations - The Art of the Isstvan Trilogy. All of these products are presented within a unique slip case, which also has room to fit within it the first two Horus Heresy books (sold separately).
    The Horus Heresy Book Three – ExterminationThis book details the aftermath of the Isstvan V Dropsite Massacre, and two other major battles: the Battle of Phall and Paramar. Also featured are the background and rules for the four Legions covered in this book: the Alpha Legion, Imperial Fists, Raven Guard and Iron Warriors, and a Mechanicum army list, plus new campaigns and vehicles.

    This lavishly illustrated, full colour, 285 page hard cover book is leather bound with metal corner clasps and features a red ribbon bookmark and foil edged pages.
    Legiones Astartes Crusade Army List This contains the collated and updated Legion army list from all three books in the Horus Heresy Isstvan trilogy. Legiones Astartes Isstvan Campaign Legions A leather bound, hard cover, 116 page book with rules for specific units and characters for the twelve Legions presented in the Isstvan trilogy. The Horus Heresy Illuminations - The Art of the Isstvan TrilogyThis 48 page book contains our favourite artwork from the Isstvan trilogy, as well as unpublished concept drawings. This soft cover book has its own leather bound slip case and is only available with the Collector's Edition.

    This product is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Thursday 1st May. Please note that any other items that you order with this product will also be despatched from Thursday 1st May.

    You can buy it here.


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  • 04/07/14--09:20: New Forge World Photos

  • New Photos of the Forge World Lancer

    And some Emperor's Champion Bitz!

    The Forge World Blog is now called the Forge World Bulletin.  Well, whatever it is called, it is always good to get an update.




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    The new Games Workshop webstore is up.
    It looks great, functions well and is a major plus for GW.  Now if their policies would match the smarts of their website.

    And we find out that all the ridiculous rumor nonsense being put forth that Forge World would be integrated, was just that...bullshit rumors. 

    You can check it out here


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    More Forge World Open House photos show the new models in a bit more detail.

    So much goodness from the resin crack factory!

    Great stuff as always from Forge World.  The Marine upgrade sets are really stunning.


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  • 04/12/14--21:23: Astra Miltarum Week 3

  • Week 3 of the Astra Militarum is out.

    Bullgryns, Commisars and more...

    Militarum Auxilla Bullgryns$47

    The abhumans known as Bullgryns are a formidable sight to behold. Clad in custom-made carapace armour made from the discarded tracks of a Leman Russ, they carry crude assault weaponry that capitalises on their stature and resilience.
    This multi-part plastic kit makes 3 Bullgryn miniatures which can be armed with either grenadier gauntlets and slab shields or battle mauls and suppression shields. Why not make one Bullgryn into a Bone ‘ead? These natural leaders have distinctive metal plated heads so they really stand out in the unit.

    These miniatures can be assembled with bare head or with gas mask as either Militarum Auxilla Bullgryns or Ogryns. You also have the option to make the special character Nork Deddog.

    Officio Prefectus Commissar$21
    Standing proud amid the blood and thunder of the front lines, a battle-scarred Commissar sets an unfaltering example to the men he leads. To the masses of humanity, these men are symbols of Imperial authority whose sole remit is to ensure that all do their duty in the Emperor’s name.

    This kit makes one plastic Officio Prefectus Commissar who can be equipped with either a bolt pistol or plasma pistol at the end of his bionic right arm and while his left hand wields a power sword.

    This great value boxed set includes: 1 Astra Militarum Chimera, 1 Astra Militarum Leman Russ, 3 Astra Militarum Cadian Heavy Weapon Squads, 1 Astra Militarum Cadian Command Squad and 20 Astra Militarum Cadians.

    This Webstore Exclusive boxed set contains: 1 Astra Militarum Chimera, 1 Astra Militarum Leman Russ, 3 Astra Militarum Catachan Heavy Weapon Squads, 1 Astra Militarum Catachan Command Squad and 20 Astra Militarum Catachans.

    This great value kit contains: 1 Astra Militarum Hellhammer, 3 Astra Militarum Hellhounds and 3 Astra Militarum Leman Russ Battle Tanks.

    Cadian 92nd Regiment$1,626

    This collection includes: 1 Cadian Command Squad, 1 Primaris Psyker, 4 Tauroxes, 4 boxes of 10 Cadian Shock Troops, 2 boxes of 3 Ogryns, 6 Hydras (can also be assembled as Wyvern), 3 Hellhounds, 1 Leman Russ battle tank, 6 Sentinels, 1 Baneblade and 2 Cadian Defence Forces (containing 1 Astra Militarum Chimera, 1 Astra Militarum Leman Russ, 3 Astra Militarum Cadian Heavy Weapon Squads, 1 Astra Militarum Cadian Command Squad and 20 Astra Militarum Cadians).

    Happy hunting!


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    Big Rumor Dump on PasteBin and who is claiming the source?

    There have been a ton or discussion of the rumors going around about 40K 7th edition and WFB 9th edition.  The source of all of these rumors is a giant rumor dump that was posted on PasteBin.  You can find it all here:

    Bell of Lost Souls Lounge Rumor Thread

    Now what is interesting is that a certain "Rumor" site has been releasing these bit by bit, claiming he had them from an anonymous source.  A bit sketchy if you ask me.  We all get rumors and information from each other.  Trying to claim that you have an inside "source" when you are just pulling stuff from a public post is pretty low.


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    A new Missions book is out.

    Altar of War $49.50

    Battle in the 41st millennium is a bloody affair with conflicts raging across the galaxy. Every opponent represents a new challenge and each army has their own battle tactics. On the battlefield, you have hundreds, if not thousands, of different ways you can play games of Warhammer 40,000.

    The Altar of War compendium is a collection of 63 missions (that first appeared in digital products) presented in a handy hardback book.

    The missions encapsulate all the methods of war being fought across the Imperium and beyond. Each one is tailored to the specialist tactics and unique weaponry of many of the factions fighting in the 41st Millennium - from the rapid shock assaults of the Space Marines to the insidious incursions of the daemonic legions. Each mission is designed to challenge your tactical ability and this book features the Altar of War missions from:

    - Space Marines, including Sentinels of Terra and Clan Raukaan
    - Dark Angels
    - Imperial Knights
    - Eldar, including lyanden 
    - Tau Empire, including Farsight Enclaves 
    - Tyranids
    - Chaos Daemons
    - Chaos Space Marines, including Black Legion.

    Two new Realm of Battle terrain boards are both very impressive.

    Realm of Battle Genatorium Nexus 

     Realm of Battle Manufactorum Sector

    I want one of each!


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    Forge World Bulletin # 12 (the former blog) is out.
    You can find it here.  Nothing new, just some finely painted models.

    Also, the Isstvan Campaign Collectors Edition is sold out.  It sold out the day it was released.  I didn't even get one!  But all the books will be released seperately Forge World has said, so all you are losing out on is the slip case.

    I think Forge World is simply more interesting than Games Workshop.  Period.


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    A wheeled Taurox conversion is coming from our friend Machinator.

    As you know, we are big fans of Tom McBride and his Blood and Skulls Industry resin conversion kits.

    Follow him on Facebook here.  

    Frankly, the Taurox is pretty ugly but looks great with wheels.  Looking forward to this.


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