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Horus Heresy 30K news for modelers, gamers and geeks. Warhammer 40,000, Forgeworld, Games Workshop

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    The Games Workshop vs. Chapterhouse Studio lawsuit has been a topic of conversation for over a year now and now it is over (almost).  And frankly, GW lost and I am happy they got slammed.  They deserved it due to their constant corporate overeach and claim of trademarks they don't own.  

    From BoLS:

    The jury is done and we have a verdict. 

    Some initial notes:
     This is a Jury Verdict, and has not yet become a Final Judgement
    Breaking down the counts along the different categories we have:
    Copyright Claims:
     160 claims alleged against CHS-GW won on 1/3 of the claims, including items such as CHS' Powerfists-CHS won on 2/3 of the claims, including the use of the underlying shape and size of GW Shoulderpads.
    General Trademark Claims:
     9 claims alleged against CHS-CHS won all 9 claims, including either no infringement, or fair use of the GW trademarks on CHS' website.
    Disputed Trademark Claims:
     21 disputed trademark claims alleged against CHSCHS won 11 claimsGW won 10 claims
    GW Trademarks ruled "Previously Used in Commerce" Claims:
     61 claims alleged against CHSCHS won 35 claimsGW won 27
    Notable Trends and Individual Products Under Dispute:
     CHS lost on some individual products including:-Doomseer-Dark Elf Arch Tortress
    CHS won on some individual products including:-Jetbike-Super-heavy walker model-Lizard Ogre
    Damages Awarded:
     CHS ordered to pay GW damages of $25,000 USD
    Both sides may appeal the ruling.
    Thoughts and Implications:
     It's looking like however CHS as an entity comes out of this ruling, the implications for the 3rd party industry are profound.
    -The ruling of no infringement for the use of the underlying shape and size of GW shoulderpads is now on the legal record.-Possibly more important is not guilty verdicts on the use of GW trademarks and terms on the CHS website. -While certain CHS products themselves may disappear from the Earth in the aftermath of this case, it looks like the verdict may have provided a clear blueprint for the 3rd party accessory bits market. One that allows legal use of certain GW trademarks and terms in a way that goes way beyond what Nottingham themselves ever wished to allow.

    And read more in the BoLS Forum thread on the subject here.  My views tomorrow.


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  • 06/15/13--07:38: Iyanden Supplement Released

  • Games Workshop has released the Iyanden Codex Supplement and Limited Edition.
    Both are available on the Games Workshop site.

    From Games Workshop:

    This book is also available digitally for your Apple iPad. Download your copy from the iBookstore today.

    For thousands upon thousands of years, the Eldar of Iyanden have sailed through the sea of stars, defending the galaxy's eastern rim from the threat of Chaos. They have won great victories against the most horrific of foes, but have known terrible tragedy also. Yet Iyanden endures, with the souls of the departed fighting alongside the few who have survived. Together, the living and the dead must fight for their race's survival in a galaxy riven by war.

    Iyanden is a 72-page full-colour hardback supplement to Codex: Eldar, complete with a dust jacket. It contains 32 pages of new, rich and expanded background detailing craftworld Iyanden, along with original art, box-outs, a timeline, and iconography of Ghost Warrior houses. It features a showcase of glorious Citadel miniatures presenting the colour schemes and iconography of the Iyanden craftworld.

    In addition to this it comes with warlord traits, wargear and psychic powers to help transform your Eldar collection into a mighty Iyanden warhost. You can even take a Wraith Lord or Wraithknight as your Warlord. It also includes battle scenarios - some of which you can use to relive epic battles from the Iyanden's history - plus there are stratagems for use in your games of Cities of Death and Planetstrike.

    The Limited Edition Codex is limited to 500 copies. 

    Go buy your codexes but remember, your limited edition codex is nearly worthless after the next Eldar Codex is released in a couple years (just look at the value of past limited editions when a new edition is released).


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    New Space Marines models are coming out with Apocalypse next month.

    Four new "Masters" are being released during the July Apocalypse release.  They are Finecast Resin, and no word if they are being sold individually or as a unit (as the previous set is sold).

    Full photos are here.

    Lord Executioner  - Commander of the Assault Companies
    The Master of Relics  -   Commander of the Devastator Company and an expert at long range engagements.

    Master of Marches  -   In charge of deployment of the chapter's marines as well as leading the company into battle.

    Master of Rites  -   In charge of the Chapter records and the traditions of the Chapter 

    So four new Masters of the Chapter, and certainly special rules in the new Apocalypse rulebook coming out next month.


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    Apocalypse is coming!

    As much as I complain about the lame teaser videos, this one is well done and kudos to the team who did it! 

    July is going to be a good month for Apocalypse!


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    The Price List is out!  And Apocalypse is coming in force.

    We have a ton of new models to look forward to and accessories as well.  And the list tells us a little about Second Edition Apocalypse.  Specifically there are now Strategic Asset cards as well as special "Collector's Edition" and "Gamer's Edition" items.  

    The Necron get an Arc and the Wall of Martyrs gets nasty gun support!

    More photos here.

    I am getting fired up for some big games!


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  • 06/26/13--08:07: Apocalyptic Pricing!

  • If you check over the prices on the new Games Workshop release you are going to be blown away.  GW keeps raising prices with no end in sight.

    The Khorne Lord of Skulls is $ 160.  A massive kit for sure.  But the highest price ever for a Games Workshop new release, by a factor of almost 50% (The Wraith Knight at $ 115 didn't keep that record for long).  I am sure the Chaos minions will buy these up, but it will be interesting to see how popular this kit is.  The Necron Tesseract Vault is the same price.  I think both these kits will find their places in big armies.  But you won't see multiples like you did previously with Baneblades.

    The Baneblade, originally released in 2007 at $ 90 (a record at that time, when Land Raiders were $ 50) is now up to $ 140.  A 50% increase in 6 years.  Certainly no justification in raw material prices or inflation.  I have 3 Baneblades.  I would be hard pressed to justify buying them now.

    The Collectors and Gamer Editions are both priced at a hefty $ 250.  It will be interesting to see what is in them.  I bought a Gamer's edition of 6th.  And I will probably get one of these.  But seriously, I am happy I will get away under $ 400 for everything I need.

    40K is pricing people out of the game.  And they are going to War Machine.  I hear it every day.  Go to any game store and you will hear the same thing.  And GW, despite their policy of no online storefronts, pushes local gamers to online discounters, because they simply cannot afford to pay full GW retail.  

    Look at your units and they have all gone up 50-100% in a matter of 5 years.  And why?  Well, GW is a public company and at the very least, needs to show profit growth every year.  And maybe, this is all part of the rumored GW sale, setting GW up to be acquired.

    And Apocalypse?  Well last time many of us ramped up our armies because of Apoc.  I built 80,000 points over the last 4 years just to play Apoc.  Would I do that now? 

    Probably not.  At this point, Forge World prices arent that out of hand.


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    Chapterhouse Studios has a Kickstarter up for alien race defense lines & weapons.  I have seen a resin manufacturer in L.A. make these when I was at Adepticon.  CHS has some interesting takes.  Of course we get Eldar and Tau and Necrons, all of which have easily identifiable aesthetics.  Pretty cool stuff.  And it has already funded, so we can look forward to some interesting items in the near future.



    I also started a poll on Facebook and I hope you will all vote in it.  Already we have 55 votes in and the results are telling.  Go to our Facebook group to vote.  Results tomorrow.


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    From DoomedDiceThrower on Warseer:

    Lord of Skulls
    Triple Khorne's sacred number is indeed its point cost. All directly battle revelant stats seem rather mediocre with 3's and 4's (except S which is 10 ofc). no 14's in its armour rating.
    But it has 9 Hullpoints, and the rule "Fuelled by Rage", which gives it +1A for every lost HP (keeping that even if the HP is repaired later) up to A: 10.

    "Tracked Behemoth": It may not Stomp, but use the "Thunderblitz" table for Ramming and Tank Shock for Superheavy Vehicles.

    3 Weapon points, the axe which can't be exchanged (but has S: D !), one template weapon in the belly, one more conventional shooting arm-weapon.

    The belly-weapons names:
    - Gorestorm Cannon (Hellstorm template, MEQ killy high-S stat, standard loadout)
    - Deamongore Cannon (Gorestorm with higher strength, gets hot and Instant Death)
    - Ichor Cannon which is a large blast TEQ-killy weapon with slightly lower strength then the other options.

    - Hades Gatling cannon (standard loadout, 12 shots pinning version of what Forgefiends have)
    - SKULLHURLER (caption for actually hurling skulls, which is cheesesome) which is an apocalyptic Blast MEQ killy high-S weapon with good range, and special rule "Gnaw" forcing successful saves to reroll.

    Thanks to DoomedDiceThrower!

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  • 06/28/13--23:54: Apocalypse on Pre-order!

  • Well, its finally here, and Games Workshop has some great Apocalypse items both, limited and regular stock.

    Apocalypse Rulebook
    Hardcover book with retail of $74.25.  Inside this 296-page full colour hardback book you will find:

    FIGHTING AN APOCALYPSE BATTLE: The rules for setting up and playing games of Apocalypse; new Apocalypse missions and strategic assets; new rules such as Divine Intervention, and Sons of the Primarch; world ending Unnatural disasters; and advice on how to field all your miniatures in one gigantic collection.

    APOCALYPSE FORMATIONS: Details of more than 100 devastating formations that feature the most powerful military assets of the 41st Millennium. With 11 distinct classes of formation, you can take your choice from the C'tan-powered Tesseract Vault to an entire Battle Company of Space Marines! For added convenience, these formations are available to purchase as 1-click formations.

    MINIATURES SHOWCASE: Sumptuous photographs of super-heavy vehicles, gargantuan armies and heroic commanders to inspire your own collection.

    WAR ZONE: ARMAGEDDON: Details one of the most monumental campaigns of the 41st Millennium, with unique special rules, formations and missions.

    Apocalypse Collectors Edition (direct only) Limited to 1500 copies

    The contents, which are divided up by trays into sections, include:

    - A leatherette-bound A5 edition of the rules section of the Apocalypse rulebook, crafted in the style of a Book of Ecclesiastic Prayer.

    - A double-sided concertina edition of the miniatures showcase, entitled Pluvian's Fighting Formations & Engines of War 974.M41.

    - A set of Apocalypse Formation cards inscribed Index Detestatum.

    - A set of 63 elegant black Strategic Asset cards.

    - Two Warzone compendiums containing background and additional formations for the wars of Armageddon and Pandorax. Both Warzones are styled as Imperial dossiers, of the sort you may find on a General's desk, and Pandorax is only currently available in this Collector's Edition.

    Apocalypse Gamers Edition (direct only) Limited to 3000 copies
     "Designed to look like a stasis chamber for a vortex grenade, this is quite simply the biggest, coolest figure case we've ever made. The case itself has double the capacity of one of our army carry cases, and to put that in perspective it means you can carry the equivalent of 4 Baneblades, or 24 Leman Russ Battle Tanks."

    Imperial Targeting Templates includes

    This box set contains three types of templates for use in your games of Apocalypse. The Apocalyptic Mega Blast Template is truly massive. At 15" in diameter it's the biggest template we've ever made (so big that it comes in 4 separate parts that need to be clipped together). It contains measurements for 4 sizes of templates, at diameters of 5", 7", 10" and 15".

    The Hellstorm Template is the largest flamer template available. Over 16" in length, and 5" wide, it includes both the standard flamer and Hellstorm Template within its design.

    Finally, the Apocalyptic Barrage Marker is made of 5 clip together, ordnance sized templates (that's a 5" diameter on each template to you and me).


    Temporary Items:

    Bombardment Dice Cube
    125 dice
    1's have an Adeptus Mechanicus Symbol on them
    Available until sold out.

    Strategic Asset Cards
    Representing the strategic assets from the Apocalypse rulebook, this set of 63 elegant black reference cards are designed for use with your games of Apocalypse. Stored in a clear acrylic box, they're great for indicating or recording in-game effects for specific armies or races.   Available until sold out.

    Vortex Grenade Template

    Designed to represent the effects of a vortex grenade on the tabletop, this template is made of durable tin and comes with artwork featuring the swirling effects of a detonated vortex grenade.     Available until sold out.

    Khorne Lord of Skulls $ 160

    Necron Tesseract Vault/Obelisk $ 160

    Aquilla Strongpoint $115
    Firestorm Redoubt $65
    Vengeance Weapons Battery $50

    Lots of goodies for all us crazy Apoc Grand Masters!  I ordered both Limited Edition sets and one of every game item.  Will get the terrain too.

    I play neither Chaos nor Necrons and glad since those models are way over priced.  And a Baneblade is now just a bad buy at $ 50 more than it was when released 5 years ago.

    Still, I am all about the big games, so looking forward to getting the new edition.


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    Jes Bickam from Games Workshop unboxes the amazing Apocalypse Collectors Edition.

    I ordered one for myself and I have to say, this is very cool. 

    So morgtgage the house, sell the dog and get ready to play some Apoc!


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    The new formations have all been posted as one-click bundles on the Games Workshop website.  79 Formations are listed.
    Some of these are single models, like the Baneblade, that make up different formations. 

    It appears, as is usual GW practice now, that there is no discount.  That is a shame, as one of the great things about the last Apocalypse release was the special box offers that allowed you to build large formations less expensively than was otherwise possible.  A Vindicator Line Breaker Squadron, or the Leman Russ Battle Company, were very popular bundles 6 years ago.  They even had special boxing.  

    By not offering such deals this time, Games Workshop not only continues its policy of squeezing every last dollar out of its customers, but it offers no incentive for cash strapped players to build even bigger armies.  For everyone already playing Apocalypse, we see no incentive to buy a formation.  We have been playing the game this way for 6 years.

    When I published my weekly update on Bell of Lost Souls, the responses were what one would expect:

    "I was looking forward to another round of apoc till I read the no discount part. Looks like I really wont be buying any GW models this year after all."

    I assume Games Workshop has done the math and thinks the incremental profit from higher prices more than makes up for all the lost sales. 


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  • 07/01/13--14:56: Apocalypse Rules Leaking!

  • From FodaBett on the Apocalypse40K Forums.
    Scoring is done based on the number of strategic objectives controlled each break and at the end of the battle. There are six new scenarios to play and several dozen Strategic Assets, which allow you to outmanoeuvre your foes, place minefields in front of them or bombard them from orbit. Unnatural disasters erupt across the warzoneo magma storms fall from the sky while seismic explosions rip apart the battlefield. Your Warlords can even perform heroic acts during the game, which could potentially turn the tide of battle. lust make sure they don't get killed while doing itthere's nothing quite so tragic as having your commander blown to bits in their finest hour.

    Studio's Tesseract Vault and the Obelisk: both of the Vaults have the Seismic Assault Ascendant Power (you've got to give them two out of a list of six, and all of them are truly nasty), which unleashes a massive 6D6 S8 AP3 shots per turn (new apoc barage).

    The Obelisk: its Gravity Pulse ability automatically hits enemy flyers in both shooting phases.

    Having a whole Battle Company gives you some major advantages, such as a bonus Orbital Strike Strategic Asset and the Comrades-in-Arms rule, which enables all squads in the Battle Company to fire overwatch for nearby allies when they are assaulted.

    Ripctide Wing: 3+ Riptides gains Coordinated Attacks and Networked Reactors

    Transcendent C'Tan (no rules listed)

    WraithKnight Dreamwalker Squad: 3-5 Wraithknights. Gains Dreamwalk (fluff mentions faster response times)

    Baneblade: 525 pts (with no sponsons), can take 2 sets of sponsons for 50pts a pair (lost option for flamer sponsons and option for extra armor), commisar tank upgrade for 45pts, and command tank upgrade for 200pts.  HK/Stubber/SB all as guard codex. 
    Command Tank is a High Command formation as well as a super heavy vehicle, and counts as an HQ choice.

    Librarius: five+ Librarians, will unleash a Force Vortex. Woe betide anyone who is caught in that!

    Predator Assassin Squadron: Three new Predator Annihilators should be a match for most armoured targets (their killshot rule makes their firepower even more dangerous than usual. making them fire as a D-weapon if all their lascannons hit). At the start of the game I have to nominate a chosen target and they do a lot better against that (all weapons are twin-linked), but as long as I choose the right formation for the right targets, they will be deadly.

    Legionnaire Warband: units have Hatred and be Fearless, so long as they're within 12" of a Space Marine. Warlord may call Finest Hour. So Death Guard with Typhus get Feel No Pain and Fearless.

    Heldrake Fear Squadron:  pre-game Vector Strike, as well as its 'always-on ' Daemonforge.

    Crusade Banner: Pick a Marine standard bearer, all marine units with models within 24" gain FNP

    Camouflage: any army.  Pick a friendly HQ unit.  Friendly units within 24" of that model have shrouded the first turn of the game

    Blind Barrage: The same

    Trophy Kill Strategic Asset rewards us with three extra victory points if we can kill the enemy Warmaster.

    Entropic Plague Strategic Asset, which, on the turn I use it, strips every model within 3D6" of my Warlord of its armour save. Very nice indeed.

    Additional notes:

    FlankMarch: Only allows one formation to flank march

    That last one is a big one!  We have been playing this way for a couple years now.


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    Well, it was bound to happen.  In Games Workshop's constant drive to eliminate costs, they have decided to close the second of the four battle bunkers that have been the cornerstone of Games Workshop's US Retail strategy. (Los Angeles closed earlier this year after posting a profit for 2012).

    From the Bunker Facebook page:

    On Sunday, July 28th the Games Workshop Seattle Battle Bunker as you know it will be closing its doors in order to be re-envisioned and remodeled as a Games Workshop Hobby Center. This remodel will take place during the final week of July and doors will reopen on Saturday, August 3rd.

    This new Games Workshop Hobby Center format will allow us to better deliver on great customer service to our wide range of customers who are working on their own collections of models. This change also allows us to better focus on recruiting new customers to our great hobby. You can be assured that you will still have access to the same, great range of Games Workshop product as before, with the ability to enjoy a friendly game and improve your hobby skills in a smaller environment.

    We thank all of you for your patronage and participation in the activities and events that have been showcased at the Seattle Battle Bunker over the years. We would like to invite you to visit the new Hobby Center beginning on August 3rd.

    To prepare for this transition we will begin a new set of store hours starting on Monday, July 8th. The schedule will be as follows:
    Monday/Tuesday: Closed
    Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: 1pm – 8pm
    Saturday: 12pm – 8pm
    Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

    I am of course, disappointed, having been to the Seattle Bunker many times.  It will of course, be replaced by a one man store.


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    The requisite Apocalypse video is up.  And I have to say, these are getting better.

    I ordered both the Limited and Gamers editions of the game.  Needless to say, I love Apocalypse.  First game is the day it is released, July 13th!


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  • 07/04/13--06:48: Perturabo!

  • Warpforged Miniatures is a group of modelers who make and paint special models for clients.  His Perturabo comission is simply spectacular and deserves some press time!

    I know I want him to do a commander for me.  So give the guy some business!  You can find him on Facebook.


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    The new Tau Farsight Supplement will be released July 13th.  It will be released digitally through the Black Library.  You can find all their digital decisions here.

    While I think the digital versions of the codex are very overpriced (I would like to see a package deal where, when you buy the print version you get the digital version for a small additional charge), I love the whole supplement idea.  It gets players more information and ability to game with specialized armies. 

    Puppets War has a new release, an Ork flyer called the "Flying Coffin".  You can find it here.

    Hope everyone is having a great Fourth of July weekend!


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    The Palatine blades are out!  Ever since the Horus Heresy Weekender, Emperor's Children fans have been waiting for these.  They cost £ 32 ($48) for a set of 5.  You can find out all the info on the ForgeWorld site here.

    Mk IV Destoryer squads with jump packs!

    Tartaros Terminators with Power Fists

    This set is £ 176, or $ 262.  This represents a £ 20 ($30) savings.  Now why can't Games Workshop get through their thick head that bundle deals at a discount drive business?  

    You can also get this set with Power Axes.

    And Seeker Bolters for all those marksmen in your Horus Heresy force!

    I hope you all have been saving your pennies!

    And have a very Happy Fourth of July Weekend!


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    Promethean Sun, the Horus Heresy novella first released as a limited edition hardcover, is now available as a regular, hard cover edition.  It is $ 24 and available on The Black Library website here.

    From The Black Library:

    As the Great Crusade sweeps across the galaxy, the forces of the Imperium encounter a world held in thrall by the alien Eldar. While the Iron Hands of Ferrus Manus and Mortarion's Death Guard battle against the hated xenos, it is the Salamanders who brave the deepest and most deadly jungles, encountering monstrous reptilian beasts and foul witchery along the way. Ultimately, it falls to their primarch Vulkan himself to thwart the sinister designs of the Eldar, if the Legions are to liberate this world and bring illumination to its inhabitants.

    This is the first Horus Heresy novella exclusively available from Games Workshop. It comes in A5 hardback format to match the other Horus Heresy exclusives.

    Horus Heresy: Promethian Sun is a 128 page premium hardback novella, in a format that matches the other Horus Heresy exclusive novels. This is exclusive to, and Games Workshop Hobby Centres.

    I just sold my original hard cover gold edition for $ 222 on eBay (there were silver and gold limited editions).  The question is, does the price on these rare editions come down now that the book is freely available?


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  • 07/06/13--21:00: Apocalypse Latest!

  • Apocalypse will be released next Saturday.  Here is the latest.

    Via MajorWesJanson on Warseer


     Contents (guesses are in bold, some pages are confirmed to exist but not a definite page number, those are listed with either best guess page number with a ? or just as page ??):

    5 What is Apocalypse

    23 Strategic Resources
    Inside 23-24? Eldar vs Chaos double gatefold
    30 Strategic Assets
    31 Asset Cards
    32 Asset Cards
    33 Asset Cards
    34 Asset Cards
    35 Asset Cards
    36 Asset Cards
    37-69 New Rules and Weapon Types
    51-55 Organizing the Apocalypse

    79 Baneblade
    80 Banehammer
    81 Banesword
    82 Catachan Ambush Patrol
    83 Doomhammer
    84 Emperor's Fist Tank Company
    85 Emperor's Talons Recon Company
    86 Emperor's Wrath Artillery Company
    87 Hellhammer
    88 Imperial Shield Infantry Company
    89 Imperial Sword Heavy Weapon Company
    90 Lord Castellan's Supreme Command
    91 Sanctioned Psyker Battle Elite
    92 Shadowsword
    93 Steel Fury Baneblade Company
    94 Stormlord
    95 Stormsword
    96 Battle Company/ Reserve Company (Tactical/Assault/Devastator)
    97 Fellblade?
    98 First Company Veterans
    99 Librarius
    100 Masters of the Chapter
    101 Prediator Assassin Squadron
    102 Scout Company
    103 Imperial Fists Titanhammer Squad
    104 Thunderhawk?
    105 The Black Rage
    106 Lucifer Armoured Task Force
    107 Wings of Sanguinius
    108 Space Wolf Great Company
    109 Space Wolf Librarius
    110 Brethren of the Great Wolf
    111 Wolfpack Flanking Force
    112 Deathwing Redemption Force
    113 Ravenwing Huntmasters
    114 Brothers of the Flame
    115 Dreadknight Brethren
    116 Extermination Force
    117 Reaver Titan? Marauder Bomber?
    118? Warhound Titan
    119 Cult of Destruction
    120 Heldrake Fear Squadron
    121 Lord of Skulls
    122 Legionaire Warband
    123 Lords of the Black Crusade
    124 The Lost and Dammed
    125 Thousand Sons War Coven
    126 Tide of Spawn
    127 Cohort of Blood
    128 The Flaming Host of Tzeentch
    129 The Great Promenade of Exquisite Excess
    130 The Tallymen of Nurgle
    131 Tetragon of Darkness
    133 Battlewagon Steamrolla Squad
    134 Burna-Bommer Skwadron
    135 Da Bully Boyz
    136 Dread Mob
    137 Big Mek Stompa?
    138 Stompa
    139 Gargantuan Squiggoth?
    140 Green Tide
    141 Battlefortress? 142 Cobra?
    143 Cloudstrike Squadron
    144 Farseer Council
    145 The Phoenix Court of Khiane
    146 Phantom Titan
    147? Revenant Titan
    148 Scorpion149 Vampire?
    150 Sunstorm Squadron
    151 Wraithknight Dreamwalker Squad
    152 Windrider Host
    153 Carnival of Pain
    154 Dark Olympiad
    155 Kabalite Web Strike
    156 Ravager Titan Hunters
    157 Sickle Squadron
    158 Void Dragon Phoenix? FW website blub says they frequently work with dark eldar. 159 Barbed Heirodule?
    160 Carnifex Crusher Brood
    161 Endless Swarm
    162 Harridan?163 Heirophant Bio Titan?
    164 Living Fortress
    165 Subterranean Swarm
    166 Vanguard Infestation
    167 Scythed Heirodule?168 Spore Chimney?
    169 Acquisition Phalanx
    170 Baleful Necropolis
    171 Infinite Phalanx
    172? Obelisk
    173 Pylon?
    174? Tesseract Vault
    175 The War Council of Mandragora
    176? Trancendent C'tan
    177 Air Superiority Wing
    178 Counterstrike Cadre
    179 Kroot Hunting Pack
    180 Optimised Stealth Group
    181 Rapid Insertion Force
    182 Riptide Wing
    183 Skysweep Missile Defence
    184 Tigershark?185 Tigershark AX-1-0Mentioned in the Air Superiority Wing
    ?? Grand Redoubt (Apoc level Firestorm Redoubt?)
    ?? Macro-cannon Aquilla Strongpoint
    ?? Vortex Missile Aquilla Strongpoint

    4 are missing still, with two possibly being the
    ?? Marauder Bomber (Pages 117 and 118 are tricky, as the Warhound is confirmed, the Reaver has a 2 page spread of the model, and Marauder was in the first Apoc book, but there are only 2 pages of space.)?? Marauder Destroyer

    196 Lords of the Black Crusade showcase
    197 Masters of the Chapter showcase
    ?? Obelisk showcase
    ?? Necron army spread
    ?? Reaver Titan spread
    ?? Sacred Blade cutaway (spread?)

    230 Ghazkulls First Invasion
    231 Maps

    [Armageddon Showcase]
    [Armageddon Formations]
    262 Heroes of Armageddon
    263 Armageddon Stompa Hunters
    264 Fortress of Arrogance
    265 Imperial Vengeance Mechanized Company
    266 Crusader Hailstorm Squadron
    267 Sons of Grimaldus
    268 The Legion Ascendant
    269 Firestorm Nexus
    270 Imperial Stronghold
    271 Bikeboyz Kult of Speed
    272 ?
    273 ?
    274 Karnage Skwadron
    275 Ork Storma Elite
    276 Overlord Von Strab
    277 Red Skull Kommandoes
    278 Stompa Mob

    ?? Reference pages


    "With 11 distinct classes of formation, you can take your choice from the C'tan-powered Tesseract Vault to an entire Battle Company of Space Marines!"

    I would guess two of the missing three are Super-heavy Fliers and Gargantuan Creatures. Not sure what the 11th could be.

    There are distinct icons for various formations:
    Skull inside a Cog- Superheavy Vehicle
    Three Skulls over 3 Arrows- Battle Formation
    Xenos Skull with Mandibles- Gargantuan Creature?

    Force Organization DOES seem to exist in Apoc in some form, as the Command Tank upgrade for Baneblade and Stormsword specifies that they both become a high command formation (bonus Strategic asset?) and a HQ choice.



    Each side gets a number of Strategic Assets equal to the total number of players on the largest side. Each player then chooses one, and if one side is smaller than the other, that sides "Warmaster" gets to choose the leftover objectives. Additionally, some High Command Formations and rules give a player (not side) bonus assets (which would explain why the command tank upgrade on the Baneblade is so expensive) Assets may not be duplicated on a side.

    Asset Listing. Guesses/partials in bold. (63 total) Additionally, Battlezone Armageddon includes some additional assets.

    Blind Barrage
    Flank March
    Orbital Bombardment
    Precise Coordinates
    Shield Generator
    Supreme Headquarters
    Trophy Kill

    On My Coordinates

    Crusade Banner
    Fury of the Just
    Corrupt and Despoil
    ?? Altar
    Blood Thirst
    Grand Pavane
    Entropic Plague

    Rok 'em Boyz
    Stand To, Ladz!
    Darkstar Warhead
    Icefire Warhead


    DARK Eldar
    Murderous PainCombat Stimms


    ?? Horror

    Missing formations from Apoc 1, Reloaded, WD, and Web formations
    I left out the various superheavies and formations that have been modified either into codex units (Plague of Zombies) or alternate but very similar formations (Seer council of Ulthwe, Thousand Sons Warcoven)

    Missing from Apoc original:
    IG Ogryn Auxila
    SM Armored Spearhead
    SM Suppression Force
    SM Linebreaker Squadron
    Eldar Aspect Assault Wave
    Eldar Spirit Host
    Tyranid Hive Mind Brood
    Tyranid Mycetic Assault Storm
    Tau Armored Interdiction Cadre

    Missing from Apoc Reloaded:
    IG Hellstorm Squadron
    SM Ultramarines Honor Guard
    SM Skyhammer Orbital Strike Force
    SM Deathknell Orbital Strike Force
    Orks Deffkopta Choppa Skwadron
    Orks Loota Wreckin' Krew
    Eldar Baharroth's Tempest
    Eldar Shard of the Void Weaver
    Eldar Great Court of the young King
    Tyranid Genestealer Infestation
    Tyranid Kraken Tendril Swarm
    Tyranid Behemoth Crusher Brood
    Tyranid Eye of the Hive
    Tau Farstrike Battlesuit Force
    Tau Firestream Piranha Wing
    Necron Resurrection War Cell
    Necrons Stormcaller War Cell
    CSM Hounds of Huron
    CSM Doombringer Annhilation Force
    CSM Slaughterfiend Bloodpack
    Daemons Host of the Daemonforge
    Daemons Karanak's Hunt

    Missing from Web/WD:
    IG Bellapheron pattern Aerial Domination Force
    IG Shadowsword Domination Force
    IG 'Emperor's Deliverance' Rocket Battery
    IG 'Mailed Fist' Tank Command
    SM Hellstorm Assault Force
    SM Thunderfire Defense Battery
    SM Shrike's Talons
    BA Deathstorm Strike Force
    BA Thunderhawk Assault Force
    BA Archangel Skyforce
    BA Dante's Sanguine Host
    BA Firestorm Strike Force
    SW Sternhammers Wulfen Guard
    GK Redeemer Force
    GK Officio Assassinorum Execution Force
    GK Extermination Strike Force
    GK Crusade of Fire
    Orks Trukk Konvoy
    Orks Submersible
    Orks Shokk Attack Battery
    Orks Minelayer
    Eldar Ulthwe Strike Force
    Eldar Shadow Sect of Karandas
    Eldar Shadow Walker Formation
    Eldar Saim-Hann Serpent Squadron
    Eldar Deathweaver Squadron
    Tyranid Screamer Killer Brood
    Tyranid Leviathan Gargoyle Swarm
    Tyranid Bioshock Brood
    Tyranid Tunnel Swarm
    Tau Mirage Long Range Infiltration
    Necrons Shroudweaver War Cell
    Necrons Ghost Strider Phalanx
    Necrons Triarch Lawbringer Phalanx
    CSM Angron Daemon Primarch
    CSM Defiler Assault Force
    CSM Emperor's Children Warband
    CSM Maelstrom of Gore
    Daemons Bloodthirster Bloodbath
    Daemons Outriders of the Brazen Host
    Daemons The Brotherhood of Blood
    Daemons The Changeling's Grand Dissimulation
    Daemons The Fateweaver's Council of Despair
    Imperium Defense Laser
    SoB Purge Squadron
    SoB Repenetant Host

    That's it for now!


    0 0

    I got to ask someone with an Apocalypse Rulebook some questions.  Here is the first of them along with answers straight from the Rulebook.

    1)  What Titans are in the book?

    Phantom, Revenant.  Imperial Reaver and Warhound.  Harridan and Hierophant Bio-titan for tyranids.  The imperial reaver and warhound are in the warzone armageddon section, so maybe there's some more in the limited edition warzone?

    2)    What about Flank March?

    Use this strategic asset when an Apocalypse Formation enters play from strategic reserve.  That formation may enter play from any table edge.

    3)    Explain how Super Heavy Vehicles work.

    Structure points are removed, only Hullpoints now, but for old models 1 structure is 3 hullpoints.  They're immune to shaken/stunned/weapon destroyed/immobilised.  An explode result removes an extra D3 hull points.  When it loses the last hull point it always explodes, there's a table with how bad the explosion is.  Basically:

    Roll a D6

    1= D/4/2 AP2/4/6
    2-3= D/8/4 Ap2/3/5
    6=D/10/5 AP2/3/4

    I'll explain why there are so many numbers.  You use the 15" template for this. for the the inner circle (5"), 2nd circle you use 2nd (5"-10") and last number for 10"-15"

    There are some weapons that work like that aswell.

    Movement 6", walkers 12".

    4)  Explain the Destroyer Weapons Table.

    You roll on the table instead of rolling to wound or armour penetration.  No saves of any kind (even invulnerable, Feel No Pain or Necron Reanimation Protocols) can be taken against them now.

    vs vehicles D6 roll:

    1= target suffers penetrating hit.
    2-5 Super heavies lose D3+1 hull points, other normal vehicles suffer
    Explode! result.
    6= as above but D6 +6 hull points lost for super heavies.

    vs non-vehicle D6 roll:

    1= avoid shot
    2-5 model loses D3+1 wounds (I like this as monstrous creatures can
    survive 2 or 3 shots now so daemons and tyranids will be happy)
    6= D6+6 wounds

    The last table count for gargantuan creatures as well.

    That's it for now.  "D" weapons got crazy powerful!  Your invunerable save/FNP/Necron RAP is worthless against that "D" weapon now!  And regular vehicles are TOAST!

    I see "D" weapons being severely house ruled from here out.


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