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Horus Heresy 30K news for modelers, gamers and geeks. Warhammer 40,000, Forgeworld, Games Workshop

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  • 11/16/13--06:05: Lysander is Coming!

  • One of the legends of the Space Marines is getting his own book.
    Darnath Lysander is back and seeking revenge in the latest Space Marine battle book from The Black Library. 

    From The Black Library:

    The Story

    Held prisoner for years at the hands of the Iron Warriors, Captain Darnath Lysander returns to the world of Malodrax with the Imperial Fists Chapter at his shoulder to exact revenge on his one-time captors. What bargains did he make to escape the world that had become his gaol and to what lengths will he go to keep those pacts veiled from his battle brothers?

    About this edition

    An Imperial Fists Space Marine Battles novel by Ben Counter. Includes maps and character profiles.

    Malodrax is released in stores on Saturday December 14th. All pre-order copies will commence shipping in the week commencing December 9th.

    You can pre-order Malodrax on the Black Library website.

    So all you Imperial Fists players should be happy till your Codex Supplement comes out.


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    Games Workshop is continuing its pricey high quality editions with The Chaos Collection.

    Priced at $ 290, this collection contains the Chaos Codex, Daemon Codex, Black Legion Supplement and a special art folio, all hard bound and in a special case.  The edition is limited to $ 500.

    From Games Workshop: 

    The Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Collection

    Limited to 500 copies worldwide, the Chaos Collection is the ultimate compendium for all those tainted by the warp.

    This collection contains four volumes, all fitting snugly inside a weighty, heavy duty, matte black box. The box itself is emblazoned with two Chaos icons on the front and back, only by opening the magnetic seal will you reveal the true nature of the contents.

    Each volume is presented in a premium matte black hardcover with black page edgings and finishing touches such as high gloss Chaos icons on the spine.

    In the box you will find:
    - Codex: Chaos Space Marines
    - Codex: Chaos Daemons
    - Black Legion A Codex: Chaos Space Marine Supplement (available for the first time in print)
    - An art folio containing three collectible prints of the artwork from the original book covers

    There is also a mysterious design on the corner of each cover that seems to carry some significance. We'd advise you don't put the four corners together as we can't be held responsible for the consequences...

    You can get this special limited edition on the pre-order page here

    Where's my Raven Guard book!!!!


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  • 11/16/13--19:21: Munitorum Backpack Released

  • Games Workshop has released another backpack as they did a few years ago.
    I have had a few of the last one and they are great items to carry your rulebooks and such in.

    From Games Workshop:

    Munitorum Battlepack
    This handy, versatile bag has been designed in the image of a kit bag worn by the regiments of the Imperial Guard. We have a limited supply in stock, so order yours now to avoid missing out. Once they're gone, they're gone!

    There is plenty of room to carry your figure cases and rulebooks to your battles, and the big pockets are perfect for your dice, tape measures and all your other accessories. Of course, it's not just for gamers. Any fan of Warhammer 40,000 would love to have the Muitorum Backpack for everyday use.

    Also included are two badges that can be pinned onto the bag. The first is the insignia of the famed Imperial Guard regiment, the Tanith First and Only; the second is the 8-pointed Chaos star. Fans of the Gaunt's Ghosts novels will notice that the Tanith First and Only badge features the complete blades, rather than the broken versions. We thought we'd let you make the choice as to whether you consider yourself to have passed combat training or not...

    This product is only Available While Stocks Last.

    You can buy the backpack on the Games Workshop website. 


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  • 11/17/13--08:18: Finecast: Dead or Alive?

  • Let the Finecast wars begin!

    From Larry on BoLS 

    Lots going on behind the scenes at GW - Look for a public announcement in Q2 of 2014 regarding Finecast: -GW Proper gets out of Finecast entirely. -Forgeworld will take control of all remaining Finecast character models. -These character models will be the only non-plastics in GW's line until they are replaced. -These character models will be moved over to plastic (and GW control) in time with plastic clampack resculpts.  -There are internal tests taking place to cast some existing Forgeworld resin kits in a new plastic material. It looks like the resin material is on its way out, and GW is sprinting as fast as it can to replace any Finecast non character kits from their entire range - leaving them as a 100% plastic manufacturer.
    If you look at the past few releases, you can see the pattern.

    Meanwhile, over at Blood of Kittens:

    Well I am sad to report these rumors are fine crap.

    First, off GW and public announcements never go together. The idea of Forgeworld taking over Finecast models is completely preposterous, since they use different methods to produce models and while together still different design and produce models separately. This would take a communication between operations, which has never happen before.
    Of course, the basis for this rumor relies on the current Finecast-less releases of late. Funny, it appears a few days after the leak of Hive Guard in plastic as well. This is a safe rumor because recent history makes it easy to extrapolate.
    Now, it is true Finecast is on the back burner, but it is all based on quality control and production. Finecast has become more direct order than anything, because GW wants to limited returns and control the entire process directly. Also, production being removed from North American might have something to with the perception.
    If a model can be made in plastic it will, and Finecast over time will go away, but it will take a long time. There is no rush to re-sculpt characters unless timed with a new release. No better evidence is Sisters of Battle, which are still in metal!
    Above all, sources came out against this rumor, in much the same way the fake "leaked" 6th edition rules set came out.
    Read the whole article here: 

    So who is right?  I think GW is phasing out Finecast.  The Quality is weak and Injection molding is the way things are heading.  The profit margin is just so much better on injection molded models with almost zero QC issues.  But it may take some time.  But eventually Finecast is going to disappear.  I really don't think it was ever more than a stop gap to get GW out of metal and into plastic.


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    The latest GW video is out, this time for the Iron hands Clan Raukaan Supplement.
    It went on sale Saturday on pre-release. The video has lots of previews.

    Go get it Sons of Medusa!


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    It is bundle time for 40K.  Some save you good money, some don't save you anything.

    The army bundles seem to be good deals while the terrain bundles offer no discount. You can see them all here.

    Tau Empire Firebase Support Cadre

    1 Riptide
    6 Broadsides

    Value    $ 385
    Cost      $ 290
    Savings $  95

    Eldar Ghost Warriors

    1 Wraithknight
    3 Wraithguard
    2 Wraithlords

    Value    $ 357.50
    Cost      $ 270
    Savings $ 87.50

    Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing

    1 Storm Raven
    2 Storm Talon

    Value    $ 173.50
    Cost      $ 140
    Savings $ 33.50

    Tempestus Firebase

    1 Wall of Martyrs - Aquila Strongpoint
    2 Wall of Martyrs - Firestorm Redoubts
    1 Wall of Martyrs - Imperial Defence Emplacement
    1 Wall of Martyrs - Vengeance Weapons Battery

    Value    $ 324.75
    Cost      $ 250
    Savings $ 74.75

    Warhammer 40,000 Legendary Battlefield

    1 Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard
    2 Wall of Martyrs - Aquila strongpoints
    2 Wall of Martyrs - Vengeance Weapons Batteries
    2 Wall of Martyrs - Imperial Bunkers
    2 Wall of Martyrs - Firestorm Redoubts
    2 Wall of Martyrs - Imperial Defence Lines
    2 Wall of Martyrs - Imperial Defence Emplacements
    1 Moonscape
    1 Basilica Administratum
    1 Manufactorum

    There is NO discount on this.  It sells for the cost of the individual models.  $1,048.75

     Warhammer 40,000 Battlefield

    1 Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard
    2 Imperial Bastions
    1 Skyshield Landing Pad
    2 Battlescapes
    1 Sanctum Imperialis
    1 Basilica Administratum
    3 Aegis Defence Lines

    There is NO discount on this.  It sells for the cost of the individual models.  $636.75

    1 Imperial Bastion
    2 Aegis Defence Lines
    1 Skyshield Landing Pad
    1 Shrine of the Aquila
    1 Battlescape

    There is NO discount on this.  It sells for the cost of the individual models.  $221.25

    Warhammer 40,000 Munitorum Tape Measure
    Warhammer 40,000 Munitorum Templates
    Warhammer 40,000 Psychic Cards
    Dice Cube

    $ 57.75 (These items are not all available individually) 

    So there you go.  Tau and Eldar players make out well.  And considering they are the two most powerful armies right now, the rich keep getting richer!


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    Some interesting Apoc rumors from Bell of Lost Souls this week.

    1) Apocalypse Supplement
    There has been lots of chatter of a followup book for Apocalypse that will not only provide rules for bringing superheavies (or a small carefully crafted selection of them) into your ordinary Warhammer 40K games.  It is also said to be a platform for the release of some new fortification kits.

    2) New Plastic Apocalypse Kits 
    There will be new Apocalypse kits coming in plastic to increase the range, both Xenos and Imperial.  So far we have:

    Baneblade - Imperial Guard
    Shadowsword/variants - Imperial Guard
    Stompa - Orks
    Tesseract Ark - Necrons
    Lord of Skulls - Chaos

    We saw those last two introduced  together with Apocalypse 2.0  A further supplement with fortifications and 2 new plastic Apoc kits in 2014 would exactly mirror the pattern from this year.   But if you look at that list of plastic Superheavies and wanted to add 2 to spread the love around between the major armies in the game there is a big white elephant in the room isn't there? The plastic Thunderhawk.

    Then stuff like this started to show up from multiple sources:
    -Plastic Thunderhawk - 2014
    -Not an exact duplication of Forgeworld's kit due to the need to streamline for a limited number of sprues and boxing size limitations.
    -Additional weapon hardpoints and weapon options compared to the Forgeworld kit.  Look for weapon hardpoints and options from other Space Marine flyer kits for clues.
    -Multiple T-Hawk sub-variants can be built from the kit. ~editor's note: Forgeworld only offers the "standard" and "transport" versions, unless this is referring to things like Marine, Grey Knight, Inquisition, CSM variants...The Thunderhawk and other(s) plastic Apocalypse kit will be the featured new models in the 2014 Apocalypse Supplement.
    Now if there is something that the 40K community treats like an urban legend it's any talk of the semi-legendary plastic Thunderhawk.  Like Nessie, Bigfoot and UFOs, we all want to believe.  There have been second hand accounts over the years, always just out of touch... But this is the highest concentration and most specific chatter we've heard so far.

    We rate these rumors as follows:

    Apocalypse Stuff: Probable coming from multiple known sources 

    Thunderhawk Stuff: Possible coming from multiple sources, but it involves the words "Thunderhawk" and "Plastic" so we rolled it back one notch...

    So there you go!  Let's see what happens.  I for one want 2 plastic Thunderhawks.


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    Another of Tom McBride's awesome Fellblades is going on the auction block!

    From Tom McBride:

    With the holidays coming up I thought it would be in the spirit of the season to give a little something back to the community. So I’ve decided that this item will go up for auction with ALL of the money raised going to Toys for Tots just in time for Christmas! I’ll even cover the shipping cost. Not only will be fun but it will be going towards a great cause as well.

    Follow Tom's Facebook page, where he will announce when the auction goes live.

    As the owner of two of Tom's models, I can say these are the centerpiece of your army.  So stay tuned to Tom's Facebook and go buy his parts and convert your own Baneblade into a Fellblade!  You can find them on eBay here.


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    Larry over at BoLS has posted this update of the army releases for the next year.  

    Games Workshop has obviously made a commitment to release new armies every quarter, as evidenced this past year.  This is great for us gamers, and good for GW's quest for more profits (like every other corporation in the world, well, except for Costco).  

    And since the price increases we have seen from GW over the past few years cannot continue (the majority of gamers have significantly slowed their purchasing because of the increases) GW needs to rely on new armies to sell, as much as bringing in new gamers.

    And for us hard core gamers, new armies are always good news.  

    So here is what Larry posted:

    December/January: Tyranids
    Q1-14: Imperial Guard
    Q2-14: Orks
    Q3-14: Space Wolves
    Q4-14: Dark Eldar

    You should treat each quarter as less reliable than the one preceding it.  Based on this list the following codexes would not have updates.

    Blood Angels
    Grey Knights

    For information on WHFB, check out Larry's complete article here

    So what we see is a LOT of armies coming out this coming year and every army will have a new codex by the end of 2015.  It also means a ton of new models.

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    Forge World once again came out with a list of their top ten sellers.  No surprises really.  

    10. Space Marine Fire Raptor

    9. Legion Mk III Iron Armour

    8. Emperor's Children Phoenix Terminators

    7. Legion Mk IV Maximus Armour

    6. Legion Praetors

    5. Imperial Armour Apocalypse
    4. Tau XV107 R'varna Battlesuit

    3. Horus Heresy Book One: Betrayal

    2. Erebus and Kor Phaeron

    1. The Horus Heresy Book Two: Massacre

    So did you buy anything in October?  If so, what?


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  • 11/21/13--18:00: Farseer Report: Spring 2014

  • The end is nigh, for Armageddon approaches! But first, let's play some catch-up and see how my last predictions landed.

    For those unfamiliar, I've made it a small theme of my writings to occasionally predict the near future of the hobby based on its current ebb and flow. Now mind you, I'm not being fed any specific rumors. These are simply my opinions of what will happen based on general rumor flow, current releases, and common sense.
    Now, I first called the appearance of additional psychic charts in codexes when 6th first dropped, and proceeded to write a pretty long and involved piece on how I believed that the Imperial Fists would receive their own codex. Well, now that the new Space Marine codex has dropped, we can look at how close I was, or may have been.

    Well, as we all know by now, IF didn't get their own book. However, neither did the Black Templars; and this after almost a year of supposed confirmation at expos/events/conventions from the design team that they wouldn't be rolled into another codex. Even so, this still isn't entirely true due to the advent of Codex Supplements; the first of which being Sentinels of Terra (Imperial Fists). I'm not entirely sure if I can say I was totally incorrect, because if the Iyanden Supplement had failed, I'm betting it would have drastically altered general strategy at Games Workshop. This could also because I'm too arrogant to admit I could have been wrong, but I'll let you be the judge of that. I would also like to point out the crenelated boots on the IF special edition codex cover, and on page 40, that I had previously made note of in my past article.

    Another thing of note, in regards to Space Marine supplements, is that they've already told us the first two. In the Space Marine codex, you'll notice that the tactical squads in the Army Showcase for the Imperial Fists and the Iron Hands are both labeled as their respective companies that have gotten supplements. I'd say that this is a strong indicator of the beginning of a pattern. I'll let you skim through to see what companies are presented for the other chapters. With the Game's Workshop: Digital Editions now having confirmed that the background for the supplements is written in committee in much the same way as the new rules, I think we're in for a new golden era of 40k. Mat Ward's team really hit Sentinels of Terra out of the park.

    With that out of the way, let's delve into the next 6 months of 40k. The first thing I'd like to cover is the 50 mm base. This is a HUGE change and I've not seen anyone covering it. Remember ages ago when the Tyranids got a kit for the Trygon/Mawloc and it came with this weird new base? And now nearly every faction makes use of this base for either monstrous creatures or flyers. What could that mean for the 50 mm base? With the release of Space Marines, we now see that not every race gets a giant robot, but now there's a new size unit opening up. I'd wager we'll see several new Tyranids based on this size of base as well as new Ork units. For Imperial Guard, we could see some sensible redesigns on Ogryn and Heavy weapons teams to adjust them to this base, as well.

    Now, from the rumor mill, we've heard what releases Spring will hold. In January, we're going to see a new Tyranid codex, and presumably an Ultramarines 3rd Company supplement to counter them. With Tyranids and Tyranic War Veterans, we'll probably also see Warzone Maccrage. These all go together too nicely for it not to happen. We have also heard that the following releases will be Orks and Imperial Guard, and not necessarily in that order. Orks and Imperial Guard drop (with redone Steel Legion) right before when we can presume Blood Angels and Space Wolves will be redone. Aaron Dembski-Bowden has also admitted to returning to Helsreach with an up and coming sequel. All of this and more gives us a recipe; a recipe for Warzone Armageddon!

    With Games Workshop supposedly merging websites with Black Library and Forge World this Spring, I think Armageddon gives them the perfect opportunity to reintroduce world wide campaigns. The Armageddon included in the new release of Apocalypse doesn't include the third war. I think we'll be given the opportunity to rewrite the outcome of the Third War for Armageddon. Again, however, this is just my take on events. But current patters seem to point us to this or something like it. What do you think?

    Edit: What do you think? Well, you've told me. As it's been pointed out, I was mistaken about the Third War being in Warzone Armageddon. My admittedly brief skimming of it is likely to blame. So where does this leave us? Back at my original premise: It's time for a Fourth War! We've seen the fluff advanced to a large degree in Sentinels of Terra and I believe this to be the next step in how these advancements are treated. This would also leave a new campaign entirely fresh for development and player influence. This is a longer shot than what I proposed previously, but I remain hopeful. :)

    Son of Dorn

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    Jim Wappel is simply my favorite 40K painter.

    I met him at Adepticon a few years ago and took some of his painting classes there.  He was super nice and very passionate about his work and helping others learn how to paint.

    So every time I see something on his amazing blog I share it with you.  Of course, if I really did this, I would be posting his stuff every day!  I hope you check out his site and follow his work.

    Check out Jim Wappel's site.


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    Forge World does such a great job providing rules for their models.  

    Remember, their core competency is producing resin models.  But they also give you the rules for how to play them and present those in beautiful books (Imperial Armour) that are the standard in the gaming industry.

    So the other day Forge World released updated rules for the Space Marines in those books.

    You can download the new Space Marine Chapter Tactics here.

    You can download the new Space Marine Badab War character rules here.

    As always, support Forge World by buying their stuff!


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    Forge World has released the Castellum Stronghold.

    One of the cooler pieces of Forge World ingenuity, you can get it individually or in bundles that save you money.

    From Forge World:

    When the situation calls for a prolonged deployment, Space Marines can rapidly construct modular fortified structures, known as Castellum Strongholds, to use as forward operating bases on a planet’s surface.

    Designed by Blake Spence, the Realm of Battle Space Marine Castellum Stronghold is a 24" x 24" (609 mm x 609 mm) tile which can fit the Citadel Realm of Battle board. The model features areas that can accommodate Tarantula Sentry turrets, and its design allows several boards to be put together, expanding the size of the base. The Castellum Stronghold will be available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Saturday 30th November.

    Castellum Strongholds were used in our Isstvan V display boards at Games Day UK which you can see here.

     Battle Ready Space Marine Castellum Stronghold
     This is a bundle for those who want more firepower!

    Bundle includes:  

    Castellum Stronghold
    Space Marine Air Defense Missile Launcher
    Space Marine Air Defense Command Platform
    Space Marine Tarantula with Lascannon
    Space Marine Tarantula with Heavy Bolters and  
    Space Marine Tarantula with Multi-Melta

    It costs £160 or $260.  Save £19.50 or $32

    Space Marine Castellum Citadel
    This is a bundle that includes enough stuff to fortify a planet!

    Bundle includes:  

    Castellum Stronghold x4,  
    Space Marine Air Defense Missile Launcher x4,  
    Space Marine Air Defense Command Platform x1,  
    Space Marine Tarantula with Lascannon x4,  
    Space Marine Tarantula with Heavy Bolters x4 and  
    Space Marine Tarantula with Multi-Melta x4.

    It costs £600 or $974.  Save £67 or $109

    You can get it here.


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  • 11/25/13--07:03: Clan Raukaan Rules Out!

  • The Iron Hands are here! Clan Raukaan is out and the Iron Hands get buffed! 

    I for one love seeing more differentiation between Space Marine chapters, and the Iron Hands have been so neglected for so long.   It seems now they are getting some interest by fans, and this book will help.

    Here are the details:

    via Deadlift on the BoLS Lounge:

    Army Rules

    March of the Ancients
    Allows us to take Ironclads, Venerable and standard Dreadnoughts in elites and heavy support.

    Scions of the Forge
    For every HQ (not including other Techmarines, Servitors, Command Squads or Honour Guard) slot you use you may take a Techmarine which will not use up a FoC slot, If you take a Master of the Forge then that unlocks 3 Techmarines.  

    Gifts of Gorgon
    Any Character in your Clan Raukaan detachment can only use the chapter relics listed in the supplement.

    Warlord Traits
    You can choose to either roll on the the warlord traits in the main rule book (not space marine codex) or on the traits available in the supplement. 

    1. Adapt of the Omnissiah
    In each of the shooting phases, instead of firing his weapon, a character with this rule may choose to repair a single vehicle that he is in base contact with or embarked upon. To repair a vehicle roll a d6 and add any modifiers
    servitors with servo arm +1
    character has servo-harness +1
    if you get a 5 or more you may either restore a hull point or repair a weapon destroyed or immobilised result immediately

    2. Will of Iron
    Your Warlord is fearless 

    3. Flesh is Weak
    Warlord adds +1 to his FNP roll 

    4. Student of History
    Your Warlord and any Clan Raukaan detachment can choose to automatically fail any morale check

    5.Merciless Resolve
    Your Warlord and all friendly Clan Raukaan units within 12" have the Crusader special rule

    6.Target Protocols
    Warlord and any Clan Raukaan unit he joins re-roll to hit rolls of a 1 in the shooting phase

    Gifts of the Gorgon (Relics)

    Only 1 can be taken per army and obviously for use by Clan Raukaan.

    1. The Mindforge Stave
    Only Librarians
    x2 Str

    2. Axe of Medusa
    +2 Str
    Melee, Master-Crafted, Severing Strike, Unwieldy
    Severing Strike
    Each time the bearer of the Axe rolls a 6 to hit the weapon is +4 strength instead of 2

    3.The Ironstone
    This isn't a weapon, its part of the armour.
    Friendly Clan Raukaan Tanks and Walkers within 6" of the bearer pass their IWND rolls on a 4+. If the Bearer rolls a 6 then you also repair a weapon destroyed, or immobilised result suffered earlier in game, your choice

    4. Betrayers Bane
    Combi Melta that can be fired either as a boltgun or meltagun each turn. Either shots from the gun are Master Crafted.

    5. The Gorgans Chain
    The wearer of the chain has these special rules depending on how many unsaved wounds he has suffered during the game.

    0 wounds = 3+inv, +1 to FNP and Eternal Warrior
    1 wound = 3+inv and Eternal warrior
    2 wounds = 3+inv
    3 wounds = 4+inv

    If you recover a wound from your IWND roll the effects of the chain change immediately

    6. The Tempered Helm
    When taking morale tests all friendly units with 24" of the bearer may use his leadership instead of their own. You can also choose a single friendly unit within 12" and at the start of their shooting phase that unit re-rolls to hit rolls of 1. This is even if the bearer is embarked on a vehicle or in a building. 

     Flesh is weak!


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    Ok, like we don't already have a war?
    I mean what is the whole "Galaxy in Flames" and "In the year 40,000, there is only war".  What that isn't war enough?

    Oh well, here you go, latest teaser from GW.

    Go forth and kill.


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  • 11/27/13--17:10: KickStarter: Mega Mat
  • One of the prototype Mega Mats in action.

    The gentlemen over at Frontline Gaming and TABLEWAR have just kicked off a fantastic new KickStarter. They've unveiled a new product called Mega Mat. These are mats made of mouse pad material that have detailed terrain printed on top of them. Not only do they resist sliding and wrinkling, but they're also very water resistant as well! These are the perfect topper for every wargamers' table. Check out some more details below and be sure to hop on their KickStarter, as well.

    With two mats designed and more on the way, this sounds like a great product to get behind. I'm looking forward to the Urban Combat mat, myself. So again, give the KickStarter a look and get on board.

    Son of Dorn

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    Escalation and Stronghold Assault are both big 40K expansions.
    This is a big week for White Dwarf and 40K.  Two big new books are coming, expanding the 40K universe: Escalation and Codex Stronghold Assault. 

    From Kroothawk on Warseer: 


    Each race gets at least one Lord of War (super heavy), 16 data sheets included (a.o. Baneblade, Eldar Titan, Thunderhawk, Harridan). Includes rules to include these 16 Lords of War, a.o. (modified?) Titan killer weapon rules. Also 11 scenarioes, 8 of them "Altar of War", the other 3 "Gauntlet Challenge Missions" like "When Titans Clash". The rest of the 96 pages are filled up with game photos and artwork. There will be a German version in April 2014.

    Codex Stronghold Assault

    48 pages, 17 of which are datasheets of existing Imperial terrain including some groups. All can be taken as the terrain slot in regular games. Those strongholds get updated rules (invalidating those in the box I guess), one page with strongholdupgrades, plus a summary of battlefield remains/ruins (?). A story of Cadians fighting against Nurgle and 2 pages of the most prominent sieges in history.

    From Royals on Warseer:

    It looks like the Wall of Martyrs gives the unit occupying it Stubborn for 40pts. I think you get two of them for that amount.

    The Imperial Defense Emplacement gives the unit Stubborn and gives the unit "Wide Arc of Fire" or something like that that allows Heavy Weapons to reroll overwatch shots for 80pts. You can take a few of them for that cost.

    All of the pieces are now useable in standard games and you can take "networks" as one choice which are a combination of the pieces.

    There is a called Bunker Siege or something like that. The attacker gets +1 Heavy for each Force Org Chart and the Defender gets three pieces of fortifications for each Force Org Chart. There are also two other Siege type missions and I believe more rules for sieges. There was a mention of orbital bombardments or artillery strikes.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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    Forge World has released the second edition of their second Imperial Amrour book "War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes".

    Damn!  I am falling behind on my Forge World orders.  I easily need $ 1,000 to buy everything I want.

    From Forge World: 

    Imperial Armour Volume Two – Second Edition: War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes is a 256 page full colour hardback book which provides you with rules to use the large range of Forge World Space Marine armoured vehicles, flyers and artillery in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

    Included within this brand new edition are profiles and rules for over 30 vehicles, from specialised variants of the mighty Land Raider to the heavily armed Thunderhawk Gunship, alongside extensive background material on the war machines of the Space Marines, their tactics and manufacture. The book includes Legacies of Glory, special upgrades that mark your vehicle as a truly ancient and honoured veteran of the wars that heralded the Age of the Imperium, rules for relic vehicles such as the Sicaran Battle Tank, and the vehicles used by the zealous Battle Sisters of the Adepta Sororitas, as well as those seconded to the service of the agents of the dreaded Inquisition.

    In addition to this wealth of information, Imperial Armour Volume Two – Second Edition presents extensive details on the paint schemes and markings used by the Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes.

    In order to use this book, you will need the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook and the relevant Codex for your army. To use certain units, you will need the Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse expansion.

    We have a limited quantity of this book available to order now that can be delivered in time for Christmas. If you want to get hold of this book, act fast and order now! This book will go on general release sometime early 2014.

    This video shows lots of images not seen here.  Check it out!

    You can order it on the Forge World website here.


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  • 11/29/13--15:00: Space Wolf Game Revealed

  • The little blurbs we heard about this game months ago have finally turned into something altogether more tangible. Today we have an announcement trailer for the game that shows off something reminicient of Chaos Gate and XCom. I can't wait to see more!

    Son of Dorn

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