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Horus Heresy 30K news for modelers, gamers and geeks. Warhammer 40,000, Forgeworld, Games Workshop

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    The Horus Heresy video game is coming!

    The newest Horus Heresy Video Game is showing off some units including the Mighty Reaver Titan.

    The game publisher is Complex Games, and here is their latest unit overviews:

    Unit Overviews:


    Game Basics:

    via Complex Games:
    "We’re excited to announce what we’ve been working on, an all-new Warhammer 40,000 tactical strategy game called The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault for iOS and Android. It’s the first ever game set in the Horus Heresy story. We’ve been huge Warhammer fans for years, so working on this game has been a truly great experience. You’ll be able to play Drop Assault this fall.

    We’re developing this game in conjunction with tabletop war games leader Games Workshop® and mobile game publisher CROOZ, Inc, based out of Tokyo, Japan.

    The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault invites players to choose a side in the intense civil war that erupted amongst the Emperor’s Space Marine Legions in the 30thMillennium. Players will be able to build and customize bases, muster armies, and break their enemies’ strongholds in intense tactical battles. Whether as a Traitor or Loyalist, you can create a Chapter with your friends and challenge your rivals around the world in territorial warfare to dominate and survive."

    Jon Gillard, Head of Games Workshop Licensing had this to say about the upcoming title:
    “The Horus Heresy is an iconic and seminal part of our IP that describes the dark period in the Imperium’s history that ultimately led to the way the Warhammer 40,000 universe looks now. As a setting it has been the basis for numerous New York Times best-selling novels, card games, and more recently some amazing models from our Forge World division. The dark treachery and over the top battles of this epic civil war make it perfect for the game Complex are making and aficionados of our worlds will be very excited about this legendary setting being brought to life as a video game for the first time.”

    Heresy-era Legions, Super-Heavies, Jetbikes and Titans!

    Loving this.


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    All us Yanks are jealous about you Brits getting Warhammer Fest!

    So you better go if you are local!

    From Games Workshop:

    Tickets are no longer available to purchase through or for Warhammer Fest at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, on Saturday 11th - Sunday 12th October, but fear not! There are still three ways to buy tickets for Games Workshop's premier event of the year. Tickets are priced per day at £20 for adults and £10 for children

    Over the phone by ringing the Forge World Customer Services team on 0115 9004995. They will take payment for your ticket, which will then be available for you to pick up at the event on the door. You can do this right up until 5pm on Friday 10th October.

    Over the counter at Warhammer World, Nottingham. Tickets will be available until 6pm on Friday 10th October. For directions click here.

    On the door at the event. We will have tickets available for you to purchase at the Ricoh Arena on both Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th October.

    Warhammer Fest info is here.



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    The latest in the Horus Heresy Hobby.

    Every week I bring you the latest amazing hobby progress from the Horus Heresy Forums, the premier online Heresy gaming community.


    Telldrat has completed some beautiful looking Myrmidons models, including the three above. Check the rest of his finished models here.


    Rijurt_Thorn has finished this outstanding conversion of a World Eaters standard bearer. Enjoy more pictures here.


    The only White Scar player on the forums, Warjammy, shares his latest addition, a Fire Raptor. More images here.


    Mordian7th, shares his Knight Castigator. The knight joins his rapidly growing Mechanicum force. More images here.


    Mwnciboo has finished painting his scratch built Fellblade, enjoy more photo's of it, and his Castraman Orth conversion, here.


    Bauhaus86 has completed 3 Javelin Attack Speeders for his mighty Emperor's Children force. Be sure to check out some of his close ups of the perfect Legion.


    Aventine shares some of his Headhunters, with some amazing freehand Alpha Legion symbols. Check out some more close ups, here.


    New member, shanewils, posts some of his amazing World Eaters force. Check them all out here.

    Have your own models you'd like to share with the community? Sign up to the forums and share your own Hobby Progress.


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    Apocalypse40K is now Heresy30K.

    We finally made a move that was long in coming.  This blog is now focused almost entirely on the Horus Heresy, The Black Library and Forge World.  All things I love.  

    So stay tuned as we focus on the Heresy, modeling the period and basically everything 30K.

    And make sure you are a member of the Heresy30K forums.  The # 1 Horus Heresy forum on the net.


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  • 10/08/14--23:51: New Forge World Coming!

  • New Forge World models are pretty dope!
    I am loving me some new Basilisks and Dracosan Transports. (Why bother with Chimera's anymore).

    All will be available at Warhammer Fest.


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    So you want some cool 30K Objective Markers?

    For the a 30K narrative tournament at the end of the month for Orktoberfest, I'm going to need many objective markers. I needed to make them quickly, so I opted to keep them simple. I'm pretty proud of the end result.

    Step by Step Guide

    Buy some wooden discs, you can find these from most hobby or art shops, or use any spare 25mm bases you have. My set is from the cut outs for my Back 2 Base-ix conversion movement trays, great way to recycle what you have.

    Prime them black with your chosen can of spray.

    You will then need to download the PDF sheet, here. Print this out.

    Cut out the individual discs, it's best to cut them smaller than the disc, as trimming them can be troublesome once they are glued down.

    Use PVA glue to stick the cut out on to the non primed side.

    Trim down any excess you have, be careful here as you can damage the paper. Make sure your hobby knife is sharp... but don't cut yourself!

    Use black paint, to paint the sides where the paper meets the wood, cover any showing wood, or white paper.

    Once dried, use a watered down PVA glue to cover the whole top and sides, this acts as a mini sealant. I've not tried any spray Sealant like Tamiya TS-80, or Purity Seal from GW. I don't know how it would act with the paper.

    You are now done!

    I've also made print outs with the Eye of Horus for all those traitors out there.

    I've double sided my Objective Markers, with Imperial Eagle on one side, and Eye of Horus on the other. That way I can flip them in game to show who holds them.

    If you have any tips, or made your own objective markers, please share below.


    Originally shared on my own blog, Slave to Slaanesh.

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    Hello folks, Mordian7th here again with an overdue update on the Knight Castigator that was shown earlier, now painted and ready for battle!

    I decided to go with the old-school blue and yellow scheme of House Krast from the old Epic range (where my love of Knights was first kindled).

    Somewhat disappointed that GW changed the House Krast scheme (and pretty much all of the Ad-Mech-aligned houses) to variants of red, black and white. As these are destined to be used alongside my Heresy armies however I think the old scheme is appropriate!

    Took a 'model's eye view' pic, I have to say that this is hands down my favorite knight yet - FW has been knocking it out of the park with the new Questoris knights on the horizon as well, definitely expect to see House Krast grow over the upcoming months!

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    Warhammer Fest Horus Heresy Photos and Forge World seminar info!

    Once again Battle Bunnies has done an excellent job covering a major Warhammer event.  Much thanks and 30K love to the boys over there!

    The book is done and at the printers in China!

    Conquest shows Knights on the stunning cover!

    Table of Contents. Primary focus is Sons of Horus and Death Guard & their campaigns after Isstvan.  Fragments of the Imperial fists?  Possibly some Fists lost in the storm after Phall or lone garrisons.


    Book IV covers the areas highlighted in bright yellow. These are battles that have NOT been covered yet by black library and are intended to tidy up everything that is currently on the backlist at FW, so all the unreleased items.  Book V will cover the area in cream with it focusing on Ultramrines, Blood Angels, Word Bearers, possibly World Eaters and Mechanicum Forces.  I'd then expect Book VI to cover Prospero and Molech (Thousand Sons, Space Wolves, More Knights and Titans, Solar Auxilia), while VII will Cover Thramas Crusade, Battle of Tallarn and Chondax & Alaxxes (Dark Angels, White Scars, Iron Warriors, Alpha Legion and expanded Solar Auxilia)

    Horus Heresy Timeline.

    The Solar Auxilia

    Malcadors are part of the Solar Auxilia. 

    One of four Knight houses included. 

    Slipcased with map and be limited to 2,000 copies. 

    Alpha Legion Contemptor

    Word Bearers Contemptor

    Imperial Fist Contemptor

    Imperial Fists Templar Brethren upgrade kit.

    Imperial Fists Phalanx Upgrade Kit

    Storm Section!!! A months time too. 

    "Not much can't be improved with the addition of a Death Ray" - Tony Cottrell. 


    Book Five is coming!

    The True messengers 

    Legio Prasagius. 

    Flyers could be more interceptor based. They had mentioned in the past that they wanted to do a smaller Stormbird (as there are apparently lots of Variants and classes of Stormbird). A new Dreadnought not as big as the Contemptor. Solar Auxilia Ogryns; enough said. There was a roar of approval. More Characters inc Primarchs. 

    Sevatar - or who I believe to be. Now it looks like it is. No one has confirmed though. 

    Konrad Curze - apparently he looks like a Knightmare from all angles. He is finished and will be out soon. 

    Thanks to the Battle Bunnies for their awesome work.  And check out their site here.

    See you all at The Black Library Weekender!


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    Horus Heresy details from Warhammer Fest.

    All of this is courtesy of The Responsible One's Wargaming Blog. So give him some love!

    Warhammer Fest, Day 1: Afternoon Forge World Seminar

    The first one up to the plate was Imperial Armour Volume 13: The Lost and the Damned. This is out in limited numbers at the weekend - there's a run of 2,000 with a slip case and poster. It contains:

        • All the Chaos Vehicle and Daemon Engine rules
        • Updated rules for older Chaos models
        • Renegades and Heretics army list
        • A few selected relics of the Heresy

    Daemon possessed Fellblades were mentioned, as well as the Decimator being included. The army list is a single army list with many options - it expands on the army lists from Vraks, allowing you to field any of those armies, but also adds in options for Slaanesh and Tzeentch Renegades as well.

    I also managed to get a quick chat in with Andy Hoare and a look at the book on one of the desks. The army list includes a lot of HQs which unlock options, and also purchasable upgrades for Warlords to unlock yet more options still. Renegades and Mutants are all in there, with a particular combination of traits intended to allow you to give models Hellguns to allow for Chaos Storm Troopers. There are also some references to Chaos Hereteks. The Kharybdis Assault Claw makes an appearance for Chaos as well.

    Horus Heresy Book 4: Conquest is due at the end of November, so people can order it in time for Christmas. It is currently at the printers. It is the biggest book so far. There is a Forge World Knight on the cover, which gives a bit of an indication as to the book's focus and content. It covers:

        • The Battles of the Cyclops Cluster
        • Siege of Mezoa
        • Conquest of Manachea
        • Defence of Agathon

    These are battles that aren't in the Horus Heresy Novels, but is about what Horus and friends did "in between the gaps". It covers the conquest of a significant portion of the Northern Imperium, as Horus takes control of a sector of space cut off from the rest of the Imperium by warp storms so he has a base of operations. For example, Manachea is a big Agri-World, and a bit of a bread basket for that sector of the Imperium.

    Forces in the book are:

        • Sons of Horus
        • Death Guard
        • Iron Hands
        • Salamanders
        • Imperial Fists
        • Dark Mechanicum
        • Mechanicum
        • Solar Auxilia
        • Knights
        • Titans

    There was a mention that some of the Loyalist forces have gone mad, others are engaging in revenge attacks to worlds that have allied or even capitulated to Horus, and others are waging a guerrilla war.

    The world of Cyclotrathe was mentioned - a Dark Mechanicum world which isn't in the 40K background, because someone has (rightly) turned it to ash by the time 40K happens. This is where some of the worst of the Dark Mechanicum are, licensed by Horus to forge their own mini empire as long as they keep his armies supplied. Their forces are now carving out their own client empire, harvesting humans for their experiments.

    There's a mention of the Knight Houses of the area, and their interlinked backgrounds. It covers why their histories and existing allegiances determine the side they end up on. One example given was a House which had only been a part of the Imperium for five years at the outbreak of the Heresy, so sided with the only faction they'd ever met - Horus. (Apparently, that didn't go so well for them!)

    The Solar Auxilia are an elite branch of the Imperial Army. There was a Latin name for the Imperial Army, but someone mumbled, so I missed it.

    The book will include a history of the battles, background for the Solar Auxilia, background for the Knight Houses, the background to 4 new Knight Houses of the 31st Millenium, a campaign system, a Solar Auxilia list, and a 30K only Knight list.

    There will be a special edition of Conquest. That will include a slipcase, a post and QR sheets for each unit to save people lugging the whole book around.

    There will be a Horus Heresy Model Masterclass Volume 1. It includes how they put the Istvaan III display board together. It will have the usual mix of display and more army standard tips and tricks.

    Horus Heresy Book V: Tempest - work is just starting on this. It will be the Assault on Calth. It will show the Word Bearers getting more Chaos-y. We were shown some concept art for Word Bearers, Ultramarines and the Fire Masters Titan Legion.

    There is a distinct desire to make the Ultramarines less dull. They are looking at white, gold, and marble as well as the usual blue, in a very Roman style. There was mention of Praetorian pattern armour and Invictarus special troops - who were very ornate with shields.

    There was talk of future models with no pictures - two new Space Marine flyers, a new dreadnought (not a Contemptor, something new!), Solar Auxilia Storm Hammer, Solar Auxilia Ogryns (very different from the ones in 40K), more character series models - with pictures shown of parts of Sevatar and Konrad Curze. They will not be "too long".

    Forge World Q&A from Warhammer Fest by The Responsible One Wargaming Blog.

    Any Iron Warriors? Some bits and pieces are on the way.

    Warhammer Forge models going away? Some models will come back once they've looked again at sales and profitability. They will then likely add a few models next year.

    Dark Angels? After Ultramarines but not too long. They want to do Thramas plus the Blood Angels at Signus Prime relatively soon.

    Chaos Dwarves? No plans right now, but maybe.

    Sigismund model? Will get around to him - it will take a year or two to get all the characters they want to do done.

    Any Tau non flyer super heavies? There was an answer. Tony told us not to share it on forums or blogs. You may ask me in person if you have interest, or find someone who doesn't do what Tony asks.

    What will be the breakdown of the Calth book? The final decisions on this aren't really made yet - they're still in early stages and playtesting the Ultramarines Legion rules. It's likely there will be more than one book and the first book will be the first 24 hours and the turnaround.

    Any plans to do basics for the legions such as Blood Angels early so people can get started? Not really. They're resourced just about perfectly for books and models at the same pace right now - early Blood Angels models would mean more Ultramarines rules in the Calth books without models, and that wouldn't be fair. There are sometimes opportunities when they do books where fewer models are needed to sneak in a few extra models, but that's not often.

    Will they do every character they've written rules for as a model? Nope. Some are better suited to conversion from a Praetor or Captain model. They won't necessarily do every one, but will where there is demand and a different enough model to merit it.

    Will there be Heresy era Xenos? Not very likely at all. Horus Heresy is about a battle of man against man, and becomes a story about man versus Chaos. They will probably avoid Xenos outright as that's 40K's thing - but if they reach the Scouring, that's the time of the revenge of the Xenos. They won't cover pre-Davin Xenos as they'd have too limited a scope.

    Dark Eldar? Don't expect more Dark Eldar models from FW until there is a dedicated Dark Eldar book.

    Genos something something (from Legion)? Very unlikely. It was a small group. The Imperial Army is very broad, and they will generally do things that have a wider application. Solar Auxilia have many regiments but are also more elite, so more worthwhile doing as FW units.

    Any book for Fantasy? No decided.

    Chaos Knights? On the list to do conversion bits for.

    Thanks to The Responsible Ones Wargaming Blog!


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    Forge World and Horus Heresy details from Warhammer Fest!
    Thanks to Horus Heresy Forum members Garro and Penddraig for covering the event.  Full details and a great discussion on the Horus Heresy Forums.

    From Penddraig:

    Heresy Rules in general
    FW are pushing 30k as a 40k supplement, designed to stand alone like Planetstrike, Cities of Death etc. This means the the Original FOC is officially in place along with the original Allied contingent. 30k is not meant to be using the 7th edition army construction rules (obviously, they pointed out that if your gaming group did want to use that then it's your choice).

    This also means that Objective Secured is not in place. Scoring troops are limited to all Troops and units with the Scoring rule such as Terminators.

    They are also pushing the concept of 30k being a narrative / scenario / campaign supplement with armies being designed with the fluff in mind.

    Book 4 - Conquest 
    Biggest book so far, over 30 - 40 pages more. Being seen as a "stop gap" to enable FW to catch up with models from the first three books. Still the same rumoured forces involved (SoH, DG, IF, S and RG along with Solar Auxilia, Knights and DM) however the rules for using Shattered Legions have been cut due to space constraints. These will appear at some over point so all is not lost for people planning those types of forces.

    The Book will also contain a new campaign system that will enable people to create a detailed campaign for any system they want to play in. It will also contain "Raid" missions that reflect small forces attacking specific objectives. These missions are optimised for 1000-1200 point armies and reflect trying to secure specific aims (destroying comms centres, materials, etc).

    It will also have two full army lists: Solar Auxilia (more of them in a bit) and Knight Questories. The Knight army list, like the Legion army list in Book 1 and the Red Book, reflects the Knights at the time of the Great Crusade and therefore is different to the 40k list. It also,includes details on 4 knight houses that haven't been seen yet including both Loyalist and Enlightened (some may say Traitor) houses. One house has only been in contact with the Imperium for 5 years prior to Istvaan and only had contact with Horus - guess who they side with? There is quite a lot of rivalries between the houses that add to the decisions they make in taking sides.

    The actual specific fluff campaign is based in the Northern section of the Imperium that has been cut off with the Warpstorms from the Istvaan section. This area contains several Forge Worlds that only pay lip service to the Mechanicum of Mars. Horus basically allows them to "slip the leash" and play with areas that Mars wouldn't allow.

    Book 5 -Tempest 

    The next book is based on the Battle of Calth and will focus on areas other than that covered by Know No Fear. This is still very much in the concept art, development stage and will not be available until the earliest Easter (April) next year.

    The Word Bearers are fully immersed into the Eight Fold Path at this stage and their Armour / tactics is starting to reflect that. There is a picture doing the rounds of Word Bearer officer that is unclear if it is a Preator or Chaplain, either way you can start to believe why so many systems side with Horus when these type of Astartes turn up (Can I interest you in a Book of Lorgar?). There were some suggestions that we may start seeing demonic forces begin to appear.

    The Ultramarines are the big news. FW are pushing the Roman Empire approach with these guys and this is reflected in the armour and equipment they use. Lots of eagles, colbalt blue and dark gold. They are currently working on several Legion specific rules and units ranging from another Breacher Squad to terminators. They want to also reflect that Guilliaman was an innovator but not afraid to take the best ideas from the other legions. Also, they did show concept artwork of Preator Plate armour. This is a type of plate only forged in the forge worlds of the Macragge system. Talking to some of the designers later, they really want to move the Ultramrines away from the "standard" marine image to something unique to their Classical Greek and Roman origins.

    Oh, Guilliaman may not have two powerfists initially, probably a gladius...

    Solar Auxilia
    The fluff - the SA are aggressive explorers whose remit is bringing planets into the Imperium through conquest. They are based on the Conquisitors / 19th Century Colonial armies who enter an area and secure "peace through superior firepower". The SA are led by individuals whose whole intent is to be made hereditary governors of the planet they conquer - they are often Terran nobles but could equally be Rogue Traders. The soldiers themselves are Terran scum, to quote Wellington, "they are the scum of the earth but what fine soldiers they make!" Often the SA have their own Exploratory fleets but may be attached to Legion forces.

    The SA expect themselves to be outnumbered by forces they meet and so focus on collective, ranged firepower. They are not designed to brawl in close range combat - leave that to the Astartes. Lord Emperor Bligh explained that basically they advanced to a position and then just shoot everything in the vicinity. The troops are given the best equipment possible for non-Astartes forces as they are the forward line of the Great Crusade and intend to fight in all environments.

    Rules - Lasrifles have a 30" range to reflect the tactics used.
    The lasrifle section is the basic Troops choice and starts at 20 models. However, the set includes options to replace the command models with normal troops. To me, this sounds like you could have units of up to 40 models...
    The Stormtrooper equiverlants are armed with Volkites (AB stated that FW believe everything is improved with a death day). The good news is that these are due to be released within the next two months and also count as Troops choices.
    The transport model, as Garro has mentioned, comes with lascannons and a 20 man transport capacity. You can upgrade with a demolished cannon instead of lascannons but this reduces the transport capacity. Oh, did I mention they are dedicated transports for the lasrifle section and the stormtroopers :).
    The PV are apparantly quite expensive but the FW team have found they are a threat to Legion forces.
    All are equipped with Void-Hardened Carapace Armour to reflect the hazardous conditions they fight in.

    Models - are fantastic. There is so much detail on them from combat knives and grenades through to little touches like proper hinges on armour. They are also planning on released SA Ogryns that will look nothing like the 40k variants, really hoping they will have decent looking ripper guns. The basilisk and medusa use the same base hull as the transport and this creates a really unified look. The Leman Russ does comes with a volkite turret because, well, it's a Volkite - why wouldn't you?

    Most importantly, FW are going to produce a Stormhammer Super-heavy. For those of you who don't remember this little beast from Epic in the 90's, this was armed with 4 Battlecannons, 4 twin-linked lascannons and 8 twin-linked heavy bolters with heavy Armour all around. It was intended to drive into the middle of enemy formations and just unleash hell. I can't wait for this to come out.

    One thing I forgot to mention is that FW want to do more generic and legion-specific Rites of War as they feel its a very easy way to differentiate different styles of forces without having to have multiple army lists. One developer mentioned an idea about just a book with RoW FOC and rules.

    FAQ's for updates to 7th ed. are almost complete as well and should be available to download in the next few weeks. Alan Bligh stated that he knows some areas will be missed so we would hope that people will contact FW to let them know missing sections.

    Imperial Fist Phalanx Wardens

    Conrad Kurze is coming!


    From Garro:

    well i'm back, got some extra info and some cool stuff for you all.
    • leman russ variants for the SA are as followed.
                -standard, vanquisher and exterminator are a mixed squad in Fast attack
               -demolisher, executioner and incinerator (volkite) are a mixed heavy support squad.
    • FW are well aware of the desire to see more of the Character series. as such, edgar and simon are now only doing primarchs, the non-primarchs have been moved over to 4 other sculptors to do between other projects, this means that FW are now able to do the FW created characters and plan to get the ENTIRE backlog of named characters done. (this will take a lot of time). their being prioritised by characters that 'stand out' from the rank and file, so if the character has unique wargear or armour, or just really fancy armour, then their getting done first, (so remaining characters from book1 are low priority.) however dynat was named as one about to be started.
    •  the IF units ARE conversion kits, and quite extensive ones as well.


    oh and this pic, because dat head!

    • interesting thing, most sculptors have worked hard to finish all their projects for WarhammerFest, and as such, next to no one have yet been given their next project, so they don't know whats getting done next, none of the IW stuff has been started (so the rumours were wishlisting rather than actually fact based) but its good chance they'll get started on them sooner rather than later.
    • release schedule is to only release 1-2 things a week or 3 related small things, so even then, what is on pre-release at WF will take the rest of the month and most of november to get out on sale, then it will be some of the more finished stuff, in the order its done. it could/will take probably right upto the FW open day next spring to see everything shown onsale.
    • also don't expect any SA until at least november, they've sold a lot (mostly to me), and they know its going to be very popular when it goes up on the website, and as such they'll wait until they've got enough stock to handle it.

       IF shoulder pads, (mk2,3 and 4 on display)

       Ultramarine shoulder pads (mk2,3 and 4 on display)

      Thanks to Horus Heresy Forums members Garro and Penddraig for covering the event!


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    The latest in the Horus Heresy Hobby.
    Every week I bring you the latest amazing hobby progress from the Horus Heresy Forums, the premier online Heresy gaming community.


    Meatgrinder has alsmost finished his Death Guard Seiegebreaker, Vorlon Nero. More photo's of the Centurion can be found here.


    Ravenguard fan, Fleafa, makes some slow, but great progress. Pictured above are his Cataphractii. More pictures can be found here.


    New member, Break3r shares the start of his Imperial Fists army with the community. More pictures here.


    Durfast has completed his Garviel Loken model, with an excellent Sons of Horus Green recipe. More here.

    Evil Space Elves

    ESE continues his outrageously awesome World Eaters with some more Assault Marines. More on his army here.

    Pitted Sliced Slayer

    Some great progress from PSS's and his Blood Angels. Check out more here.


    And here are 5 Veteran Tactical Marines from my very own Emperor's Children army. Basing is well on the way, whilst I wait for the new transfers from ForgeWorld. More here.

    Have your own models you'd like to share with the community? Sign up to the forums and share your own Hobby Progress.


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    The Solar Auxlilia is here!

    From Forge World:

    The image of Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Sections arrayed in multiple, disciplined ranks standing firm against hordes of alien foes is a celebrated one, but it is far from the only way in which they are deployed. Infantry Tercios are adept at fighting in loose order or launching massed assaults across the most hostile of the galaxy's battlefields.

    The Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Section is a complete multi-part resin kit containing twenty models. Designed by Edgar Skomorowski, each model comes numbered with a corresponding lasrifle, as well as optional Sergeant, Vexilla and Vox Operator components. These models are available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Thursday 30th October.

    Solar Auxilia Rifle Section £68 or $ 109

    Beautiful models.  I need a lot.


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    The latest in the Horus Heresy Hobby.
    Every week I bring you the latest amazing hobby progress from the Horus Heresy Forums, the premier online Heresy gaming community.


    Amade083 becomes the second member of the forums to start a White Scar's army. You can find more pictures here.

    He also has a great World Eaters army, you can find it here.


    Wiseman continues his Imperial Fists with an excellently weathered Sicarian Tank. More from him here.


    Corai has finished Captain Anvillach of his 11th Company Imperial Fists, check out his post to see the Terminators he also finished this week.


    Telhdrat completes a Land Raider to add to his ever growing Iron Hands army. See more pictures of the tank here.


    A simple Imperial Knight conversion by Kardayel provides amazing results! Check out more of his pictures here.


    Martinsen works in his Iron Warriors, finishing a few more Tactical, Assault and Havoc marines, more here.


    Olly continues his amazing work on his Imperial Fists, with the completion of a Breacher squad. Again, his other pictures are well worth checking out.

    Have your own models you'd like to share with the community? Sign up to the forums and share your own Hobby Progress.


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    Word Bearers Contemptor
    Two more Legion Contemptors are coming.

    The Word Bearers Contemptor above and the Alpha Legion below.

    Alpha Legion Contemptor

    Plus a few more goodies in the latest Forge World Newsletter.

    Plus the previously releases Raven Guard Contemptor. 

    Good hunting!



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  • 10/22/14--10:01: More Forge World Bundles!

  • Forge World has released more bundles for the Horus Heresy.
    Forge World bundles will save you some money, so are worth checking out.  First there is the Imperial Armour book bundle:

    The book bundle saves you £27 ($43) which is pretty good!

    Night Lords Bundle
    The Legion bundles are sweet.  10 heads, torsos and shoulder pads, all for £38 or $61.  A lot to outfit a squad, but still a savings of £6 or $ 10.

    Night Lords, Iron hands, Sons of Horus, Word Bearers, Salamanders, Death Guard, World Eaters and Emperors Children are available.

    Find all the bundles here.

    Good Hunting!


    0 0 petition asks GW to wake up!
    Now look, Tom Kirby will never admit when he is wrong.   But I think lots of us know Games Workshop is on an unsustainable path.  That as a public company, they need to grow year over year and that is not happening anymore.  This petition is dead on.  Please read it and check it out here.

    Refocus your business model on the sale of a game and support of a gaming community vice the pure sale of collectible miniatures. 

    As competition from outside organizations grow and GW revenues and profits fall, your company seemingly continues to pursue a business model not in alignment with your customer base's desires and expectations.

    Your business model states "We make the best fantasy miniatures in the world and sell  them globally at a profit and we intend to do this forever". Realize that you produce a game, and that the models are playing pieces in that game, not the end product themselves. Without the game, there is no need to purchase Games Workshop models. They are not collectible in the same sense as scale military tanks and aircraft, nor are they as utilitarian as historical wargames miniatures, applicable to multiple game systems and supported by real world events. GW models are only useable in the context of GW games, the primary of these being Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battles. 

    I and many others collect your models to play the game. Only a fraction of the community do so purely for the experience of owning, building and painting Citadel miniatures. This is why when armies are timely updated and released, model sales for those armies jump. It is not because of marketing through White Dwarf and Online Stores. It is because people want to play with the newest "Toy". Collectors continue with these factions to keep playing the game, not just own miniatures.

    Your fanbase and the dedicated gaming and hobby community ask that you adopt the following policies

    1- Support gamers, conventions, and tournaments, primarily through well-developed rules and encouraging competitive play. Despite GW's desire for Warhammer to be a "Beer and Pretzels" game that is simply a reason to buy and collect GW miniatures, gamers want a system that can be used for competitive play as well. Just because this is supported does not mean that fun, narrative driven relaxed play is not possible. Appeal to both sides of the gaming community, not just the one you want to more. You cannot interface directly with the small group playing a campaign in their basement. You can with the 100+ players at a tournament. Doing so will improve your corporate image, impassion your playerbase and ultimately encourage the playing or your game which directly correlates to the sale of your miniatures. This means releasing fairly balanced, well play tested rule sets, and timely FAQs which address the issues players are encountering. The relaxed narrative players will appreciate these clearer and improved rules just as much as the cut-throat tournament gamer. And if you wish to encourage a relaxed form of play alongside this while still reaching out to players, the old global campaigns and campaign supplements can foster this and provide gaming groups with a fun alternative to tournaments and competitions.

    2- Reduce the number of "Direct exclusive models" and support the FLGS. Game Stores are where your community exists. It is not in their home, alone, painting. Most of the hobby may occur there, but it with the objective in mind that on the weekend they will travel down to their local friendly game store and set up across the table from someone and play a game. That is why they put all the hours into building and painting their army. Sure it may be fun to build and paint it, but it is a means to an end, not the end itself. Since the objective of collecting is to play a game, game store owners are going to promote games they can sell in their store. If majority of your product is exclusively available from your webstore, game store owners will not push your product as they lose potential sales. Without that push or those sales, their gaming community abandons GW games, and without the game they abandon GW/Citadel models. 

    3- Competitively price your products. You have some room to charge a slight premium because of the quality of your miniatures. But since the ultimate objective is to play a game at the end of the week, players are going to financially invest in what they can better afford to accomplish this objective. All wargaming is a luxury market. If a player can get the same amount of game time for less with another game and have just as much, if not more fun, then that is where they will invest their dollars. This is a big factor as to why so much competition now exists whereas very little did before. A potential aide to this point would be to allow sales of bits, aftermarket 3rd party add-ons, and discount online retailers. This all encourages throughput of your products, and for players to gather larger or more forces for their games. Sales for GW have only become worse with the policies that eliminate these possibilities.

    4- Change your website to be hobby and gaming driven with a webstore option attached for support. This used to be the way it was. Your website should not just be an online marketplace. Your site should be the one stop shop for painting, tactics, gaming communities, upcoming tournaments, etc. etc. The webstore should then be a feature that a player can access after reading a tactica article or a painting guide. It is in game performance that drive sales of models the most, so discussing the performance and ways to use particularly models in game can only benefit you by swaying consumers to purchase it. Beautiful photos and well painted models help, but a vast majority of your playerbase knows is cannot paint as well as your webstore and White Dwarf images, so they fail to be lured in by that trap.

    5- Conduct market research and increase player involvement. With the advent of social media this is easier than ever. Rather than just having youtube videos for new releases, have discussions of in progress design concepts to allow hype to be generated and discussion to occur, then systematically feed this back into your development process. Release trial rules again and gather important commentary from the players to fine tune them. Furthermore understand your consumer base and what they need and want to continue collecting, converting, painting Citadel miniatures and playing GW games rather than just assuming another huge kit or wacky limited edition gaming aide is what they need to be fed. With a generation thriving off constant connectivity and insight into early product development in virtually every market, particularly the growing tech and video games industries which manage to steal potential hobbyists daily, a policy of secrecy and blind assumption only will accomplish an alienation of the consumer.
    In short, rededicate your company to supporting the selling of a game. This is your main product. Your models are the key playing pieces of this game, and will make you the most money. Without the game though, they are worth nothing.



    Well, I have to say I agree 100% with this petition.  I signed it and shared it on Facebook.  YOU SHOULD TOO!



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    The Dracosan is here!

    Forge World has released the baddest of all Imperial army transports and gun crew as well.

    From Forge World:

    The Dracosan Armoured Transport is manufactured to standards only usually required of war machines destined for service with the Legiones Astartes. It is large enough to accommodate a full strength Solar Auxilia Infantry Section of twenty auxiliaries, and heavily armoured enough to protect them from intense enemy fire and the hostile environments of unknown worlds.

    Equipped with a fearsome array of weapons of its own, including either a powerful twin-linked lascannon or a mighty demolisher cannon at the expense of some of its transport capacity, the Dracosan can steadfastly defend itself against enemy counter-attack and pound an adversary's emplacements to dust before those on board disembark to storm what remains of their objective.

    The Solar Auxilia Dracosan Armoured Transport is a complete multi-part resin kit, designed by Phil Stutcinskas. The kit includes weapons options for the vehicle and an optional gunner with a choice of either a multi-laser or heavy flamer. This model is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Thursday 30th October.

    Holy crap!  This thing holds 20 models!  I need 6.  Then again at £76 or $ 122, that isn't quite feasible.

    Oh and these guys are out too:

    They are £16 or $26.


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    More on what is wrong with GW.

    These videos, while a bit tough due to the gents accent, are very well informed and right on point about what is wrong with GW.  They echo the petition.  Well worth a listen.

    Frankly, the guy is right on.  GW is totally wrong in that it selss a "hobby", and they clearly do not care about their retailers outside of how they help GW.

    Don't get me wrong.  I love Forge World, Black Library, and the people at the studio. But their corporate policies and treatment of retailers suck.


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    The latest in the Horus Heresy Hobby.
    Every week I bring you the latest amazing hobby progress from the Horus Heresy Forums, the premier online Heresy gaming community.


    UnbrokenBlades30K completes Mortarion for his Death Guard. He's been very busy since finishing this model. Check more on his WIP post.


    Shane has caught SLF (Second Legion Fever) and has started up an Iron Warriors legion. Check out more of his progress here.


    SLF is sweeping through the forums right now. In the case of Teldrat, I think he's progressed on to FLF, Fourth Legion Fever. Prognosis? More awesome models for us to look at! Take a look at his new and growing Word Bearers force over here.


    Rijurt_Thorn has finished his Veteran Wolrd Eaters, next up is adding the blood... but how much is too much? Check out his post here.


    Aximand continues work on his Ultramarines. Check out his finished Praetor here.


    New member Chickenleg shows of his Night Lords progress. Some great colours here, and nice to see them not covered in Skin and Skulls! Check out more here.

    Have your own models you'd like to share with the community? Sign up to the forums and share your own Hobby Progress.


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    Forge World released an image of upcoming Solar Auxilia.  

    The Solar Auxilia Veletaris Storm Section features a Sergeant and troops with volkite chargers in reinforced armour.

    Very nice.  I'll take a few squads. 


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