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Horus Heresy 30K news for modelers, gamers and geeks. Warhammer 40,000, Forgeworld, Games Workshop

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    Forge Worl'd Latest Bulletin is out and some IG rumors.

    For the rather uninteresting Forge World Bulletin, check it out on their site here.  Nothing new to report there.

    Meanwhile, regarding the missing IG characters and tanks, we have...

    Warseer's StrykerSniper says:

    Astra Militarum Heroes Return!

    So, those of you who have purchased the new Codex: Astra Militarum will notice the loss of most of the old imperial guard officers, especially those without models, but some like al'Rahem, Chenkov, and even Marbo. Well, I've been told by a pretty darn reliable birdy that some supplements are in the works. I am not sure which ones will return, but I have been informed that something along the lines of codex: catachans is in the works. The big releases with these supplements is merely a rerelease of temporarily discontinued characters, but no new boxed sets. Oh, and aside from remaining legal due to forgeworld, don't look for a Medusa or bombard, not gonna happen.


    Was away at WOnderCon in Anaheim all weekend so just getting back to it!

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  • 04/26/14--21:34: Forge World New Releases

    Forge World has released the cool new models you have already seen.

    And the Mechanicum rules!


    Quote Originally Posted by Forgeworld
    The Krios Battle Tank is a vehicle of arcane and ancient design that fulfils a tactical role within Mechanicum armies similar to that of the Predator tank more widely used by other forces of the Imperium. Its durability is provided by interlocking defensive energy fields, rather than physical armour, lending it a deceptively skeletal appearance.
    The most common armament mounted upon the Krios is the lightning cannon. This configuration takes advantage of the tank’s powerful on-board reactor’s vast energy capacity to create a laser-path guided electromagnetic beam, able to vaporise flesh and rupture heavy armour with ease.

    The Mechanicum Krios Battle Tank is a multi-part resin kit, designed by Stuart Williamson, and is available to pre-order now for despatch on Thursday 1st May.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forgeworld
    Tech-thralls are created by the Mechanicum through basic augmetics and cranial surgery as the need for them arises and, in the case of the Legio Cybernetica, the use of captured prisoners and criminals requisitioned from local authorities is common.
    Considered a lower order of being than most servitors by their masters, the ultimate fate of most tech-thralls is to end their lives recycled into servitor components and their implants harvested for use in future thralls as their bodies fail under the relentless toil to which they are subjected.

    In times of war Tech-thralls are formed into expendable units called Adsecularis and armed with basic weapon systems such as the mitra-lock, a compact multi-chambered variant of the las-lock, designed to discharge a simultaneous volley of las pulses in a fan effect.

    The Mechanicum Tech-thralls with Mitra-locks are a multi-part resin kit comprising five models armed with mitra-locks. Designed by Mark Bedford this kit is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Thursday the 1st May.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forgeworld
    Contemptor Dreadnoughts can be armed for a variety of differing battlefield roles. Sometimes they are tasked with spearheading assaults against enemies in fortified positions. In these circumstances the chainfist is a formidable tool for breaching bulkhead doors and cutting a path through the armoured hulls of tanks.
    The Contemptor Chainfist, designed by Will Hayes, is a multi-part resin weapon arm for our range of Contemptor dreadnought bodies. The arm includes a meltagun and graviton gun options as secondary weapons.

    This kit is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Thursday 1st May.

    And what is in store for the future of the Horus Heresy?  Check out the Horus Heresy Weekender schedule.


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    New Salamanders and Combi weapons coming!
    The latest Forge World Bulletin has a sneak peak at some new models.  As always, Forge World does not disappoint.  We finally get combi-weapons we can use anywhere.  Only been waiting 10 years for this!

    You can read the Bulletin here.



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    Seems the days of 6th Edition are numbered! 

    BoLS just broke this news:

    Multiple Retailers are reporting GW reps are calling to inform them the following products are being pulled:

    - Warhammer 40,000 rulebook

    - Dark Vengeance starter set

    - Warhammer 40,000 Psychic Powers cards

    - New Edition Release date of May 24th
    It will be interesting to see what we see for 7th.

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    Part of the awesome aesthetic that is, Aetherium.

    Over the past several months, I've had the unique privilege of alpha/beta testing Aetherium for Anvil Eight Games. Having met Brian of A Gentleman's Ones during testing for 40k Killzone, I was one of several chosen to test out a new game that he and a few others had been working on for the last two years. And, having played it for the last several months, it's been a blast. It's a really rewarding experience to be trusted with something that people have worked so hard on, and seeing your ideas, thoughts and opinions change it.

    Picketers of the Nanomei faction

    What the heck is Aetherium, though? Well, it's a skirmish sized miniatures game that shares some features with board games. It can be difficult to describe at first because it's at once unique and familiar. There are hints of well established concepts in modern skirmish gaming as well as some really fun and revolutionary ideas as well. Even at a skirmish level, there's no chance of two games ever being the same.

    A server awaiting combatants.

    Each game takes place inside the server space of the Aetherium with programs of vying factions representative of the wills of their owners. Having these battles inside a virtual space allows for some unusual abilities, the most potent of which is the ability to directly manipulate the battlefield. Each battlefield is represented by tiles called schema. By using your Avatar's (leader program) RAM, you can move, and even spin various schema in order to achieve your goals.

    The Puppeteer: One of the Avatars available to the Nanomei faction

    Each of the programs also has abilities that are unique to them in terms of attacking and even defending from attacks. The attacks themselves are carried out with a very fast and simple matching dice system that doesn't rob you of focus from doing mental math the whole game.

    A selection of the dice available through the KickStarter

    This is all well and good, however, what I'd really like to share is that Aetherium is in the last couple days of it's KickStarter. The guys at Anvil Eight Games have worked really hard on this for almost three years, and they need your help to get it fully off the ground and into game stores. This is a brand new company, and you'll be helping them get their big start in the industry. And at this point in the KickStarter, many of their stretch goals have been unlocked as well. Get on in and support them before the campaign ends!

    If you're at all curious about the mechanics of the game, they've been gone over at length in this video.

    They've also done plenty of demo play at Adepticon and have conducted several interviews as well. 

    Demo tables at Adepticon

    I can't say enough great things about all the hard work the guys at Anvil Eight, and even their lucky testers (like myself) have done on this. Please support Anvil Eight and check out their website and Facebook, and kick in on Aetherium before its campaign is complete.

    Son of Dorn

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    We have some fresh rumors from Lords of War Gaming. This time, we get to hear about the new 7th edition rulebook. They had this to say about it:

    NEW 7th Edition rumors:

    7e 40K Rulebook comes in a slipcase with 3 books – rules, miniatures showcase, background

    How handy will that be? When you go out to play, take just the rules with you! No more lugging around all that extra content at tournaments or on game days. I'm kind of surprised they didn't think of this sooner.

    What I'm wondering is whether the rules section will be available separately. For someone who just bought the big 6th ed. rulebook only a year ago, acquiring the newer one in chunks will agree with my wallet a little better. What do you guys think?

    Son of Dorn

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  • 05/01/14--08:30: More New 7th Edition Info

  • Even more news flowing out of Lords of War Gaming. It's not gospel, but then again, they've been right so far. Here's what else has shown up:

    "A new Realm of Battle board will be released with 7th edition. This board will have a "40k/City" theme and will be 6' x 4' with a travel bag like the current Realm of Battle Board."

    "[Lords of War Gaming] is calling BS on the whole "percentages" for your forces in 40K."

    "The next 40k army after Orks will be Space Wolves. Stay tuned for more information on Orks and Space Wolf releases."

    How about that? A Realm of Battle board that's directed at us. It'll have some hard competition from folks like Frontling Gaming, but that's still a way better option (cost-wise) than the Forge World tiles.

    Yet again, more wish-listing. As useful as percentages may or may not be, it seems like we're not ready to make that jump yet.

    Orks and Space Wolves are on deck. I wonder what changes we'll see. Orks could use a fresh, fun codex. Wolves are still pretty solid, but could use a little flavor of the new edition(s).

    Son of Dorn

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  • 05/10/14--08:51: 7th Edition Boxed Set Rumors

  • What's up in 7th edition?

    We took some time off for two major projects and we are back.  Expect a lot of updates this weekend.

    From BoLS comes the latest on the 7th Edition Starter Set:

    Blood Angels (suitably bedazzled)
    - Brother-Captain w/JumpPack
    - Tactical Squad (10)
    - Assault Squad (5)
    - Terminator Squad (5)
    - Dreadnaught with Autocannon and Multi Melta (?)

    - Limited Edition: Sanguinary Priest

    - Warboss
    - Weirdboy
    - Shoota Boyz Mob (10 or 20, conflicting reports
    - Slugga Boyz Mob (10 or 20, conflicting reports
    - Kommandoz Mob (5)
    - Mega-nobz Mob (5)

    - "Orkified" Aegis Defense Line (no gun)
    - Misc. small Objectives
    And follow their Rumor Roundup on the 7th edition on the BoLS Lounge.

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    Combi-weapons are here!

    And about time!  I use these all the time, so I will buy a bunch.

    From Forge World:

    The Legion Combi-weapon Set comprises five combi-flamers, five combi-plasma guns and five combi-meltaguns, based on the Tigris pattern bolter. Designed by Will Hayes, this set is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Friday 23rd May.


    Alpha Legion gets Mk II and Mk IV shoulder pads.

    As usual, it is all available on the Forge World website.


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    New video with Jervis talking Force Org and Army Lists

    It is quite a big change in the game.  Tournament organizers will need to keep things in check, but the move towards Apocalypse continues.

    With my focus on 30K, this isn't very relevant to me, but it is to most gamers.


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  • 05/12/14--22:09: New Forge World Goodies

  • Forge World is bringing out lots of accessories for us geeks.

    First is an awesome Mechanicum bag for your rule books:

    Then a line of Hoodies!

    Check out Forge World Bulletin # 16 for more.


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    More news and photos on 7th Edition.

    From BoLS:

    Warhammer 7th Edition: Price: roughly $80
    Edition is presented in a new format, 3 hardcover books in a slipcover.  Pagecount of all three is about 450 pages in total:

    The Rulebook: @200 pages, only rules
    The Grimdark: @128 pages - Fluff and history of the Warhammer universe
    The Hobby: @114 pages - Full miniatures and hobby book.  All splash pics, and intro to the hobby stuff.

    And from Millest's Mediocre Meanderings:


    Thank God I don't have to lug that huge book around anymore!



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    Are rumor mongers wrong? 40K Radio says yes!

    From 40K Radio on Facebook:

    Another 40k fact about 7th. Stick with 40k Radio for facts not rumors and fiction. 

    The starter set for 40k 7th will, wait for it ...............

    Stay totally the same outside of the mini rule book getting redone. 

    So the rumors on other sites about them going to Blood Angels vs Orks, IG vs Eldar are 

    totally and 100% false. 

    Mark our words on this as we have not given you any bad information yet. 

    I would tend to believe these guys.



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    The new 40K video game is coming.
    "Chess: Regicide" is basically 40K video Chess it seems.

    From IGN:

    Hammerfall Publishing and Games Workshop have announced Warhammer 40,000: Chess - Regicide coming to multiple platforms this holiday season.

    Combining one of the most popular board games of all time with the brutal Warhammer 40k universe, Regicide is a highly detailed 3D chess game with heavy emphasis on stunning visuals and motion captured animations.

    “Warhammer 40k and chess fans have been talking about combining these two elements for well over a decade now," project lead Cathrin Machin told IGN. "Its a huge honour that we’ve been able to make it a reality.”

    Players can choose from several of 40K's most popular factions to engage in singleplayer and cross-platform multiplayer, as well as a unique Blood Angels story campaign penned by Games Workshop author Ross Watson with strategic levels created by chess Grandmasters.

    Hammerfall aims to set Regicide apart with hundreds of handcrafted kill and death animations motion captured utilizing military trained fight and stunt choreographers. The attention Hammerfall's team has paid to visuals can be seen in the cinematic trailer, which was created using in-game assets from Regicide's real-time engine.

    "It's such a landmark game concept and we knew that bringing AAA quality graphics to this title would be the only way to do it justice. Our character and environment creation process is incredibly meticulous and we’re incredibly proud of the results.”

    Full article here.

    We will have to wait and see if this game has what it takes to keep gamers interest.  I am hopeful.


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    A new video on the new Psychic Phase in 7th edition and more.
    David over at Millest's Mediocre Meanderings has spotted a new Terminator Captain.

    There is so much happening.  Stay tuned, with Horus Heresy Weekender coming this weekend!


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  • 05/16/14--10:44: Forge World Krios Venator

  • A new Mechanicum Krios Tank debuts.

    From Forge World:

    This variant of the Krios adapts the tank into a powerful tank destroyer by replacing its lightning cannon with a pulsar-fusil. This ancient and complex weapons system is a relic of the Dark Age of Technology and its secrets are jealously guarded by those who possess them. It is a multi-chambered particle beam cannon designed to fire volleys of destructive energy bolts which detonate explosively upon hitting their target, tearing armoured vehicles apart with repeated strikes.

    The Mechanicum Krios Venator is a complete multi-part resin kit, designed by Stuart Williamson. This set is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Friday 23rd May.

    It costs £68 or $ 114.

    That is one bad ass tank.


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  • 05/16/14--13:57: 7th Edition Pre-Orders Up!

  • 7th Edition is here!

    And it looks like a full blown release with everything you have heard, including limited editions and more.

    The three volume set is $ 85.

    The "Visions of the Dark Millennium" book is $ 74.25.

    And the deluxe "Munitorum" edition is $ 200.

    You can see the video of what you get in the Munitorum Edition below:

    Please buy everything you can from your FLGS.  They deserve your support!


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    The Black Library has released 6 different collectors prints, of well known book cover art.

    Six prints are available now.  You can see them all on the Black Library website.

    The prints are 297mm x 420mm which is approximately  11.5" x 16.5".  They are $ 50 each, which isn't bad.

    Every print is numbered:

    Printed on high quality linen paper:

    All come matted:

    Black Library did this about 10 years ago, but soon after abandoned the project.  Hopefully they stick with it this time.


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    The Horus Heresy Weekender us here!
    And there are a lot of pics hitting the Internet.  
    First, lots of Mortarion:

    And more goodies:

    Salamander Terminator Firedrakes

    While I am not there this year, I will be coallating photos from everywhere, so stay tuned for more updates.


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    More photos from the Horus Heresy Weekender.
    So sorry I am missing this.  But thanks to those sharing their photos.

    Legion Specific Upgrades:

    Event Exclusive from Black Library:

    More coming.


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