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Horus Heresy 30K news for modelers, gamers and geeks. Warhammer 40,000, Forgeworld, Games Workshop

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    Imperial Fists finally get their Sentinels of Terra this week.

    The codex supplement of course has a limited edition as well.

    From Games Workshop: 

    Sentinels of Terra

    The Sentinels of Terra Codex is a codex supplement on the Imperial Fists 3rd Company.It features:

    - The History of the Sentinels of Terra, and their struggles to reclaim honours and glories under the command of Captain Darnath Lysander. 

    - A showcase of Space Marine miniatures featuring the colour scheme and iconography of the Sentinels of Terra. 

    - New missions: both to recreate famous battles and to reflect the Sentinels of Terra’s favoured tactics. 

    - Unique relics, Warlord Traits and new stratagems – Perfect for games of Planetstrike and Cities of Death.

    The Codex costs $ 49.50 and $ 90 for the limited edition.

    Rising Leviathan II Tyranid Dataslate


    The new Tyranid Dataslate is out and features the return of the Endless Swarm!


    The invasion of Satys enters a new and deadly phase as the Hive Mind drowns the planet in a deluge of biohorrors. Though tens of thousands lie dead already, the Catachans, led by Colonel Krelm, desperately try to hold key fortifications within the irradiated jungles, hoping to keep the swarm at bay. The surviving members of the Aurora Space Marine Chapter fight with them, determined to sell their lives if it means blunting the Great Devourer’s assault. Can they hold back the beast long enough for help to arrive, or will they too succumb to the chitinous claws of Hive Fleet Leviathan?

    About the Book:
    Tyranid Invasion - Rising Leviathan II is the second book in a trilogy of Tyranid Dataslates, each of which details the different stages of Hive Fleet Leviathan’s assault upon the planet of Satys. This second instalment showcases the invasion organisms of the Tyranid fleet. It contains formations, missions and rules so that you can re-create the unstoppable advance of Hive Fleet Leviathan in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

    Available on iTunes for $ 14.99


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  • 02/24/14--20:40: Ork Rumors 2014

  • Rumors have been very sketchy as of late. 

    The big rumor site has contradictory rumors, and outright nonsense at times.  But Bell of Lost Souls is pretty careful and hasn't bought into the hype, carefully sifting through the ebb and flow of the Great Ocean to find the more reliable sources.  Here is some of their latest.  Take with a huge grain of salt.

    - June
    - A workmanlike release

    - Focus on moving range to plastic

    - New buggies

    - New Koptas

    - Plastic Tankbustas/Flashgitz

    - Plastic 'Ardboyz/Madboyz

    - Plastic Meganobs 

    - Clampack bigmek

    - Clampack warboss

    What we DO know is that GW is releasing a ton of stuff and the Orks are coming in 2014.


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  • 02/25/14--06:50: Knight Codex Coming!

  • The Knights arrive Friday and already we have the following week's releases being posted by Bell of Lost Souls!

    The big news is that the Imperial Knights get a full codex!  Not only that, but there is a Codex: Imperial Knights Companion Guide.  What is this strange tome?  A pictorial analysis of the Knights? A painting guide?  Fluff and history of the different Knight houses? 

    Image courtesy Bell of Lost Souls

    Well, get ready folks, the Imperial Knights have people fired up


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  • 02/25/14--22:43: Forge World Blog # 6 Up

  • Forge World Blog # 6 is up. 

    Not a lot interesting except for the a very cool Mechanicum T-Shirt.

    Read the blog here.


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    The new Forge World Mechanicum models are out and they are SPECTACULAR!

    There are 3 different models in the Myrmidon Destructors and the detail is amazing.

    From Forge World:

    The Myrmidon Destructors form a heavily armed and augmented sub-sect of the Mechanicum priesthood. They craft their augmetics to carry the heaviest of weapons, often only rendered portable owing to their reinforced endoskeletons and implanted power systems. These augmentations enable the Myrmidon Destructors to maintain a furious barrage on the battlefield and to do so with a precision and skill unequalled. They specialise particularly in the destruction of enemy armoured and fortified emplacements, and wield all manner of esoteric and arcane weapons, against which conventional defenses offer little protection. 

    The Mechanicum Myrmidon Destructors set contains three resin models and is available to order now for immediate release.

    Full rules for these models, designed by Mark Bedford, can be found in The Horus Heresy book 2; Massacre.

    You can find them on the Forge World website.

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    Lots of information on the Knights hitting the streets!

    First, we have a photo of the Imperial Knights Codex!

    Courtesy of BoLS

    via Horncastle on BoLS
    I got the new White Dwarf yesterday (I love my FLGS) Knights of the Imperium is a novella. The companion guide is extended fluff and heraldry, etc.

    The Codex is only 64 pages and costs $ 41, less than other codexes, which are 100 pages.

    Meanwhile Forge World will be producing Knight weapon kits including:

    -Knight Inferno Cannon
    -Knight Plasma Cannon
    -Knight Power Fist

    And a bigger customizing kit for a Chaos Knight!



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  • 02/27/14--04:42: Upcoming Forge World Models

  • Forge World has put up some photos of upcoming releases.

    More Mechanicum and a new piece of terrain!

    I love the terrain.  These pieces like the Space Marine Stronghold, are just what we need to have amazing looking game boards.   And the Mechanicum models are some of the best Forge World has put out.  Yesterday's releases were truly amazing, and obviously, there is more to come.


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    Games Workshop Stock continues to fall.

    While the big news of last month was the big fall in Games Workshop stock, from £723 to £551 or roughly 24% in one day.  Well, Games Workshop stock has continued to fall another 10% over the past month and a half from £551 to £493 today.

    Clearly times are still tough for Games Workshop, and stil no CEO.


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    A new deluxe edition from the Black Library is all Space Wolves!
    And it is pretty awesome.  Book collectors will be pleased, but get ready to lay down big bucks.

    From The Black Library:

    The Story

    Take up your ale, warrior of the Space Wolves, and heed the words of the skjald as he tells the tale of one of our mightiest brothers. Hear of the humble beginnings of the one we know as the Anvil of Fenris, and how he answered the call of destiny when the Kraken invaded Asaheim itself. Hear of his heroic actions in fighting the spawn of the tyranids and saving the Fang from their depredations. Hear the story of Arjac Rockfist, and glory that such a warrior walks among us!

    About the Deluxe edition

    Only 500 copies worldwide

    Hand signed and individually numbered, this stunning edition is presented in a stone-effect sarcophagus box detailed with unique art panels. Inside you'll find the hardback novella Arjac Rockfist, and an exclusive mini-book containing two short stories - ‘Twelve Wolves’ and ‘Thunderwolf’ (exclusive to this set). There’s also a CD hidden beneath the inlaid resin rune shield, containing an audio version of ’Twelve Wolves’ and an exclusive introduction from Arjac himself!
    • Hand Signed
    • Individually numbered
    • Stone-effect sarcophagus box
    • Hardback novella
    • Exclusive mini-book
    • Audio CD
    • Exclusive resin rune shield

    This deluxe limited edition will be released Friday March 21st. All pre-ordered copies will commence shipping in the week commencing March 17th.  It costs $ 120. Order here.

    About the limited edition

    Only 3,000 copies worldwide

    Hand signed and individually numbered, this edition comes in a rune embossed slipcase. Inside you'll find the hardback novella Arjac Rockfist, and an exclusive chapbook containing the short story - ‘Twelve Wolves’. There’s also an exclusive art card showcasing the cover art.
    • Hand Signed
    • Individually numbered
    • Rune embossed slipcase
    • Hardback novella
    • Exclusive chapbook
    • Exclusive art card

    This limited edition will be released Friday March 21st. All pre-ordered copies will commence shipping in the week commencing March 17th.  It costs $ 60. Order here.

    So there you go Wolf Fans.  Beautiful editions either way you go!


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    The Imperial Knights Books are here!

    They all just went live on Games Workshops site.  And they are pretty damn nice.

    The Imperial Knight Codex - $41 

    In the glorious years of the Great Crusade the lost Knight worlds were reunited with the emerging Imperium after centuries of isolation. Piloted by a Noble and crafted utilizing forgotten technology, the Knight suits are the ultimate weapon of war.

    Within the 64 pages of this hardback, full-colour book you will find:

    - A comprehensive history of the Imperial Knights from the Horus Heresy to the Time of Ending.
    - Inspiring heraldry and history of a number of major Knightly Houses.
    - Informative background information concentrating on two patterns of Knight suit; the Knight Errant and the Knight Paladin.
    - Full rules for fielding a detachment of Imperial Knights as a force in Warhammer 40,000, or as an allied detachment to an Imperial force.

    The Imperial Knight Codex Limited Edition - $115

    The Imperial Knight Companion - $ 74.25

    The Imperial Knight Companion is packed with everything you need to know about the rich and fascinating history of the Imperial Knights. From examples of how Knight heraldry is created and changes over time to full colour illustrations of Imperial, Adeptus Mechanicus and Freeblade Knight colour schemes.

    This 144 page large hardback is a true collectors companion. Beautifully written and stunningly presented you will find yourself pouring over its pages time and time again. Prepare to be inspired.

    Knights of the Imperium Novel - $ 24

    The swarms of Hive Fleet Hydra descend upon the world of Vondrak, and the Knights of Cadmus answer the call to war. Baron Roland of Cadmus seeks to throw off the yoke of Adeptus Mechanicus control, but the lords of the Red Planet do not easily relinquish their vassals, and they will do anything to ensure that Cadmus remains bound to Mars. With the fate of Vondrak at stake and the designs of a feared Martian adept upon them, can the Knights of the Imperium survive long enough to repel the hated xenos? 

    Knights of the Imperium is a 128 page, hardback novella by Graham McNeill. Exclusive to, and Games Workshop Stores

    So go buy some and good luck playing Apocalypse, er 40K.


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    The Horus Heresy Weekender is coming!
     Loken here.  I don't get to play much any more, or do much in the hobby but I will be at the best event of the year, bar none!  Last year's event was amazing and this year's promises to be even better.

    From The Black Library:

    The Horus Heresy Weekender 2014 will be held at the Nottingham Belfry Hotel on Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th May. Tickets for this event are £70. Like last year, both Forge World and Black Library will be bringing along plenty of new and existing Horus Heresy models, supplements, novels and audio books, as well as giving you the chance to meet and talk with the designers and authors who worked on them. Rest assured, if you thought the 2013 event was great, you’re going to love it even more this year!

    We are offering all those who went to the Horus Heresy Weekender 2013 an exclusive opportunity to purchase tickets for the 2014 event BEFORE the tickets go on general release on the Forge World and Black Library websites on Wednesday 5th March.

    To purchase your tickets ahead of the general release, you will need to call the Forge World Customer Services team on 0115 9004995. Please have the email address that you used to purchase your 2013 tickets to hand when you make the call. The Forge World Customer Services team will be available from 09:30 to 18:00 GMT on Friday 28th February, Monday 3rd March, Tuesday 4th March and 09:30 to 17:00 on Saturday 1st March.

    I am working my butt off to go again this year.  Not sure I can but I am moving heaven and Earth to do so.  I urge you all to go if you can manage it.  No excuse for you UK guys!


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    Tidbits from around the net.
    Not much new on a Sunday, so here are a few small things.

    From Darnok on Warseer

    As far as I'm informed, the Helbrutes will be available a week after the Knights Codex. 
    It won't go up for advance order with the new Warhammer Visions though, as the Knight books have that spot. As far as I know, the Helbrutes release is the 15th (so advance order from 8th). 

    From barcode on the Bols Lounge

    Default Imperial Knights Delays in Eastern US

    A handful of retailers in the Eastern United States are saying:

    Imperial Knights are being limited to smaller numbers per retailer and are being slowed by up to 1 week due to delays with a particular shipment clearing US Customs. This is said to be limited to the Eastern United States only, and no other delays are reported in other areas.



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  • 03/03/14--08:57: Forge World Blog # 7 Up

  • The new Forge World Blog is up.
    And we get to see the new Thallax figure and an amazing terrain piece.  Check it out here.

    I want one of those Realm of Battle boards!


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    An in-depth look at the Legion of the Damned
    BoLS published this look at the new Legion of the Damned Dataslate and it is worth a read.

    Army Rules
    The book introduces yet another specialized Force Organizational Chart and special Allied Detachment, much like Codex: Inquisition. The FOC requires 1 Elites slot and allows you to take up to 3 more Elites. That's right, your single unit option is an Elites option. 

    Much like the Inquisition the Legion of the Damned form their own specialized detachment that doesn't use a standard allies slot. They can also be fielded as the primary detachment for your army, with a second Legion of the Damned group in the Legion of the Damned detachment slot netting you up to 8 units of Legion to control. If you do make the Legion your Primary Detachment, all Legion units are also scoring. 

    There is one problem with fielding a full Legion army though at the time of the release of the codex I'll go into a bit more under the unit specific rules, but it may change in the future. That said I did contact Games Workshop: Digital Editions about it via their Facebook so if anything changes I'll post an update to this article.
    Now the Legion of course brings an allies chart of it's own to the mix, so let's give it a quick rundown:
    Battle Brothers: Adepta Sororitas, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Grey Knights, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, Legion of the Damned, Space Marines, Space Wolves Allies of Convenience: Eldar Desperate Allies: Dark Eldar, Tau Come the Apocalypse: Chaos Daemons, Chaos Marines, Necrons, Orks, Tyranids

    Honestly not too many surprises considering the nature of the Legion. I'm just thankful for the inclusion of Sisters as Battle Brothers. Those poor nuns usually get left out in the cold on a lot of things so anything that gives them more options is always a plus in my book.
    Warlord Traits
    No, you didn't read that wrong, even though the Legion has no HQs, they do have Warlord Traits. If you're fielding the Legion of the Damned as your Primary Detachment then you nominate one of the Legionnaire Sergeants in your unit to be your Warlord. He then gets to roll on the Warlord Traits tables in the book or on the Legion's table, which I've provided below: 
    Inferno of Vengeance: Warlord and his unit have the Soul Blaze special rule Aura of Fear: When taking Fear tests units in base contact with the Warlord's unit suffer a cumulative -1 penality to their leadership value for each friendly Legion of the Damned squad on the battlefield beyond the first (translation: max of -7 penalty) Ethereal Bolts: The Warlord and his unit, have the Armorbane rule when firing the following weapons: bolt pistol, boltgun, storm bolter, heavy bolter or any combi-weapon firing as a boltgun. Spectral Bulwark: The Warlord and his unit have the Feel no Pain (5+) special rule Never Too Late, Never Too Early: Instead of making a reserve rule for the Warlord and his unit at the start of Turn Two the controlling player can instead decide if they want the unit to arrive that turn. If kept in Reserve the player can then choose if they want them to arrive or not on Turn Three. If still in Reserve on Turn Four, however, the unit must be deployed.Retribution Made Manifest: The Warlord and his unit have the Preferred Enemy special rule.

    Easily my favorite in this have to be Ethereal Bolts, just because of a unit being able to threaten any vehicle on the table with their Bolters (S4+2d6=Max 16, average being 11) is kind of hilarious. The only one I feel is a bit silly is the Never Too Late, Never Too Early, only because I don't see a lot of potential use for it. I could always be proven wrong though so I won't judge too hard, I'm just not able to think up a lot of uses for it right now.
    Army List
    Just in case you missed it, or skipped it earlier to come down here and see what army options there are, there is only one unit to choose from. It's an Elites choice called the Legion of the Damned Squad.

    Coming standard with 5 models (4 Legionnaires and one Legionnaire Sergeant (who has the distinction of being 1 point better in Weapon Skill than is normal for a Space Marine Sergeant)) and the ability to take up to 5 additional Legionnaires this unit has a pretty good swath of rules and options. So let's take a quick look.

    Standard wargear is, well standard. Everyone starts off with Power Armour, Bolt Pistol, Boltgun, Frag and Krak Grenades, the same as you'd expect for Marines in pretty much any book at this point. The fun actually starts in the Special Rules: 

    Aid Unlooked For: Legion of the Damned does not benefit from Chapter Tactics, and they can't be joined by Independent characters. They always start the game in Reserve and always arrive by Deep Strike. When they arrive by Deep Strike you may re-roll the scatter dice if you wish. Fear: Yes, it's the USR. Fearless: USR once again. Flaming Projectiles: Ranged attacks made by the Legion of the Damned have the Ignores Cover special rule. Slow and Purposeful: Once again, a USR. Unyielding Spectres: The Legion of the Damned have a 3+ invulnerable save.
    Not too bad, except for one big issue: 
    Aid Unlooked For. Because this rule was apparently lifted straight from the Space Marine codex it creates a major problem for anyone who wants to run a pure Legion army. As it stands at the time of writing this means you automatically lose at the end of Turn 1 because your army is not allowed on the table any sooner than Turn 2, as per the Deep Strike Rules. 

    So that problem aside, how can you equip your Legion units (beyond adding more Legionnaires of course)? Let's take a look:
    - One Legionnaire may replace his boltgun with: Flamer, Meltagun or Plasmagun.
    - A different Legionnaire may replace his boltgun with: Heavy Bolter, Heavy flamer, Multi-melta, Missile Launcher (comes with frag and krak, may upgrade to have flakk), Plasma cannon or Lascannon.
    - The Legionnaire Sergeant may replace his boltgun with: Chainsword, Power weapon or Powerfist.
    - The Legionnaire Seargeant may replace his bolt pistol and or melee weapon with: Storm Bolter, Combi-flamer/-grav/-melta/-plasma, Grav-pistol, Plasma pistol.
    - One Legionnaire Sergeant may take the Animus Malorum. 

    And more to read on the Bell of Lost Souls Lounge.


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  • 03/04/14--07:23: Black Library Live Report

  • The Black Library Live seems to have been a hit.
    The guys over at Battle Bunnies published a full report.  Here are the highlights. 

    Seminar 1 - Q&A with Graham McNeill

    Graham is currently working on a heresy novel called Crimson King. This is set immediately following Thousand sons. 
    He would like to work on Dark Angels however Dan Abnett has a 'great Idea for them which is too cool for words. I had nothing'. Very interesting.
    Unit similar to Gal Vorbak in Vengeful Spirit for Sons of Horus. They are the first in a long list of 'subtle temptations for Horus.' The book is about the start of his road where he finally starts accepting the Gods favours.
    When asked about what the primarchs would think about the 41st Millenium he said that he believed they would head straight to Terra, tear the place down and start again. He then teased that this was touching on a sub-plot from one of his upcoming 40k novels. Appetite officially whetted. More on this later.
    Graham believes that we are about five years until Siege of terra.

    Seminar 2 - Q&A with Chris Wraight - Great Wolf 

    A lot of the discussion was diverted to White Scars and Heresy.
    There are plans for 'Scars 2' - I am excited about this as Scars was probably my favourite book so far.
    Chris has a short story immediately after Scars which is finished. 
    Chris would like to do more for thousand sons.
    He talked about the family ties between primarchs which was brilliant. He mentioned a quote from Scars which, funnily enough has stuck with me too regarding The Khan's thought process for his actions.
    The full battle between AL and SWs will be revisited. Either as a short story or own book.
    Chris would like to write more about the Sigilite. He mainly wants to touch on Nikea and how the Imperium were on the cusp of 'becoming a psychic race' - between the Emperor and Malcador they had learnt from Eldar's mistakes and would master the warp.
    When asked who would win, Leman Russ or the Khan? He replied: 
    'As with all primarch fights, it would depend on the circumstance. However, the Khan would win'

    Seminar 3 - Q&A with Nick Kyme - Forgefather

    When asked what the Kabal are upto in the 40k, Nick said that Eldrad Ulthran outlives the Kabal. He also hinted that they are probably done with Vulkan.
    He accidentally revealed the name of this years limited edition anthology 'seditions Gate' it will feature an explanation of Vulkans Artefacts from a 30k perspective in a short called Artefact. 
    He would do like to do a Death Guard book as they are relatively unsung.

    Seminar 4 - Q&A with Nick Lyme, Gav Thorpe, Graham McNeill and Chris Wraight
    GT: Working on a novella called Corax Ravenlord - Corax becomes a pain in the arse. Raven guard become a symbol of hope and unite a world. 
    He says that Horus wasn't sidelined during the Heresy. He was waiting. In Vengeful Spirit he unleashes the Sons of Horus. 
    GT: Will be more Dark Angels vs Death Guard. More Typhon and Corswain.
    We are gunna see DAs get hurt.
    Nick Kyme: Alpha Legion fight as a legion in the future. Will be good to be reminded they are a Legion.
    GT: More stuff between DAs and SWs. More fundamental stuff for the Heresy for DAs.
    GM: some of the Forge World Dark Millenium stuff is incredible.
    More stuff from Istvaan 3, Ancient Rylanors story may yet have more to it.
    The story of the Perpetuals will be fulfilled.
    After the Heresy, Black Library will tackle the scouring, age of unity or great crusade or just continue with heresy.

    Seminar 5 - Q&A with John French 

    Zharost is chief librarian of night lords and stood with the other Chief Librarians at Nikea. Child of night is a future short story featuring Zharost and Sevatar.

    Go check out Battle Bunnies blog here: 



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    The Helbrute kit is coming along with the Chaos Space Marines Codex: Crimson Slaughter.

    Here is the March 15th Product list.

    So, a Helbrute, Codex Crimson Slaughter, New CSM Attack Force, (everything else on that list is just a repack) and even more CSM goodies planned for the week after. 


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    But they won't last long!

    From The Black Library/Forge World:

    A fantastic two day Horus Heresy experience, held in the lavish surroundings of the Nottingham Belfry Hotel. This two-day event is the ultimate getaway for fans of the Horus Heresy. Tickets are available in strictly limited numbers to create an exclusive and personal event.

    All Weekender tickets include full access to both days of the event and a goody-bag upon entry, including a programme with exclusive gaming content, stories and Horus Heresy rules.

    Meet and chat with the people who bring the Horus Heresy to life

    • Authors – including David Annandale, Chris Wraight, Nick Kyme and John French
    • Model designers – including Simon Egan, Mark Bedford and Phil Stutcinskas
    • Artists – including Neil Roberts and Rhys Pugh

    A packed schedule of activities

    • Seminars with Forge World and Black Library guests
    • Workshops and demonstrations from Forge World’s master modellers and painters
    • Horus Heresy author and artist signings
    • Horus Heresy gaming
    • Unmissable evening entertainment

    Exclusive products on sale

    • Brand new Forge World Horus Heresy models
    • Unique art prints
    • Limited edition Black Library anthology, with five brand new stories
    • Event-exclusive audio drama
    • Special Horus Heresy T-shirts

    Tickets are extremely limited, so order yours now and join us for the ultimate Horus Heresy weekend.

    I know I am going!  Go buy your tickets on the Black Library site.


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  • 03/05/14--22:42: Chaos get Crimson Slaughter!

  •  Codex Crimson Slaughter is coming!

    Here is the latest from Bell of Lost Souls:

    Crimson Slaughter Codex:

    - 72pp codex
    - History of the fallen Crimson Sables transformation into the Crimson Slaughter
    - Warlord Traits
    - Relics
    - "Echoes of War" Narrative Missions
    - Planetstrike & Cities of Death Strategems
    - Crimson Slaughter Army List: Possessed CSMs can be taken as TROOPS


    - Plastic Kit
    - CCW Weapons: Scourge, Powerfist (x2), Thunderhammer
    - Ranged Weapons: TL Lascannon, Reaper AC, Missile Launcher, Multimelta, Plasma cannon.
    - 6 heads
    - 9 lengths of cabling to connect the model sections and allow various poses
    - Chaos god-specific front armor plates
    - $54

    Go forth and slaughter!


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  • 03/06/14--08:33: Forge World Thallax Cohort

  • The Thallax Cohort gets two amazing new models from Forge World

    These models are really beautiful and will make a great addition to a Heresy army.


    From Forge World:

    The Thallaxii are heavily augmented cyborg shock-troops used by the Mechanicum Ordo Reductor, and they differ from the Skitarii regiments both in purpose and the unique degree of their augmetics. The Lorica Thallax was developed from power armour technology and requires a robust human specimen.

    The Lorica encloses the major organs, nervous system and cerebrum, but entirely replaces the skeletal structure and limbs with armoured bionics powered by an internal reactor-core. Surgical excision of the subject’s pain sensors, emotions, and normal human sensory apparatus and the agony caused by the Lorica’s implantation, leaves the Thallax a cold, calculating killing machine (albeit one that retains a degree of independent thought). 
    This set includes three resin Mechanicum Thallax models, one of which is armed with a photon thruster weapon, the others being armed with lightning guns.  These models are available for pre-order now and will be despatched from March 31st. Models designed by Will Hayes.

    Thallax Cohort with Multi-Melta can be bought on the Forge World website here.


    From Forge World:

    The Thallaxii are heavily augmented cyborg shock-troops used by the Mechanicum Ordo Reductor, and they differ from the Skitarii regiments both in purpose and the unique degree of their augmetics. The Lorica Thallax was developed from power armour technology and requires a robust human specimen.

    The Lorica encloses the major organs, nervous system and cerebrum, but entirely replaces the skeletal structure and limbs with armoured bionics powered by an internal reactor-core. Surgical excision of the subject’s pain sensors, emotions, and normal human sensory apparatus and the agony caused by the Lorica’s implantation, leaves the Thallax a cold, calculating killing machine (albeit one that retains a degree of independent thought). 
    This set includes three resin Mechanicum Thallax models, one of which is armed with a multi-melta weapon, the others being armed with lightning guns.  These models are available for pre-order now and will be despatched from March 31st. Models designed by Will Hayes.

    Thallax Cohort with Multi-Melta can be bought on the Forge World website here.

    Getting a Mechanicum army built is a lot easier now.



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  • 03/06/14--20:21: Imperial Guard are Coming!

  • The Imperial Guard Guard are Coming this month!

    Bell of Lost Souls has posted the folowing:
    Imperial Guard will take up a 3 week release slot.
    - Week one is up for preorder with the March 22nd White Dwarf.
    - Breakdown is as follows:

    Week 1: 3 kits, including the Ogryns plastic combo-kit and 2 others.
    Week 2: Codex
    Week 3: 2 kits 

    - Ogryns/Bullgryns plastic combo-kit (one unit with ranged weapons, the other with giant shields and close combat weapons)
    - Stormtroopers/Veterans combo-kit
    - Unseen "Big transport" kit.

    This new vehicle is said to be able to move entire squads of Ogryns and other stuff (so apparently more transport space than the Chimera). This kit is said to be roughly Land Raider sized. Previous "big tank" chatter over a month ago has also described it as being influenced by the Forgeworld Malcador's design.

    That is great info, and I am looking forward to this release.


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