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Horus Heresy 30K news for modelers, gamers and geeks. Warhammer 40,000, Forgeworld, Games Workshop

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    The latest wonder from Tom McBride's Blood & Skulls Industry
    As always, I love Tom's stuff, and his latest construct is now live and available on eBay.

    From Machinator aka Tom McBride:

    This all started a few months back when I was asked by Feast of Blades (  if I could provide some prize support for their event in October.  As I’ve been a longtime supporter of theirs I quickly agreed and began to wrack my brain for ideas for something new.   After much pondering I came up with a couple of concepts but was undecided as to which to pursue (you know what one of the options was, I’ll save the other one for later ;) ).  Even after posting the question on my Facebook page the vote was nearly split as to which they’d like to see.  But one post caught my eye and it simple stated “a Multilauncher with several different sizes missile tubes.   A size for every occasion.”  Hmmm, I like that idea.  What about a bunch of smaller missiles surrounding some really big missiles?  Madness?  Well yeah- but also one hell of an idea! 

    And there is a data sheet:

    You can find all the Blood & Skulls items on eBay here.


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  • 10/27/13--08:18: Sisters Round Up

  • The Sisters codex has been digitally released and here are some highlights.
    The Sisters got a good buff, with some most excellent wargear. 

    Shield of faith gives 6++ and adamantium will now.
    No more faith points, acts are one use only and passed on a leadership test.
    Priests get war hymns that give some pretty good buffs on a leadership test.
    Rhinos up 5 points
    Immolators down 5 and multi-melta upgrade is now free
    Exorcist down 10 (holy :cuss)
    Celestine up to 135 and weapon now gives S+2 AP3, also she gets back up with full rules.
    Jacobus up to 100 and banner is worse.
    Celestines down to 14 and get furious charge AoF
    Command squads get unliimted specials and no longer have to take hospitaler and dialogus, dialogus can take relics.
    Repentia down to 14 and get fnp 3+ as AoF
    Battle sisters as seen on black library site but AoF now gives preferred enemy
    Seraphim special weapons halved in price, AoF gives shred
    Dominions get 4 specials in 5 woman squads

    Dominions' new act of faith lets them ignore cover instead of twin-linked. 

    Warlord Traits:

    1 - Executioner: Warlord gains Fear.
    2 - Indomitable: Warlord and unit with Shield of Faith have 5+ invulnerable save.
    3 - Pure: Warlord and unit reroll failed Deny the Witch
    4 - Rage: Warlord gains Rage.
    5 - Beacon: All units within 12" of Warlord use her leadership on Acts or Hymn tests.
    6 - Orator: Friendlies within 12" gain Stubborn. 

    There is no 3 wound priest anymore (apart from Jacobus), just the 1 wound version. Take upto 5 (dont take up a HQ slot) and for each one you may select a battle conclave. They are cheaper than before (almost half their cost from WD) and have the Zealot USR and a rule called War Hymns. When the priest is engagaed in melee he may make a Ld test at the beginning of each Fight sub-phase and habe a special effect take place for that combat,. The effects are re-roll all failed armour and invulnerable saves until the end of the phase, the priest gets Smite or Priest and his unit re-roll failed rolls To Wound.  

    Relics are pretty standard, blessed blade is back, S+2 AP3 master crafted,
    Cloak lets you reroll failed armour saves and shield of faith saves,
    Mantle gives eternal warrior. 
    The Exorcist is unchanged
    Immolater turret weapons are free

    Well, I hope you Sisters players enjoyed the round up.  Now go kill pskyers!


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    What are the biggest mysteries of the 40K Universe? 

    Larry over at BoLS posted this and it is worth a reprint.  This is exactly what I love about the fluff of 40K.   There are 10,000 years of history and so much has happened.  We don't know everything, and we don't have all the answers, and probably never will.  But that is cool, because we get to have great discussions about these mysteries.

    If you want to discuss these, join the Heresy30K Forums as there is a discussion going on there.

    So here they are.  Questions without answers...maybe.   

    10) What is the Harlequin's "horrific plan" to save the Eldar race?

    9) Who is the "giant of a man, clad in baroque power armor" in Trazyn the Infinite's gallery?

    8) Just who did Guilliman kill on Eskrador?

    7) What happened to the Old Ones?

    6) Who or what "pushed" the Tau from savages to high tech in mere centuries?

    5) What became of the loyal Thousand Sons fleet and Legionaries who fled Prospero before Leman Russ struck?

    4) Who are the Watchers in the Dark?

    3) Who was Malcador really?

    2) Why is Cypher trying to reach the Emperor?

    1) Last but not Least - Just who are those two missing primarchs?

    These are great questions and make the fluff interesting and compelling.  What do you think?


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    The Legion of the Damned has gotten some Black Library love.
    A total of six new short stories have been released in eBook form.

    From The Black Library;  

    Votum Infernus

    Fleeing in the aftermath of a terrible defeat, troopers of the Vostroyan Firstborn are being hunted by dark eldar. But as the mists thicken a strange figure appears on the battlefield, one clad in armour of blackest night.

    Amidst a gruelling war between the Imperial Fists and the Iron Warriors, a traitor guardsman encounters Space Marines the likes of which he has never seen before.

    Ship of the Damned 

    Trapped in the belly of the ship with death on all sides, Agentha’s only hope is a mysterious black object taken from a group of refugees...but will it send help, and what will be left of them when it does? 
    When dark legionnaires led by the mysterious Brother-Sergeant Centurius emerge from the catacombs to aid in the defence of an Imperial city, it becomes worryingly unclear what exactly they might expect in return...

    There are phantoms abroad, warriors of darkness and flame. The Company of Misery is now confronted by the Legion of the Damned, and the terrified scribes of the Librarium find themselves caught in a war between the armies of horror and terror.

    Spectral Space Marines, their black armour adorned with symbols of fire and death, move to engage the enemy, but can battle-brother Seoc of the Invaders Chapter survive the battle between the bloody-handed horror and the terrible revenants?

    All six Legion of the Damned stories in one handy download.

    So check them out if you love the Damned Legion!
    You can buy the eBooks here.


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    Forge World has just released their Ferrus Manus model.

    Whether you are a loyalist or a traitor, you have to agree that this is one beautiful model!

    From Forge World:
    The Primarch of the Iron Hands Legion was a figure of legend amongst the peoples of his home world of Medusa, named by them ‘the Gorgon’ after the most ancient of mythic creatures. Ferrus was amongst the strongest of the Primarchs, reflected in this giant figure, dwarfing many of his brother Primarchs.

    Ferrus Manus was blessed of a physiology remarkable even amongst the Primarchs. His arms were sheathed in liquid metal, the result, so the legends of Medusa claim, of a battle fought against the mightiest of beasts before he was re-united with the Emperor. His armour is as heavy and impenetrable as that of a super-heavy tank, yet he keeps both arms uncovered so that he might bring their full might to bear. The base of Ferrus Manus can also be combined with Fulgrim’s to create a diorama of the two Primarchs duelling, as shown is some of the photographs of the model.

    Ferrus Manus, designed by Simon Egan, is an amazingly detailed multi-part resin model armed with Forgebreaker and equipped with the Medusan Carapace. This latest edition to our Horus Heresy Character Series stands atop a scenic base depicting the carnage on Isstvan V. Available to pre-order now this model will be despatched from Friday 8th November. You can find out how Simon Egan approached this iconic project here.

    I am not sure how everyone doesn't want one of every primarch.  After Fulgrim, Ferrus Manus just tells you why Simon Egan is the man.


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  • 11/02/13--08:12: Inquisition Gets a Codex!

  • The Inqusition are getting their own Codex.

    November 9th you will be able to pre-order the new Codex: Inquisition
    From The Black Library:
    This November, you will be able to download the brand new Codex: Inquisition.

    A full codex, packed with background and artwork on the forces of the Imperium’s most secretive and powerful organization. You’ll soon be able to field an Inquisitor and their retinue in any Imperial army in games of Warhammer 40,000.

    We’ll be releasing more details on this book through our Facebook page as the date approaches, so make sure you’re signed up to follow us.

    In fact, once we reach 5,000 likes, we’re going to reveal the full cover of the book (so get your friends to sign up to if you want to see it) Here’s a little snippet.

    We’ll be back next week on Tuesday, with more Digital Editions news and more info on the upcoming Codex: Inquisition.



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    A Ravenguard Banner from Black Library is up on eBay.

    If you remember many months ago at The Black Library Weekender, The BL team had made 19 banners.  There were 20 different Space Marine Legion posters.  (There were two posters for the Word Bearers - pre & post Heresy, and one for the Luna Wolves and one for the Sons of Horus.)  These are 2M tall (about 6 1/2 ft) and 80cm wide (about 32").  They are printed on a thin vinyl and originaly cost 75£ each, or about $ 114.

    Here is the Ravenguard Banner on eBay

    Yeah, its mine.  So go bid if you are a son of Corax!

    (Tomorrow there is a Thounsand Sons print going up)


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  • 11/03/13--17:54: Imperial Guard are Coming

    The Imperial Guard Codex is coming in March 2014.

    The Codex will get many updates and an expanded command system with the return of Doctrines!

    The IG tanks that have been in the codex but which did not have models will be released.  So, expect a Griffon/Collosus/Medusa artillery kit .

    We will also see Stormtroopers and Veterans released and will include many, many optional bits to build command squads and even penal troops.

    Plus, there will be a Horus Heresy era tank.
    Looking forward to this!  So start saving now!


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    The second Warzone book for Apocalypse is now out.

    Following up on Damnos, is Pandorax.

    From Games Workshop:

    Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse: War Zone Pandorax is the third War Zone supplement to the Apocalypse rulebook. Each War Zone is based on a famous campaign from the history of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and describes the course of the war, the famous battles that were part of it, and the combatants that took part. It also includes all the special rules, missions and formations required to replay the campaign in games of Apocalypse.

    This 68-page, hardback, full colour supplement to the Apocalypse rulebook contains:

    - A detailed history of Abaddon's invasion of Pandorax that describes the course of the campaign, its battles, and the combatants.

    - A magnificent battle report fought on an Imperial spaceship and in the depths of space, presenting a ferocious battle from the campaign,

    - A miniatures showcase featuring the key troops and characters of War Zone Pandorax

    - New Apocalypse rules, including Death World Jungle Terrain special rules; 9 new strategic assets; 3 new Apocalypse missions; and 3 new Finest Hours special rules.

    - 19 new Apocalypse datasheets detailing the key formations of the Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons, Imperial Guard, Dark Angels, and Grey Knights.

    - An appendix section providing detail on Catachan regiments, fighting methods and weapons; battlefleets of the Imperium; and Chaos Space Marine battlefleets.

    Please note, If you wish to use War Zone Pandorax to play games, you will also need a copy of Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse and the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

    You can order it from Games Workshop here or go to your Friendly Local Game Store!


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    When The Black Library released the "Visions of Heresy" limited edition last week, it sold out!
    I was totally bummed as I hadn't been in a rush to drop $ 250 on it and now I was out of luck.  Well, it didn't take long for The Black Library staff to "find" some more that weren't sold "due to a technical issue".  

    Well, good for me, and now YOU.  While they went on sale yesterday at 11:00 GMT, that was 3am West Coast!  So I set my alarm for 2:50 and got up and got a copy.  Well, lucky for you, the latest batch didn't sell out and now you can still get yours here.

    Here is what I wrote two weeks ago and a great video:

    The original book was impressive, first released in four oversized trade paperbacks, then hardback versions of each of the four volumes, and then a slipcased, leather bound edition.  The new edition is a two volume hard cover with slip case and is very impressive.

    The best part is that the new edition macthes the Forge World books in format and design.  Plus, we get all new art in addition to some of the art from the old volume.  The old art was way too cartoony for me, and was made for the Warhammer 40K Collectible Card Game (CCG) from Sabertooth games.  Now we get a lot of new art more in line with what we are now used to seeing.


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  • 11/06/13--09:03: The Horus Heresy Timeline

  • The Black Library has put out a comprehensive list of all novels and anthologies in their Horus Heresy series.

    I have reprinted it here since so many times people want to know what is what.  Not all of us have been buying the novels for the last six years since day one. (I have!)

    From the Black Library:

    A Timeline of Treachery


    Book 1 – Horus Rising - Dan Abnett
    Book 2 – False Gods - Graham McNeill
    Book 3 – Galaxy In Flames - Ben Counter
    Book 4 – The Flight of the Eisenstein - James Swallow
    Book 5 – Fulgrim Graham McNeill
    Book 6 – Descent of Angels - Mitchel Scanlon
    Book 7 – Legion - Dan Abnett
    Book 8 – Battle for the Abyss - Ben Counter
    Book 9 – Mechanicum - Graham McNeill
    Book 10 – Tales of Heresy - edited by Nick Kyme and Lindsey Priestley
    Book 11 – Fallen Angels - Mike Lee
    Book 12 – A Thousand Sons - Graham McNeill
    Book 13 – Nemesis - James Swallow
    Book 14 – The First Heretic - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
    Book 15 – Prospero Burns - Dan Abnett
    Book 16 – Age of Darkness - edited by Christian Dunn
    Book 17 – The Outcast Dead - Graham McNeill
    Book 18 – Deliverance Lost - Gav Thorpe
    Book 19 – Know No Fear - Dan Abnett
    Book 20 – The Primarchs - edited by Christian Dunn
    Book 21 – Fear to Tread - James Swallow
    Book 22 – Shadows of Treachery - edited by Christian Dunn and Nick Kyme
    Book 23 – Angel Exterminatus - Graham McNeill
    Book 24 – Betrayer - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
    Book 25 – Mark of Calth - edited by Laurie Goulding
    Book 26 – Vulkan Lives - Nick Kyme

    These can be read in any order you choose, though we would suggest reading the first five books in the series before any others, as they lay a lot of the ground work, up to the Dropsite Massacre. We tend to find it easier to read the books in the order they were published, but if you want to go straight for one that details your favourite Legion’s exploits, then there’s also nothing wrong with that.


    Here, we’ve grouped the stories into approximate time periods relating to some of the pivotal events that have been covered in the main novels so far. This will help you work out where they fit in the timeline.

    The Seeds of Heresy are Sown
    Promethean Sun– Nick Kyme
    Dark King– Graham McNeill

    The Dropsite Massacre
    Raven’s Flight – Gav Thorpe
    Strike and Fade– Guy Haley
    Veritas Ferrum– David Annandale

    The Age of Darkness
    Army of One– Rob Sanders
    Kryptos– Graham McNeill
    Distant Echoes of Old Night– Rob Sanders
    Lost Sons– James Swallow
    The Divine Word– Gav Thorpe
    The Sigillite– Chris Wraight
    Wolf Hunt– Graham McNeill
    The Lightning Tower– Dan Abnett
    Warmaster – John French

    The Knights Errant
    Garro: Oath of Moment– James Swallow
    Garro: Sword of Truth– James Swallow
    Garro: Burden of Duty– James Swallow
    Garro: Legion of One– James Swallow
    Grey Angel – John French

    The Battle for Calth
    Butcher’s Nails– Aaron Dembski Bowden
    Honour to the Dead– Gav Thorpe
    Censure– Nick Kyme

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    The new Inquisition Codex arrives Saturday the 9th.

    Now if they would only hurry up with the hard cover!

      From The Black Library

    The rules in this book allow you to add the agents of the Inquisition into any Imperial force (as well as fielding them, begrudgingly, alongside the armies some of the less belligerent alien races), or field them as an army in their own right.
    The main focus is very definitely on the individual Inquisitors themselves, with every Inquisitor now having access to a bewildering array of options, wargear and armour, making them one of the most customisable characters in the galaxy (as it should be).
    There are also plenty of ways to represent your Inquisitor’s alignment to a particular Ordo, from weapons, unique Inquisitorial relics and three Warlord Traits tables for Xenos, Hereticus and Malleus Inquisitors.
    Speaking of Warlords, this codex allows you to have an Inquisitor leading your Imperial forces, even when he isn’t part of your Primary Detachment (would you argue with an Inquisitor about who’s in charge?).
    Of course, Inquisitors rarely travel alone. Instead they bring with them experienced warriors and specialists, not to mention their pick of the best transports from across the Imperium.
    This is great way to represent your Inquisitor’s own particular field of expertise. Will you have a radical Inquisitor leading ethereal squadrons of Daemonhosts, or an experienced alien hunter with a pack of Jokaero Weaponsmiths in tow? Of course, you’re welcome to mix the two if you like (but we can’t promise that your space-ape and possessed monstrosity will play well together)
    You’ll be able to pre-order your codex this Saturday, both as an interactive edition for iBooks, and as an eBook edition for your phone, tablet, computer and eReader.

    Go forth and hunt!


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    Another awesome Horus Heresy tank has been released by Forge World.
    Whle the images have been out for a while, Forge World now has officially released the Heresy-era version of the venerable Vindicator.

    From Forge World:

    The Deimos pattern is an early type of Vindicator used by the Space Marine Legions during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy, although many are still operational in the service of Space Marine Chapters in the 41st Millennium. A powerful assault tank, the Vindicator's principal armament is a heavy-calibre demolisher cannon capable of shattering fortifications and breaching the armour plates of tanks with equal ease. It is invaluable in urban warfare as it can blast and shunt its way through barricades and obstacles, enabling troops following behind free passage through streets that might have otherwise swiftly degenerated into kill zones.

    The Legion Deimos Pattern Vindicator, designed by Phil Stutcinskas, is a complete resin and plastic kit, and is available to buy now. Rules for the Legion Vindicator can be found in The Horus Heresy Book One – Betrayal.

    "Victory is won by the precise application of superior force at the point of maximum vulnerability."

    Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors

    You can buy the Deimos Vindicator here


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    Games Workshop will be beefing up the Imperial Guard with the upcoming release.

    And it looks like this is just the kit so many of us who actually use Veterans or Stromtroopers could use.

    Courtesy of StrykerSniper on Warseer

    I did have a tiny look behind the iron curtain of GWs privacy policies, and I was able to see some mockups of the new veterans/stormtrooper boxed set, and it would be an amazing kit to build warbands or stormtrooper squads. Also I saw a model that appeared to be an Inquisitor, and was wearing a long cloak and armor. I could see GW allowing stormtroopers as a troop choice to induce additional sales of the new kit, which, frankly, floored me. The details were great, with kasrkin style armor, and all sorts of weapons including hellguns, sniper rifles, special weapons, a cool missile launcher, a bunch of sergeant options, bolters, and lots of shotguns that managed to not look like scout shotguns. Also, the bolters did not look like marine shotuns, they were a little more human sized. Some of the poses were also amazingly dynamic. Some were stoic standing poses, while a couple were very John Woo! There were also a lot of extra bits, poches, packs, grenades, knives, some scanner like equipment, and what appeared to be night vision goggles. If i were a puppy, I would've piddled on the rug, and it was a supreme act of will not to grab the models and run for the door. Apparently, they have also been ready for some time. Please dear God, let these see the light of my hobby store soon and I will have at least 5 boxes! This might even revitalize my Guard army.

    Oh, and there were a bunch of heads! respirator heads, heads with berets, bald heads, heads with mohawks and crew cuts. Most were scarred, and one had an eyepatch, while another had a disfigured eye with what looked like claw marks, one head was smoking a stogie, and there were two heads with berets. There was even a knife that looked like a trench knife with raised knuckle dusters. There were scopes, a hand radio, and a bunch of bits for the bases including plants, a snake, and some ammo cans and satchel charges. There was even a hand holding an entrenching tool (shovel to you non-military types). There were a few holstered pistols, and as a delightful surprise, there were also autoguns in addition to lasguns, and there were bits for pistol and close combat weapon troops, although few were chainblades. There was a demo charge, melta bombs, and camo cloaks. I was very, very impressed. The attention to detail was phenomenal.

    I agree, I want 20-30 of these guys. 


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  • 11/10/13--09:09: Flash-Gitz Animation

  • Hey everyone. I thought I'd take some time to give Flashgitz some due coverage. If you haven't heard of these guys yet, you should definitely check them out. They have a hilarious weekly comic as well as some awesome cartoons on YouTube. However, none of their material is safe for work. I repeat, NSFW!
    Now, you may have seen their popular videos like Space Hulk and the Trials of Draigo, but you've probably not yet come across newer projects or their comic. They have a great new IP of their own called Super Future that's slowly growing as well as some other great videos that endorse projects in the 40k community and some others that voice dissent of the players. These are all still super hilarious and you should definitely give them a look below and subscribe to their YouTube channel here.

    Flashgitz' other great project Regular Marine is a weekly comic that follows the adventures of Space Marines Regulus and Marinus of the illustrious Ostrogoths chapter. Their adventures are increasingly insane and always funny and have seen everything from turning traitor to defeating the Avatar of Khaine, but never in a manner you'd expect. Again, I'll remind you that these are still mostly NSFW, so check them out when and where it's appropriate. You can find their comic here.

    Strip #1
    Son of Dorn

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  • 11/11/13--07:33: Inquisition Codex Details!

  • More detail on the Inqusition Codex from White Dwarf Daily. 

    This codex is shaping up to be a goodie.  Not that this army is going to be the next big Meta-changing army (I honestly don't give a damn about that), but it is going to give us GREAT fluff and a fun way to make our battle more fluffy.

    From The Black Library via White Dwarf:
    The front cover, illustrated by Marek Oken, is just one of the new pieces of artwork in the book, which focuses on the strange, dangerous and clandestine work of the Imperial Inquisition. The book talks in great depth about the three primary Ordos: the Ordo Hereticus, concerned with hunting down witches and psykers; the Ordo Xenos, tasked with the extermination of aliens; and the Ordo Malleus, who protect humanity from the Daemons of the Warp. Other Ordos are mentioned too, such as the sinister Ordo Sicarius and the unusual Ordo Chronos, who investigate (and try to prevent) time travel. The different factions of Inquisitors are talked about too, ranging from Thorians to Monodominants. Many famous (or notorious, depending on your point of view) Inquisitors are also covered in the book, including Gregor Eisenhorn, Witch Hunter Tyrus and Torquemada Coteaz.

    Codex: Inquisition allows you to include an Inquisitor and his retinue in your army, be they Space Marines, Imperial Guard or even Xenos races. There's unique wargear in the book, such as the Liber Heresius and new Warlord Traits which can help you define the role and personality of your Inquisitor. Are they readers of the Imperial Tarot or collectors of forbidden Xenos technology? There are also full rules and points for building an Inquisitorial retinue, including Acolytes, Arco-flagellants, Jokaero Weaponsmiths and plenty more besides. To help you start your own Inquisitorial warband, here's a selection of Inquisitorial miniatures, all of which are available through the Games Workshop website.





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    Well, a couple months on and the dust has long since settled. The Big Game III was a major success and everyone involved had a blast. Being relatively new to Apocalypse despite a 5 year tenure in 40k, I made the decision to get some help running the game. Now, to say help run the game is a bit of an over statement of my duties. I helped to set up and organize the event, but with the little to no experience I had, I didn't want folks looking to me for answers in how to work the game.

    Enter my gracious team leaders, Stephen Mark and Mark Studor. In the absence of the store owner, Bob Kelly, these two gentlemen stepped up and took on leadership of the two teams for the day. The got the teams balanced, the players organized, and got us through the full 3 turns of the game in time for dinner. Wow! Pretty fantastic for something they jumped into on short notice. With two large teams, the whole game room to ourselves, access to the store's reserves of Super-heavies (courtesy of Bob), a catered lunch of delicious sandwiches (from Sparky's Firehouse Subs), and our great team leaders, we had everything we needed to have a blast!

    But don't take my word for it. Check out the video below done through GrimDorks. After that, have a look at all the great photos of the event that my dad snapped for us.

    Our two gracious team leaders making a quick check on the rules.

    The excellent miniature gaming room at The Gamer's Haven

    The Chaos side of the table with one of the stores awesome Reaver Titans.

    The Imperial side of the table. The fight is heating up.

    Chaos Reaver from the front.

    The forces of disorder are all dug in.

    Stompas engaged!

    Supa-Chicken watching over the Chaos side.

    The fight on the East end heats up.


    The immortal Phantom Titan.

    Havenites representing!

    Reasonable Marines, I think.

    Ecclesiarchy Baneblade.

    Store's loyalist Reaver.

    The most plague infested loyalist tank there ever was ;)

    While everyone largely gave as good as they got, it was a blood bath. The forces of Chaos really took the initiaive and got onto the objectives early. The Imperial forces couldn't budge them and had many of their super-heavies explode along their lines. These two factors made for a tough, uphill battle. In the end, the day belongs to the Chaos/Xenos forces with a final score of 15 to 8.
    IMPERIAL 0 2 0 3 1 2 8
    XENOS 4 2 3 2 2 2 15

    That being said, everyone had a great time. We set what I'm fairly certain are new store records for an Apocalypse game, and many players said they'd enjoy participating again next year. The drop of the new Apocalypse book has also built enough interest to start a small Apocalypse club at the store. I intend to read through the new rules, myself so that next year I can have a bigger stake in the event. We set out to join in on the world record and came in at nearly 70,000 points!

    Imperil Team Total
                Points                 Miniatures          Vehicles
     33901 531 83
    Xenos Team Total
    Points Miniatures Vehicles
    35591 570 55

    Following are some of my own more amateur photos. Have another look at the blast we had and stay tuned for next year's details!

    The tables at setup. Turnout was so great, we needed an extra one!

    Son of Dorn

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    The Iron Hands supplement "Clan Raukaan" is set to be released.

    These supplements are the biggest change in Games Workshop's business model, and continue to show that The Black Library and Forge World are the divisions doing the really interesting work.  They give players a lot more options in how to customize their armies.  Now let's hope GW follows through with corresponding models!

    From The Black Library:

    Clan Raukaan is the second supplement for Codex: Space Marines, following on from Sentinels of Terra last month. The main focus of the book is the 3rd Company of the Iron Hands, but this is also by far the most comprehensive look at the background of the whole Chapter we’ve made yet, covering their 10,000 year history of battle in the Emperor’s name.

    The Iron Hands are famous for two things: their reliance on machines, and the fact their Primarch lost his head in the heat of battle (literally and figuratively).
    The new rules in the supplement represent both, with alternate modes of army selection allowing you to call on the armored might of Clan Raukaan, and Warlord Traits that mean your commander either embraces his Primarch’s legacy of battle fury, or has learned from his mistakes, and approaches battle with a cold, murderous logic. There’s also an impressive new arsenal of relics, fit for the champions of Medusa.

    One of our favorite parts of the book is the Echoes of War section. These missions allow you to recreate famous battles from Clan Raukaan’s history.
    One in particular caught our eye - Ambush on Skarvus – where the Iron Hands take on their ancestral foes: the Emperor’s Children. What’s particularly cool about this mission is how the artwork and photography accompanying it really capture the bitter struggle between these hated foes. 

    You’ll be able to pre-order your copy of Clan Raukaan this Saturday, both as an interactive edition for Apple iBooks, and an eBook Edition for your phone, tablet, eReader and computer.

    We can only hope that GW will increase the velocity of these releases.  I would buy each and every Space Marine supplement, just for the fluff.


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    Any discount on Forge World is always welcome.  And now you can get free shipping.

    You could always get free shipping for orders over £250, but not everyone spends that much money every time.  I always did as I am such a plastic crack addict.  But over the last year I have been a bit more frugal, so it is nice to get a discount on shipping. 

    How it works:

  • All orders placed with Forge World between 00:01 (GMT) 11th November 2013 and 23:59 (GMT) 20th December 2013 will receive a free Standard Shipping voucher within the order for use on a future order.
  • Free Standard Shipping vouchers must be redeemed before 18:00 (GMT) Friday 31st January 2014. There is no limit to the number of vouchers that you can collect or use.
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  • So time to load up on Forge World for Christmas (at least for yourself!) 

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    The next Sicaran variant has been released!

    These tanks are very popular because they are so bad-assed!  The next version is here and it mounts a VERY big gun.

    From Forge World:

    A variant of the Sicaran battle tank introduced towards the end of the Great Crusade, the Sicaran Venator is a purpose-built tank destroyer. It mounts the fearsome neutron laser system and the atomantic arc-reactors required to power it. The neutron laser is a formidable anti-armour weapon, and is capable of penetrating any known armour. The combination of mobility, protection and firepower being highly valued by the Space Marine Legions.

    The Sicaran Venator, designed by Phil Stutcinskas, is a complete resin kit that comes with a choice of lascannon or heavy bolter sponsons, as well as a remote turret-mounted heavy bolter. This model is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Saturday 30th November. 

    You can find the Sicaran Venator on the Forge World site here.



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