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Horus Heresy 30K news for modelers, gamers and geeks. Warhammer 40,000, Forgeworld, Games Workshop

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  • 02/04/17--06:26: More Custodes Model Photos

  • More Custodes photos for you.
    I love this stuff, so I took a bunch of photos for you all.


    Hope you enjoy them!



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    Space Wolves rules!

    Here is Garro's continual summary of the rules from the newly released "Inferno".

    As we keep saying, this is the hottest book yet, with so much new stuff and THREE great armies (Thousand Sons, Space Wolves, Talons of the Emperor - Custodes, SIsters)


    gain +1WS if they are successfully charged, and also have counterattack
    models without jump packs or terminator armour gain +1 to run and consolidation moves
    ignore night fighting, may reroll outflank, and infiltrators may not deploy within 18" regardless of line of sight
    consuls may not be chosen as compulsory HQ choices
    must take at less 1HQ for each 1,000pts (1,500pts etc must take 2)
    champlain, libraran and primus medicae are not allowed (replaced)
    all existing troops choices gain 'support squad'
    space wolves have their own Warlord traits (sagas) can ONLY take these, not others.

    Rites of War

    number 1
    +1 to reserves
    all units without terminator armour gain hit and run, but only run 2d6 rather than 3d6 as usual
    successful charges gain an additional +1 to attack (stacks with rage, regular charge bonus, etc)
    no artillery or drop pods of any kind
    only a single Heavy support choice

    number 2
    all grey slayer and assault squads must attempt a charge if in range
    +1 to combat resolution if in enemy deployment zone
    gains a certain warlord trait that allows all units to reroll all charges and run rolls for a single turn, warlord can still get this trait allowing for 2 turns
    no allied space marines, and no immobile. artillery or slow and purposeful units allowed either

    Fenrisan Wolves can be purchased for praetors or centurions for cost
    frost blades are in, blade, axe, claw and great blade are choices
    aether-rune armour gives +1W and reroll deny the witch

    Deathsworn pack
    comes with power axe and bolt pistol, may take rad grenades,
    are fearless while in combat, also any model killed before it attack in closecombat, may still attack, instead at I1 as long as the squad isn't wiped out.

    Varagyr wolf guard terminators
    terminators all with frost weapons
    if charges over 6", makes a str5 hammer of wrath attack, chosen warriors, gains +1 to combat resolation if enemy challenger is killed
    grey slayers
    10-20 man troops choice
    1in5 can swap out for power fists etc
    start with just CCW and bolt pistol, but can buy bolter, combat shield, heavy chainblade, or power weapon for price
    can not go to ground.
    may charge after runnning or firing bolters, but has -1" to charge range

    Geigor Fellhand (from burning of prospero boxset)
    ap2 mastercrafted lightning claw,may charge after runnning or firing bolters, but has -1" to charge range
    Hvarl Red-blade
    up to 3 infantry units gain scout
    ap2 +2str axe, not unwieldy
    in tartarus terminator armour
    preist of fernis
    general consul upgrades,
    must choose to be a 'speaker of the dead' or 'caster of runes' gaining abilites depending

    Leman Russ
    wolf guard and veteran tactical squads are troops,
    all wolves gain +1leadership
    sword is ap2 with shred, axe is +2str ap2 sunder non unwieldy
    wolfkin of russ
    1 model units, take must start within 6" of russ, then run off. pretty nasty against small units or stragglers.

    Thanks to Garro and for updates, check out his page on Facebook.


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    The New Model Seminar! 
    Thanks to Battle Bunnies for their photos.  Saved me a lot of effort shooting over people's heads!


    Scoria is being worked on. 

    Dreadnought Drop pod might come back. 

    Dorn and Alpharius are still not being worked on. 

    Night Lords are in Angelus

    Thanks again to Battle Bunnies for their photographs!


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    Straight out of Flash Gordon!

    The Sisters of Silence are in charge of the Imperial Tithe, and we aren't talking taxes!  It is the culling of psykers!  And here is how they collect them.  With totally silent vehicles delivered via the Black Fleet.

    Now go get them psykers!


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    You thought a Leviathan was big?

    Well, the Custodes have an even bigger Dreadnought!

    Need 3


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    The Angelus Seminar closed out the Horus Heresy Weekender.
    I was way in the back, so thanks here to Battle Bunnies for all their photos and notes.

    It's the Dark Angel and Blood Angel's time to shine. 

    This completes several slots in the Horus Heresy timeline. 

    The background and history of the Blood Angels and Dark Angels as well as the Dark Mechanicum. 

    Night Lords will get some additional units. 

    Blue bits are being addressed in this book.
    The Daemons list will have additional Daemon units and other characters. 

    The Horus Heresy will keep going if people keep buying them!
    They are looking at expanding on some of the war bands of the Traitor Legions to show how they develop as traitors. 

    15-20 books in the Horus Heresy book series. 

    The loyalist Legions will change too including units and Characters. 

    They can't fit White Scars in this volume, which they are sad about.  They are the next book!

    Luther will be mentioned but not in this book. (His betrayal is part of The Scouring).

    Dark Angels history encompasses the Rangdan xenocide and may be explored. 
    Blood Angels and Dark Angels may be refined and altered. 

    Some other information of the wings will be revealed. 

    Assassins and agents for both sides will be added in the future. 

    Reason they did the red books was to quickly update army lists like Codexs. 

    The Horus Heresy is will always follow the core rule set. So it will transition with the new rule editions. 

    When they get to Tallarn they will change and add to the Solar Auxilia and Cults and Militia lists. 

    Dark Mechanicum will be mainly be add a Daemon to a vehicle, bind it and let's see what happens kind of thing. 

    The Dark Mechanicum mess around with tech previously forbidden to them too (Xenos and dark age tech too). 

    Always at the bottom of the Forge World of Sarum a possible evil lurks. . . with possible previous access to forbidden tech etc. 

    Will see several narrative conflicts between BA and DA with the Dark Mechanicum. 

    And Magnus the red. 

    Thanks again to Drake and his Battle Bunnies for all their hard work this weekend and do follow their blog at Battle Bunnies.


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