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Horus Heresy 30K news for modelers, gamers and geeks. Warhammer 40,000, Forgeworld, Games Workshop

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    The intrigue around the site closures of Bell of Lost Souls and Faeit212 is the biggest buzz in Gaming right now. 
    The latest update is an email from Larry Vela, the owner of Bell of Lost Souls.  It doesn't tell us much, other than the site is still not up.

    From Larry:

    Thanks for the concern and the kind words,

    As you can tell, the BoLS frontpage is down and we are actively working the issue.

    We are working this issue up the chain with Google via multiple channels and making plans to migrate the site off of Blogger to avoid any such service interruptions in the future.  We have not received any notices, DMCA notices, or violations from anyone, so at this moment we are still treating this as an IT issue on Google's side, but it is looking mighty suspicious by the hour.

    There is a possibility that BoLS temporarily got caught in the crossfire between GW and other 3rd party blogger sites - we shall see.

    In the meantime, my fellow writers, please submit any posts as new threads on the Lounge and send me a link to them at  We will manually get the word out via Facebook, etc...

    We will be back shortly - My first priority is ensuring that BoLS keeps on delivering the news on all the game systems we cover to the wargaming community and we will do so, come Hell or high water (or any other bad actors)...

    For every contributor on BoLS, please stand with us during this time, and make a mental note to prepare for a move to a more robust and secure blogging platform in the weeks ahead.  We simply cannot allow this type of potential danger from 3rd parties to endanger us ever again.

    For our fans and readers - we love delivering the news and opinion on our beloved hobby to you day in and day out, and have been for over 7 years.  Please stand with us during these trying times and tell your friends.  Enjoy the BoLS Lounge where your favorite authors will be publishing during this time of need, and we will be back shortly.

    Best regards and my deepest thanks,

    -Larry Vela

    It seems pretty clear that there is some connection between the closing of Faeit212 and the fact that BoLS is down.  No one else with a Blogger based blog (the software platform most blogs use) is having issues.  But BoLS did NOT get a DMCA take down notice, so that is a big mystery.

    Stay tuned.


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    So what is the legal fallout from the Faeit212 take-down?

    A friend of mine is both an accomplished 40K player and an attorney with IP experience.  We have been chatting about all of this as I am an attorney (though I am smart enough not to practice!) and he sent me this email:

    As you're aware (I've read through the posts on your blog), they're seriously over-reaching in most of these takedown requests.

    "Fair use" allows for news reportage and commentary, and nearly everything that I've seen would fall squarely into those areas.

    Even Natfka's notice *claimed* that he was publishing photos taken of a WD that had not been released yet.  But the problem with that is that's not completely true -- the photos HAD been released, albeit in Germany.

    It's not like Natfka snuck into GW's offices and took some spy-camera photos of the WD; some 3rd party had the magazine and took pictures. That's a lapse on GW's part, not on the blogger/journalist/reporter that uses the images.

    I don't know what you posted from IA12, but -- again -- that book was released in the UK before Adepticon, and was available for purchase there.  If you put up limited images for commentary, you're within the ambit of Fair Use.

    I really want GW to step too far over the line and get slapped. Copyright actions are one of the few areas in American jurisprudence where a successful defense can shift attorney fees.  They have it coming!

    His feedback is pretty much right on and while GW is probably overstepping their bounds, avoiding problems with them is pretty easy.  You won't find me posting photos of their books and White Dwarfs anymore unless it is secondary to commentary about those items.  

    And honestly, anyone who wants any GW product, can get it illegally through numerous download sites (not to be mentioned here!). 


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    Forge World has released the first image of its upcoming Fulgrim model, to be released at The Horus Heresy Weekender.
    We only get a close up shot of the purple prince, but it doesn't fail to impress.  There are also an event only Davinite Seprent Lodge Priest and the Black Library Book The Imperial Truth.  Both of these items will be event only.

    Thank God I am going to The Horus Heresy Weekender!  I want all of these!

    And if youa re going, drop me a line at alec (at) diceofwar (dot) com and lets grab a pint at Bugman's!


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    The Bit By Bit Gaming blog has reported that Bioware has gotten the Space Marine license from THQ.
    This is good news for Space Marine video game fans. 

    According to a reliable source within Bioware, I have been told that as of Monday, Bioware is now the proud owner of the Space Marines : 40k Franchise after THQ went under and sold off its IPs due to finical troubles earlier this year.

    The source, who shall remain unnamed told me about several features that might make themselves a reality in 2014, the projected date of the games release. Originally Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium was to be a MMORPG based on the Games Workshop table top game, but THQ decided to make it into a 3rd person shooter with online elements. It seems that Bioware is going to keep with this formula. The only solid feature I could drag out of the source was that the campaign is going to be fluid and will feature a 1st founding chapter of Space Marines.I tried to glean more information from him but all he could tell me was that the main playable chapter for the Space Marines might have very very dark skin (The Salamanders?). He also went on to say Orks, Imperial Guard and The Tao might might an appearance as playable races. This is yet to be set into stone but here's hoping!

    Although the details are scarce, this is a nice pick me up for the fans of THQ's Space Marine and 40k fans in general. Hopefully as the situation develops a bit more I will be able to bring more information your way. But right now it'll be a waiting game. It's just nice to know that a company like Bioware, who's known to drive a game with great narrative has picked up the project and will hopefully bring it to the next level!

    Well, I never played Space Marine, but I did demo it and it was a great little game.  I hope BioWare keeps teh franchise alive and well.


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    The Horus Heresy Gaming Weekend follows up the Horus Heresy Weekender.
    The Horus Heresy Weekender hasn't even happened yet (It is May 18 & 19), and Games Workshop has already announced the Horus Heresy Gaming weekend.  

    There is a whole PDF full of information you can download here.

    The highlights:

    1)  4 Scenarios from the Forge World Betrayal book, loyalist and traitor teams.

    2)  You do not need a Forge World Horus Heresy Army.  GW plastics are OK.

    3)  4 Games total, with one doubles game.

    4)  You use the Legion lists from Betrayal.  The only other book allowed is Imperial Armour Aeronautica.  

    5)  You can bring any legion you like.
    6)  You can bring several armies and use them in different games. 

    I am going.  I shoudl have my Raven Guard army by then.  I will be at the Horus Heresy Weekender and


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    Battlefront has announced that it will take over distribution of Dust Tactics from Fantasy Flight Games.
    In what looks like an amicable parting of ways between Dust Studio and its distributor, Fantasy Flight Games, Dust will be moving over to Battlefront, the maker of Flames of War.  The announcment is below. 

    May 2nd, 2013

    Dust Studio today announced that Battlefront Miniatures will become its publishing and distribution partner for the Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare miniatures game lines. Fantasy Flight Games, Dust Studio’s current publishing partner for those games, will transition sales and marketing activity to Battlefront Miniatures on June 1st, 2013.

    “Dust has had a wonderful few years, during which we have seen the game’s community grow exponentially,” said Dust creator Paolo Parente. “Both Dust Studio and Fantasy Flight Games have evolved
    significantly during our relationship, and we now mutually feel that we are both better served by moving in new directions. Christian (CEO of Fantasy Flight Games) and I have known each other for many years, and I can say that this decision is a truly amicable one.”

    Added John-Paul Brisigotti, CEO of Battlefront Group, “we are very excited by the Dust universe, and although it is a first for us to be distributing a product other than our own, the fit with our business model made this partnership something we could not resist. During the last few years, we have been moving into new avenues to expand the breadth of products the group offers, and we see DUST as another one of these ranges.”

    “We’ve been fortunate to distribute Dust Tactics since its debut at GEN CON 2010, and we’re very proud of our development work on Dust Warfare,” said Christian T. Petersen, CEO of Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). “The last year, however, as FFG experienced phenomenal growth across many of our publishing categories, it became clear that Paolo and the Dust games would be better served by a partner who specializes in the unique business of miniature games. We’re confident that Paolo’s partner choice in Battlefront Miniatures is a
    strong one, and we wish nothing but the best to them, to Paolo, and to the fantastic Dust fan community.”

    Starting June 1st, Battlefront Miniatures will begin soliciting and distributing all new products for Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare. FFG will ship all of its previously solicited new products prior to that date, and FFG will continue to exclusively sell all current Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare items while its inventories last. While FFG will support the Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare regionals events in May and June 2013, all future marketing and organized play for the games will be handled by Battlefront Miniatures, including the scheduled GEN CON 2013 tournaments.

    You can see the Full announcement on Dust's Home page.  I actually met Paolo P{arenti at his first San Diego Comic Con where he introduced Dust and I got both his limited edition initial graphic novels.  Its a great universe and something I hope grows under Battlefront.


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    Games Workshop is getting rid of all non-core games. GW is cutting all metal production as they switch over to fine cast, and have let it be known that once stocks of Epic, BFG, Necromunda, Warmaster, Mordheim and Inquisitor run out, then they are gone for good. Multiple people have confirmed this with GW's Customer Service and warehouse staff.

    Collectors Range

    It has also been confirmed that the Fantasy and 40k Collectors ranges have been discontinued and once stock runs out they will no longer be available.  Games Workshop has no plans to produce them again. Multiple customer service reps and the GW warehouse confirm this news.  This means all of the metal guard miniatures as well as the Dogs of War models for fantasy are done for.

    Forge World

    Forge World is stopping production of all new specialist games miniatures.  BFG, EPIC, and Aeronautica Imperialis ranges are now no longer in production and once the remaining stocks sell, that is it!  Many items are no longer in stock.

    If you ask me, this all points to GW being on the block for a sale.  The departure of CEO Mark Wells, the constant cost cutting and price raises, this all speaks to one thing...GW is setting itself up for a sale.


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  • 05/03/13--21:35: My Horus Heresy Army is....

  • Raven Guard!
    That's right, the Sons of Corax are my next gaming project.  Masters of stealth, assasination and sabotage.  They are freaking 30K Ninjas! (thus the black).

    I am not sure how any long time 40K gamer can turn away from the amazing Horus Heresy world that Black Library and Forge World has created.  The insidious plot to infiltrate our hobby and get us to be even more addicted to the resin crack by telling us the stories of the Heresy has worked.  How can we not love Horus before his fall in "Horus Rising", Admire Loken for his code of honor, or cheer for the red helmeted Ultramarine who screwed up bad by SUGGESTING a scenario where Marine fought marine?  Even as a loyalist myself, I admired Kharn in "Betrayer" because Dembowski-Bowden is such a brilliant writer.  And I just listened to "The Sigilliate" and was impressed by the depth of personality of Malcador.  There are just so many good stories and great characters.

    And now Games Whorkshop is having events like the Horus Heresy Weekender and the Horus Heresy Gaming Weekend to total ensnare us (and make middle aged guys with too much disposable income like myself fly from LA to London TWICE in one year).

    Now I have to say, when I read "A Thousand Sons" I immediately said "FAVORITE LEGION."  Brilliant back story, tragic fall, amazing powers (not sure how any legion could best them when they were at their height of power).  And I will do a Thousand Sons army when they come out.  (Can't wait to see the Scarab Occult models).  

    But my Crimson Templars, my 30,000 point Apocalypse army, is dark red.  So I need something else.  And I am a loyalist.  To hell with the Dark Powers.  

    So let's see.

    Ultramarines - Yes, cooler after Abnett's "Know No Fear".  But still smurfs.

    Space Wolves - Though I was one of the few who liked "Prospero Burns", I HATE Space Vikings.  Hate them even more for their broken codex and all the "Counts As" armies that really piss me off.

    Imperial Fists - Thought long and hard about them as I am coming to like the yellow armor.  But ultimately, kind of boring - "We build tough defenses".

    Iron Hands - Seriously?  The guys who got their ass kicked and whose Primarch gets his head cut off?  OK, I do like the who metal over flesh thing, but no.

    Salamanders - Never got into them, but the only Marines with dark skin and red eyes are very cool.  Love their humansitic spirit. But they don't fire me up (sought to speak) in battle.

    White Scars - Like their lightning strike philosophy.  Love the bikes.  Not now, but I could see doing them.  White isn't a color I care to paint though.

    Blood Angels - Already have a BA army.  Small, but playable.  .

    Dark Angels - Have a Dark Angels army.  Hate the Lion.  What a prick.  But maybe a force with Astellan in charge....  I could just add him to my current Angels.  

    I think what finally put me over the top for Raven Guard was "Angel Exterminatus".   In that book we meet a Raven Guard named Nykona Sharrowkyn, a Space Marine who bests Lucius not once but twice in close combat.  OK, this guy is a bad ass and I need to model him.  Space Ninjas!  I am in!

    Plus, when Dave Taylor (a great gent and friend) heard I was doing the Raven Guard, he volunteered to do a Corax model for me!  Who am I to say no? 

    So there you have it.  I hope to have my 3,000 points done by August's event.  Expect LOTS of jump packs.  A Spartan, because it is such a cool model, and more.

    Loken (maybe I change my handle to Sharrowkyn)

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    Two new Necron models have been released by Forge World.
    The new Pylons are smaller than the previous Necron Pylon and in line with the previously released Necron Sentry Pylon with Gauss Exterminator, and are featured in Imperial Armour 12: The Fall of Orpheus. 

    Necron Sentry Pylon with Heat Cannon

    The stasis-tombs of the Necrons are vast and shadowy edifices, and many an Imperial Explorator expedition has made planetfall on a dead world only to vanish without trace; slain at the hands of the unliving guardian-constructs that watch over their slumbering masters.

    Among these defences are automated weapons platforms of strange design known as Pylons. Some of these are huge, cyclopean constructs, but Imperial tactical logisticians have codified smaller, tactical variants as Sentry Pylons. These powerful devices are arcs of glittering metal equipped with a weapons array that can strike with power so great as to be almost beyond comprehension. Some are outfitted with Heat Cannons, thermal energy weapons of extraordinary power, able to burn through infantry and armour with ease. 

    Model designed by Stuart Williamson, the Sentry Pylon with Heat Cannon is a multi-part resin kit that stands almost 6" (150mm) tall and is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 10th May.

    The Necron Sentry Pylon with Heat Cannon costs 46 GBP or about $ 72.

    Necron Sentry Pylon with Death Ray

    The stasis-tombs of the Necrons are vast and shadowy edifices, and many an Imperial Explorator expedition has made planetfall on a dead world only to vanish without trace; slain at the hands of the unliving guardian-constructs that watch over their slumbering masters.

    Among these defences are automated weapons platforms of strange design known as Pylons. Some of these are huge, cyclopean constructs, but Imperial tactical logisticians have codified smaller, tactical variants as Sentry Pylons. These powerful devices are arcs of glittering metal equipped with a weapons array that can strike with power so great as to be almost beyond comprehension. Some are outfitted with Death Rays, thermal energy weapons of extraordinary power, able to burn through infantry and armour with ease. 

    Model designed by Stuart Williamson, the Sentry Pylon with Death Ray is a multi-part resin kit that stands almost 6" (150mm) tall and is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 10th May.

    The Necron Sentry Pylon with Death Ray costs 46 GBP or about $ 72.

    Glad to see the Necrons getting their Forge World due!  So what do you Necron players want to see next?


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    The latest Black Library Horus Heresy entry is a battle of Titans.

    From The Black Library:

    As Calth burns, the Battle Titans of the Fire Masters legion take to the streets of the city of Ithraca, ready to massacre the fleeing civilian population in the name of their new, dark masters. But the remaining loyalist engines of the Legio Praesagius - the True Messengers - still stand ready to defend the Imperium, even in the face of almost certain death. With the nearby Ultramarines forces scattered and lost, the people of Ithraca must fend for themselves as gigantic war machines unleash apocalyptic weaponry across the ravaged skyline...

    A Horus Heresy audio drama by Gav Thorpe. Produced by Black Library and Heavy Entertainment. Performed by Gareth Armstrong, Jane Collingwood, Jonathan Keeble and Luke Thompson. Narrated by David Timson. Music specifically composed by Simon Slater. Running time approximately 75 minutes.

    Honour to the Dead is priced at $ 14 as an MP3 download. 

    I got to admit I haven't embraced MP3's yet, but I think I need to!


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    If you don't know by now, The Lord Inquisitor is an amazing CGI animation project that is fan run and has the blessing of Games Workshop.
    This is the latest video from Erasmus, the project creator, and there is some good stuff here.


    Make sure you check out The Lord Inquisitor Website.


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  • 05/05/13--14:43: 40K Cosplay - Space Marines

  • I happen to love 40K Cosplay.  And Space Marines are the most challenging costume to do. 
    Some do it well, Some do it VERY well.  Here is one example of an exceptional cosplay that was written up in Wired magazine. 

    From Wired:

    Step one: Join the “Obscurus Crusade,” an entire forum devoted to creating costumes based on the game’s Space Marines, Orks, and Tyranids. Or, for those not quite ready to enlist in the intergalactic army, creator Shawn Thorsson has provided an overview of his process at Instructables.

    Designing the Armor

    The first challenge in creating a life-size Space Marine is accounting for the difference in size. These iron giants are a couple feet taller than most normal people and that requires some design translation. People wearing the costumes have to walk on stilts and use arm extenders to make the proportions work and models need to be built around that.

    Using a slick software package called Pepakura, cosplayers can pull 3-D data from videogames and turn those files into paper models. Once the paper is cut and folded, it is reinforced with fiberglass to give it strength for the next step.

    With fiberglass models made, the space marine recruits can create multiple copies of the armor through a process called vacuum forming. Using this technique, a thin sheet of plastic is heated and pulled over a shape using a vacuum, leaving a near-perfect replica of the original.

    Not every part of the costume could be built the same way. The helmets were very complex and required the designers to use a casting process. Once the base models were completed, they were customized in the painting and decoration phase.

    After months of hard work the final costume started coming together. With a little paint and polish, these space marines looked ready to fight whatever baddies Emperor Zurg could throw at them. The costumes stole the show at Maker Faire 2012, and will likely wow even the most jaded Comic-Conner.

    Honor and glory await any brave recruits willing to trudge through the 352 steps that take three-and-a-half months to complete. But be warned: This is not a project for the faint of heart. In order to enlist in the Space Marines you’ll need to brave sharp blades, horrible heat, and noxious chemicals. 

    You can read the whole article here.


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  • 05/06/13--04:14: Eldar Rumors

  • Latest Eldar Rumors.

    From Larry at BoLS:

    The Dark Reaper Exarch regains a classic weapon option from the days of yore. HINT, HINT - it involves skulls and chain.

    Aspect Warriors are moving to plastic using the "combo-unit" dual-build format GW has moved to of late. We'll leave it up to you to guess which aspects could be paired off into combo-kit boxes with differing heads/weapon options.

    The new Eldar flyer is quite curved in nature, with sweeping lines all about. A real head turner.

    The new Eldar "big kit" is a wraith construct that shares numerous design cues with the current War Walker - but much larger. A virtual beast...

    Eldar keep their distance from Tau from an overall design theme. They will be the masters of maneuver and outright speed. Look for multiple options and units types for jetbikes including up-armored and even faster versions. Jetbikes as a family may well become the staple hallmark of the army. They will come in multiple flavors with both anti-personnel and anti-armor types.

    FOC wise, look for a whole lot of jumping about of units between the HEAVY SUPPORT, FAST ATTACK, and ELITES slots. There will be difficult player decisions to be made in there. 

    As always:


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    Games Workshop has released its first game on mobile devices.  Does Talisman portend things to come?
    The release was annunced on Games Workshop's blog this AM and leads to lots of discussions about the future of Games Workshop.

    From Games Workshop:

    Talisman Prologue, the digital version of the classic adventure board game, is now available to play on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and BlackBerry, making it our first ever digital game to be released on phones and tablets.

    Nomad Games, the team behind Talisman Prologue, have been very faithful to the original board game, as I found out when I took the iPad version for a spin. You start out as a Warrior and, like the board game, you have to adventure around the board in search of weapons, treasure and magical gifts and fight Orcs, Ogres and other evil creatures when they get in your way.

    Initially I thought the game was quite simple - you move, you pick up stuff, you fight a Hobgoblin, and so on. But as the game progresses you find it quickly becomes more intricate - you have to plan your moves carefully, make decisions on what skills or abilities you will use (or lose) and pray that you don't fall foul of the Black Knight. It also becomes more addictive as you quest to unlock new characters and abilities. With ten playable characters and 50 missions to fight through, Talisman Prologue is a game that will certainly keep you entertained for hours. And when you've completed the game? Play it again and try and beat your previous score. I know not to fight The Sentinel now, so I should get a better score next time.

    You can download Talisman Prologue from the following places:

    Apple App Store for iPad and iPhone
    Google Play Store for Android-powered phones and tablets
    BlackBerry Store
    Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire devices.

    You can find out more about the game and download it for PC from the Talisman Prologue website.

    The full story can be seen on Games Workshop's blog.  And this brings up the question is this a new direction for Games Workshop?  

    Is this part of a big strategic realignment or preparation for a sale?


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    Bell of Lost Souls own convention, Wargames Con, is coming.
    In its 5th year, War Games Con is another on the list of up and coming gaming cons looking to replicate the magic that is Adepticon.

    This year's War Games Con features:

    -Warhammer 40,000
    -Warhammer Fantasy
    -Flames of War

    You can find more information, and the source of the above photos, from The Hogs of War.

    You can find out more about War Games Con on their page at 

    Registration page:

    I already have a shoot date for the next installment of STar Trek: Phase II that weekend, so I won't be there, but if anyone is going, please let me know if you want to share photos.


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    Staples is entering the world of 3D printing by offering a low cost 3D Printer.

    The full article is here:

    From the article:

    While 3D printers having been for sale for quite a while now, it seems they’re gaining enough popularity to begin selling in major retail stores. Office supplies retail chain Staples has announced that they will begin selling the Cube 3D Printer at its stores, becoming the first major US retail store to sell 3D printers.

    The Cube is available now on, and will eventually be available in a select number of Staples store by the end of June. The Cube costs $1,300, which is quite a bit less than MakerBot’s offerings, which usually start at around $2,000. The printer is able to print objects that are up to 5.5-inches wide and tall.

    The Cube features WiFi and is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Plus, the printer comes with 25 free 3D templates to get you off to a quick start, with more templates available online. Staples is also selling ABS and PLA plastic cartridge refills, CubeSticks, and replacement Cube Print Pads. We heard late last year that Staples would be starting its own 3D-printing service, so perhaps this is the first baby step into that realm.

    The 3D-printing community hasn’t gone quite mainstream yet, as it’s still very much a niche hobby at this point, but with the beginning of selling 3D printers in major retail chains, the awareness for 3D printing may go up, encouraging more people to get into the hobby and create an even larger community around it.

    You can find out more on the Cube 3D Printer here.

    And the Technical Specs are here.

    Has anyone yet bought a 3D printer and printed out any miniatures?


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  • 05/07/13--11:40: Tablescapes Update

  • When I last reported on Tablescapes, Justin McCoy, the founder of Secret Weapon, had raised $ 68,000 of his $ 80,000 goal after only a few days.  Now he is well over $ 200,000 and has unlocked 
    Justin McCoy, the founder of Secret Weapon Miniatures, has launched a Kickstarter for "Tablescapes" are 12" x12" tiles that are similar to Games Workshop "Realm of Battle" boards, but half the cost and way more versatile.  I am a huge fan of Justin's work and I hope you will all support Justin in his efforts.  Here is the video:

    And how Tablescapes fit together.  Compression clips keep the tiles held firmly together - with edge and interior designs for maximum stability while you're gaming:

    So far there have been 4 additional board designs unlocked.  Here they are:


    And there will be both Battlefoam and KR Multicase cases for the boards so you can transport them safely.


    And if you haven't seen the video:

    Go check the Kickstarter out here


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  • 05/08/13--00:02: Transformer 40K!

  • Now this is one awesome project, a transforming Baneblade!
    And it actually transforms into a Warhound Titan.  You can find this on The Savvy Psycho, though it appears to have first been show on WIP.


    Now THAT'S cool!


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  • 05/08/13--08:15: Resin Forge Fraud Alert!

  • The moderators at Dakka Dakka have been putting together a case against a suspected fraudster, who goes by the name Resin Forge currently, and I have to say, they have done an impressive job collating the evidence.   I reprint their evidence here so you can all be warned.

    From Dakka Dakka moderator Major Tom

    (Find the whole thread here)

    I'd just like to announce that this company and these accounts:!-Resin-Forge-here!

    All belong to the infamous internet scammer Daniel Mandelbaum/Matthew Bonder/RedStarOne. This man has been responsible for several large scale scams over Warhammer models in the past (as Three Stage Studios, for example), and should not be trusted with your money under any circumstances.

    We've suspected resinforge as having belonged to him since last year, and have been accumulating evidence ever since. But as threads such as these have begun to arise:

    We feel that the time has come to alert the wargaming community.

    We are in possession of a large amount of evidence that leaves absolutely no doubt as to the identity of resinforge being Daniel Mandelbaum. However, we will not be sharing that information publicly. It's taken some considerable detective work on our part over the last four and a half months to establish this as a fact, and if any of his several slips had not occurred, we might very well have missed him (to the detriment of the many people who would inevitably be scammed as a result).

    You are of course, free to take this announcement with a pinch of salt, as we are providing no proof other than our word as the Swapshop Moderation team here on Dakka. But please remember if you choose to do so that we have your protection and best interests at heart, and would not make such a public announcement as this unless we were all convinced entirely beyond doubt.

    Thank you

    Summary of past activites, by order of date:

    Conversion Corner website, and RedStarOne account on Dakka:
    URL of website (now defunct) was:

    Miniature Wargame Conversions website, Lord.Serpius account on Dakka, ebay accounts:
    URL of website (now mostly abandoned):
    Ebay accounts (all now unregistered):
    Lord.Serpius ebay account -
    Great.Hobby.Bits ebay account -
    Double.Your.Bits ebay account -

    Three Stage Studios and Kellz1234 account on Dakka:
    URL of website (now mostly abandoned):

    Resin Forge (his latest effort):

    Names used:
    Matthew Bonder
    Susan Beasley (a relative of his, now deceased)
    Daniel Mandelbaum (his real name)

    Daniel lives near Houston, Texas. (His actual address will not be posted on the forum, as it is against Dakka policy) 

    So buyer be warned!  


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  • 05/09/13--08:16: Eldar Flyers Info!

  • With the Eldar codex just weeks away from hitting the street, rumors are fast and furious.
    The latest is info on the Eldar flyers.

    From Best_Pone on Warseer:

    The main hull and wings are common across both builds. It's amazing how different tail and fin positioning can alter the look of the aircraft though
    Common features:
    - Downward angling of the primary wings (about 30º I'd estimate)
    - Canards are very slightly angled down, but near horizontal
    - Engines are mounted in pods in the wings
    - One weapon mounted centreline under the hull, and one in a pod in each wing
    - Has a single vertical stabiliser mounted on the centreline of the aircraft
    - Twin "vertical" stabilisers (they're actually about 30º from horizontal), one mounted on each engine pod.

    Take it with a pinch of sodium!


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