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Horus Heresy 30K news for modelers, gamers and geeks. Warhammer 40,000, Forgeworld, Games Workshop

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    Two new books come out next weekend that will expand 40K in very positive ways.
    Escalation and Stronghold Assault are available for pre-order here.  (Though you should but them from yoru FLGS and support them!)

    From Games Workshop:

    Warhammer 40,000: Escalation $49.50 

    Please note, this supplement is currently only available in English language.

    Across the battlefields of the 41st Millenium, desperate commanders loose their greatest weapons of war. Classified “Lords of War” by the Imperium of Man, these vast and deadly assets bring a new level of destruction to the galaxy’s eternal war.

    Warhammer 40,000: Escalation contains full rules for adding super-heavy vehicles and gargantuan creatures to every Warhammer 40,000 army. This means you can now use these massive models in games of Warhammer 40,000 as well as games of Apocalypse.

    This 96-page, full colour, hardback supplement contains:

    · A background section introducing Lords of War units and their terrifying impact on the battlefield.

    · All the rules needed to play with super-heavy vehicles (including Flyers and Walkers) and Gargantuan Creatures, as well as rules for their potent wargear.

    · An amended force organization chart that allows players to choose Lords of War units as part of their standard Warhammer 40,000 armies.

    · Datasheets for every plastic super-heavy Citadel miniature, plus a selection of super-heavy vehicles and gargantuan creatures from Forge World.

    · A showcase of expertly painted Lords of War Citadel miniatures.

    · New Altar of War and Gauntlet Challenge missions that can be played instead of the Eternal War missions in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

    You will need a copy of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook and relevant codexes in order to use the contents of this book.

    Armoured bastions and towering bulwarks stand as imposing sentinels on almost every battleground in the 41st Millennium. To assault such fortifications is invariably to charge in the face of death, and only the most determined army has any hope of survival.

    Warhammer 40,000: Stronghold Assault provides a plethora of background material and rules to turn any game of Warhammer 40,000 into full-blown siege warfare.

    This 48-page, full colour, hardback supplement contains:

    · New art, background, and timeline entries conveying the horror of siege warfare in the 41st Millennium.

    · 17 fortifications datasheets for the full range of Warhammer 40,000 scenery that can be used by any Warhammer 40,000 army.

    · Updated rules for buildings and fortifications for games of Warhammer 40,000.

    · Additional rules for weapons and battlefield debris.

    · Includes three new Siege War missions that can be played instead of the Eternal War missions in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

    You will need a copy of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook and relevant codexes in order to use the contents of this book.

    Stronghold Assault combines all fortification rules into one book, similar to what "Death From the Skies" did for flyers.  17 fortification rules that make your 40K way more interesting and new missions to boot!

    Escalation brings Super HEavies to 40K just like games using The Horus Heresy rules do for 30K, having a single "Lords of War" slot in your FOC.  Make sense and since it works fine in 30K, it shouldn't be a problem in 40K.
    Good hunting!


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    The Thousand Sons are back!

    The Black Library has released a new, 35 minute audio drama with the sons of Prospero.  The description gives hints that Magnus and Ahriman are looking for clues as to which side they should align themselves with in the civil war that now engulfs the galaxy.  If you follow the books of the Horus Heresy series, you know that after Prospero, the surviving Thousand Sons fled to the Eye of Terror and have so far remained neutral.

    From The Black Library:


    The Thousand Sons – a Legion whose destiny was irrevocably altered at Prospero, and yet who now seem to dance only to fate’s tune. Ahzek Ahriman and Magnus the Red cast their psychic sight over the galaxy, seeking any clue as to what the future might hold and where their true allegiance should ultimately be placed.


    A Horus Heresy audio drama written by Graham McNeill.Running time approx 35 mins.

    The book is only available as an MP3 download as of now.  You can buy it on the Black Library website.


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    Experimental rules are out for the Castellum Stronghold.
    This is an awesome piece of terrain and now you have rules that fall in line with the new Stronghold Assault rules.

    You can download them here:


    Good hunting!


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  • 12/04/13--08:56: Lorgar is Coming!

  • Lorgar, Primarch of the Word Bearers is coming!

    Forge World has teased us in their latest newsletter that Lorgar is coming, but when? Well, we don't know! And it is unlikely we see him before Christmas, or else Forge World would be taking orders already.


    I hate Lorgar. Just sayin.....


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    Got $ 250 to burn?  Well, Games Workshop has figured out another way to take your cash!

    The Space Marine Codex: Ultima Edition is a beautiful slip-cased series of books.  Most of the content you have seen before, one volume is the codex, one is the art of the codex (though blown up and one image per page).  There are new images in the miniature gallery volume and there is a new star map.  All beautifully executed.

    Now I won't be buying one because $ 250 is a lot of money and while I love my special editions, this doesn't offer me anything I don't have in other forms for the most part.  But it is limited to 500, which is cool.  

    Understand that the problem is these type of special editions are not long term good investments, just look at the special edition rule books and Space Marine codex from Fourth Edition (I just picked up both for $ 20).

    There is a good unboxing video you can see here:

    From Games Workshop:

    Limited to 500 copies, Codex: Space Marines: Ultima Edition is a momentous collection presented in a heavy duty, soft-touch, magnetically sealed box. Inside are four hardback volumes that delve into glorious detail on everything to do with the Emperor’s Finest.
    Open the magnetic lid and discover the full colour artwork adorning the inside then explore the contents:

    Galaxis, a hardback wallet encasing a fold-out, full colour star map which featured in Codex: Space Marines. This version includes more locations, and more information, showing the Chapter home worlds, crusade fleets and other details to delight any Space Marine fan.

    Illuminatus, a 72 page full colour, hardback art book showcasing the artwork from Codex: Space Marines. Each illustration is shown on its own page (or pages) and includes artist names and mediums. This book allows you to view the art in all its glory and it might just inspire your own hobby projects.

    Adeptus Astartes, an 80-page full colour, hardback miniatures showcase book. This contains brand new miniatures photography, including a wealth of close-up shots. The entire book is devoted to showing off the Space Marines miniatures range.

    Codex: Space Marines, a 178 page full colour, hardback codex. Inside this book is where you’ll find your collection’s unique numbering. Open the cover and you’ll see which of the 500 copies you own. This edition is presented in a unique cover with a red ribbon bookmark.

    All four of these volumes are presented in a soft-touch matt finish with gloss detailing, and the pages are edged in black. 

    To see the Ultima Edition in all its glory make sure you watch the unboxing video.

    Please note Codex: Space Marines: Ultima Edition is available in English only.


    You can buy it here.


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  • 12/09/13--07:04: Forge World Releases Lorgar

  • Forge World has released Lorgar just in time for Christmas!

    A bit static for my liking, but then again, Lorgar was a bit of a wus and liked talking.

    From Forge World: 

    Reunited with the Emperor, and at the head of the Word Bearers Legion, Lorgar Aurelian conquered, not simply through stratagem, overmatching power or simple brute violence, but by the subtle craft of exaltation, liberation and example. In his literal interpretation of the meaning of the Great Crusade, however, he and his Legion strayed from the path that had been set out for them.

    For his failings, Lorgar received only disdain, contempt and censure from his siblings and father. His greatest success, Monarchia, was rendered to dust and ashes at the command of the Emperor, who sought no worship from his son, only swift victories to hasten his works. With his beliefs shattered, anger and resentment set in and Lorgar began to secretly accept new, darker truths. Both betrayer and betrayed, it was he who would set the stage for the nightmare of the Horus Heresy.

    Lorgar, designed by Edgar Skomorowski, is an incredibly detailed multi-part resin model armed with Illuminarum and clad in the Armour of the Word. The newest edition to our Horus Heresy Character Series, Lorgar stands atop a scenic base depicting ritualistic trappings and inscriptions. You can see a video of Edgar talking about how he approached designing the model of Lorgar here.

    Rules and background for the Primarch Lorgar Aurelian and his Legion can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Two: Massacre. 

    And a good video with sculptor Edgar Skomorowski:


    Lorgar clocks in at £50 or about $ 82. 



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    Forge World continues to release models at an amazing pace.

    This time, the Iron Hands get buffed with the release of the Medusan Immortal squad.  Iron Hands players are going to love these models as they look like what an Iron Hands player would want their army to look like.  Very Iron-like!

    The squad costs £36 or about $ 59.   This is more than the £32 some of the other infantry squads cost.  So maybe Forge World prices are on the rise.  

    From Forge World:
    For those Iron Hands who have been found wanting in the eyes of their Primarch, there remains a final chance at glory and redemption within the ranks of the Medusan Immortals.

    The Immortals are always found where the battle is fiercest and the chances of survival, even for an Legiones Astartes, are at its dimmest. Armed and armoured principally as Breacher units and featuring a high level of cybernetic rebuild among them, it is their lot and their pride to fight and to die with steadfast cold fury, never breaking ranks, marching relentlessly into the jaws of Hell.

    Designed by Israel Gonzalez, the Medusan Immortals are a five man multi-part kit fitted out in Mk III Iron Armour that features many details such as cybernetic limbs, and includes optional Lascutter and Graviton gun.


    Check out the models here

    Good Hunting!


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    Forge World released its November Top Ten.
    No surprises in the # 1, but the Iron hands are getting some SERIOUS love from gamers!

    1. Horus Heresy Book One: Massacre

    2. Ferrus Manus Primarch of the Iron Hands

    3. Iron Hands Legion MkIII Squad

    4. Horus Heresy Book One: Betrayal

    5. Fire Raptor Gunship

    6. Tau XV107 R'varna Battlesuit

    7. Imperial Armour Apocalypse

    8. Legion Praetors

    9. Emperor's Children Legion Kacophoni

    10. Fulgrim Primarch of the Emperor's Children

    So basically Iron hands rule the roost and Emperors Children are picking up the rear of the top ten.  No Sons of Horus anywhere!


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  • 12/12/13--09:21: Tyranid Notes

  • Well, the information coming out on Tyranids is legion!

    Here is one credible source who answers some questions on the new Tyranids.  Note that the Nids are coming in January!

    via Endobai on Warseer

    Recent rumours, most likely from 4chan are mostly valid, but there are fakes coming from more... creative sources

    Some might be still spot on, so I will only discuss those things I can confirm or deny easily.
    1. Synapse gives eternal warrior

    Not proven yet.  Seems a good deduction considering the price of the Warriors which remains more or less unchanged, but so far I have no solid confirmation. 

    2. Gargoyles are troops.

    Cannot confirm that. FOC changes via HQs are possible, but right now just a speculation. 

    3. Trygons (primes), Carnifex, Hive Tyrant, Tyrannofex, Venomthropes have significant point decreases

    True. Values are posted elsewhere, cannot tell if all are accurate, but in general there is a point decrease. 

    4. Zoanthropes come with Psychic Scream, and warp blast as standard

    Nothing supporting this. I said some creatures are assigned specific powers and in this case it is a prime candidate, but right now I cannot say a definitive yes. 

    5. Brain leach devourers no longer strength 6

    6. The Crone has a massive vector strike

    Don't remember, but both are quite likely. 

    7. Tervigon, Warriors, gene stealers have significant price increases

    Warriors and Genes stay the same, upgrades are either cheaper or more expensive, but the basic cost is identical.
     Tervigon is more expensive, by about a nude Warrior cost. 

    8. No Doom, Parasite, Spore pod.

    Cannot say for sure, but no confirmation they are and no traces of their presence I could find. 

    9. The big cannon bug has two different firing modes, one being a D3 Large Blast and one being multiple high strength, low AP shooting attacks.

    Have no idea why it is supposedly D3. One concentated large blast with Ap2 and S7 or six lesser shots (six barrels).
    BTWInteresting bit. The gun is the brain of the creature, the grinning imbecile below is just the muscle useful to allow the brain to calculate all those things it likes and no doubt design subtle works of surreal art from the splattered remains of the enemy. Think Master-Blaster from 'Mad Max 3'. 

    10. Hungry eyes bug has the ability to magna grapple vehicles and enemy troops.

    Nice, but pure speculation so far.
    Psychic powers

    Primaris: Dominion, blessing, +6" synapse range for the casterDon't remember.

    Catalyst - FnP for caster and unit, and another unit in 12"True.

    the Horror - Broodlord have this powerTrue.

    5. Psychic Scream - 1 charge, nova 6", each target takes 2d6+2 minus its Ld wounds without covers and armors

    6. Warp Blast - 2charges, witchfire, unchangedDon't remember.
    Will have access to BRB powers.

    No reason to disprove it now or earlier.

    More coming!


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  • 12/12/13--16:29: Tyranids are Coming!

  • The Tyranids were spotted in "Escalation".  Here is what we know of the upcoming release.

    Thanks to Larry at BoLS for collating these.  They are basically from all over the net.

    Release Basics
    The total release contains 9 new kits, 3 clamshells. ZERO Finecast.

    At least 1 new unit per FOC category.

    Tyranids may ally with themselves. Their ally FOC is as follows: 1HQ and 2 Troops default, plus optional 1 Elites, 1-2 troop, 1 Fast Attack, 1 Heavy Support.

    Biomorphs are in a seperate codex section in categories, with various Tyranid creatures having access to different categories. Biomorph categories are:
    - Basic biomorphs
    - Rare biomorphs
    - Psychic-Leader biomorphs
    - Unique biomorphs (only 1 each per army)

    Units Rumors
    Ymgarl Genestealers retain their ability to assault out of their hidden location.

    Lictors only allow snap shots plus gain a hefty cover save when they are unveiled.

    Raveners and Hormagaunts are Beasts.

    Hormagaunts come equipped with Fleet by default.

    Genestealers gain an A, and WS bonus.

    Carnifex gains a T bonus, and may take virtually every biomorph in the codex (bringing back all those plastic bits from the kit into use.)

    Trygon Primes move to HQ.

    Venomthropes and Lictors are purchased in broods of 1-3 per FOC slot, but deploy and operate independently on battlefield.

    New dedicated Transport big bug. May purchase a twinlinked set of heavy weapons, Transport capacity of 20 small bugs. Counts as an opened top vehicle for assault purposes.

    Another "new" big bug is a direct import from EPIC with it's name unchanged.

    Trygon & Raveners digital dataslate from GW Digital the same month as the codex release with a formation allowing Raveners to assault out of the Trygon's Deep Strike tunnel.

    Psychic Details

    Tyranid psykers generate psychic powers in a new way. They gain 1 warp charge from each synapse creature within 6" but each synapse creature only generates a single warp charge. Tyranid psykers additionally gain a single warp charge per mastery level. This rule mechanic depicts the ability of the Tyranid Hivemind to focus power to key psychic organisms via the synaptic network. Each psychic organism however does have a maximum amount of warp charges it may utilize in a single turn, to prevent abusive "machine gun use of powers".
    Apparently units of multiple synapse creatures now have another useful purpose - psychic reservoir.

    There is also contradictory chatter on whether or not the new Tyranid psychic powers will replace the rulebook powers entirely. Some say yes, some say no.

    Psychic Powers table:

    -Dominion (Primaris)
    -Psychic Scream
    -Warp Blast
    -The Horror

    Units Rumors
    Various tongues are wagging that one of the new big bugs is the old EPIC chesnut, the Haruspex. Not only that, but the Haruspex is only one half of a combo kit and yet another EPIC big bug is buildable from the kit. ~PS, there's really not that many left... go looking.

    Broodlord comes with fixed psychic power and a large number of biomorph options.

    There is suddenly a distinct number of rumormongers talking about the removal of the Mycetic Spore and any other unit without a model in the codex (you do the math). Some chatter says the rumored Dedicated Transport big bug may replace it entirely as it never received a model in the first place.

    - Purchasing a single 30-model Termigant unit unlocks Tervigons as TROOPS choice.

    Tervigon upgrades include:
    20pts - enlarged spawns roll 4d6.
    15pts - unlimited spawns, never "burn out"
    Both upgrades can be purchased

    Army Special Rules
    Synapse providing Eternal Warrior.

    Miniatures Releases 
    New Releases January 11th

    Codex Tyranids $49.50
    Tyranid Psychic Cards $6
    Tyranid Harpy - Hive Crone $80
    Tyranid Exocrine - Haruspex $73
    Tyranid Warriors (3 model kit) $51
    Tyranid Hive Guard/ Tyrant Guard (3 model kit) $70
    Carnifex Brood (2 model kit) $90
    Tyranid Swarm (95 model boxed set) $170 

    So save up and get ready to buy some bugs!


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    The Big Game 4 is coming!  And you and your gaming store/group can participate.

    Loken here again!  For the past 3 gamers from around the world have participated in the World's Biggest Apocalypse Game.  Last yearwe had 25 locations World Wide in SEVEN countries!

    US (14 locations)
    Russia (5 locations)
    United Kingdom (2 locations)

    So this year we need to get even bigger!  The rules are simple, follow our objective scoring rules so we can add up the scores for all over the world, and then do whatever you want! 

    What to do?  

    1)  Join the Apocalypse Forums here:

    2)  Join The Big Game Group on Facebook

    And get your game group or store to join the fun!


    Photos from last year:

    Siegeworld founder Kirk, aka Grand Master Spectre

     Big Kahuna and his Eldar and Space Wolves

     The view from Big Kauna's (Patrick) side.  Me in the background behind his Warlock and Phantom Titans, and his custom made Storm Bird

     Sean was an awesome player who had his two Reavers and my Leviathan blown up, brought back, and blown up again!  Yet he maintained a great attitude.


     Max and the amazing Moscow crew!

    Spokane WA.!

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    The Raptors are here!  And just in time for Christmas.

    Forge World continues its incredible velocity of releases with the Night Lords Raptors.  And they are VERY cool.

    From Forge World:

    The Night Raptors are a caste apart from the Night Lords Legion – not so much a martial elite as a bloody coterie of murderers wedded together by similar proclivities and chosen styles of warfare. The Night Raptors are equipped with jump packs and an array of close combat weapon, all of which they use to bring unfettered savagery down upon the heads of their foes in a single overwhelming onslaught.

    Designed by Steve Whitehead, the Night Raptors are a five man multi-part kit fitted out in customised Mk IV Maximus Armour that features many grisly trophies’ and are equipped with bolt pistols and a variety of close combat weapons including a Nostraman chainglaive. 

     You can buy them on the Forge World website.


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  • 12/14/13--14:36: Cypher is Coming!

  • Spotted over on BoLS from the Black Library Advent Calendar is Cypher! 
    That's right, expect to fine Cypher coming your way the end of this month!

    What do we know about Cypher?  Let's look at the Wiki for him!

    The title of Lord Cypher before the Horus Heresy was a title of high office in The Order, the order of knights created on the feudal Death World of Caliban to fight the terrible Chaos-mutated beasts that roamed the planet's myriad deep forests. The bearer of the title was responsible for maintaining The Order's traditions, rituals and ceremonies, and was an influential adviser to the Order's leadership. Upon taking the title, the Lord Cypher gave up his birth name; it was also forbidden for any other member of The Order to use or even know it. The bearers bore a variety of arcane titles: Master of Mysteries, Keeper of the Truth, the Lord of the Keys, or else simply Lord Cypher. Above all else, it was the Lord Cypher's task to maintain The Order’s customs as a living tradition, rather than allowing them to degenerate into ossified relics.
    Although Cypher does not appear in the records of the Dark Angels' past on Caliban, it seems implied that he is the last bearer of the title, and that therefore Cypher is not his birth name. This knight was even more of an enigma than most, not least because of his youth and lack of seniority within the brotherhood. When Lion El'Jonson became Grand Master of The Order it had been expected that he would name Master Remiel to the position of Lord Cypher; instead, he raised up a little-known knight younger than Luther or many other high-ranking peers. It was said that the new Cypher had been trained at one of The Order’s lesser fortresses, near the beast-haunted Northwilds, but even that was little more than rumour. No one could fathom Jonson’s decision, but no one had found cause to complain about it, either. 

    By all accounts, the new Cypher was more of a reclusive, scholarly figure than previous bearers of the title, spending long hours poring through the libraries and record vaults hidden within the main hold of The Order – though the paired pistols at his belt hinted that he was as capable a fighter as anyone else in the brotherhood. Master Remiel and Sar Daviel, two esteemed members of The Order, claimed that Cypher was formerly a member of the rival monastic order known as the Knights of Lupus. He was allowed to join The Order under an assumed name after the Knights of Lupus were defeated and their order eradicated by Lion El'Jonson at the end of The Order's war against the Great Beasts of Caliban. 

    In the present era of the 41st Millennium, the current Cypher is said to be one of the Fallen Angels. At the end of the Horus Heresy, Lion El'Jonson returned to Caliban to find Luther had turned to the Dark Gods of Chaos. El'Jonson landed and took up the fight against Luther while the Dark Angels' fleet bombarded the planet from above. Eventually, Luther defeated El'Jonson but when he did, he realised his terrible mistake and collapsed, unwilling to fight any more. The Chaos Gods realised their chosen had failed and sent a vast Warp Storm that sucked up the Fallen Dark Angels and spread them across time and space. 

    Cypher was one of these Fallen Angels, but no one actually knows his true name. He appears randomly throughout the galaxy, but is rumoured to be slowly moving on a course towards Terra. He is famous for his pistol abilities, being able to fire precisely with every shot, even when using two weapons, no matter the state of the battle around him. His characteristic combination of Bolt Pistol and Plasma Pistol are known throughout the galaxy as every Segmentum has rumours of Cypher-like figures appearing somewhere on their worlds. It is likely that Cypher has appeared in every Segmentum over time, although a good deal of the rumours of his appearance are probably other people wearing his iconic clothing. 

    Cypher continually draws the attention of the Dark Angels. He is believed responsible for many acts of instability across the Imperium, and is hunted by the Dark Angels with zeal even greater than that reserved for a "normal" Fallen. Even when he is captured, he soon vanishes, whisked away by his mysterious patron. Although his immediate presence heralds disorder and strife for the Imperium, it always emerges transcendent from it, stronger than before, which may suggest an intention behind Cypher's actions to make the Imperium stronger through struggle (following the old philosophy of "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger") which also accords with the philosophies of certain Radical Inquisitors. 

    Although the Dark Angels believe that they can only gain forgiveness for their actions by "redeeming" all of the Fallen Angels, others privy to the full tale believe that Cypher may have another answer. They believe that Cypher's seemingly random appearances across the galaxy conceal a path that is slowly leading towards Terra. They also point to the fact that Cypher carries a sword, yet he never draws it. This could be the famed Lion Sword of the Primarch Lion El'Jonson, broken in half and then lost during his final battle with the Arch-Traitor Luther on Caliban. One legend states that if Cypher manages to enter the presence of the Emperor of Mankind, the sword will repair itself and the Fallen Angels will be forgiven for their transgressions. Another theory states that it is actually the ebon blade known as the Sword of Luther, and Cypher wishes to use the sword to slay the dying Emperor's mortal body on the Golden Throne, thus completing the Star Child cycle or defeating the Imperium.

    There you go!  So follow the Advent on the Black Library website.


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    Escalation and Stronghold Assault have created havoc in the 40K world. 
    Players all over the gaming world are talking about how 40K is becoming Apocalypse.  More on that later this week.  

    For now, Forge World adds fuel to the fire! 

    Forge World releases "Lords of War" PDF.

    Want to know what Forge World is legal to use in 40K as a "Lord of War"?

    The new list can be downloaded here.

    The Vengeance of Ultramar from The Black Library

    Coming December 25th is a graphic novel about the Ultramarines.  Watch the video teaser (which really is a tease).

    Imperial Armour 2: War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes. 

    A video review of Forge  World's Imperial Armour 2: War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes from Spikey Bitz!

    Enjoy your weekend!


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    A new company called Evil Craft is producing resin accessory parts for Chaos.  

    The parts are beautiful and I hope to have some to try out soon.  And you have to wonder about the company's tag line.  Hmmmmm.  Is this a subtle dig at GW? 

    You can get all the basics and they all look amazing.



    Shoulder Pads



    You can check out their product line here.

    These are all available on their eBay page.


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    So you want every Horus Heresy story ever?  The Black Library can give you that.

    I am so tempted to buy this!  I mean EVERYTHING so far for $ 260 and I would have it all on my iPad!

    From The Black Library:
    Every eBook in the Horus Heresy series. Includes all 23 novels in the Horus Heresy series, plus six novellas, and 28 short stories all in eBook format.
    • Horus Rising
    • False Gods
    • Galaxy in Flames
    • Flight of the Eisenstein
    • Fulgrim
    • Descent of Angels
    • Legion
    • Battle for the Abyss
    • Mechanicum
    • Tales of Heresy (short story anthology)
    • Fallen Angels
    • A Thousand Sons
    • Nemesis
    • The First Heretic
    • Prospero Burns
    • Age of Darkness (short story anthology)
    • The Outcast Dead
    • Deliverance Lost
    • Know No Fear
    • The Primarchs (four novellas)
    • Army of One (short story)
    • Kryptos (short story)
    • Shadows of Treachery
    • Fear to Tread
    • Angel Exterminatus
    • Betrayer
    • Mark of Calth (short story anthology)
    • Gates of Terra (short story)
    • Promethean Sun (novella)
    • Death of a Silversmith (short story)
    • Distant Echoes of Old Night (short story)
    • Lost Sons (short story)
    • The Divine Word (short story)
    • Vulkan Lives
    • The Unremembered Empire
    • Riven (short story)
    • Angron (includes prose version of The Butcher's Nails and Lord of the Red Sands)
    • Aurelian (novella)

    Order it here:

    There are also other bundles, so check them out.


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  • 12/17/13--23:41: 40K Lore: The Perpetuals

  • Who are the Perpetuals and what are they up to in the world of the Horus Heresy?

    Today we give you an article by new guest contributor Tyler Mengel which was first posted on BoLS.

    The Perpetuals:

    I can't help but be fascinated by one of the Heresy's newest and oldest (in more ways then one) additions in the form of the Perpetuals. Here I take a look at what we know about them so far and try to unravel a bit of their mystery, 

    Again before I get started I want to say, SPOILERS AHEAD. If you have not read through The Unremembered Empire, and don't want any of the surprises about the Perpetuals ruined then stop reading - right now.

    Still with me?

    Okay, here we go.

    So far what we know about the perpetuals is that they are old, in some cases having been born sometime in the B.C. era while others were artificially created much later. Some have been living out their life peacefully, some have missions and other have been busy building empires. Really the only thing uniting them is their long lives and invulnerability. Lets take a look at the major players.

     John Grammaticus

    John has the honor of being the very first Perpetual we were introduced to. He first appeared in the novel Legion as an agent of the shadowy organization only known as the Cabal. From what we are told of his history he is actually fairly young by Perpetual standards having only been born in the 29th millennium. He served as an officer in the Unification Wars fighting for the Emperor, whom he actually met. At this point in time he was not yet a Perpetual but just a very powerful psyker. When the Big E met him he saw great potential in John and wanted to talk about future plans with him at a later date. John however was terrified of him and only saw a tyrant. As fate would have it John died in a car accident before they could ever meet again and the Cabal swept in and ressurected him as a Perpetual to serve their needs. 

    Since then he was integral in turning Alpharius to Horus' side, set Oll Persson along his current, fateful path and has potentially saved Vulkan from insanity. As time has worn on he has tired of working for the Cabal and feels like a traitor to his own race. When he is given a shot to fight for his own race again by non other then Eldrad Ulthuan he seizes the opportunity and seemingly sacrifices his life for the final time. However the Cabal are not done with him and bring him back from the dead, but merely as a mortal, just to face their justice for his insubordination. At the moment his fate hangs in the hands of his former masters.

    Oll Persson

    Oll is our second Perpetual that we meet many books later in Know No Fear. He is our first natural Perpetual we meet having been alive longer then our history records. According to Oll he served as one of the Argonauts with Jason, fought at the Battle of Verdun, in the Napoleonic Wars, in the Gulf War and countless wars past our current time period. He is a devout Catholic, a rarity amongst the Imperium, although it is apparently a religion that is at least known by many in the far future.

    When we come across him he is trying to live a quiet life on Calth but war still finds him. When Lorgar's forces descend on the planet Oll saves the lives of a small group of people and attempts to lead them to safety. Along the way he runs into his old friend John who sets him upon a new path with an athame which is as old as he is. Cutting into the fabric of reality he journeys into the Warp with the other survivors on a mission of utmost importance.

    In the ancient 40K lore their is a character named Ollanius Pious who sacrifices his life to save the Emperor in the final battle vs Horus on the Vengeful Spirit. It is this act that finally gives the Big E the will to kill his favored son. It is pretty much assumed that this is what will end up happening, although the athame is an interesting new piece of lore. 

    Damon Prytanis

    I couldn't find a picture for him.
    Damon is our newest Perpetual who we first meet at the end of Betrayer. At first we know little about him other then that he works for the Cabal and was sent to recruit Cyrene. The second time we see him is on Macragge. Here he has been tasked with keeping John on task, no matter the cost. We learn a little more about his personality and he is revealed to be an assassin, although he likes to think of himself as a soldier. He follows orders no matter what and doesn't consider the consequences. Despite his dubious morals he shows that he is more then capable of handling himself in a fight, preferring to use a pair of shurkien pistols.

    He was at least born before the 1900's sometime as he fought the Lakota Indians as part of the 7th calvary. He also fought at Iwo Jima where he was recruited by the Cabal and most interesting of all it is strongly hinted that he is the one who killed Martin Luther King Jr., presumably at the behest of the Cabal. He acted as an assassin throughout the following millennia, killing several important figures in history. His future is uncertain and at the moment he is under the Cabal's protection again along with John. Personally I like this character about as much as Erebus and I hope he meets his end at John's hands. 


    Cyrene is a recent addition to the ranks of the Perpetuals. She originally died in The First Heretic but was later resurrected by Argal Tal with the help of Erebus. Although brought back to life she was merely a shadow of her former self, having seen countless horrors while dead. She is recruited to the Cabal by Damon Prytanis at the end of Betrayer. It is yet to be revealed if she is a true Perpetual or a pseudo Perpetual like John. 

    Ferrus 1 Vulkan 2,476,098,736,764...
    In one of the biggest twists since Alpharius it is revealed that Vulkan is in fact a Perpetual and cannot die. (You were warned about spoilers) Either the Emperor engineered him this way on purpose or this is merely the aspect of his father that he inherited just as his other brothers have varying qualities of the Emperor. After being killed multiple times by Curze while imprisoned he loses his sanity and after arriving at Macragge is killed even more. At the end of The Unremembered Empire he is killed one final time by John in an effort to restore his sanity and is seemingly killed for good, although it seems like he is slowly healing. Perhaps his and John's life are tied together now. I told you there would be spoilers. 

    Malcador the Sigilite

    This is merely speculation on my part, but it would make sense. We know he is unnaturally long lived and the second most powerful psyker next to the Emperor himself. I would not be surprised at all if he is revealed to be a Perpetual, or perhaps a fragment of the Emperor himself, as some people have suggested. I will take this opportunity to throw out another theory, could he be the Emperor's brother or son? 

    The Emperor

    Of course we couldn't leave him off this list, the big daddy of them all. We know for a fact that the Emperor is a Perpetual, most likely the oldest and original Perpetual. In the original lore from Rogue Trader days he was born in roughly 8,000 B.C. All of the shamans on Earth committed suicide at the same time and resurrected into one body to create the ultimate super being to guide humanity in the future. Although we don't know if this is still canon much of his history has been maintained. He has taken on the guise of important figures throughout history when needed and at other times hung back in the shadows. 

    It isn't known if he is truly the "good guy" in the 40k verse as many people see him only as a tyrant with his own goals ahead of humanity's. As mentioned before, when John met him he was horrified by what he saw when he skimmed his mind. While we all know what ends up happening to him there is still much about the most important person in humanity's history that we do not know. 


    While Dan Abnett has confirmed that he "created" the Perpetuals with John and originally had no plans for them they quickly became a favorite with the Horus Heresy team. I personally love them since they are new to the lore and one of the few unknowns in the series. They are interesting in their humanity and ties back to our own age, ranging from their past, their names (John) and their use of archaic language (Oll's use of okay). Its quickly becoming obvious that they will be a major factor in the Heresy and most likely heavily influenced its outcome.
    If we look to older lore we can find similarities with the Star Child and Sensei. The Star Child is the Emperor's soul, lost within the Warp waiting to be reborn after his mauling at Horus' hands. The Sensei are the operatives trying to enact this rebirth. All of this takes place after the Heresy but the connection is that the Sensei are super powerful and seemingly immortal. They are believed to be the natural born children of the Emperor. It isn't hard to imagine that over a 38,000 year lifespan the Emperor had a few kids here and there who would undoubtably inherit some of his abilities. 
    Could the Perpetuals be these children? The natural ones at least, even John could be a Sensei, having inherited the psychic abilities instead of the immortality. Ultimately we are left wondering what part they will play in the Heresy itself. Clearly the Cabal has its own goals, trying to bring about he Imperium's demise while John and Oll are on their own mission to possibly help the Emperor.
    Well thats all I have on the Perpetuals. I find them to be fascinating and a great addition to the 30k lore.

    Tyler is a life long painter and hobbyist and took home his first Golden Demon award at the 2012 Chicago Games Day with a follow up at the 2013 North American Games Day. More of his work can be found at his blog, Mengel Miniatures.

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    While we have seen these before, it is worth sharing some photo of the Red Butchers from Forge World.

    This is a work In progress.  World Eaters were the topic of discussion in The Horus Heresy Forums (which you should join) and these were posted and are worth posting here.

    You can find all the currently available World Eaters models on the Forge World website here


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    New Resin accessories keep coming from our favorite resin makers!

    Kromlech has released their Stygian Legs, which obviously are perfect for your Thousand Sons.

    You can find these on the Kromlech web store on eBay.

    These go with their Stygian Shoulder Pads previously released:

    Scibor has released another amazing 28mm figure called Cezar of Rome

    It goes with their entire Roman Legionnaire army figures, which are a great proxy for Adeptus Custodes.

    Max Mini has new Officer Heads.

    And Puppets War has previewed their new Destroyers.

    So go forth and customize!


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    Another of Tom McBride's awesome Fellblades is going on the auction block!
    You can find it on eBay now.

    From Tom McBride:

    With the holidays coming up I thought it would be in the spirit of the season to give a little something back to the community. So I’ve decided that this item will go up for auction with ALL of the money raised going to Toys for Tots just in time for Christmas! I’ll even cover the shipping cost. Not only will be fun but it will be going towards a great cause as well.

    The Angelus Redemptor’s service to the Dark Angels Legion can be traced back to the later days of the Great Crusade where it served as the command vehicle of their elite armored company known as the Ironwing.  Constructed by the Legion’s techmarines under the gaze of the Mechanicum this super-heavy tank was fitted with a unique dual chambered plasma reactor that could not only power the machine’s main drive indefinitely but could also be tapped to provide munitions for its vast array of plasma based weaponry.  However, in the chaotic aftermath of the Horus Heresy the Angelus Redemptor disappeared from the Imperial records and it was feared lost to the Mechanicum, until now…. 

    At long last it is here, rolling from the forges of Blood & Skulls Industry and expertly painted by Tommy Clark “Munkey Joe”.  I present to you the Dark Angels very own super-heavy tank: The Angelus Redemptor!  Based on the Baneblade plastic kit this tank is loaded with tons of resin parts from Blood & Skulls Industry and Games Workshop plastic bits making it one huge custom model that would be the centerpiece of any Dark Angel army.  Gothic, mysterious, and armed with more plasma weapons then you can shake a Sword of Secrets at this machine of war truly has a place alongside the sons of Lion El’Johnson on the battlefield.  And now it can be yours!

    The Angelus Redemptor is now available for auction on eBay but the story does not end there!  In keeping with the holiday spirit 100% of the money raised from this auction will go to Toys for Tots, and I’ll even cover the shipping.  So be your own angel astartes to the children in need this season and place a bid today!

    Now go bid!


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