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Horus Heresy 30K news for modelers, gamers and geeks. Warhammer 40,000, Forgeworld, Games Workshop

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    A new White Scars novel is coming from The Black Library

    Book 36: The Path of Heaven

    The Khan returns! After the events of 'Scars', the White Scars Legion have chosen their loyalties. Now, after years of battle against the traitors, it's time to return to Terra and prepare for the inevitable invasion. But first, Jaghatai and his warriors must brave a gauntlet of enemies and the terrors of the warp...


    For too long had the Vth Legion ranged out beyond the sight of the wider Imperium, remaining ignorant of the Warmaster’s rebellion and the war that inevitably followed. Only once their primarch, Jaghatai Khan, had satisfied himself that the path before them was just and true did the White Scars choose a side, taking the fight to the traitors on every front. But, four years later, the Legion’s unfettered spirit has been broken by relentless attritional warfare against the Death Guard and the Emperor’s Children – the Khan’s Stormseers must find a clear route to Terra if they are to take part in the final, apocalyptic battle.

    Written by Chris Wraight

    Audiobook running time 13 hours and 28 minutes. Narrated by John Banks.

    You can buy them both on the Black Library Website.


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    A guest blog by Rob Hill of 30K Plus 40K.
    Today I'm going to delve into one of the newer offerings from forge world for the Legiones Astartes, the giant delivery truck of death that is the Mastodon Heavy Assault Transport. This is a delivery truck of death in both the sense that its occupants are likely to be a bundle of death but also the vehicle itself has serious offensive capabilities. And for the princely base price of 700 points you would bloody hope so!

    Unit Stats

    Ok so the Mastodon comes with the following profile:

    BS  Front   Side   Rear   HP

     4      14        14      14    10

    This is, in and of itself, impressive! Especially as it is a super-heavy transport so it cannot be one shot exploded by a lucky gunner. It needs to have all of those HP's ground down to zero. It has no fire points, but it can carry up to 40 regular models, though as part of this complement it can also carry up to 2 contemptor dreadnoughts with each counting as 10 models for the purpose of carrying capacity.

    Additionally the Mastodon has two access points which are at the front and the rear of the vehicle.

    Overview - even before you delve into the equipment and special rules of the Mastodon it has a fearsome presence on the table and this only improves the more you look at it.

    Special Rules

    The Mastodon, as one might expect, has a plethora of special rules to compliment its hulking exterior. These are Assault Vehicle, Enhanced Defensive Fire, Reinforced Shell and Void Shields (2).

    Assault Vehicle - lets start with the simple one first, this vehicle is obviously designed to deliver a deadly payload and there wouldn't be much point to the bloody thing if you had to stand around scratching your arse (or ass for our West Atlantic cousins) for a turn!

    Void Shields (2) - That is right! This AV14, 10HP monstrosity also has TWO AV12 void shields. Collapsed by glancing, penetrating and D hits, these can be returned on a roll of a 5+ at the end of each of your turns. Dear Throne this thing is surviviable.

    Enhanced Defensive Fire - As long as one unit still occupies the Mastodon it can use its sponsons to fire overwatch, thus removing the negative of having zero fire ports. This overwatch is fired at BS2 for the standard weapons, whereas template weapons inflict D3+1 automatic hits. So its overwatch fire is better than normal! The most effective way to deal with this machine, close combat, just became a less friendly prospect... These can fire only once but at separate units as long as the unit is in their arc of fire.

    Reinforced Shell - A lovely rule in a game where often bigger and badder is better. The armoured shell of the Mastodon is so secure that it contain and blast that occurs. Therefore you apply a -2 modifier to the catastrophic damage table when rolling for the Mastodon's destruction. Should a 0 or -1 occur then the Mastodon remains in play but functions as a ruined building, with both doors acting as free access points. Very fluffy and cool.


    As you would expect this beast is loaded with weapons and other equipment, lets just start with the standard equipped offensive battery shall we:

    Two Sponson Mounted Lascannons - The standard lascannon that can fire overwatch (only its arc of fire) at BS2.

    Two Sponson Mounted Heavy Flamers - Standard Heavy flamers with D3+1 overwatch

    One Fixed Forward Siege Melta Array - 12", S9, AP1, Heavy 4, Small Blast, Melta, Stone Burner

    Stone Burner - if this weapon inflicts a penetrating hit against a fortification or building then it instead causes D3 penetrating hits.

    One Turret-mounted Skyreaper Battery - 48", S7, AP4, Heavy 5, Twin-linked, Skyfire, Interceptor

    OK so the Mastodon has pretty much everything covered here! Flamers for hordes, lascannons for armour, skyfire and interceptor for flyers and then magma death cannon for anything stupid enough to sit within 12 inches in front of its face! Blimey oh riley!

    In addition to its offensive arsenal the Mastodon also has a searchlight, smoke launchers AND armoured ceramite to boot. So you not only have 10 AV14 hull points nestled behind two AV12 void shield, but it also isn't vulnerable to ranged melta!!


    Optional extras with this beast include the following: 4 hunter killer missiles, an upgrade to be a super heavy command vehicle, an upgrade to have command vox relay.

    Command Vox Relay - While the Mastodon is in play this allows you to add or subtract 1 to your reserve rolls. In addition any deep striking enemy units that suffer a mishap will have -1 applied to the deep strike mishap table as long as the Mastodon is in play.

    Super Heavy Command Vehicle - As far as I am aware this allows re-roll of morale within 24 inches. Any one care to correct me if that is wrong?


    This will be a short section as this is a pretty self explanatory! You pack it full of death and drive it at the heart of the enemy. There is no room for being timid with this UNLESS you are facing something packing  shit tonne of destroyer weaponry. D weapons are pretty much the only serious threat to this other than a Primarch in close combat with retinue. But you shouldn't be letting yourself get charged really, but dictating the charges.

    I would recommend the command vox relay if you have any reserve support coming in like flyers, but otherwise give it a miss. In terms of the command vehicle, that could be very very useful in 30k given that Astartes are not fearless, but again that really depends on what you have put inside of it!

    So much of how you use this depends on the rest of your force that I will leave that up to you :)

    Peace out,


    Check our Rob's blog at 30K Plus 40K Equals Infinity.

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    Forge World has released Space Wolves upgrades for 30K.

    Space Wolves Legion Torsos Upgrade Set  £11.50 or $16.75

    Mk IV Shoulder Pads £10 or $14.50

    Mk III Shoulder Pads £10 or $14.50

    Mk II Shoulder Pads £10 or $14.50

    Check them out on the Forge World Website.


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    A new Horus Heresy novel is coming from The Black Library.

    Book 37: The Silent War - A Horus Heresy anthology

    Across the galaxy, war rages… but while great battle and heroic deeds form the backbone of the war, the conflict extends much further, into darkness and shadow...

    While loyalist and traitor forces clash on a thousand battlefields across the galaxy, a very different kind of war is being fought in the shadows – a war of subtlety and subterfuge, unknown to many, but one that surely holds the key to victory for either side. Rogal Dorn and his Legion prepare to defend the Solar System against the armies of Warmaster Horus, even as Malcador the Sigillite charges his many agents and spies with missions of the utmost secrecy. The future of the Imperium is being shaped by unseen hands...

    Audiobook running time 14 hours 2 minutes. Narrated by Jonathan Keeble.

    This edition contains:

    The Watcher by C Z Dunn
    Child of Night, Grey Angel& Templar by John French
    The Gates of Terra by Nick Kyme
    Luna Mendax& Wolf Hunt by Graham McNeill
    The Purge by Anthony Reynolds
    Army of One& Distant Echoes of Old Night by Rob Sanders
    Ghosts Speak Not, Lost Sons& Patience by James Swallow
    The Sigillite by Chris Wraight

    You can buy them both on the Black Library Website.


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    Black Library has released the first of the amazing limited editions on the Primarchs.

    Limited Edition - Roboute Guilliman: Lord of Ultramar

    Roboute Guilliman, the Battle King of Macragge, leads his Legion, the mighty Ultramarines, in conquest of the galaxy as part of his father's Great Crusade. Faced with an alien empire, all his dreams of a shining galaxy of peace threaten to fall into ruin...


    Exclusive to, this lavish Limited Edition includes the following features:
    • 176 page hardback novel encased in a magnetic presentation box
    • The grey leather-effect presentation box is debossed and includes a gunmetal foiled sigil of the Ultramarines legion
    • A grey cloth wrapped spine with gunmetal foil
    • A marker ribbon
    • The matt laminated covers include a crop of Alex Boyd’s artwork which is reproduced in full in the interior
    • Each copy is uniquely numbered from an edition of 2,500

    Hurry up as it is selling out fast!  I got my copy!


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    A new model in the Character Series has been released.

    From Forge World:

    Once lauded for his brilliance as a healer and surgeon among the elite of the Imperial world of Agathon, unorthodox and illegal experimentation led to Aevos Jovan’s fall from grace. Presented with the choice of execution or service in the Solar Auxilia, Jovan took to the battlefield as a new theatre for his unmatched skill.

    As Surgeon-Primus, Aevos Jovan’s abilities lie far more in preserving life than taking it; his miraculous skill to repair and heal the injuries of those under his care aided by the facilities of his auto-gurney, a self propelled surgical suite providing considerable advantages to those able to master its complex operation under battlefield conditions. That said, when pressed Jovan has been known to wield his Phase Lancet in anger, disintegrating matter within his foe's body without breaking the skin, each slice severing vital arteries and neurons with Jovan’s formerly fêted precision.

    Solar Auxilia Surgeon-Primus Aevos Jovan & Medicae Orderlies is part of The Horus Heresy Character Series. This set includes Surgeon-Primus Aevos Jovan, two Medicae Orderlies and an Auto-Gurney bearing a wounded Auxilia. The Auxilia’s recently amputated leg is also included.

    Rules for using Surgeon-Primus Aevos Jovan in Horus Heresy games are available to be downloaded. This set can also be used to represent an Auxilia Medicae Detachment as depicted in The Horus Heresy Book Four - Conquest

    This is a complete, multi-part resin kit. It includes four 25mm round bases. It is presented in a black Horus Heresy Character Series box.

    As usual, Forge World's sculpts are stunning.



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    Forge World released new Warlord TItan parts and a new Web App for customizing the Warlord Titan!

    From Forge World


    The Titan-wrights of the Forge World of Lucius are hailed across the Imperium as masters of their craft, matched only by the Lords of Mars in the potency of the god-machines wrought within the burning depths of their mighty foundries. The hand of the master-artificers of Lucius can be discerned in the distinctive form of many of their creations, in particular the features of the Lucius-Alpha pattern Warlord Titan head. This notoriously warlike visage was the last sight witnessed by countless foes of Humanity throughout the Great Crusade and is now to be seen on both sides of the galaxy spanning civil war that is the Horus Heresy.

    The Lucius-Alpha pattern Warlord Titan Head is designed to fit the Mars pattern Warlord Titan Body. It features a fully detailed interior including a Princeps on command throne and two Moderatii. The kit also includes an additional standing version of the Princeps, and two heraldic shields.

    The rules for using the Warlord Battle Titan can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Five – Tempest and the Horus Heresy: Mechanicum – Taghmata Army List. These rules may be used in both games set during the Horus Heresy and in standard games of Warhammer 40,000, in which case the Warlord Battle Titan is a Lords of War choice for Armies of the Imperium and Chaos Space Marines.

    This is a multi-part resin kit. It has been made to be used with the Mars pattern Warlord Titan Body and Warlord Titan weapons to create a full Warlord Battle Titan.


    Colossal weapons designed to allow the Warlord Titan both to shatter fortifications as well as engage war machines of their own kind in brutal hand-to-hand combat, Titan power claws are immeasurably strong and durable, able to rend metres-thick steel and granite as a predatory beast rends the flesh of its prey. Many carry additional in-built secondary weapons, such as mega-bolter cannon, to deal with lesser threats such as swarming infantry and fast moving attack craft beyond the Titan’s reach

    The Warlord Titan Arioch Power Claw is extensively detailed and has been designed to fit the Mars pattern Warlord Titan Body. It includes the option of claws or flat ended fingers, either of which can be used to build the Power Claw as left or right handed. It also includes an optional Vulcan Mega-bolter that can be attached to the back of the power claw.

    The rules for using the Warlord Battle Titan can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Five – Tempest and the Horus Heresy: Mechanicum – Taghmata Army List. These rules may be used in both games set during the Horus Heresy and in standard games of Warhammer 40,000, in which case the Warlord Battle Titan is a Lords of War choice for Armies of the Imperium and Chaos Space Marines.

    This multi-part resin kit includes components to construct one Warlord Titan Arioch Power Claw. It can be constructed as either the Warlord Titan’s left or right arm.


    A weapon of terrifying and indiscriminate power, the Sunfury Plasma Annihilator is capable of incinerating entire cityscapes and rendering the strongest armour into steaming vapour. Developed from designs intended for the broadside batteries of void warships, plasma annihilators such as the Sunfury are able to be mounted only on the largest of the Imperium’s war machines, such as Battle Titans, as both the reactor-strength required to charge them and the motive power to wield them demand nothing less.

    The Warlord Titan Sunfury Plasma Annihilator is extensively detailed and has been designed to fit the Mars pattern Warlord Titan Body. It is a massively destructive weapon, firing multiple barrages of intense, searing energy that will tear through even the toughest armour of your foes.

    The rules for using the Warlord Battle Titan can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Five – Tempest and the Horus Heresy: Mechanicum – Taghmata Army List. These rules may be used in both games set during the Horus Heresy and in standard games of Warhammer 40,000, in which case the Warlord Battle Titan is a Lords of War choice for Armies of the Imperium and Chaos Space Marines.

    This multi-part resin kit includes components to construct one Sunfury pattern Plasma Annihilator. It can be mounted as either the Warlord Titan’s left or right arm.

    via Forge World (Chris Thomas)

    Today sees three new options readied for the Warlord Titan; the Lucius Alpha pattern Head; the Arioch Power Claw; and the Sunfury pattern Plasma Annihilator. With these awesome new options we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the right parts for your Warlord Titan, so today we’ve also launched the Warlord Titan Builder!

    The Warlord Titan Builder is the easiest way to pick the head and weapons to equip your Warlord with. Just click on the cogs on the image and select each component from the menu. The Warlord Titan Builder is the easiest way to pick the head and weapons to equip your Warlord with. Just click on the cogs on the image and select each component from the menu.

    And for fun, Forge World also put out a new video showcasing the new Titan Accessories:

    These are some amazing new additions to the Warlord Titan Range. The Arioch Power Claw is really impressive for sure! Also, did anyone else notice that the Sunfury Pattern Plasma Annihilator has a magnet in the top of the socket? Yes, that means even Forge World understands how expensive these kits are and that if you’re a Titan Owner you should be magnetizing these kits. But for the rest of us – we’re going to have to settle for playing around with the Warlord Titan Builder and keep the dream alive.

    The Arioch Power Claw is the size of a Knight…

    Its getting harder and harder NOT to buy one!


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  • 09/07/16--18:31: Thousand Sons Canon

  • A guest blog by Stephan from the Heresy30K forum

    So, while I was rereading A Thousand Sons, I decided to take some notes to use when fleshing out my Sons 30K force.  I've copied those notes below and will continue to updated as I re-read Prospero Burns if any new info is in there.  If you have info that I'm missing, please let me know and I'll continue to add to this post.

    Thousand Sons use the term Fellowship instead of Chapter.  They also only have 9 of these Fellowships instead of the usual 10.  They started with 10, but after suffering severe losses to one Fellowship, Magnus consolidated them into 9.  In Egyptian, a grouping of 9 gods is called a pesedjet, which is a term seen over and over again with the Sons.  9, also a grouping of 3x3, is seen as an auspicious number in historical numerology, and is also the number of the Chaos god Tzeench (which I'm guessing the Sons didn't realize back in the day).  Each Fellowship is composed of a mix of psykers from the different Temples.

    1st - The Scarab Occult
     - Captain:  Ahriman, Chief Librarian, Corvidae Temple Master
     - Symbol:  Scarab
     - Notes:  This is Magnus' elite psyker unit and also composed of terminators

    2nd -
     - Captain:  Phosis T'Kar, Raptora Temple Master
     - Symbol:  Pheonix
     - Notes:  Phosis T'Kar went through Flesh Change during invasion of Prospero and was killed by the Custodes Valdor.

    3rd -
     - Captain:  Hathor Maat, Pavoni Temple Master
     - Symbol:  Unknown
     - Notes:  Hathor Maat survived invasion of Prospero

    4th -
     - Captain:  Ankhu Anen, Guardian of the Great Library, Corvidae Temple
     - Symbol:  Unknown
     - Notes:  Ankhu Anen died defending the Great Library during the invasion of Prospero

    5th -
     - Captain:  Uthizzar, Athanaean Temple Master
     - Symbol:  Unknown
     - Notes:  Uthizzar was killed by Magus to prevent Uthizzar from alerting the rest of the Legion that the Space Wolves were about to invade.

    6th -
     - Captain:  Khalophis, Pyrae Temple Master
     - Symbol:  Unknown
     - Notes:  Khalophis was betrayed by his Tutelary and destroyed with the Titan Canis Vertex during the invasion of Prospero.

    7th -
     - Captain:  Phael Toron, Raptora Temple
     - Symbol:  Unknown
     - Notes:  The 7th were the Fellowship which remained on Prospero during the Great Crusade to train new recruits and protect the homeworld.  Phael Toron was betrayed by his Tutelary who fed so much power through him that Phael Toron detonated in a warp explosion 1km across, which is also what ultimately brought down the Canis Vertex.

    8th -
     - Captain:  Auramagma, Pyrae Temple
     - Symbol:  Unknown
     - Notes:  Killed by Space Wolves during the invasion of Prospero.

    9th - The Hidden Ones
     - Captain:  Amon, Corvidae Temple
     - Symbol:  Unknown
     - Notes:  This Fellowship provides Scouts and Amon serves as Magnus' spy master.

     - Corvidae:  Scrying/Divination, Symbol is a raven's head
     - Athanaean:  Telepathy, Symbol is an eye or owl (??)
     - Pavoni:  Biomancy, Symbol is a colorful feather
     - Raptora:  Telekenesis, Symbol is a raptor's talon (??)
     - Pyrae:  Pyrokenesis, Symbol is a pheonix

    As a huge Thousand Sons fan myself, I appreciate Stephan putting this together!


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  • 09/08/16--21:19: Raglan's Mastodon

  • IMG_20160906_172054.jpg

    Raglan from the Heresy30K forums posted these photos of his amazing Mastadon!

    Description: the Mastodon was one of the heaviest assault transports in the arsenal of the Legiones Astartes during the Great Crusade, and is still found in the armouries of the Space Marine Chapters of the 41st Millenium. Its cavernous assault bay, capable of housing almost half a Company, is protected both by thick layers of ceramite armour as well as crackling void shields. It also mounts a fearsome siege melta array, allowing it to breach even the most formidable defences with ease, as well as an array of secondary weaponry intended to defend the vehicle as it approaches its target. Unleashed only against the most fearsome of enemy redoubts, there are few obstacles that can stay the wrath of this relic of the Imperium’s bloody birth.



    Great work Raglan!


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    A guest blog by Rob Hill of 30Kplus40K
    So today I am going to run through the muscled bulk that is the Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought. Muscley because its got big guns... Right?

    Unit Stats

    The Deredeo comes with the followig statline:
    WS  BS   S   Front   Side   Rear   I   A  HP
     4      5     6     13       12       11    4   1    3 
    The ballistic skill of 5 is a real boon here when you are equipped with so many guns! However 3 hull points on a 13:12:11 frame isn't exactly super robust for 185 points.
    Overview - Very nicely set up for shooting but perhaps a tad frail for its cost right now.
    Special Rules

    A couple of special rules really add to the bang for your buck from this dread.
    Atomantic Shielding - A 5++ versus shooting and a 6++ in close combat. Ignoring the close combat save as if that happens you have already gone very wrong, but the 5++ versus shooting is an excellent survivability boon.

    Helical Targeting Array - If the Deredeo chooses not to move then it gains interceptor and skyfire for an entire turn. Sweet indeed against a flyer heavy army.

    Some absolutely excellent choices are available for the Deredeo but the standard loadout is as below:
    One twin-linked Anvilus Pattern Autocannon Battery - 48", S8, AP4, Heavy 4 Sunder

    This gives you a decent amount of medium anti-tank as a basic loadout but with AP4 you can't expect too much from it beyond rate of fire. Its really designed as pretty decent long ranged anti-air, but again at AP4 you are reliant on full hull point stripping or immobilised results causing a crash and burn.
    Twin linked torso mounted heavy bolters - Does what it says on the tin.
    You also come with a searchlight. extra armour and smoke launchers a standard.

    Overview - A decent standard loadout if you are looking for some fairly decent anti-armour/anti-flyer but not really excelling at either role. 

    So options! The main autocannon can be swapped with:

    Twin-linked Hellfire plasma Cannonade - 36", S7, AP2

    This has two firing profile which are sustained and maximal fire:

    Sustained - Heavy 4

    Maximal Fire - Heavy 1, large Blast, gets hot

    So you have a decrease in range and a small drop in strength compared to the autocannon but you gain AP2 and that is definitely worth it in my opinion. This makes it more difficult to get through armour with beefy flyers needing a 6 to pen but you do get the chance to explode it then. BUT you can also mince 2+ save troops now and the gets hot on maximal fire is mitigated by twin-linked I believe (not sure if the recent FAQ has rectified this?).

    There is also the option to add one of two carapace mounted systems:

    Ailos Missile Launcher - 60", S6, AP3, Heavy 3, Pinning, Independent Tracking

    This adds some nice marine killing AP3 and a very long range on it. I like this upgrade. Independent tracking lets you shoot at separate targets as well.

    Atomantic Pavaise - This adds +1 to the Deredeo's invulnerable to a 4++ versus shooting but has no effect in close combat. It also grants a +1 to the invulnerable save of friendly models within 3" or gives them a 6++ if not already in possession of 1. Also adds +D3" to the explosion size and is at S5.

    The Deredeo can also swap its heavy bolters for heavy flamers and take armoured ceramite.

    First thing to state is that if you take it stock you've got a fairly decent anti-air unit and anti-light tank as well for 185 points. The cheapest upgrade is +20 points, with the maximum number of upgrades taken totalling +105 points putting this at a staggering 290 points! So you have to be certain for why you are taking something and whether or not it is worth the cost.

    If you want a backfield weapon then I would stick with the basic loadout and add either of the two carapace mounted options. The missile launcher will add some excellent additional fire that can target other units, but remember that these will also be skyfire if you want to shoot the autocannons into the sky. Alternatively if you take the Atomantic Pavaise then I would bubble wrap the Deredeo with a Devastator squad, this helps prevent the Deredeo being charged, which coupled with its now 4++ against melta should mitigate no armourec ceramite AND you now grant that squad a 6++ which is not too shabby, at all.

    I feel that with the plasma cannonade you need to be more aggressive with the monster and I would take armoured ceramite and heavy flamers so coming in at just 205 points. With the large blast you can wipe out deep striking squads with your excellent BS5 and the heavy flamers should deter charges a little bit. Make sure you have a squad to back up the dread though.

    Personally I'm not a fan of this model for its rules nor its aesthetic. I would rather spend the points on things which are VERY good at a particular job. The Deredeo is NOT a BAD unit at all, but I would rather take more specialised units in my opinion... But what do I know!?

    Peace out,

    Thanks to Rob Hill of 30Kplus40K!

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    The NOVEMBER cover of White Dwarf has Custodes and "The Burning of Prospero" game.

    What else?

    The Burning of Prospero is the new Board Game
    Age of Darkness: Rules for Legio Custodes in Horus Heresy
    New Models for the Legio Custodes and more.


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    The Black Library has released a web page with the reading order for The Horus Heresy Books.

    Now if they could just organize all the short stories!

    I am into Angels of Caliban by Gav Thorpe right now.  A little behind, but always a pleasure to read these books.  Adds so much to the game.


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  • 09/26/16--15:08: Custom Mastodon!

  • What you really want is a custom Mastodon!

    John Standford posted about his custom Mastodon over on Heresy30K Forums, so I thought I would reprint it here:

    I was dissapointed when Forgeworld first anounced the Mastodon - while it featured the dual-tracks mentioned in the background I didn't care for its overall lines and it didn't seem to feature many of the signature space marine vehicle traits one normally looks for.  When I scaled out their preview against the turntable it was displayed on its footprint turned out to be minimally larger than a Fellblade.  I have long been a fan of the Fellblade and it variants so decided to see what was possible building a transport based on the Fellblade chassis.

    The main basis of the conversion is just the front half of a Spartan model wedged between Fellblade sides.  The magna-melta from a Caestus Assault Ram I had sitting around fit rather nicely into the Spartan Heavy Bolter turret (though one can bash one from a pair of Spartan exhaust pipes pretty easily also, which is what I'll do to replace the Caestus' gear eventually).  The Fellblade side doors were filled in and a 1" drill bit then used to create the recesses for the front flamer sponsons converted from a pair of GW Sentinel flamers.

    For inspiration on the upper superstructure I looked to (and used parts from) the Sicaran tanks. The front coupola from a Sicaran was mounted to the right side with the remainder boxed in with plasticard sheet.  Various components from the Sicaran Venator roof were cut up and arranged on the top of the superstructure to look 'busy' and to frame around a standard size razorback turret ring.  It was then sheathed with additional layers of plasticard on the sides in patterns inspired by typical 30k SM vehicle features.

    I wanted to keep the fellblade rear exhaust system but needed clearance for the rear access door so elevated the exhaust stacks to the upper structure, but extended the piping down along the rear access sides.  The door doesn't quite clear the pipes swinging straight down, so I explain it via a complex hydraulic system hidden inside which drops the door down first to clear before swinging out.

    Various plasticard bits were added to detail out the deck area, with Tichy Train Group rivets liberally added throughout.  The fuel tanks are a design I created which I add to all my Fellblade chassis, based on the type sold by Blood and Skulls Industries for the plastic Baneblade.  Blood and Skulls has my master for the 30k Fellblade fuel tank - if enough people ask them to produce them maybe he'll add them to the store.

    In all I'm very pleased w/ how it turned out, and just have a couple touch-up areas before it gets painted up for my son's Death Guard army.  The only down-side I've found is the doors are a bit low for a Contemptor Dreadnaught to assault out of - but I've built a solution for that also:

    John Stanford

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    Forge World takes on the sons!

    From Forge World:

    This Thousand Sons Legion Transfer Sheet is packed with the symbols of your Legion and is perfect for personalising the models in your Thousand Sons collection.

    This A4 sized sheet is filled with a huge number of symbols including Legion honour and rank markings, squad markings for vehicles and infantry, and full, detailed banners.

     Buy it on the Forge World website.

    I am in!


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    The coming of the Stormbird!

    Our good friend Larry Vela posted this on Bell of Lost Souls, and it was important enough to post here!

    The Warhawk VI dropship, commonly known as the Stormbird, was an assault and transport aircraft used by the Space Marine Legions during the Great Crusade, before the introduction of the smaller Thunderhawk pattern.


    The Stormbird was developed to replace the older Skylance gunships of the Unification Wars. Capable of both void and atmospheric flight, the Stormbird was first manufactured on Terra, by the Yndonesic Bloc for use against the Panpacific tribes, during the end stages of the Unification Wars. The Stormbird could carry at least 50 fully armored marines into battles.Alternatively it could carry up to 5 Dreadnoughts, including the mighty Leviathan; Jump-pack equipped infantry; Rapier batteries; bikes; jetbikes; a Rhino armoured transport; or a mixed force. The Stormbird’s standard armament was four turret-mounted twin linked lascannons, three twin-linked heavy bolters, and a complement of six dreadstrike missiles. It was also equipped with particularly dense composite armour plating, and is further protected by a series of void shield generators which it can extend to protect disembarking troops and war machines. Its shields allowed it to be impervious to all ground fire save Defense Lasers.

    They were in use throughout the Great Crusade, although by the time of the Horus Heresy, most of the Legions had switched to the smaller, more agile Thunderhawk. The Luna Wolves were one of the few Legions that deliberately kept Stormbirds in service, since these ships had carried them into battle since the beginning. A Stormbird was piloted by two Marines sitting back-to-back, along with two hard-wired servitors. During the Heresy, Nathaniel Garro, former Captain of the Death Guard Legion, used a Stormbird to travel to various planets, on the orders of Malcador the Sigillite. Like Garro’s Power Armour, the ship bore no Legion insignia or colours, and was a uniform grey.

    All but a legend by the final years of the 41st Millennium, no new examples of the Stormbird have been constructed in almost a millennia, for much of the technology that allows such a behemoth to function is no longer understood. However some aging Stormbirds are still utilized by some Chaos Space Marine forces such as the Word Bearers.

    Horus Rising states that “They sat in two rows of three, wings extended” ; therefore it is possible that their wings can be folded or collapsed in some manner.

    Sokar Stormbird (yellow), Thunderhawk (Grey), Storm Eagle (Red)

    Sokar Pattern Stormbird

    The Sokar Pattern Stormbird, known as the Death Bird to the Imperial Army was a dedicated landing craft variant of the Stormbird, developed from Warhawk and Nephoros class assault craft. It was used by the Yndonesic Bloc during the Unification Wars and later adopted by the Imperium. The design was one of the larger craft used by the Imperium and was the direct precursor to the Thunderhawk.

    Notable Stormbirds

        • Firebird - The Firebird was a heavily modified Stormbird which served as the personal transport for the PrimarchFulgrim during the Great Crusade. Launched from the Pride of the Emperor, the Firebird took part in the Cleansing of Laeran.[1]

    Earlier Pattern Stormbirds

    These images from very early in EPIC’s history in the 1990s are believed to be possible Stormbird Patterns.

    Thank to Larry for a nice summary of the newest Marine Flyer!


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    Magnus the Red is coming!

    Leaked pics of the 40K version of Magnus coming out.

    Details to follow!


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    Prospero Burns!

    The next Horus Heresy set is here and it looks AMAZING!  here are the photos and video to get you fired up.

    And the obligatory Warhammer TV video!

    I am buying 10.


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    Custodes and SIsters of Silence rumored stats.

    They look pretty awesome!

    "via B&C’s StaggerLee 10-15-2016"

    According to a mate, these are the profiles for custodes and sisters:

    ws6, bs4, s5, t5, w2, i5, a3, ld10, 2+/4++.
    hatred, furious charge, rampage.

    ws5, bs4, s3, t3, w1, i5, a2, ld10, 2+.
    Preferred enemy (psykers), hatred (psykers)
    furious charge and a pariah blade which inflicts ID on any model with the psyker special rule and otherwise is ap3.
    they will have the pariah rule meaning they can never be the target of any psychic power. and all psychic powers cease to be in effect within 6″ of the unit



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  • 10/20/16--12:16: A REAL Chainsword!

  • Man at Arms makes a real-life chainsword!
    You need to watch this:

    From io9:

    The grim dark future of the 41st century needs a weapon as ludicrously gritty as the setting of Warhammer 40,000—and the chainsword, standard melee weapon of the hulking Space Marines, definitely fits the bill. But now such a silly weapon has been made in our reality, and it’s just as awesome.<

    The latest pop culture weapon crafted by the folks at Man at Arms—who’ve brought everything from lightsaber-inspired Katanas to Voltron’s blazing sword to life through the power of hitting things really hard with big hammers and giant cutting tools—is a little different than their usual fare. After all, there’s no real blade to a chainsword—it’s just a ginormous chainsaw you wield like a sword. But it’s still a fascinating process to watch them put it all together, and then clad the sawblade in the traditional markings of the Emperor’s finest sons, from the Blood Angels livery to the wax-stamped scriptures. It might be hugely impractical in real life, but a chainsword is still totally rad.

    Now, go find some Orks!


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    Rules are out for Custodes and Sisters of Silence on the official GW web page.

    But are these 40K rules?  That is quite interesting since neither unit appears in 40K fluff as being around at that point, only 30K fluff.

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