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Horus Heresy 30K news for modelers, gamers and geeks. Warhammer 40,000, Forgeworld, Games Workshop

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    GW is closing the Memphis Battle Bunker.

    Loken here with some bad news for the hobby.  In another move about cost controls that sacrifices the gaming community, Games Workshop is closing the last remaining Battle Bunker, the one at their US corporate HQ.  This shouldn't be a shock, as Games Workshop has made clear the Battle Bunkers were an obsolete concept in their cost-control focused plan.  

    And it hits close to home as the Bunker manager James Bell, is a good friend of mine and one of the nicest guys in the hobby.  And two years ago he moved his entire family across the country to manage the bunker after a successful run managing the Los Angeles Battle Bunker. 

    From James on the World of Battle Facebook page

    Ok folks. I have some news about The World of Battle. Things are changing here at the shop and on March 26th the store is going to make the transition into a one man store. This means that the gaming hall will also be closed off. This is not a bad thing, or the end of the World of Battle. The store will still be here for you to get your favorite Games Workshop miniatures, it will have tables covered with fantastic terrain for you to play on and it will still offer fantastic customer service. Until we make the transition all the events that we have on the schedule will still happen! I know this may be taken as bad news, but it is not! The store is, and will continue to be here, and the same fun, helpful atmosphere will remain! - James

    The Big Game III at the Memphis Battle Bunker

    A sad day indeed.


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  • 03/08/14--07:51: Crimson Slaugher Released!

  • Crimson Slaughter is here!
    Well, both the Crimson Slaughter Codex Supplement and the Hellbrute have been released.  Plus a Chaos Attack Force and an even bigger Crimson Slaughter Collection.

    Crimson Slaughter Codex Supplement

    Once the loyal servants of the Imperium of Mankind, now the Crimson Slaughter leave only destruction and despair in their wake. Tainted by the genocidal purging of Umidia they are plagued by the voices of their victims. Only through butchery can they silence the voices that haunt them - but the whispers of the dead always return.

    Within the 72 pages of this hardback, full-colour book you will find:
    - The gore-splattered history of the Crimson Slaughter - a tragic tale of how a loyal Chapter was transformed into Warp-cursed, bloodthirsty renegades.
    - Supplemental rules for building an unstoppable army of the merciless Crimson Slaughter.
    - A showcase of Crimson Slaughter miniatures.
    - A series of narrative missions that enable you to recreate some of the Crimson Slaughters bloody battles.

    - Rules for unique relics, Warlord Traits and new stratagems that reflect the Crimson Slaughter's favoured tactics. 

    The limited edition is an edition of 500 and costs $ 100.

    Chaos Hellbrute $ 54
    Each Helbrute holds a living creature within its plated metal chest - a Chaos Space Marine driven over the edge of madness. Interment in these twisted Dreadnought mockeries is no honour - it is a torturous living death - So it’s no surprise that most Helbrutes are completely psychotic.

    This plastic kit makes one Helbrute with a massive array of weapon combinations. The left arm can be equipped with a thunder hammer, power scourge, missile launcher or power fist. The right arm has the option to equip a power fist, twin-linked heavy bolter, twin-linked lascannon, reaper autocannon, multi-melta or plasma cannon.

    Poseable at the waist and shoulders, this kit is packed with options for customisation. Your Helbrute can look in different directions with a choice of 6 ball jointed heads. There are also 3 sets of horns for the sarcophagus and 2 shoulder pads for the left arm. The power fists can be upgraded to include a combi-bolter or a heavy flamer and you can choose to power your Helbrutes’ weapons with pipes or blood tanks.

    Chaos Space Marine Attack Force - $ 205

    The Chaos Space Marine Attack Force includes: 1 Chaos Terminator Lord, 5 Chaos Terminators, 10 Chaos Marines, 1 Chaos Rhino, 5 Chaos Space Marine Raptors, 1 Chaos Space Marine Maulerfiend and 4 Transfer sheets.

    Crimson Slaughter Collection - $507

    This Collection includes: 1 Chaos Space Marine Attack force (containing 1 Chaos Terminator Lord, 5 Chaos Terminators, 10 Chaos Space Marines, 1 Chaos Rhino, 5 Chaos Space Marine Raptors and a Chaos Space Marine Maulerfiend), 10 Chaos Space Marines, 1 Chaos Land Raider, 1 Chaos Rhino, 2 Helbrutes, 3 Chaos Bikers.

    So break out your wallet and go support your friendly local game store.



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    The Imperial Guard (Astra Miliatrum) codex is coming!

    And here is what is coming!

    Militatus Tempestus Taurox Prime $48

    Militaus Tempestus Scions combo kit $35

    Codex Militarus Tempestus 72pp $49.50 (apparently another supplemental codex)

    Photos posted here:

    OK, that vehicles looks stupid.  Those tracks are just....ugh.


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    Dice of War Games
    9047 Arrow Route, Suite # 140
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91602

    Join the Apocalypse Forum for more info. 

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  • 03/10/14--09:23: Forge World Blog # 8 Out

  • The newest Forge World Blog is out.
    Just one interesting shot, and it isn't very revealing.  I still wish these blog entries had more meat, considering they are only once a week posts.  Considering how much is going on at Forge World, more photos really are a must.

    However, there is good info on what's coming at Forge World Open Day:

    "So far I know that a mighty warrior from the Horus Heresy will be unveiled and a new Mechanicum vehicle will roll out of the Forge World manufactorum. I've also seen some more brand new Realm of Battle Industrial boards and caught sight of what Phil Stutcinskas has been busy working away on – a mightily impressive behemoth in the form of a new super-heavy Space Marine tank."

    You can read the latest blog here.


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  • 03/11/14--10:56: Horus is Coming!

  • The first photo of Forge World's Horus figure is out!

    OK, I don't get the whole bald thing, but still, this is one amazing model.


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  • 03/12/14--08:32: New Ogryn and Hydra Photos!

  • There are new Ogryn's and a new Hydra coming.

    The photos are up on Darog's Company.  It is about time we got a Hydra, some 4 years after it found its way into the Imperial Guard codex.  New Ogryn's?  Meh.  They better change the rules so they are more interesting to take.


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    More Mehcanicum models are here!

    From Forge World:

    The Myrmidon Secutors are ordained priests of the Cult Mechanicum who embody the art of destruction at close quarters utilising the rightly feared Mechanicum weapons technology to further their ends.  They keep no master long, instead they are drawn to battle as a vulture is drawn to carrion, seeking fresh challenges to defeat. 

    This complete resin set contains three Mechanicum Myrmidon Secutor models with two phased plasma fusils, two maxim bolters and two graviton guns respectively and all carry power axes. These are available to pre-order now and will be despatched from 31st March.
    Models designed by Mark Bedford.  

    The Secutors are big.  Look at the comparison with a Terminator:

    The set of three costs £36 or about $ 60. You can buy them on the Forge World website.


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  • 03/14/14--14:42: The Big Game IV House Rules

  • Playing in The Big Game IV?  Well here are some house rules you can use if you want.
    Loken here for The Big Game IV.  As always, we have worked on a set of house rules for The Big Game.  You don't have to use these, but we discussed these at length on the Apocalypse40K Forum.  So here for public viewing and application are the trimmed down, revised and santized...

    Apocalypse 6th Edition House Rules

    1. Only Troops can hold objectives.  For any objective that is not a building or ruins, the troops may be embarked.  For buildings/ruins that are objectives, Troops must be disembarked and inside the building.  The other rules for Controlling Objectives on page 123 still apply.

    2. Any unit with a WS that is not a gargantuan Creature or Super Heavy Walker may deny an objective. The other rules Denial Units on page 123 still apply.

    3. Little things do not affect big things, meaning special rules of codex forces do not affect Gargantuan Creatures or any model with structure points, such as Tech Priest repairs, Mec Boyz force fields etc.  However, there are some Apoc units/formations that employ “little things”, such as an Ork Kustom Force Field as part of the Dread Mob formation, or the Ork Repair Krew, etc.. and these are the only exceptions.

    4. Unlimited range weapons and effects in 40K are limited to 120” in Apocalypse.  Any character ability and/or psychic power that has “unlimited range”, “tabletop”, or other similar description has a range of 36".

    5. Any player can only have one of each named character.

    6. That named character cannot be part of more than 1 formation.

    7. Characters and Allies.  Allies allowed as per 6th Edition.  Player identifies a Primary Force and builds allies accordingly.  If you take allied armies, special rules from one army DO NOT carry over to the other armies. For example, Vulcan He'stan's special rules ONLY affect your codex Space Marines, and not any allied Witchhunters, Demon hunters or non-codex marines (e.g. Blood Angels).

    8.  All Superheavy Vehicles and Walkers must begin the game deployed on the table.  Superheavy Flyers and other Superheavies that are not allowed to start on the table are the only exceptions.

    9. All vehicles on the table at the start of the game count as having moved prior to the first turn (i.e. Weapon Skill 1).  For jink purposes, all applicable vehicles count as having moved at combat speed.

    10.  Superheavy Cover Saves:  Superheavy Walkers, Titans, Leviathans and Gargantuan Creatures may claim a 5+ cover save from buildings or other Superheavy Walkers, so long as the intervening object is large enough to obscure 50% or more of the Superheavy.   Superheavy Ground vehicles (Baneblade-types, Superheavy Grav Tanks, etc….) can claim a 5+ cover save from terrain and other vehicles, so long as they are 50% or more obscured.

    11.  Any Strategic Reserves not on the table by the start of Turn 3 are DEAD. (Exceptions are units that have been forced into subsequent turns, such as Deep Strike mishaps).

    12. Players entering from Reserves are not affected by any Disruptor Beacon if the Reserves are attempting to enter on one of their own board edges.  Reserves are assumed to have been just behind the front lines and moving up, and thus not easily misdirected.  This ONLY applies to models moving on from your own board edge.

    13.  Reserves:  Place Model or Unit along appropriate table edge.  Reserves must be able to enter the table FULLY.  If a player cannot fit a unit/vehicle fully onto the table (because of terrain or enemy models), then it cannot enter play at that particular point.  Once model or unit is on the table, then it may move as normal.

    14. Reserves and Assaults- Reserves that come from their own table edge may assault, but Flank Marches and units that appear on any enemy table edge cannot.

    15. If a Vortex grenade touches a building/ruins, the building/ruins is removed from play.  Any model in that building/ruins must take an initiative text.  If it fails, it is removed from play (even units that are normally immune to Instant Death).

    16. Each player gets one Strategic Asset, plus any asset granted for any formation he fields.

    17. The following Assets may NOT be taken:  Jammers, Vital Objective.

    18. Tunnels cannot be used with Careful Planning

    19. Flank March is limited to one unit of no more than 1,000 points.

    20. If you get Flank March as part of a specific formation, then it only applies to that formation, not your whole army.  A Flank Marching unit may NOT use Careful Planning to arrive before Turn 2.

    21.  A Land Raider Prometheus allows you to choose one unit to Flank March, and then that unit is limited to 1000 total points in value.

    22.  Under no circumstances can Gargantuan Creatures or Super Heavy Vehicles Flank March.

    23. The Replacements strategic Asset may only be used on units 500 points or less.

    24.  Abilities and other things that apply to your army ONLY apply to your army (i.e. homing beacons cannot be used by your allies, summoning daemons using another players icon, using psychic powers on other allies’ models, etc.)

    25.  With regards to ZOOMING FLYERS, disregard the 1” rule as detailed on page 80 of the core rulebook.  However, flyers that are hovering must still abide by the 1” rule.

    26.  Necron Lord of Storm ability- when shooting the lightning attack, player rolls 1D6+6 (instead of affecting every unit on the battlefield).  The resulting number is the total number of unengaged enemy units that can be targeted (player can pick anywhere on the table).  Roll a D6 for each unit that is targeted, on a 6, that unit is affected as normal.

    Gameplay notes:

    -18” No Mans Land instead of 12”. 



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    Forge World Blog # 9 is up and the Damocles Crusade is out!

    Nothing new on the Forge World blog.  Rather boring actually.

    You can read the blog here.


    The new Damocles Crusade Warzone book is out.  Pretty cool the way GW keeps adding to the Apocalypse world.

    From Games Workshop:

    All across the Damocles Gulf planet-wide battles are being fought. Led by Commander Shadowsun, the Tau have returned to reclaim the region they lost long ago. The Imperial Guard, bolstered by White Scars and Raven Guard Space Marines and Imperial Knights, defend the worlds of the Imperium against the Tau Third Sphere Expansion.

    Apocalypse War Zone Damocles is the 4th book in the series. This 68 page, full-colour hardback book includes:

    - Eighteen new data sheets for Imperial Guard, Imperial Knights, Space Marines and Tau Empire. 
    - 4 New apocalypse missions
    - New strategic assets and Damocles finest hours

    The Damocles Anthology

    - Ties in to Warzone: Damocles and Codex: Imperial Knights
    - Four brand new linked novellas from different authors.
    - Features Tau vs White Scars, Raven Guard and Imperial Knights

    Damocles is a 416 page hardback anthology by Ben Counter, Guy Haley, Phil Kelly & Josh Reynolds. Exclusive to,, Games Workshop stores and independent trade retailers.

    So, go forth and battle.  I am in for the Damocles book.


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    Where is Force Org now?
    Courtesy of Oliver East on the Apocalypse 40k Facebook Group is an updated Force Org. Chart as well as Army Listings and an Index. Have a look and see the big picture of where the hobby is. :)

    The game is a whole lot more complicated now!

    Son of Dorn

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  • 03/18/14--22:49: New White Dwarf Photo

  • The new White Dwarf is coming!

    $ 100 Shield Generator?

    Well, bring it on.


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    Horus is here and he is awesome!

    Another magnificent character model for you Horus Heresy gamers.

    From Forge World:

    Horus Lupercal, Primarch of the Luna Wolves Legion, was the greatest of his superhuman kind. A tactical genius and charismatic battle leader, he proved himself over the course of the Great Crusade as a warlord second only to the Emperor whom he served and called father.

    When the Emperor stood apart from the burden of the command of the Great Crusade, it was Horus he declared Warmaster in his stead, shortly after this the Luna Wolves were renamed the Sons of Horus in his honour. But ambition and pride festered within the Warmaster's heart and at Davin he fell, and the lies and corruption of the Warp infected his soul. From then on he plotted with dark forces to usurp the Emperor's throne and become the master of Mankind, throwing the galaxy into bloody civil war.

    Horus the Warmaster, designed by Simon Egan, is an amazingly detailed multi-part resin model representing the Warmaster at the start of the Horus Heresy. He is shown equipped with his unique suit of Terminator armour – the Serpent’s Scales, and is armed with the Warmaster's Talon and the power maul Worldbreaker.

    The latest addition to our Horus Heresy Character Series stands atop a scenic base depicting Warmaster Horus triumphant upon the ruins of an Imperial building. The model is also provided with a smaller removable base for gaming use and as with all of our Character Series models is supplied in a display box as shown.

    This model is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Monday 14th April. You can find out more about how Simon Egan approached this most iconic of Horus Heresy modelling projects by clicking on the video banner below.  You can also get a sneak peak of The Horus Heresy Book Three: Extermination in the second video included.

    Full rules for this model can be found in The Horus Heresy Book One: Betrayal.

    I still don't like him as a bald guy.  Buy him on the Forge World website.


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  • 03/19/14--20:47: Knight Lancer Coming?

  • A new Knight is on the way.

    Larry Vela, overlord of Bell of Lost Souls, reported a new rumor this week.

    Forgeworld Kit - Knight Lancer

    Release date: Q3 2014
    Fills a FAST ATTACK slot in an Imperial Knight Detachment
    Lancer Kit Description
    More posable than the plastic kit.
    Very slightly smaller than the Paladin/Errant.
    Reverse jointed legs - seen on the EPIC model.
    Main central hull is narrower than Paladin/Errant.
    Shoulderpads cover more of the arms vertically, similar to a Astartes shoulderpad, as opposed to the more horizontal design of the Paladin/Errant's shoulderpads.
    Lancer's head is more prominent in the design.
    Thruster jets on the lower back of central hull.
    Single central exhaust stack on the upper back of the central hull.
    Mounts on a standard flyer oval base.

    Arm 1) Fist with an integral flamer weapon
    Arm 2) Large previously unseen cannon (the Lance apparently)
    The more the merrier!

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    New terrain is coming from GW
    A special limited edition void shield generator (limited to 1,000) and "Quake Craters" ar ethe upcoming terrain releases from Games Workshop.

    The Void Shield Generator is resin, which makes one wonder if it is a Forge World produced kit.

    The Quake Craters are plastic and come in two pieces, which can be mixed to make all sorts of different craters, or interlocked to create a defense line.

    I am always up for more terrain.  Count me in for both.


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    Another winner from Forge World!

    Forge World Iron Hands Iron Father is out. I wish they would make these as standard tech marines! 

    From Forge World:

    The Iron Hands of all the Space Marine Legions maintained perhaps the closest ties with the Mechanicum as was evident with the emphasis they placed on the use of machines and esoteric weaponry within their arsenals. This bond is exemplified non more so than with the Iron Fathers.  

    The honorific of Iron Father exists outside of the established Legion hierarchy and is bestowed upon those individuals, most notably from within the Legion Forge Lords and Techmarine ranks, that display the greatest affinity with machines and how best to utilise them to further the Legions ends.  Their position grants them access to equipment normally reserved for the highest Legion masters and on the battlefield they can be seen in the thickest of action dealing death with weapons born of arcane technology. Their prodigious knowledge of all things mechanical means that they are as adept at making battlefield repairs as they are at smashing aside the enemies of the Iron Hands in combat.

    The Iron Hands Iron Father set contains one complete resin model armed with a volkite charger, power axe and servo-arm and is equipped with Terminator armour.  The Iron Hands Iron Father is available for pre-order now and will be despatched from the 31st March.  Model designed byIsrael Gonzalez.

    You can buy the Iron Father on the Forge World website.

    It costs £19.50 or $32.

    Another winner from Forge World.  Damn, they keep coming out with great stuff!


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  • 03/22/14--07:56: New Games Workshop Website

  • The new Games Workshop website is up!

    OK, they took it down.  :-(  I guess it wasn't supposed to be live.  Oh well, I have to say, it looks great (trust me)  I didn't think they really needed to change it, but at least the change is a visual improvement and will serve Games Workshop well.



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  • 03/23/14--13:07: Ork Rumor Roundup

  • The Orks are coming!
    Here is the latest courtesy of Bell of Lost Souls!

    Still have the Mob and Furious Charge rules
    Orks now have 6+ FNP
    Each unit now has Waaagh! points
    Waaagh! charge now per unit, not per army.
    Sluggas generate 1 Waaagh! point for each turn in combat
    Shootas generate 1 point for each unit kill with shooting
    Waaagh points also generated from every 3 units of 10+ models (unsure of this one)
    Mega Armour now has Deepstrike rule

    Unit gets 2pts cheaper and weapons are now upgrades.
    Choppas are AP6. +1str AP4 on charge. Cost 1pt each
    Shootas cost 2pts each
    Big Choppas now +2str AP4. AP3 on charge

    Deffguns are now options
    Unit is now cheaper and has more options for weapons
    Gains new rule: Loot
    - If in base-to-base contact with a destroyed vehicle, they can fire one of its weapons. Not clarified if per turn or per game.

    Flash Gitz 
    Weapons now have random range instead of random AP
    New range is 12 + 3D6”. Triple 1 on range causes Overheat
    Weapon upgrade options include +1Bs, +1 Attack, Blast, Skyfire

    Can now assault Fliers
    Must move 18” on movement if charging a flier

    Whole bunch of Grot units, including Grot Buggies, Whirlybirds, Rokkits and Snotlings
    Grot Boss unit – has same stats as an Ork Boy with +1Bs

    Now separate from Grots
    Units of up to 20, 2pts per model
    Has an upgrade called Control Collars: basically, bomb collars that explode when the unit fails Leadership. Think alternative for Runtherders

    Now have a warp powers table; either Divination, Gork or Mork
    Use Waaagh! points for powers
    Waaagh points also contribute to Weirdboy’s death. When he dies, casts "Eadbanga" on himself. More points means bigger and more powerful explosions

    Bomb squigs now can be taken as units
    Includes more options. Can have upgrades for more powerful explosions or melta

    Due to Waaagh! changes, Ghaz has 3 Waaaghs! Not sure if armywide or distributed to units
    Killa Kanz to Elites – may require Grot boss

    New unit of Warlord Nobz, can be taken as HQ. One Nob is the Warlord. On death, another Nob is the Warlord. Must kill entire unit for the kill
    Possible mek tanks with upgrades
    - Upgrades including a KFF and a SAG that shoots bomb squigs – if they miss you place a bomb squig
    SAG and Flakk guns might be taken as Big Gunz unit
    Halftrakk unit called Gutripper
    Multi-wound Squiggoth-like beast

    Goffs and Blood Axes first
    Blood Axes can allow Kommandos as troops and can ally with Guardsmen

    Snapfit mekboy and weirdboy?
    Deffkopta kit
    Cybork body parts box
    Combi Flash Gitz/Tankbustas box

    And check out the Bell of Lost Souls Lounge for more.



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    The new Mechanicum Battle Tank is coming.

    The Krios Battle Tank will be available for the first time at Forge World Open Day.
    From Forge World:

    The Krios Battle Tank is a vehicle of arcane and ancient design that fulfils a tactical role within Mechanicum armies similar to that of the Predator tank more widely used by other forces of the Imperium. Its durability is provided by interlocking defensive energy fields, rather than physical armour, lending it a deceptively skeletal appearance.

    The most common armament mounted upon the Krios is the lightning cannon. This configuration takes advantage of the tank’s powerful on-board reactor’s vast energy capacity to create a laser-path guided electromagnetic beam, able to vaporise flesh and rupture heavy armour with ease.

    The rules for the Mechanicum Krios Battle Tank, as well as many other exciting new models, can be found in the forthcoming The Horus Heresy Book Three: Extermination.

    A limited quantity of this multi-part resin kit, designed by Stuart Williamson, will be available to purchase at the Forge World Open Day and will also be available to pre-order on the day as well. The Krios Battle Tank will go on general release in the next few weeks.

    Pretty cool.  Mechanicum is on a roll.


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  • 03/24/14--17:04: Imperial Guard are Coming!

  • The Imperial Guard, or whatever they are called now, are coming March 29th.

    All is looking good, though the video is just a tease!


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