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Horus Heresy 30K news for modelers, gamers and geeks. Warhammer 40,000, Forgeworld, Games Workshop

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    Ordinatus is here!

    While not as massive as the old Epic Ordinatus, Forge World has just released their new version, meant to be fully compatible with 30/40K.

    From Forge World:

    A rare and truly arcane weapon system of staggering power, the Mechanicum Ordinatus Ulator is of the smaller classes of Ordinatus, but nevertheless is one of the most potent war machines at the Imperium’s disposal.

    In the time of the Great Crusade the Ordinatus macro engines were rarer than even the Battle Titans of the Legio Titanica, and only a handful of Forge Worlds had the resources or indeed the doctrinal blessing and religious authority to produce or maintain such embodiments of the Omnissiah’s divine wrath. Such was the sacredness of these machines above all others, that an entire subcult of the Mechanicum was devoted to their worship and propitiation.

    The Ordinatus Ulator carries a trio of Volkite Culverins as its secondary armaments, but its primary weapon is the Ulator class Sonic Destructor. A terrifying weapon whose origins lie in the shadows of the Age of Strife, the Sonic Destructor generates a wave of annihilation that wreaks havoc across the battlefield.

    The Mechanicum Ordinatus Ulator is a Lords of War choice for Mechanicum armies in Horus Heresy games. It can also be taken as a Lords of War Choice by Adeptus Mechanicus: Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii armies in games of Warhammer 40,000 using the rules found in The Horus Heresy: Mechanicum – Taghmata Army List.

    The Mechanicum Ordinatus Ulator is a complete, multi-part resin kit.

     And here are the Epic models:

    There were multiple versions of the Epic Ordinatus

    And they were really big!

    The Ordinatus costs a hefty £285 or $431.  It is available on the Forge World website here.

    BTW, in the airport waiting to board my flight for London and then heading up to Warhammer World!  I will be there all day Saturday, so look for me!  I am the Yank!


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  • 12/06/15--17:43: Garro Arrives!

  • Garro is finally here and he looks good!

    Forge World has finally gotten around to releasing the Hand of the Sigillite.  Nathanial Garro:

    From Forge World:

    The foremost of the Knights-Errant, Nathaniel Garro was once a Battle-Captain of the Legiones Astartes Death Guard. Though he served his Primarch with honour and dedication, he was condemned as unworthy and, along with countless thousands of Legionaries who could not be counted on to tread the path of the Traitor, was betrayed at Isstvan III.

    Surviving to bring word of the treachery to Terra, Garro renounced his oaths to the Death Guard and pledged his life and loyalty to Malcador the Sigillite, swearing to undertake any mission, no matter how perilous, in the ultimate defence of humanity.

    Nathaniel Garro, Hand of the Sigillite, is part of the Horus Heresy Character Series. Armed with a paragon bolter and Libertas, his masterfully wrought broadsword, Garro goes to war clad in ornate power armour bearing the symbols of the Sigillite and protected by technologies and artefacts both wondrous and guileful.

    This is a multi-part resin kit and is presented in a stylish Horus Heresy Character Series box. It includes a 32mm gaming base and a 50mm scenic base that depicts the dismembered remains of a Word Bearers Legion Gal Vorbak.

    You can get it on the Forge World website. It costs £45 or $68.

    So the first Grey Knight?


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    Want Custodes?  Kabuki has got em!

    Since Forge World won't have Custodes for some time, modelers have been finding alternatives and Kabuki Models has been one of the best.  And now you can get 27 Custodes models in one special set for 175 Euro or $191.  That's about $7 a model.

    From Kabuki:

    this bundle contains:

    10 Legio Praetoriana tactical legionaires armed with assault rifle
    10 Legio Praetoriana halberdiers
      2 Legio Praetoriana special weapons legionaires (plasma rifle + flamer)
      2 Legio Praetoriana standard bearers (2 different standards)
      2 Legio Praetoriana centurions
      1 Celestial Knight (54mm tall)

    All the models are cast in urethane resin and need assembly and painting. They come with round plastic base

    The bundle is packed in a lavish collectors box!!!

    You can get it on the Kabuki site here.


    Now where are my Sisters of Silence?


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    Forge World has a major release and some new bundles.

    The Space Marine Armoury is an awesome selection of specialist and heavy weapons.  You get 5 heavy weapons or 10 special weapons for £12-15 or $18-23 per set.

    And then there are 3 new bundles!

    Rapid Onslaught Force
    Rapid Onslaught Force  -  Thunderhawk Gunship, 20 mk3 Marines, Contemptor.

    £550 or $837

    Boarding Assault Force

    Boarding Assault Force -  Caestus Assault Ram and 10 mk3 Breacher Marines. 

    £165 or $251

    Armoured Incursion Force
    Armoured Incursion Force  -  Spartan Assault tank with 10 terminators in Tartaros armour.

    £170 or $259

    Note that all bundles will be ready to ship 18th of December.

    Fight on!


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  • 12/18/15--09:45: The Thousand Sons Are Here!

  • Forge World has released the Thousand Sons and they do not disappoint!

    Finally we have what so many of us have been looking for!

    Thousand Sons upgrade kits and shoulder pads. £44 or $65. 

    The Mk IV Head upgrade set is $11.50 or $17.

    The Mk IV Torso upgrade set is $11.50 or $17.

    Mk II Shoulder Pads

    Mk III Shoulder Pads
    Mk IV Shoulder Pads

    The Mk II, III and IV Shoulder Pad upgrade sets are $10.00 or $15.

     The Thousand Sons Task Force is £225 or $335

    Time to go back and read Graham McNeil's awesome book.....


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    New Black Library Bundles

    Two new big budget bundles are on sale for two weeks only.

    The Horus Heresy… So Far      $349.99 


    The Horus Heresy is the greatest war ever waged, the conflict that ended an age of reason and enlightenment, and brought the Imperium to its knees. Brother fights brother, armies that once marched together face one another across the field of battle and entire worlds are lost in the firestorm unleashed by Horus.

    This collection contains the entire Horus Heresy so far in eBook formats. Included, you will find 29 novels charting the war from Horus’ fall to his preparations for the invasion of Terra. You’ll also get 16 novellas* telling stories from the Great Crusade and Heresy, including tales of the primarchs, the Battle of Tallarn and more. Plus, 76 – yes, 76! – Quick Reads* shed new light on heroes, villains and events from across the breadth of the Heresy. This is truly the ultimate collection of Horus Heresy tales.

    The Title included in this bundle are:

    Horus Rising

    The Wolf of Ash and Fire

    False Gods

    Galaxy in Flames

    Lord of the Red Sands

    The Flight of the Eisenstein

    All That Remains


    The Phoenician

    Descent of Angels


    Battle for the Abyss



    Tales of Heresy

    Hands of the Emperor

    Fallen Angels

    A Thousand Sons


    Army of One

    The First Heretic


    Prospero Burns

    Age of Darkness

    By the Lion’s Command


    The Outcast Dead

    Deliverance Lost

    Corax: Soulforge

    The Value of Fear

    The Primarchs

    Know No Fear

    The Honoured

    The Unburdened

    Fear to Tread

    Lost Sons

    Shadows of Treachery

    Child of Night

    Angel Exterminatus

    Tallarn: Executioner

    The Eagle’s Talon

    Tallarn: Witness


    The Purge

    Mark of Calth

    Distant Echoes of Old Night


    Scorched Earth

    Vulkan Lives

    The Unremembered Empire

    Death and Defiance

    Sins of the Father


    Brotherhood of the Moon

    Wolf King

    The Devine Adoratrice

    Vengeful Spirit

    The Final Compliance of Sixty-Three Fourteen

    The Damnation of Pythos

    Legacies of Betrayal

    Blades of the Traitor


    The Gates of Terra

    Tallarn: Ironclad


    Promethean Sun

    *Some of these novellas and Quick Reads are individual files, while others are included in anthologies.

    Still want more?  How about all the Horus Heresy Audio dramas?

    The Horus Heresy Audio Drama Bundle 2015 $220


    Horus Lupercal, the Emperor’s favored son and general of his armies, has rebelled. Across the Imperium, brother turns on brother and the flames of war spread ever further. Against this backdrop, heroes of both sides battle for supremacy, for power or simply for survival.

    This bundle contains 33 audio dramas that deepen the story of the Horus Heresy, telling stories large and small of great heroes, dramatic battles and intriguing mysteries.

    The Title included in this bundle are:

    The Shadow Masters


    Iron Corpses

    Garro: Ashes of Fealty

    The Eagle’s Talon

    The Watcher

    The Herald of Sanguinius

    Garro: Shield of Lies


    The Long Night

    Master of the First


    Echoes of Ruin

    Hunter’s Moon

    Thief of Revelations


    Wolf Hunt

    Honour to the Dead

    The Sigillite

    Garro: Sword of Truth

    Burden of Duty

    Grey Angel

    Butcher’s Nails

    Garro: Legion of One

    Raven’s Flight

    The Dark King & The Lightning Tower

    Garro: Oath of Moment

    According to The Black Library these are “ONLY AVAILABLE FOR TWO WEEKS”.



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  • 12/24/15--07:41: Corax is Coming!

  • And he is bad ass!

    Forge World revealed their holiday jogsaw and the image resolved to Corvus Corax!

    From Forge World:

    That’s right, Corvus Corax, Primarch of the Raven Guard Legion is unveiled. This amazing new model from The Horus Heresy Character Series will be available very soon! 

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus!


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  • 12/25/15--15:37: Merry Christmas!

  • Seasons Greetings!

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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    Reprinted from Bell of Lost Souls and posted by Black Blow Fly, December 21, 2015.

    Today we take a look at the dreadnought and see what is has to offer and what can make it competitive.

    Hey everybody it’s your friendly neighborhood Black Blow Fly swinging through your neck of the woods to spread some holiday cheer and mischief ! A lot of people say the dreadnought is no longer competitive with all the xenos monstrous creatures that are so popular these days. The thought is that a dreadnought can be one shotted which while true is something that can be mitigated. If you think about it dreadnoughts are about as close as you can get to a monstrous creature for Space Marines.

    So let’s take a look at the dreadnought and see what is has to offer and what can make it competitive. It has its strengths and weaknesses like any other unit… The right build and possibly a transport can make them truly shine.

    Strengths and Weaknesses


    If you play Space Marines you know the basic dreadnought got a nice boost with four base attacks now – this was a great buff – first and foremost S10 AP2 is no joke, especially when striking at initiative. This is a natural counter to deathstars, Imperial Knights, other super heavies and monstrous creatures… Even the mighty gargantuan must take heed.

    There are several variants that stand above the rest:

        • Contemptor (Forgeworld)
        • Furioso
        • Ironclad
        • Leviathan (Forgeworld)

    All of these chassis have a fundamental component in common:

    Front armor 13 which is what opposing models strike against in melee. The Ironclad and new Leviathan also have side armor 13 which is huge as a lot of armies really struggle versus this level and is impervious to the majority of ranged weapons. The Contemptor and Leviathan also have an invulnerable save which is huge in itself.

    Both the Contemptor and Leviathan are from Forgeworld with lots of options for a high degree of customization… You pay for what you get. My standard Chaos Contemptor always has a heavy conversion beamer which can drop a S10 AP1 large blast – place it on the back line and in a corner if necessary to maximize range… It can easily earn back its points. I remember one sixth edition game versus Tau in which the Contemptor almost single handily beat a highly optimized army.

    The Mortis pattern Contemptor with dual Kheres assault cannons is another monster – 12 BS5 shot at S6 that rend – plus it has free access to Skyfire as well.

    The new Leviathan is truly a beast in close combat and can even take out gargantuan creatures… That’s pretty amazing!!! It’s siege claw can generate additional wounds in close combat which gives it the ability to go toe to toe with super big baddies such as even a Wraithknight. The Leviathan has the equivalent of assault grenades and strikes at initiative 5. It also has a 4++ invulnerable save and access to immunity to ranged melta weapons via Ceramite Plates. 4 hull points is also another big plus. This is the most survivable walker… Sure it’s a lot of points but you get it all back in spades.

    The best build for The Furioso is a frag cannon and heavy flamer – two S6 rending templates followed up with a heavy flamer template. This weaponry provides you direct access to ignoring cover saves… The drop pod for delivery is the way to go with this one.

    There is another walker that should be mentioned – the Soul Grinder which also falls into this tier and has an invulnerable save as well. While it’s technically not a dreadnought it’s basically the same thing with its own unique rules.

    Finally there is the Maulerfiend which has become quite popular with the advent of Khorne Daemonkin. While extremely fast with a 12″ move its armor 12 and like the Soul Grinder has WS3 which basically halves it’s number of attacks in melee. They are good at what they do and fairly cheap for what you get but not my style.

    Monstrous creatures tend to struggle versus armor 13 in melee since most are base S6… this means they must use Smash attack (S10) which is only one attack. I have seen a single dreadnought hold up a host of Dark Eldar Talos for several turns while slowly whittling them down. To me this is a big deal if properly exploited.

    Basically you have to decide if you want your dreadnought geared for melee or shooting – some can do both quite well too. I tend to for the combination which makes them more versatile.


    As I mentioned earlier the biggest weakness is one shot can destroy any dreadnought. The melta bomb is also really bad news which bypasses Ceramite Plates. They are also slow. The good news is these cons can be mitigated to a strong degree if yours willing to invest in the right transport which brings us to our next subject…

    How to Deliver the Dreadnought

    If you go big then you go strong. A basic drop pod is the bare minimum standard required to get them where you need them. My philosophy is in for a penny in for a pound… Lucius pattern drop pods, the Dreadclaw and Stormraven are your best options. The beauty of the latter two transports is they are both flyers and can deliver the dreadnaught directly into melee.

    I often run two Mortis pattern Contemptors with the dual Kheres assault cannons, both riding in separate Dreadclaws, for my 30k Sons of Horus army. You can take them in a talon which means they both arrive the same turn. They seem to always do something spectacular.

    Favorite Builds

    Chaos Contemptor – Extra armor – Heavy conversion beamer – DCCW with plasma blaster – Havoc missile launcher – Dedication to Khorne

    He is not cheap but he has never failed to impress and has won many games for me. He actually does not require a transport due to range of his primary weapon.

    Leviathan – Siege Claw (inbuilt meltagun) – Storm cannon – Armored Ceramite 


    A lot of people will tell you that the dreadnought is not competitive but I have seen them do very well. It is an investment in points to get the most out of a dreadnought and they are suited towards particular types of armies. The Forgeworld models are really awesome looking and fun to play… so check it out.

    Thanks to Black Bow Fly and BoLS for this awesome article!


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    The Dark Furies are coming!

    Forge World released this photo of the upcoming Dark Furies models.  Talk to any Raven Guard player and they will tell you this is one of the best units in the game.


    And then there is the Horus Heresy Model Masterclass book that Forge World has been talking about all year! 

    More Horus Heresy goodness!

    And please be safe this New Year's Eve!


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  • 01/08/16--22:48: Forge World Release Corax!

  • Corax is here!

    The Raven Lord has finally been released by Forge World and he is rocking!

    From Forge World:

    The master of stealth and rapid strikes, Corvus Corax wields the XII Legion with precision and guile. The Primarch of the Raven Guard presents a striking countenance with his alabaster skin and stark, black eyes. His sable armour is edged with fine, golden filigree and upon his back is mounted a jet pack formed into a pair of articulated pinions that he wields as a murderous, bloody-edged cutting weapon.

    Like most of the Primarchs, Corax is blessed of an extensive armoury of artificer-wrought weapons but those he most often bears to war are a pair of metre-long lightning claws and a coiled whip at his belt. Though few even amongst his sons know of it, Corax is blessed with the ability to pass unnoticed should he will it, this preternatural ability allowing him to slip from the perception of his enemies even when standing in plain view.

    Corvus Corax, Primarch of the Raven Guard is part of The Horus Heresy Character Series. His panoply of weapons includes an archaeotech pistol and a pair of unique lightning claws, with a holstered archaeotech pistol and a coiled whip at his belt. His unique armour and flight pack are extensively detailed. Corax is depicted landing among battlefield ruins and his detachable scenic base features an enemy Legionnaire being executed by the Raven Lord.

    This is a complete, multi-part resin kit. It includes a 40mm gaming base and 60mm scenic base. It is presented in a black Horus Heresy Character Series box.

    He costs £70 or $101.

    I will be getting one for sure.


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  • 01/16/16--10:36: New Forge World Releases

  • Death Guard
    New Decal Sheets and Brass Etch for The Night Lords top the Forge World news.

    Iron Hands
    Close up of Salamanders Sheet
    Solar Auxilia
    Knight House Macabius
    Night Lords etched brass

    The decals sheets run £16 or $22.80.  The brass etch is £11 or $15.70. 

    Why is the brass etch so much less than a decal sheet?  I have to say $22.80 for a decal sheet is rather steep.


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  • 01/17/16--07:17: Forge World Previews

  • The Games Workshop 40th Birthday event at Warhammer World had some Forge World goodness!

    The following photos courtesy of our friends at Battle Bunnies and Bell of Lost Souls.

    New Warlord Titan Head

    New Warlord Weapons

    With a built in Vulcan Mega Bolter!

    Mastodan Pics


    New Alpha Legion Previews

    Thanks to our good friends at Battle Bunnies.  Start saving now!

    And join Heresy30K forums.  THE forum for Horus Heresy gaming!


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  • 01/18/16--10:52: Forge World News

  • Via Battle Bunnies

    Horus Heresy Volume VI - Retribution

    -Will be available from the Horus Heresy Weekender
    -Rites of Wars for Blood Angels, Dark Angels, White Scars and Shattered Legions. Possible new Rites for certain legions
    -Tylos Rubio is being worked on right now by Israel
    -No characters/units for new legions
    -There will be a Meduson character that can be used as a HQ for all Shattered Legion armies. As he is so close with the Raven Guard and Salamanders he can be used in different army lists with the alternative Rites of War
    -Certain equipment will be mentioned for each legion such as multi plasma arrangements for the Dark Angels and a special Glaive hand to hand weapon for
    the White Scars.
    -The Keshig will be upcoming for White Scars as well as a Bike squad (but not this book).
    -A new bike has been finished by Blake.
    -Mastodon and Stormbird will appear

    Further info we have also found out:

    -Darren Parwood is working on a new knight (A Heavy variant - Castellan like).
    -A new air field display board is being worked on / planned which will feature the new Stormbird and Thunderhawk Landing pad tiles, which is not being released until the Stormbird is finished (which is apparently so big it might go through the tile!!).
    Stormbird is currently in printing production. Possible first appearance at Weekender

    Via Penddraig on the Heresy30K Forums

    Crusade Imperialis Red Book
    This will contain all the army lists from Solar Auxilia, Militia and Warp Cults as well as Knight Households. Simply put - everything that does not already have a Red Book available. No planned changes, may have a few rules tweaks but probably not any points value changes. The new Knight chassis' like the Warden will be included as well as the up-to-date wargear like the Gatling cannon.

    Legion Crusade Red Book

    This is going to be a straight re-print with the latest units like the Leviathan, Xiphon, Damocles Command Rhino etc added. No points values changes as FW are happy with the points values but some units may have added rules or abilities to reflect their higher points cost.

    Istvaan Campaign Red Book

    This book will see the biggest changes. Several Legion-elite units are having rules tweaks but not points value changes, as they are under-performing compared to newer units. Units like Phoenix Guard and Justearin are top of the list for changes. The original four Legions from Betrayal are also having some of their Legiones Astartes rules tweaked but not massively changed. Emperors Children for example are going to have more advantages if they charge in assault whilst Sons of Horus are having Merciless Fighters changed. The SoH rule has gone through a lot of changes of which one possible change could be bonuses with certain weapons like pistols and other weapons not mentioned, at short range. I didn't get details for other changes.

    Book 6
    No collectors edition coming. Contains lots of Rites of War of which loads in other threads has been written. One detail on the White Scars RoW is that it will focus on bikes and other quick units. The other WS RoW is shared with the Shattered Legions and represents some of the tactics of the WS legionaries thrown out by Jaghatai for supporting Horus - these tactics are then picked up by "dodgy" Shattered Legion forces.

    Specialist Games
    Forge World is effectively being divided into three parts all overseen by Tony Cottarel in an Emperor Palpatine-esq way (in my mind at least). One section is led by Alan Bligh and will continue producing all the normal 40k, 30k and Age of Sigmar that we are used to. Second section is led by Andy Hoare and is focusing on the traditional specialist games that we would recognise from the past like Necromunda, Blood Bowl etc. The final section is going to focus on Lord of the Rings. Each section includes the manager and three developers.

    In terms of models, there will be a core focus in plastic in the starting box sets that will be designed by the SG department and then manufactured by the main Studio. Blood Bowl is currently in development but mentions were made about Adeptus Titanicus coming back to its roots of a Titan vs Titan game set in the heresy and additional Necormunda gangs made in resin. All of this is still in very early days of development and chat. The new department opens officially on the 18th January.

    One final point is that the main GW Studio is not going to develop the Horus Heresy / Age of Darkness as that it staying within FW. This may include further plastics however as FW may be branching into plastic manufacture in the future as mentioned with the traditional specialist games above.

    Imperial Armour 16
    This is Red Scorpions with Ad. Mech allies fighting Tau on an abandoned Forge World. The Red Scorpions will have lots of Legion equipment like Leviathans and Kharbydis Assault Claws with 40k rules while the Ad. Mech will have a lot of the 30k vehicles ported to 40k without Volkite or Battle-Automata. Mention was made of possible resin Skitarii upgrades.

    New models
    Corax looks much better painted and close up than he does in the pictures as do the new Raven Guard assault troops. The Ordinatus has been modelled with a volcano cannon and to my mind, looks better for it. The Warlord is getting new weapons - a plasma weapon and a siege claw with an inbuilt Vulcan Mega-bolter in the same way as the Contemptor CC weapons. Head hunters appear to be upgrades as opposed to new kit but it does confirm they only have combi-bolters. The Thousand Sons upgrades look great painted and the metallic FW scheme looks awesome "in the flesh". Can't wait to see this scheme on vehicles.

    Book 7
    This is confirmed for later publication this year. It has been confirmed as Prospero so get your flea powder ready for the all the VIth Legion froth that is going to emerge. Personally, I want to see Sisters of Silence and Custodes models.

    Via Blindhamster on B&C

    No big reveal either (unless it was blood bowl)
    The shopping bit had a bunch of older kits and books for half price.
    Corax looks lovely in person, paint job seems a bit off with pure black eyes, just looks unfinished.
    Dark furies are ace in person, a friend bought them and gave me the bodies/legs for my blood angels.
    Blood bowl minis look really nice.
    Russ is the next primarch, with magnus being next, both this year. Inferno is aimed to be out late this year.
    Signus book might not be book 8, as book 8 may be calth part 2. (Sad face)
    On the game side, eisenhorn is based directly on the first book but they've opted to streamline it in places and instead use data cards you can read to cover them (autopsy scene was specifically mentioned)
    There was apparently some kind of special game related reveal but I never saw anything for it.
    Warhammer total war looks pretty good although they didn't show any actual combat. 

    There you go and thanks to all the wonderful news sources.  Make sure you read the Battle Bunnies blog and join Heresy30K forums.  THE forum for Horus Heresy gaming!


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    Here are some tasty Horus Heresy Rumors from my friends at BoLS.

    Of course take them all with a grain of salt, but these come from BoLS directly, not from some rumor monger.
    • Betrayal at Calth was only the initial product in a Horus Heresy boxed game series.
    • Look for the Betrayal at Calth rules to reappear in future additional similar boxed sets.
    • These further boxed sets will expand the Betrayal at Calth ruleset and take gamers to other locations and pairs of adversaries set in the Heresy.
    • The second boxed game will make an appearance sooner than later this year (2016), based on the white hot financial success of the initial Betrayal at Calth product.
    So, there you go!  More Horus Heresy coming!


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    A new Horus Heresy book is coming from The Black Library.

    "War Without End" is a 544-page hardcover.


    11 stories and 544-pages!

    I always buy all the Black Library Hard covers.  It's an addiction.

    Oh, and I buy the ebooks to read.


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    Black Library has compiled The Horus Heresy Cover Art Collection – come look at some of the awesome cover art that YOU can own!

    The Horus Heresy Cover Art Collection is made up of over 75 Covers. Black Library has arranged these images in a narrative sequence from the start of the Heresy.

    And while 1000 copies were printed, less than 500 remain.

    From Black Library: 

    From the ashes of the Great Crusade, treachery was born. Always first among the superhuman primarchs, the newly dubbed Warmaster Horus turned his back upon the Emperor and embraced the dark powers of Chaos. With fully half the military might of the fledgling Imperium at his command, he set his sights upon Holy Terra and waged a war that would divide the galaxy forever…
    The Horus Heresy Cover Art Collection captures this iconic tale of war and betrayal in unprecedented splendour, with more than 75 covers presented in a sequence which charts the narrative from its origins to its climax.It’s a showcase of Neil Roberts’ fantastic artwork for the Horus Heresy series, allowing you to experience every detail of these stunning pieces as never before.

    This deluxe, oversized coffee table book is presented in landscape format, with full-page artwork so you can see every detail of the tremendous artwork across each of the glossy pages. It displays each image in two ways: as a full piece of art so you can view it as the artist originally intended, and as it was originally presented on the cover of each book or CD. The book itself is a sturdy hardback with a soft-touch matte cover with gold foiling. This continues onto the slipcase, which is also soft touch and matte-black with gold foil title and iconography. This edition is strictly limited to 1,000 copies worldwide, and is only available right here on

    The Horus Heresy Cover Art Collection $65.00

    I already ordered mine.  You need to get yours fast!



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    Black Library has released two new Horus Heresy audio books.
    White Scars and Ultramarines get some love!

    GREY TALON $14.99


    After the horrors of Isstvan, the XVIth Legion destroyer-class Grey Talon now flies under a loyalist crew on a campaign of retribution and vengeance, using her original colours to strike covertly at isolated traitor forces. Commanded by Bion Henricos of the Iron Hands, the ship is also home to many disgraced White Scars who have taken death-oaths to seek atonement – among them the peerless warrior Hibou Khan. But tensions run higher with each new engagement and, without a wider strategy to guide them, the crew of the Grey Talon will surely come to a grim and sudden end.

    Written by Chris Wraight

    Running time 60 minutes. Performed by John Banks, Ian Brooker, Steve Conlin, Toby Longworth & Luis Soto.

    RED-MARKED $14.99


    Though the Word Bearers’ attack on Calth and the subsequent Shadow Crusade into Ultramar are but a memory, the borders of Imperium Secundus are far from secure. Sergeant Aeonid Thiel, stranded on the garrison world of Oran on his way back to Macragge, frustrates his superiors once again by pointing out the holes in their defence – traitor warband activity is increasing, and a series of key listening posts have fallen silent. Leading a handful of rogue veterans and wearing the red mark of censure like a badge of honour, can Thiel uncover the truth behind the mysterious ‘Nightfane’?

    Written by Nick Kyme

    Running time 75 minutes. Performed by Gareth Armstrong, John Banks, Steve Conlin, Jonathan Keeble, Toby Longworth, Saul Reichlin & Luis Soto.

    I am not as big on the audio books, so will wait to see these come out in prose/script form.


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    Forge World has released new Heresy Armour Kits.
    Feedback seems to be they are better sculpted and significant improvements!  HOWEVER, they do not have right gun hands, meaning these are NOT compatible with all weapons!  Personally I think that is a huge mistake. 



    Mk V


    Each kits of 5 is £24 or about $35.


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    Alpha Legion Headhunters are coming!

    BoLS came up with this breaking news from White Dwarf.

    All according to White Dwarf #105.


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