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Horus Heresy 30K news for modelers, gamers and geeks. Warhammer 40,000, Forgeworld, Games Workshop

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  • 11/18/14--10:48: GW / Forge World Rumors

  • Some interesting rumors about the future of Forge World.

    via Steve the Warboss 11-16-2014

    After the reorganization of the Management, the replacement of Kirby and the switch of CEO, GW will have probably some more little changes in the assortment:

    Look for these changes:

    -The number of limited releases will increase

    -More classic GW games (Epic, Mortheim, ...) should be released in "all-in-one" Boxed Sets with limited run (like Space Hulk)

    -In contrast to rumors that have been wrong, there is internally a serious discussion of FW

    -There are plans to integrate FW in the core assortment, how to be solved is not yet clear

    The following is a speculation by me (The Source):

    -Horus Heresy is very successful, GW wants so sell FW-Products in their Stores and the Webpage to increase sales, but they don't know how FW will Produce their range in higher numbers

    -I expect an extension of FW in 2015 with larger capacities and the sale of products at GW in 2016

    And this editorial from my buddy Larry at BoLS:

    The CEO
    Kevin Roundtree has been an executive at GW for 14 years and is said to be very well liked and respected in the company.  One can safely assume we will see an acceleration of the big trends that GW has been rolling out these last few years.

    Limited Edtions
    If GW truly believes that "collectibles and Limited Editions" are the future of the company I can see this happening.  Of late we have seen both GW and Forgeworld start to ship out much pricier limited editions first to soak up that lucrative segment of the market, then the "plain" editions of products later.  The End Times Series keeps selling out in record time, so I only see the company doubling down on these "exclusive buy them RIGHT NOW before they are gone" type of products.

    Mystery Boxes
    The All-in-One "Mystery" boxes seem to be a mixed bag.  They certainly could be rolled into the "collectibles" category, but while Space Hulk has been a resounding hit two time in a row, Dreaffleet sunk like a stone.  If GW sticks to just doing reissues of classic games like BFG, Mordheim, Necromunda, EPIC, etc... this could work.

    The integration of FW into the "main game" should surprise no one as it is well underway in the paper books already.  There are already multiple Forgeworld items in Escalation, Apocalypse and the like.  The real challenge will be to figure out how to package the product for retail sales, and shore up the quality of the resin to deal with mass-market customers to avoid another Finecast rollout debacle.

    If this pans out GW will continue to forge out in a new direction, every day more and more a "top tier collectibles company" with specialized stores more akin the Swarovski Crystal company and thier chain of stores and less like a traditional games company like FFG and Privateer Press.

    No surprises there.  I look forward to more Forge World anything!

    Thanks to Bell of Lost Souls for this.  Larry rules!


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  • 11/19/14--09:54: Conquest Legion Relic Rules

  • Conquest has shipped and here are the first looks.
    First up, Legion Relics.

    There are 28 relics. Most relics range from 30-50pts.  Any independant character that isn't 'unique' may take one. 

    6 basic ones, that any HH army can take:
    • -rather lethal pistol, that has AP2, fleshbane, if a model dies to it, then on a 4+ they explode with a large blast, with the guns stats, any deaths from that can also cause explosions.
    • -warp field, that gives a 3+ invuln and can cause damage to the unit shooting at them.
    • -phase walker, allows you to redeploy to anywhere on the board, with some dangers.
    • -combat upgrade that allows you to auto-roll 6's for a turn, causes multiple toughness tests that can kill you.
    • -invisibility cloak, stops you from being targeted by shooting or charges.
    • -infantry carried void shield, creates a void shield the size of a large blast template,can regenerate, if the damage roll against it causes an explosion  over the model.
    The mechanicum has access to two relics, any of the Mechanicum lists many have them.
    • scrapvirus attack that causes a single haywire attack against an enemy vehicle, if the vehicle is still in play the next friendly shooting phase then all other vehicles (friend or foe) take a single haywire attack as well, this carries on with all new infected vehicles, until no more vehicles can be infected.
    • super cortex controller, cybertheurgy used effects WHOLE SQUADS not just single models.
    Solar Auxilla get two as well.
    • wargear that gives a 12"'interceptor' bubble to all SA units.
    • digital weapon that can be fired once, like a lascannon, mulit-laser, multi-melta, plasma cannon or a volkite caliver.
    Each legion gets a single relic.
    • Dark Angels get a relic that can force all enemy units in combat to take a fear test, covers the whole board.
    • Emperor's Children get a sword that allows you to swap attacks for +1 to your invuln save, (max 2+ save)
    • Iron Warriors get a rather lethal weapon thats 2d6 shots ap3. but can only be used in overwatch. also always at full BS skill.
    • White Scars get a super bow, thats ap2, skyfire, precision shots, interceptor, pinning and always hits at full BS skill regardless of other factors.
    • Space Wolves get a pair of super lightning claws, with +1str, master crafted and armourbane.
    • Imperial Fists get a cloak that gives eternal warrior plus +3 invuln against melta weapons.
    • Night Lords get a 'man catcher', +1str ap3, plus pick a single model in base contact, that model then takes a str test for each attack it can make (includes charge bonuses etc) for each failed test, they lose that attack for that phase.
    • Blood Angels get a ap2 sword that have soul blaze, fleshbane, fear and blind.
    • Iron Hands get a 3 shot grav-template weapon, (includes the difficult terrain part as well)
    • World Eaters get a trident, thats +2str AP2 and unwieldy, may be thrown once, at str10 ap1 instant death, is lost after that, but mark the local if it kills something, from the following turn onwards there is a 12" bubble of difficult terrain, and all buildings inside that lose 1HP each game turn.
    • Ultramarines get a gladius. +1str ap3, with rending and duelist's edge, ignores any saves that are caused by shields (combat, storm, breaching etc)
    • Death Guard get a 6" bubble rad grenade that applys at all times, even outside of combat (so for shooting etc) doesn't effect instant death, and any unit that suffers a shooting casualty while under the effect of it must take a morale test regardless of number of models. stacks with rad grenades in combat.
    • Thousand Sons get a savlo3/6 gun that has the str value of the enemy units leadership value.
    • Sons of Horus get a cataphractii terminator suit with a +3 invuln, eternal warrior and +1 toughness against shooting attacks
    • Word Bearers get a 12" bubble one use wargear piece that reduces all invuln saves by -2 (4+ becomes 6+ etc, 5&6+ saves lost) affects friends and foes
    • Salamanders get a combat shield that causes damage to enemy units charging them
    • Raven Guard get a +1str ap3 rending blade that wounds caused by it count as 2, for combat resolution 
    • Alpha Legion get a pistol weapon that has poisoned 4+ ap4 rending, and if a unit suffers a casualty from it, then the unit must take D6 toughness tests at the beginning of all future AL shooting phases, for each failed test the unit takes a wound with no saves of any kind, stops if the unit passes all toughness tests in a single phase.
    Now the Knight household

    Knights count as Mechanicum on the allies chart.  Standard FoC chart, any knight type may be taken as any FoC slot (one HQ and single Troop choice compulsory) each then gains access to a selection of upgrades based on their type. ranges from -35pts to  50pts. also has room for unique freeblades showing up later.

    These can only be taken when knights are the primary or ally detachment and using the knights FoC chart or the plain one.

    No new legion units or rules other than the relics. looks like it all got cut, for later books.

    Thanks to Garro for this advance look at Relics!



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    Part 2 of a new blog series on Blood Angels. 

    (Part 1 here).

    Grey Area here from the Heresy30k Forum with the next installment in my series on building a Heresy era Blood Angels force.

    Last time I showed off the first Tactical and Assault squad that made up the compulsory troops choices in the army. 

    Having finished those two squads, I decided there was a need for even more Tactical marines, since armies in games of Horus Heresy often seem to run two or more squads of them. I wanted to make the second Tactical squad different from the first in order to keep things interesting and so I could tell the squads apart on the battlefield.

    At around the time I was planning the second squad, Forge World released the Despoilers kit, so I chose to base the squad mostly on those miniatures, but with each marine carrying a bolter as well as a bolt pistol and an additional close combat weapon. I've always liked the look of bolters with a strap so I decided this was the way forward when it came to representing the marines with slung bolters. In hindsight making nearly twenty bolter straps out of plasticard and trying to get them to stick to the models was one of the most tedious and frustrating things I've ever done! but it had seemed like a good idea at the time...

    Despoilers WIP

    The straps are basically a strip of thin plasticard with a small ball of green stuff at each end to represent the link to the bolter. For the close combat weapons I used a mixture of chainswords and combat knives. The chainsword in the WIP pic is from the MkIV Assault Squad and has had the hand cut out and replaced with part of the handle from a combat knife. 

    The squad was a bit of an ordeal to make, but I was pleased with the results and it made them quite unique.

    At this point I was pretty fed up with painting troops so next up I decided to go for something a bit more fun - a Contemptor Mortis with twin Kheres Assault Cannons. This was great fun to build and paint, as well providing some much needed punch on the battlefield. This turned out to be one of the best choices I could have made and after only a few games it has already built up an impressive tally of kills, including Land Raiders and a Cerastus Knight Castigator! 

    I tried to give it quite a mean, stalking pose. It turned out pretty much as I had hoped, although the angles of some of the joints are pushing the limit of what I could get away with with the kit.

    That's all for this installment. I'd just like to say a big thanks for all the kind words left in the comments of Part 1. Feel free to get in touch with me via the Heresy30K Forum or just leave a note in the comments.

    Grey Area.

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  • 11/19/14--23:32: Horus Rising for Free!

  •  Get a free ebook of Horus Rising!

    Horus Rising is free to download from iTunes as their book of the week.  I already have teh hardcover, but I read everything on my iPad now.

    Go get it!



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    Here is a first look at the Solar Auxilia rules from Conquest.

    • All infantry have 'disclipined fire' which allows them to overwatch with BS2.
    • 'Close formation fighting' gives +1WS to models with at least two other friendly models in base to base contact. All SA infantry have it.
    • Some super heavy tanks are Heavy Support.
    • Two armour sets.
      -Void Armour, is 4+ armour with 'Void Hardened'
      -hardened void armour, like above but with the 'Hardend Armour' rule as well
    • Lasrifle is 30" range as said before. has two upgrades
      -Collimator, makes it heavy2, and adds 6" range
      -Blast charge makes the lasrifles 18" str6 ap6 heavy1, but can not shoot next turn
      no hot-shot version, looks like that was a red herring.
    • All vehicles have 'explorator adaption' which confers void hardened and gives a 6+ invuln against blast and template attacks

      • Legate Commander, is independant character with two versions, large range of wargear options.
      • Special character for loyalists, old commander brought out of retirement. can bring back units.
      • Tactical command section, 5-10 men, has bombardments, cognis sigum and other boost wargear, can take lots of special weapons.
      • Tank commander
      • Medicae detahcment, 3-6 medics attached to any other SA infantry unit, rather cheap.
      • Rapier battery, starts with quad-multi-laser, and can upgrade other standard options
      • Orgyrn charonite squad, combat only unit, with horrid CC weapon.
        str+1 ap3, melee, fleshripper, fleshripper means any rolls to wound of a 6, are ap2, and cause instant death.
      • Enginseer Auxilia, just like the Taghmata Omnisiah version but without the specialisations. Giving them cortex controllers allows you to use a squad of  Thallax or Castallax as optional heavy support like legion list.
      • Techicially only a single troop choice, its the 'Auxillia Infantry Tercio'. its made up of 1-3 'sections' any combination.
      • The lasrifle section is the 20 squad as standard, 
      • Veletaris Storm section is the volkite totting 10man squad. can swap volkites for rotor cannons or power axes (whole squad must be same) 
      • Flamer section is like storm section but only flamers, has support squad rule so need at least one of the others in the Tercio.
      • The Tercio may take 0-3 Dracosan transports, or a single aegis defence line instead.
      • Single squad sergeant maybe upgrade to a Troop Master (better statline.)
      Dedicated Transports
      • Drasocan is 13,12,11 HP5. can take armoured ceramite and flare shields.
      • Also have access to Arvus orbital shuttles, with guns. No negative rule for the guns unlike the 40k era version.
      Fast Attacks
      • Sentry Gun battery
      • Leman Russ strike squad, 1-3 standard, Exterminator, Annihilator or Vanquisher Leman Russes, can take armoured ceramite, and usual upgrades, no sponson weaponry.
      • Auxilla Thunderbolts. has access to kinetic piecer missiles which are str6, ap2 armourbane, can swap for hellstrike or sunfury missiles.
      • Primus Lightning
      Heavy Support
      • Leman Russ assault squadron, 1-3 Demolisher, Executioner or Incinerator Leman Russes,  Incinerator has a twin-linked demi-culverin volkite, which is the same as the normal culverin but +1str and an extra shot (5 in total), may take armoured ceramite.
      • Artillery tank squadron, basilisks and medusa's are 13,12,10 armour, also includes bombard. may all take armoured ceramite
      • Malcador heavy tank, looks to be same as legion version.
      • Malcador Infernus 
      • Valdor Tank Hunter
      • 0-1 Cyclops remote demolition units. 1-5 units per squad, different types of explosive. including a strD version.
      Lords of War
      • all standard options but all may take armoured ceramite
      • Baneblade
      • Stormlord
      • Shadowsword
      • Stormsword
      • Stormblade 
      • Stormhammer - picture of it on page (photoshopped concept art), has a stormhammer cannon with co-axial multi-laser, two shot, twinlinked battlecannon,6 sponson mounted multi-lasers (3 a side, can be upgraded to heavy bolters, heavy flamers or lascannons) and a single lascannon. Stormhammer cannon is 60" range str9 ap2 massive blast (7") shred and pinning. 

      Thanks to Garro from the Horus Heresy Forums for this post!

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      Horus Heresy Weekender Details and Tickets

      Truly the  must-attend event of the year for Heresy fans!

      Info from Forge World:

      How to buy tickets for this event

      The Horus Heresy Weekender 2015 will be held at the Nottingham Belfry Hotel on Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th February ̵ doors open at 9am on both days. Tickets for this event can be purchased from the Forge World webstore by clicking here, from the Black Library webstore by clicking, by phoning the Forge World Customer Service team on 0115 9004995 or over the counter at Warhammer World, Nottingham. Tickets are priced at £70 and give you access to absolutely everything over the two-day event. Tickets are stricly limited to 350. If you want to join us for this fantastic experience, get your tickets today!

      Please note, tickets are limited to 4 per customer.

      Details about the event

      The Horus Heresy Weekender 2015 will be packed full of things for you to enjoy, including:

      Visiting the Forge World, Black Library and Art Gallery sales areas to get your hands on the latest resin models, books, event exclusive merchandise and exclusive art work.
      Meeting the  Forge World model design and book teams, and seeing their latest projects and creations.
      Meeting the Black Library authors, editors and artists, giving you plenty of opportunities to get your Black Library novels signed.
      A variety of Forge World and Black Library seminars.
      Forge World demo pods, to help you hone your hobby skills.
      Gaming demonstrations and the chance to bring your own Horus Heresy army and have a game with a friend.
      Evening entertainment on Saturday 7th February – join in the now infamous Horus Heresy quiz and modelling challenge.

      If you want a closer look at what the Horus Heresy Weekender is all about, click on the video link below which shows highlights from the Horus Heresy Weekender 2014.

      Details about the venue

      The Nottingham Belfry Hotel can be found at Nottingham Business Park, Mellors Way, Nottingham, NG8 6PY. For a map of the hotelʼs location, click here. The hotel is situated a short five minutes drive from Junction 26 of the M1, making it easily accessible from both the north and south of the country. The hotel is approximately four miles from Nottingham Train Station. Free car parking is offered at the hotel for the duration of the event.

      The hotel is offering a limited number of bedrooms at a reduced rate of £69 for single occupancy and £79 for double occupancy for any attendees who wish to stay at the venue. To book a room at this reduced rate, please call the hotel directly on 0845 0740064 and quote ʻGames Workshopʼ when making your room booking. For full details of the hotelʼs facilities, please click here.

      As one of the first people to buy my ticket and book my room, all I can say is see you there!


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      Solar Auxilia finally gets its heavies!

      Forge World just released both the Basilsk and Medusa that Solar Auxilia  fans have been waiting for.


      From Forge World:

      Many Solar Auxilia Cohorts maintain their own mobile artillery batteries, favouring a class ideally suited to their particular battle doctrines. Among the most common types used by the Solar Auxilia is their variant of the Basilisk, which is substantially different to those utilised in the wider Imperial Army and other fighting forces of the galaxy-spanning Imperium.

      Firing from long distance, the Basilisk can lay down a fearsome barrage ahead of the advancing ranks of the Solar Auxilia. Its hull, derived from the Solar pattern Leman Russ, offers enhanced protection from enemy weapons and can equip a pintle-mounted weapon such as the ubiquitous multi-laser, adding a close quarters defence capability should enemy infantry advance too near.

      The Solar Auxilia Basilisk can be fielded in Artillery Batteries as part of a Solar Auxilia army in Horus Heresy games. The rules the model and the full Solar Auxilia army list can be found in The Horus Heresy Book 4 – Conquest.

      This is a complete multi-part resin and plastic kit. It is available to order now to be despatched immediately.


      From Forge World:

      Many Solar Auxilia Cohorts maintain their own mobile artillery batteries, favouring a class ideally suited to their particular battle doctrines. Among the most common types used by the Solar Auxilia is their variant of the Medusa, which is substantially different to those utilised in the wider Imperial Army and other fighting forces of the galaxy-spanning Imperium.

      Whilst it does not have the huge firing range of the Basilisk, the Medusa loads even more devastating shells than its sister tank. Its hull, derived from the Solar pattern Leman Russ, offers enhanced protection from enemy weapons and can equip a pintle-mounted weapon such as the ubiquitous multi-laser, adding a close quarters defence capability should enemy infantry advance too near.

      The Solar Auxilia Medusa can be fielded in Artillery Batteries as part of a Solar Auxilia army in Horus Heresy games. The rules the model and the full Solar Auxilia army list can be found in The Horus Heresy Book 4 – Conquest.

      This is a complete multi-part resin and plastic kit. It is available to order now to be despatched immediately.

      It costs £55 or $86.

      They are both total bad-ass.  I want 3 of each.


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      The famed Chapterhouse vs Games Worhshop case has been ongoing for over 2 years.  It's over at last...

      This is a big case for anyone who uses the resin aftermarket.  I have always said that this case really doesn't mean much as Chapterhouse really screwed themselves, whereas all teh other resin manufacturers are smart in not using GW IP directly.

      Here is a summary from Larry at BoLS.


      One month ago, Chapterhousemade an announcement on thier facebook page that they have had assets frozen pending an appearance in court to have the decision reversed.

      Chapterhouse Facebook

      Our assets have been frozen.
      Yes, thats pretty much the issue. Many of you may know that Games Workshop has been in a legal battle with us for almost 4 years now.. maybe its 5...
      Anyways, they have asked the courts to freeze our assets and this has happened, this happened early September, not long after I posted the photos of the last set of products that were being produced and almost ready to ship.
      What does this mean? #1 we have no means to ship or produce or pay for anything... and I mean anything, internet, phone, gas, nothing. We cant use or accept funds (well technically we can accept but I wont do that without a means to ship out new orders).
      #2 the demon lines are sitting at the casters, waiting to be shipped but not able to be shipped to us. Even if they were shipped to me, I couldnt ship them out since they are technically "assets" and I am not allowed to ship them out.
      #3 the company infrastructure, email, website, is pretty much frozen.
      I am flying out (which GW allowed us to buy a ticket) to chicago next week to step in front of the courts and plead my case to have assets released and do business as normal until the appeal is addressed.
      For those of you who are understandably upset, I am sorry, this has been a long and hard road and many of you have stood by me. I wish it was better but its been very stressful and now I have learned that its not only my company at risk but my personal assets and home are being threatened as well now.
      Ill do my best to keep you all apprised.
      And to be clear, no orders were taken after I found about about the freeze mid september.
      Any orders that have issues were due to customers not putting in correct addresses and a new shipment needing to be sent (and couldnt due to the freeze).
      Or lost orders in the postal system.
      And Now...
      Over the weekend, word broke that both parties reached a settlement.  Paperwork has been jointly filed (see below) by both parties with the Chicago court to withdraw all pending litigation due to a private settlement that had been reached by both parties.

      The details of the settlement are not disclosed and in almost all legal cases are sealed.  So we will have to look for signs of what happened "from the outside".

      This case has been a long twisting road full of victories and defeats for both sides along the way.  Here are the final motions:

      Memorable Moments From the Case:
      Games Workshop vs Chapterhouse Trial Begins 6-3-2013
      Games Workshop vs Chapterhouse Trial So Far 6-13-2013
      Chapterhouse Attorney's Declare Victory Over GW 6-18-2013

      So stay tuned in case any more news leaks out!


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      The latest in the Horus Heresy Hobby.

      Every week I bring you the latest amazing hobby progress from the Horus Heresy Forums, the premier online Heresy gaming community.


      Shanewils shows off the excellent work he's done on his Iron Warriors Primus Medicae. He looks extremely menacing, and more likely to end your life than save it! More of his work here.


      Littlemen returns from his hiatus with some stunning Alpha Legionnaires. Check out more of his amazing work here, including a fantastic Forge Lord conversion.


      Sticking with the Alpha's, here is Aventine's Fell Blade. Recently refurbished to fit his new scheme. Some amazing free hand on this tank. Check out his recently completed, "Super Jerk Unit" (Moritat), over on the forums.


      Coopervisor has finished up some Mechanicum units, including the new Vorax! Visit the forums, here, to check out more photo's, including some action shots against Chaos Daemons of Nurgle.

      LeeroyThe Sonic

      Leroy has finished an Iron Hands Contemptor. This menacing dreadnought joins his ever growing Legion X, check out more here, including different weapon load outs for the dreadnought.


      Princetyty does not disappoint, with his first model in almost 3 months. The additional pictures of this Javelin Speeder are well worth joining the forums to check out.


      Durfas completes an Apothecary he found lying around on his painting table, check more pictures of his work here.


      MajorNese has completed this Storm Eagle. Some awesome clean lines and great free hand. Check out more pictures here.


      New member, DaKing, shows of his Iron Warriors, find more pictures here. He has a particularly great Preator in Cataphractii armour he is currently working on that requires your attention!

      Have your own models you'd like to share with the community? Sign up to the forums and share your own Hobby Progress.


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      A new Blood Angel Captain model is coming!
      The new Deathstorm campaign boc will have this new Blood Angel terminator captain.   It may not be perfect for the Heresy, but options abound.  

      Pretty cool.


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      So is Forge World's quality control failing? 
      This is an important editorial that Larry over at BoLS published so I am reprinting here.

      a guest editorial by BeardyHammer
      Along with what seems like everyone in the entire hobby, I was very excited to see the preview shots of the Sicaran Battle Tank.  At the time I thought it was a little scout tank - FAIL!

      No, it's a beast. So when my girlfriend bought one for me I was so excited to be building my first large Forge World kit.

      +++ WARNING +++

      I am not a photographer, so expect dodgy pictures below. 

      The first thing to say about this experience is that the model itself is great looking. I have no argument with the design or the universe - my main issue is the quality!

      I think Games Workshop need to ask some very big questions about Forge World and the product they put out in the marketplace...

      First of all Forge World seem to have a problem with basic straight lines. The leading edges of many of the armoured pieces just aren't straight! This this is meant to be made of Plast-Steel or Ceramite or something suitably hard and heavy. It does not bow in the middle and it does not have chunks missing.

      Apart from the flaws in the leading edges, there are also problems with the moulding. It's probably the most important part in any process and other companies have got it right. Kingdom Deathfor example make some large very detailed kits with none of these issues . Then there are the excellent injection plastic kits of DreamForge or Games Workshop themselves. Neither of these players have these issues, mainly because they have invested in injection plastic kits rather than heavy quality-sporadic resin kits.

      An endemic problem with Forge World kits - wonky guns! Have you ever had straight guns? This CAN be a problem with resin. But when done properly it doesn't have to be this way.

      Then there's this - the mountain of resin off-cuts. This could just be trimmed at the factory or a better mould could be invented.

      The problems with these large bits of resin staying attached to the pieces if two-fold; it adds the the weight and the weight then causes issues like this (below). The weight of the moulding pieces causes it to break off in transit and you get damage!

      This kind of damage could be so easily avoided, but due to their current practice we are left with issues like this on what are frankly very expensive kits!

      As I say, the designs are great, the universe is so so cool - but the execution is just not good.

      There really isn't an excuse for warped guns! Either the woulds aren't matching up or the resin isn't cooling properly. That's pretty much it!

      These issues with the resin are also causing larger problems when it comes to assembly. Because the edges aren't straight and there is some warping the entire kit is compromised.

      Here, my friends is a typical example. Here are two supposedly straight pieces going together. Have a look at the daylight between them - they just don't fit snug.

      Part of the problem here is the straightness of the pieces, but another issue is the little guiding pieces that are supposed to help you line it up... they don't align. I have to trim around some of them to get it together.

      Model making 101 - get the template right, and I just don't feel they got the template right here.


      Forge World are the beneficiaries of Games Workshop's extensive and much loved universe. They are very lucky to be able to have a company that makes models exclusively for these games.

      However - if they were any other small company there would have to be questions about the quality of their product. I would expect the Boards to light up and the company would be under some scrutiny.

      In all honesty I think Games Workshop need to look at who they have licensed to do this work (even if they are part of the same company) and ask some big questions.

      1) Is resin the future of this hobby? DreamForge spent the time and the money investing in injection moulded plastic and they have a superior product out there in the market place. Once their Eisenkern APC is released, they will be a real player in the vehicle side of the 25/28mm hobby.

      2) Are the fans getting value for money? One would have to look at the amount being spent right now on one tank and question if the amount being charged isn't actually detrimental to the growth of the hobby. And lets face it, growth is where GW has had the major part of it's problems in the past few years. If they want to grow, they have to make it easy and affordable to build an army! Would injection plastic Horus Heresy Space Marines sell well? Yes they would. Everyone knows that! Then why aren't they just making them? I really do think that Forge World are a slave to their own practices - and that spells doom in terms of growth.

      3) Is it time for Forge World to be absorbed into Games Workshop? The ever-increasing popularity of the Horus Heresy line has shown that people are hungry for more, especially older players. You do have to admit that Games Workshop do turn out a good product in terms of models.

      Do they occasionally stuff it up and make something boring? Yes

      Do they sometimes miss an opportunity? (New Sisters of Battle models anyone...) Yes they do!

      BUT, would bringing Forge World into Games Workshop's overall manufacturing practices improve the product?

      Make it cheaper and more available?

      Would it increase growth in the hobby that Games Workshop so desperately need - especially in the younger players who need their parents to buy them that $129 tank from Forge World rather than the $85 tank from Games Workshop?

      You would have to say YES!

      Sure, you can play and hobby this universe by purely going through Games Workshop and ignoring Forge World. It was designed to be a Specialist part of the universe, but that has now changed. Forge World is now mainstream and if Games Workshop want to capitalise on that AND get rid of the recasters, then they need to have a product that is hard to copy, better quality, affordable, promotes growth within the already existing line and is accessible.

      All of this can be done with three simple words: injection moulded plastics.

      Thanks to Larry from BoLS and Beardyhammer who you can find on Facebook or on his website.


      0 0

      Forge World is phasing out certain books.  Siege of Vraks is first.

      You can get the Siege of Vraks v1 for only £15 or $23.50.  Pretty cheap.

      But it looks like The Badab War books are next.  Why?  Because you can get the pair for £35 or $55.  They are £48 and £55 separately.

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


      0 0

      The Horus Heresy Weekender is SOLD OUT!

      But if you did get a ticket, there will be a special Horus Heresy Forum gathering.  Stay tuned for more details.

      And if you aren't on the Horus Heresy Forum, why not?

      Sign up now!


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      Chapterhouse is back to selling!

      Chapterhouse Studios is back to selling after their recent settlement with Games Workshop. 

      Conversion Kit for StormRaven - up for sale
      Nick from CHS posted up late Friday night on their Facebook page the following;  

      Wanted to put a note out there that our website is back up and selling again. I have a lot of ground to make up since I was down for a couple of months. I hope to have new defense lines up as well as some new products as well. I also wish to thank those who supported us during this 4 year legal battle and hope I can continue to sell you all products you can use in your wargaming. Thank you!

      Nick - Chapterhouse Studios LLC

      Their retail store is indeed back open for business, however it looks like a few key items have been removed (like the Tervigon upgrade kit).So it seems the precedence is set for what every other 3rd party company can call their products in regards for copyright terms. I'm sure we'll see more from other indy manufacturers in the near future as well. But for now plenty of great products available for sale, so go check it out! Chapterhouse does have quite a number of thier old kits back up all clearly labeled as being add-ons for specific Games Workshop kits. 
      Tervigon kit - no where to be seen
      Super-heavy walker kit - up for sale

      I for one am very happy Chapterhouse is back.  More than that, the fact they are back to selling shows that Games Workshop conceded much of what they were seeking.  Third party manufacturers are not in any risk unless they use specific Games Workshop trademarks, which Chapterhouse was frankly the only one doing.  So all resin manufacturers must be happy.  So am I.  I hate GW corporate's tremendous overreach, even trying to copyright the name "Space Marine" which existed long before Games Workshop.  Actions like this show bad faith in my book, something I personally can vouch GW corporate suffers from.  GW US Trade's attempts to shut down this blog have earned them my ever lasting enmity.

      Don't get me wrong, I love the studio, Forge World and Black Library, but GW corporate can go disappear for all I care.


      Thanks to Larry at Bell of Lost Souls for much of this info.

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      The latest in the Horus Heresy Hobby.

      Every week I bring you the latest amazing hobby progress from the Horus Heresy Forums, the premier online Heresy gaming community.

      Minister of Pork

      MoP shows off his amazing Thanatar, which is bonded to his Death Guard. He does this the model justice, it's well worth checking out the rest of the pictures.


      Aximand continues the great progress he's been making on his Ultramarines. Check out the link to see the Praetor he also completed, based on Forge World's Asterion Moloc model.

      White Wolf

      Like so many members of the forum, White Wolf has decided to collect a second legion from the opposite faction. WW has chosen Ultramarines, being inspired by the great novels of the Horus Heresy from Balck Library. Check out the rest of his miniatures on the forums here.


      Mordian has finished painting his converted Ursarax Cohort. He's been working on these for quite some time, and it's great to see the final product. Check out these, and the rest of his work here.


      Panzerfaust completes the big bad, Horus Lupercal. Simple, yet extremely intimidating! Check out his growing force here, it includes some great conversion work for a Seeker squad.


      Raglan has added a couple of Rapier's to his force, included the Laser Destroyer above. Check out the other on the forum.


      Bauhaus has completed three Contemptor Dreadnoughts for his Emperor's Children. Check them out here.


      One of my favourite conversions of the year, Mike, has produced an amazing Forge Lord model for his Alpha Legion. Check out the full post here, in which he takes us through the entire process.

      Sigismund's Ghost

      New member, Sigismund's Ghost, shows off his Clan Vulgaan of the Iron Hands. Check out the entire force on the forums.

      Have your own models you'd like to share with the community? Sign up to the forums and share your own Hobby Progress.


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      The 7th Edition Horus Heresy FAQ is here!

      And you can download it here:

      A few highlights that have caught gamer's attention:

      Chain Fire   (HH1 – page 191: Moritat; CAL – page 17: Moritat)

      Add the following clause to the Chain Fire special rule:

      Chain Fire Overheat!  If one or more weapons with the Gets Hot special rule is used to make a Chain Fire attack, the extra stress on the weapon can prove perilous. When used for a Chain Fire attack, such weapons overheat on rolls of a 1 or 2, inflicting a wound on the firing model. Should any overheat occur, the Chain Fire attack immediately ends without further re-rolls for hits.

      Tyrant Siege Terminators   (HH3 – page 252; ICL – page 82)

      Tyrant Siege Terminators may fire their combi-bolters in addition to their cyclone launchers in the Shooting phase.

      Night Lords Unique Rite of War: Terror Assault    (HH2 – page 239; ICL – page 57)

      Change the following effect:

      Cover of Darkness: The force may impose Night Fighting for the duration of the first game
      turn of any mission on a D6 roll of 2+. Night Fighting imposed in this manner carries on to
      the second game turn on a roll of 4+, and on to the third turn on a roll of a 6. While Night
      Fighting is in effect, all models with the Legiones Astartes (Night Lords) special rule gain +1
      Initiative and +1" to their Run distances.

       Good hunting!


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    • 12/02/14--14:27: Forge World New Releases

    • Conquest gets a standard edition and more...

      These came out over Thanksgiving and I am just getting this out, so forgive me.  My Black Friday shopping insanity briefly clouded my judgement.  But fortunately The Emperor Protects.

      Horus Heresy Book Four - Conquest

      The Horus Heresy Book Four – Conquest, lavishly illustrated in full colour, contains extensive background information on Warmaster Horus’ invasion of the northern Imperium having revealed his treachery at the Isstvan System. In addition, this book contains details of the Solar Auxilia of the Imperial Army and the histories of four Knight Households, as well as two entirely new army lists. The Questoris Knight Crusade Army list enables you to field a full Household of towering Knights armed with devastating weapons of mass destruction, whilst the Solar Auxilia Crusade Army list brings the elite of the Imperial Army to your battlefield.

      £ 78 or $ 122

      Imperial Fist Contemptor Dreadnought

      Bearing sigils and markings of its Legion, this Imperial Fists Contemptor Dreadnought can carry a wide array of ranged and close combat weapons to battle. Contemptor Dreadnoughts may be taken in Legiones Astartes armies in Horus Heresy games using the rules presented in The Horus Heresy Book One – Betrayal and The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List. They can also be taken as part of a Space Marine army in standard games of Warhammer 40,000 for which the rules can be found in Imperial Armour Volume Two – War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes, Second Edition.

      The Imperial Fists Contemptor Dreadnought is a complete multi-part resin kit – weapon arms shown are not included and are available to purchase separately. This kit is available to order today for immediate dispatch.

      £ 34 or $53


      Solar Auxilia Veletaris Storm Section

      Veletaris Storm Sections form part of the Solar Auxilia’s Infantry Tercios. They are skilled and dedicated warriors, issued with the most potent weaponry and tasked with the most arduous of battlefield missions. Their discipline is unparalleled within the cohorts of the Solar Auxilia and their firepower can overwhelm even the most fearsome of enemies.

      Equipped with volkite chargers and encased in reinforced void armour, this unit may be taken as part of an Infantry Tercio in a Solar Auxilia army. Their can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Four – Conquest.

      £ 40 or $ 62

      Solar Auxilia Veletaris Storm Section
      Veletaris Storm Sections form part of the Solar Auxilia’s Infantry Tercios. They are skilled and dedicated warriors, issued with the most potent weaponry and tasked with the most arduous of battlefield missions. Their discipline is unparalleled within the cohorts of the Solar Auxilia and their firepower can overwhelm even the most fearsome of enemies.

      Equipped with volkite chargers and encased in reinforced void armour, this unit may be taken as part of an Infantry Tercio in a Solar Auxilia army. Their can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Four – Conquest

      £ 40 or $ 62

      Oh, my bank account is hurting......


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    • 12/04/14--12:32: End Times for 40K?

    • End time for 40K is coming!

      At the recent Black Library Weekender, some interesting things came up.  The most significant of which was vastly overlooked.  The End Times for 40K is coming.  Remember that little bit in the 6th edition Rule book that said there was a flaw in the Golden Throne?  Well, that little hint has grown into a full blown story line.

      Graham McNeil said he had to got approval from the powers (probably due to the success of the End Times in Warhammer) to bring a similar story to 40K.  And it will start with the Ultramarines.

      He has to write Crimson King first, then Battle for Macragge a space marine battle novel, then on to...Guilliman. That is right, the Primarch of the Ultramarines is coming back!   It will be part of the next Ultramarine story arc. He also said he is back for good, not just as a plot device to be put away when finished with.


      I for one, cannot wait to see most of the good guy Primarchs come back.  



      0 0

      Graham McNeil has spoke out on the Guilliman rumor I posted yesterday.
      After my post was picked up by, well, everyone, Graham McNeil posted on his blog (the first post by him in almost a month). 

      From Graham McNeil's blog:

      To quote the late, great Brian Glover, “This is rumour control, here are the facts…”

      You may have seen a few rumours flying around t’interweb about the end times of 40k.

      40k is NOT ending (well, beyond the mechanisms of the Golden Throne failing, the constant encroachments of alien invaders and the insidious corruption of Chaos…).

      Context is everything…

      This all came about after a conversation I had at the BL Weekender III, where I talked about things I’d LIKE to do in the next Ultramarines trilogy (not necessarily GETTING to do, but which I’d LIKE to do). One of the things I said was that I thought it’d be fun to bring Guilliman back, “probably not in a literal way, but in some form or another, and that such an event would, naturally, have further ramifications for the Chapter…”. I also said that I’d floated a bunch of ideas past the guys at editorial and had received a cautious, “That sounds pretty cool,” response.

      And that’s it. That’s as far as any “progress” on this has gone.

      So, get those panties unbunched, those knickers untwisted. Keep Calm and Keep Playing 40K.

      See ya,


      Now, I can say that using the "40K End Times" label was not indicative of what my contact mentioned Graham said at The Black Library Weekender.  That was more of an analogy I used.  However, my contact was clear that he heard Graham say Guilliman returning was.  Was my contact mistaken?  Very possible. 

      And Graham McNeil is a truly awesome guy and we hope our post didn't cause him any stress with his over lords at The Black Library.But it is interesting that he felt the need to deny a rumor!

      But then I got confirmation of this from a source inside GW that this was in fact something discussed at HQ.

      So, it definitely falls under the "rumour" category, but one that seems to be based on fact.  We shall see how this all plays out.

      0 0
    • 12/05/14--20:28: Konrad Curze is here!

    • The nights just got a lot scarier!

      Another traitor Primarch gets his due.  And he looks rather menacing!

      From Forge World: 

      Attacking from darkness with inhuman ferocity, Konrad Curze, the Night Haunter, inspires terror in the hearts of his prey and subjects alike. A vicious combatant, Konrad wrested control of his world, Nostramo, from criminals and corrupt overlords, and began a reign of terror that ensured order through fear. After taking command as their Primarch, his Legion, the Night Lords, gained a reputation for brutality and looked to bring judgment rather than deliverance to worlds reclaimed for the Emperor during the Great Crusade.

      Armed with murderous, artificer-lightning claws and micro-serrated throwing blades, Konrad Curze tears through his enemies, making short work of whole units. Despite his great size he is a master of stealth and concealment, moving in darkness and stalking his target. Few men can stand to face him, and none can look on the Night Haunter and not feel the ice of fear in their hearts. 

      This imposing, highly detailed model depicts Konrad Curze mid-battle. His armour is decorated with trophies of an impressive number of kills, including skulls and flayed skin. His scenic display base includes the corpses of Konrad’s latest victims, a pair of Solar Auxilia warriors, one of them literally torn limb from limb.

      Konrad Curze, Primarch of the Night Lords can be fielded in Night Lords Legion armies in Horus Heresy games. His rules can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Two – Massacre and The Horus Heresy – Isstvan Campaign Legions.

      This is a complete resin kit with a removable display base. It is available to order now for immediate despatch.

      Well, Night Lords fans are happy that finally got their Batman!  Another fine job by Forge World.

      And the obligatory video:


      Good hunting (at night)!


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