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Horus Heresy 30K news for modelers, gamers and geeks. Warhammer 40,000, Forgeworld, Games Workshop

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  • 08/13/13--23:00: Space Marine AA Tank

  • Here is a recap of the new Space Marine AA Tank, that will be the bane of opposition air forces!

    Stalker / Hunter
    Dual-kit AA tank

    AV 12/12/10

    Hunter/Stalker are both armed with S:7 weapons 

    Stalker - heavy 4

    Hunter - heavy 1. The Hunter's weapon is AP:2 Armorbane. 

    Stalker is the one with dual 3-barrel autocannon-like guns, it also has a radar dish

    Supposedly rapid-firing AA (Like SM version of IG Hydra?)

    It is not twin-link! It hasTWO SEPARATE guns that are able to shoot at TWO SEPARATE targets.

    The Model:

    - lots of new parts, side armor is massive and has some kind of pistons that seem to be pinning it to the ground

    - front plate is also different from other vehicles on Rhino-chassis: Stalker / Hunter has one that looks a bit Heresy-era with a “bumper” that looks similarly to the one Landspeeder has (that belt-of-cubes bumper thing)

    Well, I will be buying 6 of these! 


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    Seems the Nids are going to be coming in November.

    Larry at BoLS posted these rumors. 
    The Hivemind is drawing closer.  Here is the latest batch on the Tyranids.
    Altered FOC to help counter the lack of Allies. 3 HQ, 4 Elite, 6 Troop, 4 Fast, 4Heavy. Purchasing the 3rd HQ choice unlocks the extra Elite, Fast, and Heavy slots.

    Termagants – Gain Fleet. New 10 unit box. Includes options for Spike rifles and Strangleweb. Curled tails. No rippers on sprues.

    "BIG BUG" – Larger than Tervigon sized HQ unit. Oval base, hunched over, but wider. Has 18” synapse. Psyker 4. Prime version: Grants FNP and Counter Attack to Nids in 12.” Stats like Tervigon, except 2A. SitW

    Two new Tyranid psychic powers lists. One list is destructive powers, one is augmentative powers.

    Tervigon – Upgrade options for Termagant spawns to give them full options, but they are quite pricey.

    Tyrant Guard and Hive Guard -Dual-build plastic kit. 3 models. All options for either unit.

    Lictors – small point increase, gain new “Surprise!” rule (all shots against Lictors the turn after they appear are snap shots). DeathLeaper now an upgrade character.

    So enjoy your safety while it lasts.  The endless swarm is coming to turn your planet to pulp.


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    The Sicaran Battle Tank is out and looking awesome!

    The weapon is a Herakles Accelerator Autocannon, which sounds like something that will be an AA weapon with more punch than a standard autocannon.  Rules won't be out till the next Horus Heresy book.  It costs £72 or about $ 112 US.

    From Forge World:

    One of the most advanced armoured units in the arsenal of the Great Crusade, the Sicaran Battle Tank was the exclusive province of the Space Marine Legions. The Sicaran utilises component technologies from various STC patterns to create a high-speed ‘destroyer’ tank to complement the more commonplace Predator and Land Raider designs.

    The primary armament of the main Sicaran variant is the sophisticated Herakles pattern accelerator autocannon, a superior rapid-firing and highly accurate weapon. It fires shells at far higher velocities than a standard autocannon, enabling it to successfully track and engage swift moving targets and pinpoint vulnerabilities in enemy armour with lethal precision.

    The Sicaran Battle Tank, designed by Phil Stutcinskas, is a complete resin kit. This model is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Friday 30th August.The rules for this model can be found in a forthcoming Horus Heresy Book.

    Clearly a super-heavy!

    Volkite Culverin

    A set of 5 for £12 or $ 18 US.

    Legion Heavy Flamers

    A set of 5 for £12 or $ 18 US.

    Well, better get a second job!


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    The Black Legion Codex Supplement is out.  The question is:  Is it under-whelming?

    Anyone looking for a major change or game-changing rules will be disappointed.  These supplements tend to be more about flavor and fluff than huge force-org changes and major army-specific new rules.

    From Cheexsta on Warseer

    Supplement is out in Australia.
    There's a new Daemon Sword, slightly cheaper than the Axe of a Blind Fury. Gives a bonus to initiative. Should've always been in the codex, IMHO.

    There's an awesome artifact that allows the bearer to fire an unlimited range large blast that scores D3 automatic penetrating hits to any vehicle it touches, usable once per game. Very expensive, though.

    A psyker-only artifact increases the bearer's mastery by 1, though it doesn't allow him to generate another power (boo). Instead, it gives him a Nova power that increases range with more Warp Charge points.

    Oh hey, an artifact that gives Eternal Warrior and Adamanitium Will. Nice. Not cheap, though.

    Warlord Traits:
    1. Black Crusader
    2. Rerolls to Chaos Boon table for the Warlord.
    3. A one-use Flamer. Woo.
    4. Warlord has IWND.
    5. Attacks have a chance of causing Instant Death.
    6. Friendly units near the Warlord have Stubborn.

    Haven't looked at the fluff or CoD or Planetstrike sections yet.

    no idea from where
    Just had a quick flip through the new artifacts are neat as are warlord traits. Can ally with C:CSM and chosen are troops by default. Votlw mandatory and if taking Abaddon, one unit of Termies can get +1 ws and bs for a price. No new units or characters.

    The Black Legion Supplement is available for iPad now here. and will be available for eBook Sept. 7th.



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  • 08/19/13--10:34: New Tyranid Rumors

  • The Hive Mind is approaching.  And new rumors are popping up on a regular basis.

    From Larry at BoLS
    Carnifex - significant cost reduction
    Harpy – big overhaul. New model/dual-combo kit, Flying Monstrous, Sonic Screech combines with Vector striking. Additional Spore Mine Cysts may be purchased as upgrades. Default Stranglethorn has new upgrade options.

    New Flyer - Fast Attack choice, the alternative build for the Harpy kit.

    Ymgarl Genestealers - Special arrival rule is shared with the Lictor, may now purchase standard Genestealer biomorph upgrades.

    Hiveguard: new weapon upgrade option (available to a handful of units) that grants skyfire with an "enhanced ability" to ground FMCs. 

    The Tyranid Codex will hit the first week of November, so start saving your money bug lovers! 


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  • 08/21/13--10:28: New Tyranid Rumors!

  • The Hive mind approaches!  Hide the women and children! (For all the good it will do).

    Via 4chan:
    Army-wide notes
    - No FOC and ally table changes
    - Devastation and Adaptation are new power tables with 3 powers each + primaris.
    - Primaris for Devastation = Warp Blast, Adaptation = Onslaught (similar to battle-focus)
    - All Tyranid powers can be used with either one or two charges to increase the effect.
    - Ravenous Advance: Units with this rule can run & assault in the same turn.
    - The Ground Trembles: All MC cause d3 Hammer of Wrath hits.
    - Red Terror, Deathleaper and Old One Eye are unique upgrades to their respective broods.

    -Harpy/Erinye, plastic dual kit.
    - Harpy is designed to kill infantry hordes/provide support via its special vector strike.
    - Vector striking it can either use Spore Mine Cyst to create blasts along the path or Sonic Screech to halve initiative and cause a pinning test.

    - Erinye is an AA variant in Elite, very different front torso/head piece with gribbly tentacles.
    - Increased Swoop speed and its gimmick is grappling other flyers.
    - Vector strike -> dice roll 4+ -> the enemy flyer is dragged directly behind where the Erinye ended its move, including a new facing.
    - Both can buy broods of Gargoyles that can drop off in the movement phase when not vector striking.

    -Zoanthrope (Doom)/Genethrope, plastic dual kit.
    - Zoanthropes are ML1 psykers, have access to the Devastation, Telepathy, Telekinesis tables.
    - Genethropes are similar, but have access to the Adaptation and Biomancy tables.
    - New unique biomorphs. Increased Shadow in the Warp range, Deny the Witch boost aura, two others.

    - Both types can upgrade up to ML2 but only ever get 1 power, each Elite choice is a unit of 1-3 that can contain mixded Zoan and Gene.

    - Doom has access to all the above tables and comes with Essence Leech and 3 powers.
    - Consumes a wound every time it uses a power (except for Leech), but can keep casting until a Perils roll or its down to 1 wound.

    Mycetic Spore/Mycetic Hive Node, plastic dual kit
    - Spore is a Dedicated Transport, notable changes are that SC can join and MC broods can all opt to get spores.

    - Hive Nodes are bought by HQ models (1-3 choice for Tyrants, 1 for every other HQ), no transport capacity.
    - Nodes provide Synapse and can be configured in one of many ways. Grants poison or shrouding to nearby units or terraforms (Dangerous Terrain) the surroundings.

    - Old unused bimorphs in the box are options again.
    - Base cost the same but upgrades are much, much cheaper overall but lots of "only buy 1 out of this list" kind of choices which greatly limits what a fex can have.
    - Tusked gives HoW an AP value, Thornback increases the number of HoW hits.
    - Enhanced Senses gives Night Fighting.
    - Tail Scythe & Tail Mace each deliver a single hit to all models in BtB at Ini 1, with different stats.
    - Living Battering Ram rule: Changed to allow the Carnifex to assault the contents of a building/transport on a 4+ if it was destroyed by its charge, rolled once for the brood. 

    Via BoLS:

    Tyranids will get a massive overhaul with Psychic powers. Look for many new non-overt force powers that represent the chilling, horrific, warp-stifling power of the Hive-mind.

    Aside from a few old chesnuts, look for almost all new Tyranid enhancing abilities, and other new chilling and damping abilities to use on enemies of reflect the horror, hopelessness, and dread of fighting the swarms under the psychic interference of the hivemind.

    Look for concepts such as dampened psychics for opponents mixed with bio-enhancement powers to bolster the swarms.

    Shadow in the Warp will remain in the codex, but receive a controversial overhaul.

    More existing units will have the option of manifesting Psychic powers. 

    The Tyranids are always a popular army and they do get new Codexes as often as Marines.  I happen to love playing them as they are so different and very cinematic.

    Bring on the bugs!


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  • 08/22/13--10:07: Space Marine Q&A

  • Our friends at 40K Radio have access to a codex and have been leaking the juicy details!  Here are some great questions answered.

    Q: Does Cassius have the Zealot rule?
    A: Yes

    Q: Do the AA tanks have an alternate fire mode that lets them shoot at ground targets?
    A: No

    Q: Are Techmarines slotless HQs like the DA book?
    A: Yes

    Q: Do Sternguard combi-weapons still cost 5 points?
    A: No, they're 10 points

    Q: What is the cost of a five man scout squad with a Vet Sergeant?
    A: 65 Points

    Q: Do bikes and centurions get combat squads rule?
    A: Bikes yes, Centurions no.

    Q: Is there is any vehicle able to get grav weapons?
    A: No

    Q: How many points cost a grav-gun as special weapon on a tac squad?
    A: 15 points.

    Q: How many points are the lascannon and missle launcher upgrades on the Centurion Devastators?
    A: Lascannon is 10, Missile is 10

    Q: How much do Relic Blades Cost?
    A: Chapter Master and Captain get it for 25 points.

    Q: Can Tactical Marines take a Special Weapon at 5 models?
    A: A Squad of 5 can have a special weapon or heavy weapon.

    Q: Bikes squads that can be made troops, a minimum of 5 models or 5 models max? there is some conflicting sounding information so people just want to confirm.
    A: At least 5 (max 9 with Attack Bike) and if your Captain or Chapter Master is on a bike you may take them as troops.

    Q: So Chapter Masters on bikes can unlock bike squads of at least 5 models as troops too?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Can the Bikers take the grav gun options?
    A: Yes

    Q: Can Scout Squads take locator beacons or teleport homers?
    A: Teleport Homers.

    Q: The Stalker, does it have 4 shots total that it can split fire with or does each gun fire 4 shots each?
    A: 4 shots each

    Q: Does the Emperor's Champion take up an HQ slot?
    A: Yes

    Q: Any change to Razorbacks?
    A: 5 points more

    Q: Are normal bikes cheaper?
    A: Yes

    Q: Can any of the HQs get Camo Cloaks?
    A: No

    Q: Can any of the HQs buy any special rules?
    A: No

    Q: Do the HQs still have access to Hellfire rounds?
    A: No

    Q: Have Razorback weapon upgrades gotten cheaper, more expensive or stayed the same?
    A: Some went down.

    Q: How much do Relic Blades cost for Honor Guard?
    A: 10 points.

    Q: Are the Drop Pods priced like the DA ones (to include upgrades)?
    A: Similar.

    Q: Do Chapter Tactics cost anything?
    A: No.

    Q: When making an army, are you required to take a chapter trait?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Does the Ultramarines Tactical Chapter Tactic affect Sternguard special ammo?
    A: I believe so.

    Q: Is the Exorcists Chapter covered in the list of different Marine chapters/successors in the book?
    A: Yes, but they do not have a parent chapter.

    Black Templars

    Q: Have black templars access to biker scouts?
    A: Yes. They have access to everything except Librarians.

    Q: Are Black Templar Characters required and/or accept challenges?
    A: No

    Q: How much do Crusader Squads pay for Power Weapons?
    A: 15

    Q: Can the Initiate in a Crusader Squad take a Power Fist?
    A: Yes at 25 points.

    Q: How does the limit for the extra power weapon in the Crusader squad work. Is it just 1 Initiate or is it 1 per X number of models in the squad?
    A: 1 Initiate and then upgrade one to Sword Brother and you can get another.

    Q: How do Camo Cloaks work?
    A: +1 to cover, or 6+ cover if not in cover

    Q: Can child chapters take the SCs of their parent chapters?
    A: No (those are unique to their chapter)

    Q: Does Sicarius still re-roll his Sieze Initiative attempts?
    A: No

    Q: Can Pedro and Lysander be in the same army without using allies?
    A: No (Crimson Fists is one chapter, Imperial Fists is another)

    Q: Marneus Calgar "God of War" rule is still in there? Has it been replaced by the 3 warlord traits rule?
    A: It's different and cool.

    Q: In 5th Edition you were encouraged to use SCs as "Count-As" special characters to give you some new/interesting combinations. Is there anything in the new book that allows you to do this?
    A: You can no longer do that due to Chapter Tactics.

    Q: BT High Marshal (Chapter Master equivalent?) Helbrecht has no Orbital Bombardment, but BT can take a "regular" Chapter Master and get the OB from him?
    A: Correct, Helbrecht does not have it, but regular Chapter Masters do.

    Thanks again to the boys at 40K Radio!


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  • 08/23/13--16:58: 40K Mini-Rulebook Released

  • The previously announced 40K mini-rule book is finally here and up on the Games Workshop New Releases page.

    Here's what Games Workshop has to say about it:

    "The Warhammer 40,000: The Rules has been specifically designed to be the gamers ideal companion. Don't let its size fool you - measuring a convenient 205mm x 150mm, this handy book contains the complete rules for Warhammer 40,000.

    Created with gamers in mind, the three ribbon bookmarks - in silver, black and grey - are perfect for those rules you always refer to.

    This premium full colour volume with its tactile, soft-touch hard cover and black page edges, is not only useful, but looks great too.

    In addition to the Warhammer 40,000 rules, this book's 168 pages contain:

    - Sections on choosing your army and fighting battles.
    - 6 Eternal War missions.
    - A reference section that includes profiles for all army units, weapons and psychic disciplines.
    - A game summary and complete index."

    I have to admit, the 3 ribbons would be really handy...

    At a price of almost $50, I'm not sure this will be a huge improvement over the starter set rules for many players. However, having the 3 bookmarks, and undoubtedly the FAQ updates included would be extremely handy for regular play. You can place an order for them here, if you're interested.

    Son of Dorn

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    Apocalypse 40K Forum member IPeregrine reviews the new Imperial Armour book from Forge World.
    From IPeregrine:

    So I finally got the book and here's some of the things I think are worth noticing. Feel free to ask me for information on anything I don't cover, or if you want more detail on something. A lot of this stuff is pretty much a copy/paste from the last time they were printed so I'm not going to bother with an endless list of "same as in IA1" unless someone asks about a specific model.

    The Summary:

    Not a very impressive book overall. Some units get changes, but a lot of them are are either changed for the sake of change or ridiculous nerfs to units that didn't need them. Proof reading is sketchy. For example, one of the DKoK assets gives units fleet, but only for the movement phase when they can't actually use it. And the Vraks warzone is underwhelming. It's not bad if you're going to buy the book anyway, but you're not missing anything if you never read it.


    Imperial Fortress: it does stuff. Too bad none of what it does matters because it suffers from the same problem as every other massive fortification: D-weapons destroy it on a 2+. That's right, your $1000 500-point fortification that takes up half the table will be killed in one shot by any random titan that feels like getting rid of it. If you're even thinking about getting one of these you need to talk to your fellow players and figure out a house rule to fix this insanity. A good starting point is probably ignoring the rules in this book and going back to the last version, where it has SP like a superheavy vehicle.

    Heresy units in 40k: with one exception (see below) these seem to be a pretty straightforward copy/paste from the Heresy rulebook with the minimal changes to match the new superheavy rules. This is a pretty compelling argument for just allowing all Heresy stuff in Apocalypse games.

    Cerberus and Valdor: the shock pulse rule is significantly different now. Instead of just stunning any non-superheavy vehicle hit by the main gun you now force them to fire snap shots next turn if you get a penetrating hit (this explicitly includes superheavy vehicles). So yes, a single Cerberus has about a 50/50 chance of turning an emperor titan into a useless paperweight for a turn.

    Contemptor dreads: lots more options now. You're no longer stuck with a DCCW, C:SM dreads can now take melta guns in their DCCWs, cyclone missiles are cheaper, etc. It's not quite "if you can build the model it has rules" now, but it's pretty close.

    Valdor: loses D3 shots that it had in IA1(2nd), which means if this isn't a typo the Valdor is back to being utterly useless. Sure, you can shut down a titan, but you have a 75% chance (BS 3 and rolling against AV 14) of doing absolutely nothing with the one shot you get before a D-weapon removes your tank from the table. Which makes me sad since I love mine and never even got to use it with decent rules. If FW doesn't FAQ this be nice to the poor Valdor owners and let them use it as a Cerberus.

    Hell Raker assault battery: nice improvements here, the second command tank option is now a Stormsword (much fluffier and better rules) and the 10" combined shot is now AP 1 (much more powerful when you're removing enemy artillery parking lots).

    Macharius Omega: First of the units that the author of this book clearly hates. Apparently having a worse version of a plasma blastgun that gets hot if you try to use the large template wasn't enough, the poor Omega gets crippled with a special version of 'gets hot' that inflicts D3 glancing hits instead of one. Take pity on anyone who bought this model and let them use it as a Stormblade, and wonder why FW keeps making random stupid changes just for the sake of doing something new.

    Marauder bomber: ugh. This is a mess. The rules are completely different from the ones included in the special edition Apocalypse rulebook. The IA one gets better armor and much better conventional bombs, but hellstorm inferno bombs instead of the 7" blast. Fortunately Marauders seem to be rare, but if anyone is bringing one you really need to make a house rule about how to handle the conflict.

    Marauder Destroyer: don't like the Marauder controversy? Just give the Destroyer more than three times its former bomb load. You barely have fewer bombs than the standard Marauder, but get all the extra guns and hellstrike missiles as a nice bonus. Thank you FW for giving me some more encouragement to build mine!

    Imperial Navy heavy bomber wing: overall a dull formation (bonuses to weak bombs), but this is the textbook example of a formation that only exists to unlock the formation rules. Do I care about the special bombing run rule? No. Do I want to buy a second Destroyer so I can fly them in formation and get tank hunters? Yes. Consider this an example if you're planning to design your own formations, in Apocalpse 2.0 just being a formation is a powerful bonus even if the special rules it grants are worthless.

    Chaos Reaver/Warhound: GOD-SPECIFIC BONUSES. All of them make it a demon and give hatred against the enemy chaos god. Khorne gets bonus attacks when charging, Nurgle gets IWND, Tzeentch gets to re-roll 1s to hit (and depending on your answer to that controversy, effectively twin-linked blast weapons), Slaanesh gives fear at a -2 LD penalty.

    Demon Lords: Everyone gets a 3++. Angry becomes a flying gargantuan creature. The giant bird is a FGC, ML 4 psyker (2+ rolls on tzeentch, rest on any single core rulebook table), needs to pass its DTW roll to reflect psychic powers, and gets haywire hits on its shooting attacks instead of pens on a 4+. The nurgle one now only doubles melee wounds on a failed toughness test. The slaanesh one gets to regain a wound on a 2+ if it inflicts any unsaved wounds in combat.

    Necron City of the Dead: stupidly expensive (both in points and money) fortification made out of four ROB tiles. Gives out a bunch of rules if you're the one person who can actually put one of these on a table, and your opponents don't tell you to save it for a theme game.

    Pylon Network: cover save based on the number of other models from the formation within 12", up to a 3+. Considering how rare cover can be on many Apocalypse tables this is a pretty nice one if you're willing to put lots of your pylons together and risk the inevitable template shots.

    Cobra: Lucky winner #2 of the "the author really hates you" award. Loses 12" of range, the barrage rule (no more targeting out of LOS), and is down to a 7" blast. Oh, and to add insult to injury you get a small point increase. Sure, you get AP 1 on the main gun now that it doesn't matter anymore and the template remains in play on a 4+ and counts as dangerous terrain with no armor saves allowed, but that doesn't make up for losing the 10" blast.

    Lynx vs. Scorpion: the Scorpion now has a purpose again. The Lynx is down to AV 11 and keeps its optional flyer-that-can't-shoot rule, the Scorpion stays AV 12 as the more durable tank. You could argue that the problem should have been handled by boosting the Scorpion instead of nerfing the Lynx, but at least now there's a reasonable argument in favor of taking each of them.

    Warp Hunter: I'm starting to think someone at FW hates Eldar. The main gun is nerfed to STR 7 AP 3, loses the "torrent" rule on the flamer option, and loses 12" of range on the blast shot. Now instead of an awesome tank that makes Vindicator drivers jealous you get a redundant MEQ killer. Maybe you can pretend they're Wave Serpents and still use the model?

    Hornet: the one bright spot in the Eldar mess. Base price goes up a bit, but weapon prices go down significantly (for example, pulse lasers from 30 points to 5 points!). It probably won't matter much in a big game, but if you play Eldar in standard 40k you're going to be happy.

    Skyscythe Slaughter Host: AKA "buy our big expensive models". 2+ units of warriors each in a Tantalus, 1+ Reaper. And for all that money you get to deep strike with no scatter and still move at combat speed, and you drop an apocalypse barrage with haywire and shots/strength based on how many vehicles you have in the formation. Unfortunately it's AP 4, so its usefulness is going to be pretty limited. And amusingly you only get the barrage if you have a Reaper in the formation, but the Reaper is a 1+ option. Yay editing?

    Lifta Wagon: big nerf here. Has to roll to hit (at BS 2), can't fling anything over 4 HP, and loses the one-shot D-weapon option.

    Big Squiggoth: major changes. No longer a dirt cheap MC, but gains a better stat line and a combat drugs table.

    Tiger Shark AX-1-0: no rule changes since IA3, but if you haven't seen that book yet the Tigersharks are much better, with AV 12/12/10 and BS 4. Also, the railshark is obviously a titan killer but don't forget that it has one of the few skyfire D-weapons in the game, so if the Tau player wants air superiority they're removing any non-superheavy flyer on a 2+ with a salvo of seeker missiles to take down a second target.

    Tau Titan-Killer Cadre: the railguns get a useless ability to knock down a void shield and hit the next one (or armor) on a 4+, assuming you're stupid enough to waste D-weapon shots on void shields instead of dropping them first. But what really matters here is you get to declare a primary target and get D3 VP if you kill it. So if you're willing to "waste" a round of railgun fire you can target a Malcador and pick up the easiest D3+1 VP in the game. Oh, and if you fly in formation you can throw tank hunter seeker missiles at something else while you do it.

    Hierophant Upgrades: some interesting stuff here. Incindiary ichor drops a pie plate of automatic no-armor-save wounds on any model that dares to inflict a wound on your titan in assault (say goodbye to your whole squad). Swarm incubation chamber makes it a 20-model transport. Spine-cloud spray gives it a decent AA weapon. Bio-plasma gives you an AP 3 hellstorm. Spore mines gives you a STR 4 AP 4 apocalypse barrage with 8 shots.


    Warzone: Vraks: brief summary of the fluff, and new rules + missions for playing in the setting. Also, some of the characters get updates that can be used outside of Vraks, but none of them seem to be particularly interesting. Annoyingly the DKoK get a fluff character and finest hour, but no rules for him. WTF.

    Disasters: they exist, they kill stuff. I hate the entire idea so I have no idea how they compare to other disaster tables.

    Finest hours: Zhufor makes everyone who can see him fearless if he collect's a character's skull. Hector Rex gets rampage, a 3++ and multiplies unsaved wounds to D6 against a chosen demon lord (and he already wounds them on a 2+), but only if a demon lord is on the table. Good luck getting him into combat alive though. Arkos has to use his finest hour from reserve, and immediately deep strikes with no scatter and can assault (IOW, his terminators remove a unit from the table). Colonel Tyborc (Krieg character, just give his name to a standard codex or DKoK CCS) has to be within 6" of an objective and gives his unit and any DKoK FNP (3+) and himself IWND. Too bad pretty much everything in Apocalypse ignores FNP on a T3 model or this would be a pretty nice way of keeping an objective secure.


    Ranging Barrage (strategic resource) adds 4 Basilisk shots to a barrage after resolving it, which means less damage than the standard bombardment asset but at least it won't scatter if you like the impact point on the initial shot.

    Chemical Warfare (SR) shows that FW doesn't actually play the game they're writing rules for, since it gives gets hot and fleshbane to a unit with blast weapons when every blast weapon in Apocalypse is already wounding on a 2+ 99% of the time. But at least you can keep it and use it again every turn while the rest of your team yells at you for wasting VP.

    A Schedule to Keep is a complete WTF. All DKoK gain fleet for the entire movement phase. Does anyone even try to proofread these books?

    Tunnel Warfare is awesome. Bring a unit in with no-scatter deep strike, and if you do it within 1" you lock in combat with charging bonuses. IOW, pick an enemy unit and remove it from the table.

    Burn the ground, blacken the sky is fun if you like disasters since you get twice as many. If, like me, you hate disasters then this is a waste of paper.

    Consecrated in Blood and Death gives demons that arrive from deep strike a 3++. Use is obvious.

    Sanction Extremis (SR) lets a GK unit shoot a 7" blast LRBT shot. Why you would ever use this instead of a standard orbital bombardment, I have no idea.

    Xaphan the Savior gives one formation FNP (6+) and fearless. I suppose this is useful if you forget that attaching a commissar to a unit already gives you a 99% chance of passing a leadership test and still lets you go to ground behind your ADL.

    Angels of Death is fluffy but useless unless you ran out of drop pod models. Put an apoc barrage template anywhere you want (with no scatter), then put a deep striking and now fearless space marine unit on each of them.

    Missions: fluffy, but they have lots of weird rules and don't seem to be very carefully balanced. They're intended for 5-7000 points a side and probably shouldn't be played above that level. I'd hate to play an entire 500,000 point game and discover that the mission was over before it began because the victory conditions were stupid. TBH the best use of the missions is probably inspiration for your own ideas designed to match the armies in your specific group.

    Thanks to IPeregrine for his review.  Go ahead and ask him questions!


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    A new Horus Heresy novel is coming out next month and it features the Imperial Guard and Iron Warriors as they battle over Tallarn!
    I have to say I am very sad that I am not attending the Horus Heresy Betrayal Gaming Weekend at Warhammer World.  After attending the  Horus Heresy Weekender this past Spring, I really wanted to make this.  I absolutely will be doing so this coming year.
    In the mean time, thanks to Battlebunnies blog for this info!
    Tallarn: Executioner is believed to be a limited edition novella bout the Tallarn War.  It will continue in other novels or novellas and features a huge tank battle between the Iron Warriors and Imperial Army. 

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  • 08/25/13--07:59: Space Marine Codex Review!

  • 40K Radio just did a whole podcast reviewing the Space Marine codex.  Here is a summary.

    This is an absolute huge data dump and gives you just about everything you need to know!  Thank God controlling advance information is so important to Games Workshop eh? 

    General Information:
    • 240 Points for 3 Centurions with Grav-Cannons/Grav-Amps and Hurricane Bolters (for those who hate math, that means it's a 20 point upgrade for Grav-Cannon/Grav-Amps each).
    • Assault Centurions have Move Through Cover
    • Codex: Space Marines is largely in line with Codex: Dark Angels points wise.
    • 176 Pages in their copy of the codex (same as rumored)
    • Hunter has "Savant-Lock". When shooting at a flyer you put a marker on it for each miss. The markers stay on the flyer until it leaves the table or is destroyed. At the beginning of every friendly shooting phase you roll for those markers. On a 5 or a 6 that missle hits.
    • Artwook is nice, and book is Space Marines more in a general form. More updated fluff, not just the rehashed fluff.
    • Some of the classic Black and White was colored, but a lot of new art too.
    • Book is in sections for each founding chapter (plus the Black Templars)) and a large number of the Successor Chapters to help players know who should be using what rules.
    • Salamanders don't really have any successor chapters because their chapter had suffered a large number of casualties so they have a larger number of Marines in their chapter.
    • "Equivilant to Forge World background" in terms of fluff.
    • Forgeworld fluff included in the codex.

    Warlord Traits (Only One Chart for the Codex): 

    1.Angel of Death - Warlord and his unit have the Fear special rule.
    2.Imperium Sword - One use only. Declare that your Warlord is using this at the start of one of your assualt phases. The Warlord and his unit have the Furious Charge special rule until the end of the turn.
    3. Storm of Fire - One use only. Declare that your Warlord is using this at the start of one of your shooting phases. For the duration of that phase a single friendly unit from Codex: Space Marines within 12" of the Warlord may re-roll any failed to-hit rolls.
    4. Rites of War - When taking morale tests friendly units from Codex: Space Marines within 12" of the Warlord use his characteristic instead of their own.
    5. Iron Resolve - When determining your assault results add +1 to your total if the Warlord is locked in that combat.
    6. Champion of Humanity - If your Warlord causes the enemy Warlord to be removed from play in a challenge he scores D3 extra victory points in addition in the usual amount of points given for slaying the enemy Warlord in this scenario. Note that killing the enemy Warlord in a sweeping advance does not reward these extra victory points.

    Chapter Tactics
    • Successor Chapters - You use whatever chapter tactics of your parent chapter. The ONLY Exception is the Black Templar.
    • Homebrew - You can pick any tactic you want and use the Special Characters of that chapter. Those characters have to use the same Chapter Tactics as the same Chapter their from.
    • Allies - "A Space Marine Detachment that has one set of Chapter Tactics MAY ally with another Space Marine Detachment with a different set of Chapter Tactics, Ultramarines and Raven Guard for example. For purposes of the Allies rules these allies are treated as being from two different codexes and are treated as Battle Brothers. Note that you may field models from two different chapters that have the same Chapter Tactics, such as Ultramarines and Praetors of Orpheus in the same detachment. These chapters are so closely affiliated that they count as a single army on the battlefield."
    • COUNT AS: If you want to use Vulkan in a Ultramarines army you have to use the Salamander Chapter Tactics. So you CAN do "count-as" but you lock yourself into their Chapter Tactics. In short, Special Characters are locked to their specific Chapter Tactics
    Ultramarines - Combat Doctrine: This detachment can utilize each of the following combat doctrines once per game. To do so at the start of your turn you state which combat doctrine you wish to use, if any, until the start of your next turn. You can only use one combat doctrine per turn.

    • Tactical: Units in this detachment re-roll ones while shooting, unless they're tactical marines and they re-roll all failed to hit rolls in the shooting phase.
    • Assault: Units in this detachment can re-roll their charge range. Assault squads, bikes, or attack bikes instead have the fleet rule.
    • Devastator: Units in this detachment may re-rolls to-hit on snap shots, including overwatch shots, in addition models in this detachment's Devastator squads have the relentless unless they disembarked from a transport in their movement phase.


    • Born in the Saddle: Models in this detachment with the Bike Unit Type automatically pass Dangerous Terrain tests, and recieve a +1 to their Jink Cover Saves. In addition add 1 to their Strength when resolving their Hammer of Wrath hits.
    • Fight on the Move: Models in this Detachment have the Hit and Run Special Rule. Note that this does not include models in Terminator Armor, Devastator Centurions or Assault Centurions.

    Imperial Fists - BOTH RULES ALL THE TIME

    • Bolter Drill: Models in this detachment may re-roll all to-hit rolls of 1 made with a bolt pistol, boltgun, stormbolter, heavy bolters, or combi-weapons that are firing as boltguns. This rule does not apply to Helfire, Kraken, Vengence or Dragonfire rounds.
    • Siegemasters: Models in this detachment in Devastator squads and Centurion Devastator squads have the Tank Hunter special rule and add +1 when rolling on the building damage table.

    Black Templars - BOTH RULES ALL TIME

    • Accept Any Challenges, No Matter the Odds: When engaged in a challenge, Black Templar Characters reroll all failed to-hit rolls, and have the Rending Special Rule.
    • Crusaders: Black Templars have the Crusader and Adamantium Will Special Rules. In addition Black Templars have access to a special unit called a Crusader Squad.


    • The Flesh is Weak: Models in this detachment have the Feel no Pain on a 6+ Special Rule. Note that if they benefit from more than one instance of Feel no Pain they use the best version available.
    • Machine Empathy: All vehicles and characters in this detachment have the It Will Not Die special rule even though vehicles do not have Chapter Tactic special rules. Furthermore, Techmarines and Masters of the Forge in this detachment add +1 to their Blessing of the Omnissiah rolls.

    Salamanders - BOTH RULES ALL THE TIME

    • Flamecraft: Models in this detachment can re-roll their saving throws against wounds caused by flamer weapons as defined by the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. Furthermore, flame weapons used by models in this detachment re-roll failed to-wound rolls and armor penetration rolls that don't cause a glancing or a penetrating hit.
    • Master Artisan: During the army selection each character in this detachment may upgrade one of his weapons, even one they have purchased as an upgrade, to have the Mastercrafted Special Rule at no additional cost.


    • Strike from the Shadows: Models in this detachment have the Scout Special Rule. In addition, on the first game turn, models in this detachment have the Stealth Special Rule. Note that units that include models with the Bulky or Very Bulky Special Rules do not benefit from either rule.
    • Wings of Deliverance: Jump Infantry Models in this detachment may use their Jump Packs in both the movement and assault phases of the same turn. Futhermore, they must re-roll all failed to-wound rolls caused by their Hammer of Wrath hits.

    Special Characters:

    Marneus Calgar:

    • +25 Points
    • Artificer Armor standard (2+)
    • God of War: May use a single Combat Doctrine twice per game
    • Titanic Might: Re-rolls all armor penetrating hits in close combat. He may reroll glancing hits to attempt to get a penetrating hit. Must accept the second roll even if it is worse than the first.
    • Weapons and Ammo still the same. Terminator Armor still has Frag and Krak Grenades. Retain his Teleport Homer.
    • Terminator Armor is 10 points and doesn't prevent sweeping advances.Warlord Trait: Rolls 3 times on the Warlord Table, rerolling doubles, and chooses a single Warlord Trait.
    Captain Cato Sicarius:

    • -15 points
    • Surprise Attack: +1 to Reserve Rolls
    • Weapons still the same
    • Battle-forged Heros: Pick a Tactical Squad and they gain Counter-Attack, Infiltrate or Scout.
    • May still use the Coup-de-Grace with his sword.
    • Lost Rites of Battle
    • Warlord Trait: Imperium Sword

    • -65 points
    • +1 Wound
    • Master Psyker: May re-roll any or all of his rolls to choose which powers he knows. He has access to all the powers.
    • ML3
    • Hood of Hellfire: Psychic Hood that allows you to re-roll failed psychic tests
    • Rod of Tigiruis: Same as before with the addition of Soulblaze
    • Gift of Prescience: If your army contains Tigirius you may choose to re-roll reserves and apply the result to units of the same attachement.
    • Warlord Trait: Storm of Fire

    • Zealot
    • All equipment the same
    • Warlord Trait: Angel of Death

    • Chapter Tactics: Ultramarines
    • Same points cost
    • Same rules
    Sergeant Chronus:

    • -20 points
    • +1LD
    • His vehicle gains It Will not Die

    • -35 points (bike is still 20 point upgrade)
    • Bike does D3 Hammer of Wrath hits
    • Furious Charge
    • If Khan is your warlord friendly models with the Chapter Tactics White Scars special rule that are bikes or have dedicated transports have the Scout special rule.
    • Khan makes all bike squads who are 5 bikes or more count as troop choices.
    • Warlord Trait: Champion of Humanity

    • The Forgefather: If Vulkan is your warlord, all meltas, multi-meltas and combi-meltas in this detachment become twin-linked.
    • Lost Digital Weapons
    • No longer Master Crafts Thunderhammers
    • Warlord Trait: Iron Resolve

    • -10 points
    • Stealth
    • Before deploying Shrike can only join a Jump Infantry unit
    • Lost Fleet
    • Weapons stayed the same
    • Warlord Trait: Angel of Death

    • +30 Points
    • No more Bolter Defenses
    • Icon of Obstinancey: All models with the Imperial Fist Chapter Tactics re-roll failed morale and pinning checks
    • Same wargear
    • Warlord Trait: Champion of Humanity
    Chapter Master Pedro Kantor:

    • +1 Attack
    • Oath of Rynn: If Chapter Master Kantor is your Warlord all models in Crimson Fist detachments have the Preferred Enemy (Orks) Special Rule. Furthermore, all such models within 12" of Kantor have +1 Attack while he lives. This bonus does not affector Kantor, and is not cimulative with the similar bonuses that the Chapter Banner gives.
    • Still has Hold the Line: Crimson Fist Sternguard Veterans are scoring
    • Same Wargear and points
    • Warlord Trait: Iron Resolve

    • +5 points
    • +1 WS
    • Rites of Battle - Gone
    • Crusade of Wrath: Once per game, during the Assault Phase, all models with the Black Templar Chapter Tactics gain Hatred and Fleet until the end of the phase.
    • Sword of the High Marshalls is the same (+D3 attack on the charge)

    • -10 Points
    • -1 BS
    • +1 Wound
    • -1 Attack
    • It will Not Die (replaced "Only in Death Does Duty End")
    • Zealot
    • Relics of Hellsreach: Any Black Templar of a servitor in 6" gains a 6++ Invunerable save.
    • Unmatched Zeal: Black Templar models within of 6" of Chaplain of Grimaldus have the Zealot special rule.
    Emperor's Champion:

    • Uses HQ Slot
    • +50 Points
    • 2+/4++
    • Black Sword: AP2, Mastercrafted
    • Combat Stances: Smite the Unclean - +2 Strength, Black Sword is two-handed and unwieldy; Slay the Heretic - Rolls of 6s to wound are Instant Death
    • Bolt Pistol gives extra attack (unless using Smite the Unclean)

    A Quick Summary of what Black Templars Gained and Lost (this list may not be complete):
    - No More Vows
    - No More Marshalls or Castellans
    - No More Terminator Command Squads
    - No More Master of Sanctity/Reclessiarchy
    - Sword Brethren are no longer units
    - No More 2 Heavy Weapons in a 5 man Terminator Squad
    - No More special rule upgrades (Tank Hunter, ect)
    - No More Storm Shields on Assault Squads
    - No More extra power weapons in bike squad
    - No More Fearless in Close Combat
    - No More Righteous Zeal
    - Some Flavor
    - Most Heavy Weapons +5 more
    - No More Power of the Machine Spirt upgrade

    + Chapter Master and Captains
    + Honor Guard
    + Regular Chaplains
    + Master of the Forge
    + Tactical Squads
    + Scout Squads
    + Land Speeder Storm
    + Vanguard
    + Sternguard
    + Ironclad Dreadnoughts
    + Centurions (Assault and Devastator)
    + Scout Bikes
    + Devastators
    + Whirlwinds
    + Hunter
    + Stalker
    + Land Raider Redeemer
    + Thunderfire Cannon
    + Crusader Squad keeps Land Raider Crusader as a Dedicated Transport
    + Initiates are 5 points cheaper (counting Frag and Krak Grenade upgrades)
    + Sword Brother option in Crusader Squad
    + Keep Initiate Power Weapon/Fist option
    + Neophyte leadership increased to Ld 8
    + Neophyte Shotguns S4
    + Crusader Squad keeps Pistol and Chainsword option
    + Crusader Squad Organization stays the same 

    That is about as complete as you can get it!  Thanks to 40K Radio and


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  • 08/25/13--15:37: Space Marine Codex Images!

  • The cover of the new Space Marine Codex has hit.  As have interior images before each Chapter's section. 


    Imperial Fists

    Iron Hands



    White Scars

    Black Templar

    Crimson Fists

    Things get better and better as we get close to release!


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    A Promo Poster for SH:DW
    It seems there's yet another 40k video game in the works. Displayed here is the promotional poster for Space Hulk: Deathwing. It's being developed by a French studio called Streumon Studio. They've already garnered some attention for their game EYE: Divine Cybermancy and definitely have the 40k look down.

    Here is the article announcing the game after being translated from the French site that reported it. If you speak French, or just want to have a look, you can check them out by clicking right here.

    Via GameKult:

    "This is probably an ad that Focus reserved for gamescom, before perhaps change his mind: Space Hulk: Deathwing , an FPS in the claustrophobic world of Games Workshop, is currently in development at Streumon Studio ( EYE: Divine Cybermancy ).
    The info, lost in the press release issued by the French publisher at gamescom, comes with some details.It will play a Librarian, encased in his Terminator armor and of course a member of the company Deathwing. It has at its disposal four trees of different skills and can use various powers. Of course, the goal will be to survey the Space Hulk looking for relics, under the constant threat of Genestealers, multi-arm able to outflank a squad yet in place in a few seconds these monsters. The game, which runs on Unreal Engine 4 is published by Focus and due out next year."

    So it would seem we can look forward to Space Hulk Deathwing sometime next year.

    Son of Dorn

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    The Black Library has turned one of its Shadows of Treachery short stories into an eBook.

    It's available now from The Black Library's website.

    From The Black Library

    The Story

    The Mechanicum priesthood guards its secrets carefully - few of its technological marvels and processes are fully understood by the Imperium, and many more could be deadly if allowed to fall into the wrong hands. However, in the forges of Lukas Chrom, something sinister has come into being. Rumours abound of forbidden lore and artificial sentience, and a name has been whispered in the dark corners of the Martian data network: 'Kaban'.

    About this edition

    This story was originally published in Horus Heresy: Collected Visions and again in Shadows of Treachery. This is now available as a standalone eBook for the first time.

    As you know if you read this blog, I read everything Horus Heresy.   My advice, by "Shadow's of Treachery".


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    307 from the Apocalypse40K forum posted the following Horus Heresy info on the upcoming books. 

    Collated from all over the place

    Volume II - Massacre (The Dropzone Landings)

    Release Date: "Imminent"

    Iron Hands
    Night Lords
    Word Bearers

    via Forge World
    ... hot on the heels of the Primarchs Angron and Fulgrim, Simon Egan will be unveiling the third in this series of mighty warriors of legend at UK Games Day 2013!

    ...Keith Robertson has been working hard on a brand new unit of Death Guard which you will be able to see for the very first time at Games Day.

    via DrLove42
    The Ferrus Primarch and Fulgrim Primarch models will have a diorama of their duel....the two models fit together

    via warseer's Lorenzen
    ...As for death guard unless Alan changed his plans from the weekender they are to my knowledge getting a terminator squad armed with a lot of chem/rad weapons as he felt the chemical warfare aspect of the death guard hadnt been expanded on much in book 1.

    As was said, my talk with Alan was at the weekender and about new units, the Deathshroud do have chem rounds for their hand flamers, but thats it as far as the entire death guard armies "chemical weapons" go.. a couple of extra special rules on flamers. they dont have any kind of rad/chem grenades, that honour lies with Mortarion, Moritats, Seige Breakers and Destroyers.. (3/4 being available to everyone)

    the other new units mentioned were the reavers, gorgon terminator squads, medusan immortals (special boarding marines), the kakophony, phoenix guard, the ashen circle (destroyer unit), proto storm shield termies for salamanders, pyroclasts (flame gauntlets), murder terror squads and proto raptors

    Volume III - Battle of Phall
    Release Date: Christmas pre-order shipping in January

    Raven Guard
    Alpha Legion
    Iron Warriors
    Imperial Fists (Battle of Phall for the last two)

    via Warseer's Pushkin
    I spoke to Alan at the open day and just had a general chat about book 2 &3. He confirmed the plan is to release the two books this year. He also mentioned that the idea was to get all the legions done in some form as quickly as possible and that whilst prospero, calth etc would be done, they don't plan to follow the same order as the black library novels.

    This was a very specific point. They don't want to be the model and rules arm of the HH and specifically said that whilst they will include the larger characters I.e. first captains, wh40k surviving characters, they don't want to make All e black library characters or even cover the black library territory.

    Another point he made is that they will be doing other battles to ensure other legions are covered sooner, he specifically mentioned the imperial fists. He also made the point that what makes a good novel, e.g. Narrow character focus, doesn't necessarily make for a good campaign book. He specifically talked about looking at known conflicts in a different way (I was eaves dropping at this point to him responding to someone else's question).

    What I read into this was battles like Calth, whilst will be included it will be in the scheme of either a broader campaign or looking at a specific aspect e.g. The underground war. They are not going to verbatim copy know no fear - for example.

    Also spoke to alfonso who designs sons of horus. The contemptor is coming as is more legion specific units e.g. Command squads and that this is generally happening for all the legions. There were some very cool sketches in his note book. Sons of horus are going to be more involved than in HH novels.

    Finally chatting to all the guys, the general idea was that HH book 1 was a bigger success than they planned and they had recruited LOTS of staff of the back of it. Talking to Alan he was saying that whilst the outcome of the heresey is set in stone, what they d explore isn't.

    Volumes IV-V-VI Prospero, Calth, Signus Prime
    Release Date: 2014 +

    Thousand Sons
    Space Wolves
    Adeptus Custodes
    Sisters of Silence

    Word Bearers (assumed)
    Imperial Army
    Renegade Army

    Signus Prime
    Blood Angels
    Chaos Daemons

    Later Volumes
    Release Date: on the horizon...

    Mars - Dealing with the Mechanicum and titans
    Enough Mechanicus units planned to make an entire army list

    Future Models Planned

    Stormbird: 2 versions planned - bigger than Thunderhawk, but still mailable.
    Warlord Titan: Warlord and at least 1 new titan not seen before (not the Imperator)
    New Dreadclaw (replacing current model)
    Kharibdyis Assault Claw
    New Legion flyer (in addition to the Stormbird)

    For all you German readers, you can find the original article on


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    Please note that "Black Crusade Studio" is a scam, and they are claiming they have a 3D printed model of a Chaos Warhound that they in fact do not have, nor do they have rights to.

    The 3D model was actually made by Big Bad Models.  he claims on his "response" video that the scammer never contacted him.   This fraudster also looks suspiciously like a well known scam artist who has been taking advantage of gamers for a couple of years now.

    The complete thread on Dakka explains a lot.  You can read it here.

    Big Bad Models originally did the model and posted this video in response:

    This is from the scammers Facebook page:

    So stay away from these bozos and be smart about what you do!


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  • 08/28/13--13:23: Forgeworld Top Ten Sellers

  • The  Forgeworld Top Ten for July 2013:

    1. Legion Praetors!

    2. Palatine Blades  
    3. Fulgrim the Illuminator 
    4. Contemptors Kheres pattern assault cannon5. IA3: 2nd ed The Taros campaign
    6. Legion Mk IV power armour
    7. IA12: the fall of Orpheus
    8. Contemptors close combat arm
    9. Vendetta conversion kit
    10. Legion mk IV power weapons

    Well, I know I own most of that!


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    What?  That image has nothing to do with a Mycetic Spore you say?  Well, tough!  I am at Dragon Con, and I was drinking all night, and I have a date with a lovely lady for lunch, so this is what you get!

    Now, two interesting tidbits from this past week.  FINALLY GW is releasing a Mycetic Spore.  And they have the nerve to bitch when others have picked up their slack over the last three years by releasing what should have come out with the original codex release. 

    From BoLS:

    -Mycetic Spore is coming with the new Tyranid release
    -Plastic combo-kit that makes the Spore and another large bug.
    -It is an enormous creature, with an immense abdomen/transport sac, that spills over the sides of a standard oval base.
    -It has tiny vestigial arms similar to a Zoanthropes, and a head with a tentacle ringed maw.
    -The giant abdomen/sac looks swollen, and has internal protuberances looking like Tyranid creatures are stretching the skin from within, about to rip their way out... ~EWWWWW!!! 
    -It has forward arms options that can be upgraded for various biomorph/weapon options.

    -The secondary creature build option replaces the abdomen/sac with something entirely different.


    via Tim the Thief on Faeit 212

    October: Mystery Box (he is sure Blood Bowl)

    November: Tyranids

    December: Terrain and Hobbit

    January: Orks / Imperial Guard & SUppliment for the new Codex

    February: Dark Elves

    March: Imperial Guard / Orks & Suppliment Book for the new Codex

    April: Bretons

    May: Space Wolves

    June: Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition; Gaming Set will first sell at the same Time like the Rulebook (because new Release schedule)

    July: 30th anniversary Warhammer Fantasy

    August: Orks & Goblins

    September: No Codex or Armybook, great Suppliment with new Kits

    Oktober: Wood Elves

    November: Codex release (Blood Angels or Sisters of Battle) 

    And there you have it.  I am at Dragon Con through Saturday, so if you are here, email me (alec at propworx) or add me as a friend on Facebook (Alec Peters or through Apocalypse40K page) and message me and we will knock one back at Pulse Bar in the Marriot.


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    With pre-orders up, the mad scramble to get those limited edition codexes has crashed Games Workshop's site. Stick it through though. Keep refreshing and you'll get through eventually!

    Son of Dorn

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    The Limited Edition Codexes are up on the Games Workshop website.  

    After the site crashed because of the rush of people checking out the pre-orders and ordering limitred edition codexes, the site is back up and running it seems.

    There are seven limited editions, representing the six First Founding Chapters that  don't have their own codex:

    Imperial Fists
    White Scars
    Iron Hands
    Raven Guard

    And a limited edition for the successor chapters.   The ONLY difference between these $ 115 editions and the basic edition is the different cover, a dust jacket, a numbered end paper and ribbon.  There is no new content for your chapter.

    Also on pre-order is the Space Marine codex, the Damnos Campaign Supplement and all the new Space Marine models.

    More after I finish drinking tonight at Dragon Con.  This con is going to kill me, but Emperor help me, it is a blast!


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